Monday, 10 August 2009

Rakshabandhan... A time to nurture relationships and build new ones...

Rakshabandhan is a famous Indian festival which is dedicated to all brothers. A sister prays for the safety and welfare of her brother. As a symbolic gesture, the sister ties a Rakhi that is meant to protect him at all times and take him towards a better life. The brother wishes the same for the sister and fulfills her wishes, usually by giving a gift of her choice. But what is more important is the wishes under the blessings of the God

Its been a common tendency for me to receive the Rakhis by post and get them tied from someone who would be with me at that point of time and who I believe to be another sister to me. I can trace this back to my SSBJ days when I received Rakhis and got them tied from Ashwini and Namrata who were my classmates. Sometimes, I even got them tied from the madams in the school. Further, during my JGCC days, I had the opportunity to celebrate this festive occassion with my sisters. During IFBI days too, I got the Rakhis by courier and I tied them myself. And now, the ICICI days too, the similar thing happened. But then, there has been a lot of difference. The Rakhis have definitely arrived. But, I have not yet got them tied. I believe, there are 2 main components of this festival. The first one is the person and the second one is the time. This holy knot can't just be got tied from anyone. I, at least, am very selective of who does these honours for me in the physical absence of my sisters. The person should be worthy enough to be placed in that position. This was the first part, person. The second part, time, hit a miss this time as the Rakhis arrived a day late. So, I decided not to wear the Rakhis just like that at a point of time when the time is over. I shall be doing this once I go to Hubli this month for Ganesh Chaturthi. It shall be a good time as well as my sisters would be present

But then, surprises are always a part of my life. Anshu's parents have been here from quite a long time. His father was here for about 10 days. His mom and sister are yet here. I got up in the morning with a call from Sushma asking me whether I got the Rakhis. Sadly, the answer was No. And Spurti, don't know what she is doing. She seems to have become very busy with her life. I have not spoken to her from over a month now. She didn't even call me on Rakshabandhan. For those who do not know, Spurti is my younger sister studying in Class VIII. Jokes apart, she is lovely sister

Oh, I always keep deviating. Let me come back to the surprises part. As I got up and had bath, Omi, Anshu's sister, was ready with a Rakhi for me. I was made to sit before God, Aarti and other things done and tied a Rakhi. This was something that was really delighting for me. I moved on to office and another surprise awaited. Subhashree, an office colleague, was the next to tie me a Rakhi. This was the first time when 2 new people have tied a Rakhi to me on their own initiative. I was very happy for this

That was all about Rakshabandhan for this year. Agle saal, phir milenge, issi jagah, issi samay, tab tak ke liye, take care. My best wishes to all the sisters in this world whose sincere prayers have made most men progress

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