Friday, 28 August 2009

One Day at Hubli... So much...

Hmmm... I dont know how but the moment I am in Hubli, the work load increases so much that it can never match anything else. Today was atleast a heck of a day with heck of work. I got up at around 7.30 am and that too when some swamijis had suddenly got into my home and shocked all of us. They claimed that they were going to some place for human welfare and are building an ashram there and they asked us to donate whatever we could. Though my dad was resisiting, they sat in the house for a couple of minutes as it was a part of their voyage. All we could afford to donate was Rs 11. In fact, I am so happy that we could donate this much. Many a times, life runs in such a way that we cant even do this much

I had work on the internet and got on to my laptop. I had to publish a blog post that was pending and reply some emails too. I have been using Outlook to do all my email work these days and I must say that it is fantastic. I just love the way all my mailing activity is going on. I hardly use the internet to access my mails now. I just connect, do a Send/Receive, disconnect, read all mails whenever possible, reply them (offline itself), they are saved in the outbox and when the next time, I get connected to the internet, these are sent automatically. Cool?

I had been telling since morning to all the people at my home that I have to leave home by 9.30 am at any cost as I had a lot of work. But then, its a tradition in my home to not to follow timelines. Perhaps thats one major reason for any person's problems/failures. I had bath, got ready, offered prayers to God, had breakfast, had to do some work pending in respect of an application which I completed and then, I moved out of home. It was 9.50 am. I had to drop dad to his office which was about 5 kms away. After dropping him there, I dhoomed to the Head Post Office that was about 6 kms away. I had to complete a lot of pending work which almost took an hour. At about 11.30 am, all work seemed completed and I left the HPO. The word 'seemed' is always very dangerous. I was on my way back home and I got a call from the HPO saying that there was still something incomplete. And this was another big trouble. Anyways, I had to keep other commitments too and I rushed home, picked up my sister, Sushma, and drove towards SBI, Keshwapur, Hubli. What had happened yesterday was I had deposited Rs 1500 to her account for the purpose of it being transferred towards her education loan as a margin amount. But then, as she was a minor. which she no more is, when the account was opened and my dad was the guardian for the account, there was a process to delink the guardian and activate her account which had gone dormant. This, I knew, would take a hell of a time as the officials at SBI too would definitely not properly know what had to be exactly done. Its definitely difficult for someone to do something new apart from his routine job. On the way to SBI, I had to make some inquiries at the Ashok Nagar Police Station in respect of my pending work with HPO. Well, my home is about 4 kms from HPO and the SBI is about 4 kms again. The work at SBI took quite a long time and was comleted only on the intervention by a super senior. The account was activated and we could now transact

The next destiny was the SBI Loan Disbursement Division that was in Madhura Colony (about 2 kms) and before that, I had to go to complete the HPO work. And for this, I had to go to the Sub Urban Police Station at Traffic Island. I collected the required information from there and moved on to the HPO and completed all the work. I believe, this should now really mean that it is completed. Then, we had started on our way to the Loan disbursement office

I submitted the form there and waited there for some time and then ding ding ding, its lunch time, please come back at 2.30 pm. All requests went in vain and I had to wait for another hour. Meanwhile, I thought, I would drop Sushma back home. Her work was over. She had also submitted a specimen of her signature at the bank. My mom had gone to Nani's home and we too were expected to go there. 3 kms again. We reached there. It was after a long time that I was meeting all my relatives namely my Nana, Nani, Raju Mama, his wife Yashoda , Mounesh Mama's wife Jayashree (he was absent as usual), Veeresh Mama's wife Sulochana (he too was absent), and all children (My head would need a lot of effort to collect all these names are there are 8-10 of them). Maheshwari , Pinky, Ganesh , Vaishnavi, Megharaj, Sanjana, Vishwanath (Cheating, I got the last few names from my mom just now). There was a Ganipati pooja there and prasadam too was served. I joined the pooja and had food too. Then, I just came back to my Nana's home and sat down for a few minutes. Today was the first time, I dont know why, I felt like speaking to him. I dont really understand why I felt so. I never even used to think of him. When my mom used to force me like hell too, I did never bother to go to meet him. But then, today, I saw him and I felt somewhat different. His eyes have turned grey in color and I could see them shine looking at me. Today was the first time I could feel that he was genuinely happy seeing me after a long time. Generally, I have been in a tussle with him right from class III when he had promised to get me a cycle if I took a rank. I did and the promise was not fulfilled. I got a 20 rupees note as the gift which I comfortably placed back in his book without anyone's knowledge and quietly returned. But then, this was almost 15 years back. Even about a year or 2 back, I had been in a tussle on similar grounds with him. Forget all this, let me come to the point that there is a change in the way on how I approached to him today due to some kind of a feeling

