Friday, 12 June 2009

MoserBaer... What a great task...

One of the most sane and best business decision that I have ever come across in my life is the business model of MoserBaer Home Video. The company is purchasing the copyrights of numerous movies aggressively, printed heavy volumes of these movies and distributing all over the world at an unbelieveably low price. Firstly, they have caught the right business at the right time. Secondly, this is something which can never go down as movies, music and masti are going to rock on the earth as long as human beings exist. Thirdly, the profit margin they have is fantastic. Even if you consider the cost of a blank DVD at Rs 5, writing cost at Rs 2, manufacturing and marketing cost at Rs 3 also, MoserBaer would be earning a fantastic profit at even Rs 25 per CD-DVD. Fourthly, its a boon to everyone as we dont need to steal movies anymore. Fifthly, the piracy will come to an end as the cost of stealing movie or copying it from a friend's PC using a pen drive (cost of travelling, time involved, etc) would be higher than the cost of a CD-DVD available for an outright purchase. Bollywood gets its share too and Indian economy too gets its share of revenues. But one greatest thing that has made me a fan of this business is that the people who used to pirate the movies, sell them to the pubic of India and use that money to kill us are coming to an end. Its a known fact that one of the major source of income to the terrorist activities is the business of piracy. MoserBaer has given a fitting reply by identifying this opportunity of not just discovering a treasure but doing a social service alongwith protection of the nation

I have been aggressively purchasing these movies ever since I got to see them at such a comfortable purchase price. I have been mostly purchasing DVDs that have 3 movies in it and cost around Rs 50-100 depending upon the movie combination. And there are big plans that I have to own a large collection of CD-DVDs that would not appear less than any music store

Kudos to you MoserBaer...

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