Monday, 6 July 2009

New York... A good movie to watch...

Its shocking to know about the horrifying issues this movie has bought before us. Over 1200 people of different descent were held by the FBI in relation to the 9/11 attacks over the twin towers. These people were being detained and faced a worst kind of torture. Further, one fine day, most of them were released as there was no evidence to hold them back. All that the FBI had for them was a couple of words of sorry. But sorry cant heal the wounds, it can not make a dead man alive, it can not bring back those days of huge value that were lost, it can never make you forget those pains that you had to undergo for no mistake of yours and above all this, a black spot on the career and life of that person as the documents would reflect that this person was being detained by the FBI for investigation in relation to terrorism. Just catching up people with sorting parameters like caste, origin, date of travel, etc and making them undergo a heinous torture will not solve any problem but will surely add a new problem as these people will definitely become terrorists. They might not be like the actual terrorists but will definitely cultivate a hatre towards the government that treated them badly and spoilt their lives. People are not able to forget those times even till now. They are not able to lead a normal life. One such life story is the theme of this movie "New York"

The story mainly revolves between 3 characters namely Sameer (John Abraham), Maya(Katrina Kaif), Umar(Neil) and (). Sameer and Maya are studying at an US university and Umar joins them. The college life is spent beautifully and 2 years just pass by in no time. Umar falls in love with Maya but Maya is already in love with Sameer. Umar gets to know this and thus decides to never contact them as it would make their life uncomfortable. For 6-7 years from then, they never met. One fine day, Umar is caught by the FBI. They claim that they found arms and ammunitions in his car while he does everything to claim that he is innocent and has not idea about the guns. Umar is asked by the FBI to cooperate with them in catching a terrorist. Umar is shocked as to how and why was he held for this and how at least was he related to this. Finally, he is shown pictures that evidence that Sameer is a terrorist. Umar does not believe. The FBI puts him into a cellar and makes his life miserable till he agrees that he shall walk in back into the lives of Sameer and Maya and expose the truth about Sameer. Umar asks the FBI as to why he only had to do this? The FBI says that they would not doubt on him and he shall be like a family friend for them. Morever, the main reason why Umar has been taken as a suspect was that he took a flight on 9/11 out of the US. He had done this as he was hurt and upset as he got to know about Maya being in love with Sameer on the same day but coincidence had something else to be written in his destiny

Finally detective Umar is ready. A lot things happen further. Sameer exposes that he is fighting against the government. Mind you, he is not a terrorist. He is just anti-government. Any person in his position would be the same. He was held by the FBI with no evidence (5 years back) and tortured heinously. Sitting nude all day, locked in a box, face being pushed in the loo all day, hanging upside down all night, vulgour words being told all the time (which can be the worst to listen) and what not. All this takes him to such a position that he gives up life, has no hope and turns lifeless. One fine day, he is left out as he is found innocent. But all these days, who will pay for these? Once he is out of the prison, he tries to get a job and doesnt get any for years together due to the FBI retention being mentioned in his profile. Maya does every bit of effort to keep him happy. They get married. Life starts moving fine but Sameer can never forget the way his self respect was put to a ditch. He wants to earn it back. Ultimately, he joins people with same issues like him and they decide to give back a fitting reply to the government by blasting the FBI headquarters. Mind you again, they are not terrorists, they are against the FBI and the government who made their life hell. A government is formed to take care of the citizens and not to harm them. And the FBI wants to stop Sameer to save their own skin

A lot of things happen further and finally, in the climax, Maya gets to know everything about Sameer from Umar. Sameer successfully plants the bombs at FBI and he is about to blast them. Umar knows this and informs the FBI and the building is vacated. Umar reaches over to Sameer and asks him not to trigger the bombs as it would not give any solution. Sameer doesnt listen and finally Umar says that Maya is in the same building. Sameer is struck. Maya too reaches the top of the building alongwith the FBI officer and finally convince Sameer not to trigger the explosives. Sameer agrees and drops the trigger but the FBI changes its face and shoots him. Maya runs to Sameer and the bullets run through her as well. 2 innocent people were tortured, their lives spoilt and they were put into tough decisions by the government itself. In simplest terms, its the US government that created enemies for itself by their worsened attitude and behaviour and when these enemies tried to him them back, they called the terrorists and got the world support by calling it a fight against terrorism. I definitely agree that terrorism is a ZERO TOLERANCE activity. There can be no reason that can justify this. But the only question that I have is "Are you really catching terrorists or giving birth to new ones in the process of catching them and always getting the wrong ones on your board?" Yes, I would also like to ask, what was the FBI doing for 5 years when the 9/11 planning was on in the US itself. I firmly believe, 9/11 could never happen without internal support to the external entities. More internal effort has gone in to make this attack successful. All that the externals have done is took the flight into the twin towers but who gave them these flights, who allowed them inside, how did they carry arms and ammunitions in an airport, how did they plan the twin tower routes and so on? The biggest question remains, how could such a giant building fall like a bunch of playing cards kept a top of each other in an exhibition. Was it a fault in the building while it was being constructed or were dynamites planted in each floor to triggered in series to cause them fall???

The Bush government was one of the worst times that America ever saw. Extending the presidential term for the 2nd term was one of the biggest that has impacted not just the states but the entire world, the entire humanity. The financial crisis, food crisis, terrorism, war, unemployment and so on. Somebody did a right thing by hitting a shoe on his face. A board also read "BUCK FUSH" (You can decipher what it means). And this was written by the US people themselves. And as the history goes, the blacks are always appointed to clean the dirt that the whites make, Barrack Obama was sworne in for this herculian task. By God's grace, these tortourous jails where human lives were put to death were closed by him forever

Yet, the saga of pain can never end for those who suffered in these jails

New York is bold and dashing movie proving these points in such a simple and cool way without much hulla-gulla. The song "Hai Junoon" is one of the best tracks that I have heard in the past few years

Pack up, buy your ticket and have a look, its worth it. Not to forget, Maya's presence lights up the screen

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