Welcome back after a longish break, I had just travelled abother 3 kms and was back at the Loan disbursement office. Here too, the tug of war went on and on and on and finally, by God's grace, a cheque of value Rs 27,330 was handed over to me to pay towards Sushma's fees. I had to again go the SBI Bank to get this cheque converted into 3 demand drafts to make payments towards various fees. On the way (about 2 kms), I was just thinking how life is when there is no money. Its nothing less than a beggar's life. In fact, its much worse. As a beggar, there are no needs, there is only hunger that gets satisfied with whatever received. But then, for middle class people like us with financial problems, there is nothing we can do. There is need and we have to fulfill it. Be it in any manner, either earn or loan or beg borrow steal or sell what you have or sell yourself, you have to pay. Thats it. You have to pay

The cheque was handed over to the bank and the DDs would take half an hour. It was aroun 3.30 pm now and I had some more works to do. I went to the top floor and submitted a change of address request at SBI Mutual Fund. I remembered that I had to even change the address for my dad's account. I did that too. And updated the passbooks as well. And finally, the DDs were ready. I put them into my Jholi and got on to my bike. I really mean that my bag is a jholi. It contains so many things that you can never imagine

The next stop was at Birla Sunlife Mutual Fund where I requested an address change. As the people over there were seeing me after a long time, I had to sit there for a few minutes. One thing that shocked me was how they could recognize me or rememeber me. Neither do I contact them regulalrly nor do I do any business regularly and still, they had someone who had been told something about me and that had him excited to meet me. I just cant make out how people place so much faith in me. And me, a lazy bug, sick a**hole, just speaks and does nothing

I came out and started my bike and our beloved Dafton sir was before me, "Yen ri, Bizanessa illalla???". Hmmm... What can I tell him? Life has been taking me through such times that I am unable to trace what has been happening with me. Its just been very difficult to manage living. Saying that I will try, I took a leave and went ahead to ICICI Prudential MF and Sundaram BNP Paribas MF where I had to do the same things. It was around 4 pm and the next destiny was the Income Tax Office at Navanagar (11 kms?). Dhooooooo.......m, I reached the IT office. I had to check if my refund was ready. I had to receive a refund of Rs 6768 fromt he IT Department in respect of TDS deducted for FY 2007-08. The amount was not yet been given to me and I had been trying from 2 months now. Finally, my file had come out and I was asked to wait. And then, there was some problem that it had been filed at a wrong place and they had to transfer it to the right place. But then, I requested them saying that it was very urgent and I would be going back to Hyderabad tomorrow. Then, they informed me to come the next day and they shall see what can be done. Till now, I used to advocate the implementation of TDS as that would ensure that the ITax is collected properly. But then, today, I understood how difficult it is for someone who has got his money struck in TDS to get it back. It would never come in the time of need. I had to agree to whatever said as the need was for me. I packed up and started moving back to Hubli abd my phone rung. It was dad. He asked me to come to his office to pick him up. Hmmm... 11 kms to Hubli and 4 kms to his office

