Thursday, 27 August 2009

Ganesha Calling...

After some tiring work at Hyderabad, I have taken a chota sa break from the job to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi with my family at Hubli. It was almost 2 months that I had not been there. Moreover, we have moved in to a new home which I had not seen yet. Well, the journey started too late on Friday (21st) night. In fact, I did an early morning shift so that I could leave early. However, the roster for the next week was not yet published. I had to get 2 weekly offs and 2 additional offs. And it was very necessary for me to know when will these offs come. If they do not come on the time of my need, I might need to make necessary changes to facilitate my move. It was almost 6 pm and the things were not very clear. Moreover, I had a very important business follow up to be done. So, I had to stay back for that. Further, this schedule was postponed to 7 pm and I was totally disastered. On one side, I had no idea of when the roster schedule would come and on the other, this business meet which I could not afford to miss. In a few minutes, the schedule was out and it put me out too

Clean bowled on the first ball itself!!!

Instead of 4, I had got only 2 offs and the remaining 2 offs were postponed due to availability issues. I was pissed off. The off was on Monday. I started discussing about this issue with the concerned persons and in the mean time, I had to go for the meet also. I had no option but to go ahead with the meet which took my time upto 8.30 pm for everything to get completed including processing of the deal. My bus was at 9 pm and I was damn sure without a doubt that I would miss it. I was not getting any idea of what I have to do. Above all this, should I go to Hubli?, a new thought popped up in my mind. This was because I had offs upto monday only and I was supposed to return back on tuesday. After a lot of thought, discussion and requests, my proposal of extending the leave was considered but under pending approval. I rushed to my room, packed things and started moving. I inquired if I could get a bus from somewhere near but no one had an idea. And I did not want to waste time either. So, I went to the usual place, MGBS (Mahatma Gandhi Bus Stand), Koti

I had to go there by a bus and that took quite long time. It was 10 pm by the time I reach this place and there was one Volvo that was just leaving to Hubli. I inquired and it was full. Even if there was a seat, I would not go for it. The hunt for a bus ended with me landing on the last seat of a Rajahamsa that was going to some place via Gangavathi. I could get down at Gangavathi and take a bus to Hubli. I was so tired that I fell asleep soon. I was getting phone calls but I hated to answer them as I was very irritated not just with life but with people in life. Let me not divert the topic. I got down at 5.45 am at Gangavathi to listen a sad news that the bus to Hubli had just left 2 minutes back and I had to wait upto 7.15 am for the next one. Who would wait? I caught the next bus that was going upto Gadag which I reached by 9.15 am. From Gadag, I took a bus to Hubli that finally landed me in my home town. I quickly rushed into an Auto and took out my cell only to find that the batteries were fast asleep. I had to get down on the way and make a call from a coin box to ask the route to home and she came on to the adjacent road quickly by the time I reach. And by 11 am, I was in my new home, where I would be spending a few days and family might spend a few months/years. Its tough for people who do not have their own homes to keep moving from one home to another every year or so. It even tougher when someone having their own home have to move out of it

I got fresh and had some food. And in no time, I was asked by my friend for a movie and I had to go. We saw the movie "Shadow" which, I believe, is not much worth writing about. The actor in the movie, Irrfan Khan, is a blind in real life. Seeing him perform was really like seeing an achievement. Only God knows how he swum, drove, fought, acted and made each move that is so difficult for people like him. Thats why we rightly call them as Differently Abled (and not disabled)

And then, I was back home. My mom, sister and granny had already been to the market to get the necessary items for the festival. I went back and laid down trying to ease my body that had been paining quite a bit

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  1. Thank you for a quick glimpse to the life I once had...