I reached the office where there were instructions left behind for me to wait at Pick n Pay at Akshay Park which was another km. I waited there upto 5.30 pm and tired, I came back to his office. I kept trying his cell which was switched off as usual. Many a times, we lose the courage to fight and we just escape. It happens to all of us and specially for people like us who know that irrespective of whatever amount of fight that goes in, you are the loser. Finally, there was a call from some cell number and i was asked to come to the main road. I went there and picked him up and started journey back home (5 kms). On the way, I got to know that he was not well. Hmmm... Life just hurts... Makes us helpless. Though I feel the same when anyone falls ill, I dont express that. I stopped at the barber shop near my home and asked dad to carry on to home. I had to get rid of this hair that had been troubling a lot making me feel very dirty and uncomfortable with all that dust that would get struck in the hair and make the face too oily and dusty. I had a haircut and a shave and went back home taking 2 stopache tablets for dad. I was keeping the water for heating and then came an announcement that I was good for nothing. Wow! What I did till now was waste. Anyone in my place would breakdown but then I have been habituated to take this happily. The SBI people had issued 2 drafts correctly but the 3rd one had come in the wrong name. Jai SBI! I will be coming to you tomorrow yet again

I had a bath and felt relaxed. I had just come off the bathroom and I remembered that I had to attend the office tomorrow. Oh God! I had not yet arranged for anyone to do my shift. Though Naresh had promised that he would take care, I could not rely on him anymore. I have already been marked for an UPL (unplanned leave) on Wednesday which would be a big black spot for my performance appraisal. Naresh had assured me that he would take care of my shift but it could not get possible. Monday was a weelkly off for me, I had to get an off from Joseph's team on Tuesday, Naresh on Wednesday, Raghu on Thursday and for Friday, ie, tomorrow, I had to make an arrangement such that I could work on sunday in lieu of who would work for me on friday. The phone calls went on endlessly. Each time I tried calling Anshu, Babu picked up the phone and I could not speak this to him. I tried calling many others but there was no response. It was a real big tension. Amidst all this, I was asked to go and get the crackers as the time was running out. There was only one place where crackers could be bought in Hubli, ie, Nehru Stadium (4 kms). But then luckily, I could get someone who was going there and asked them to buy for me too. It was a long time that I had tasted Sev Puri and Pani Puri at Hubli. So, I decided to go for it and it was good. It would have been better if my regular eating partner would have been there

The crackers came. It was around 8 pm now. We completed doing the final pooja of the divine Lord Ganesha. It was the 5th day of the festival and today, we would be carrying the idol to the nearby lake and immerse it. I got an auto. As dad was not keeping well, I decided to go with Mom and Spurti. But before that, there was a big thing hitting my head. If I do not arrange someone for tomorrow, it would be my second UPL and it would be a real serious issue. As I have already mentioned, UPLs are a very serious issue and having 2 UPLs in the same week, my God, I just cant imagine what would happen. Termination? Uhhh... Thats for 4 UPLs. I would get a CAP-I (Warning letter No. 1) I believe. I had messaged all my colleagues to help me and so, I rung up Anshu again. Finally it was he and I asked him what happened. Luckily, there was a smile. Bineet had arranged someone to work on my behelf tomorrow. Thank God

We went to the lake in Santosh Nagar, performed all the necessary rituals, burst crackers, lighted some flower pots and other firework material and a final pooja was done. And then, I walked a few steps in to the lake with the idol in my hand and immersed it 1 and took out, immersed it 2 and took out, immersed it 3 and out, and finally, immersed it into the lake with a final prayer

Shri Gajanan Maharaj ki... Jai...

Ganapati Bappa... Moraya...
Pundi Palle... Soraya...

We came back home and it was around 9.30 pm. I had to check the day's mails and then began to write this blog post. Its 11.35 pm now and I believe, the blog post has come to an end. Time to say Good Night. I dont really know what would happen tomorrow as I have to go to SBI for the DD correction and then the IT office to try getting money which I am badly in need of. And then, I also need to meet my friend and spend some time. Though we have been meeting, its been just a hi bye kind of a thing. But then, there is so much of happiness in this. The biggest thing is the chances of fights being less. Though this may not be a right point that I say that if we meet or talk rarely, the chances of having fights or problems is quite lower. However, we cant deny it either. But then, I would recognize a relationship as dazzling when at any given point of time, there should not be any issue between the individuals, especially during testing times. And the biggest key to winning relationships is to lose oneself. Only then, there can be an integration of 2 people to become one

A thought to ponder

"If both keep their identities, how can they be one, how will a new identity emerge?"

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