Monday, 16 November 2009

5 best songs I sang to my beloved... A fun write up by me on Mouthshut...

Well, hope everyone noticed that the topic is-5 best songs I would sing to my beloved but I am writing on the topic- 5 best songs I sang to my beloved.... Bole toh! Experience beta, experience

Nothing is bigger in this world than experience

I was in a residential school. Only boys. We were all army chaps. Strong, athletic, handsome:-). So, any gal getting attracted to us was common. Hehehe... Joking! But seriously, in case we met gals, there would definitely some or the other hungama. There were many too but not in my life

I passed out from Sainik School, Bijapur and joined for B Com. And you know what, its like a psychic phenomenon. Aaj kal ke ladkoan (even ladkiyoan) ke dimaak mein yeh print ho gaya hai ki college life bole toh gaadi leke jane ka aur pyaar mein gir jaane ka. Aur woh bhi ek aisi ladki ke saath, jiska na koi naam hai, na nishani hai, na pata hai.

So, here comes my first song beginning the story which is gonna run for 3 or 4 years unlike movies that run for 3 or 4 hours

Dostoan! Na koi manzil hai, na koi saathi
Phir bhi nikal pada hoon ghar se, jo bhi mila, wahi saathi hai, wahi manzil

O o jaane jaana, dhoonde tujhe
Sapnoan mein roz aaye aa jindagi mein aana sanam

Then we start our college life. Body tho class mein rehta hai par dimaak mein ek hi chaal- Aaj kaise usse milun, woh mujhse baath karegi kya, kar di tho main keh dhoon kya, keh diya tho woh maanegi kya (for ladies, read the same in feminine tone). The lecturer keeps shouting but these people will never improve. Dil ke issi halchal mein hi ghum hokar sabkuch bhool jaate hain, kabhi khushi mein lecturer ko bhi phool de jaate hain

Here comes the rocking second phase

Oh jaana
Oh jaana
Oh jaana, keh raha hai dil oh jaana
Humse aake mil oh jaana
Door dil se naa jaana
Oh jaana

Ab ladki aayi, humse mili, do char baatein bhi ho dayi. Arey baap rey, smile bhi de gayi. Yeh munnabhai, hasi tho phasi kya? Now the guy(or gal) starts feeling that their mission is getting succeeded. Mission? Arey haan, aajkal college mein lovers bankar ghumna ek mission ban gaya hai. Kisi ke haath mein dekho, ek mobile aur ek pyaar. hum yeh nahi keh rahe hain ki pyaar bura hai. Arey bhai! pyaar se pavitra cheez kuch hai hi nahi. But, the point os how many of them are really in love. I bet 90% of the cases are infactuations which will break the moment we leave college. All these people are affecting their own lives. But still, love is blind and pyaar ek paagalpan hai. And the attitude is that- Be it whatever, I will fall in love (thts why i joined college)

Here is the number 3

dheere dheere hawa chal rahi hai
jaise koi ghazal ban rahi hai
chupke chupke nazar mil rahi hai
jhukte uthte palak yeh keh rahi hai
oh jaana lets fall in love
oh jaana

And then this falling getsdeeper and deeper. So deep that people start forgetting their names. 24X7, just love on the mind. Even demons and college gundas will start wearing good dress and become nice gentlemen. Seriously, I saw a person who had not had a haircut from 8 to 9 years and his mom n scolded him everyday. But the moment, the gal told him-Tum inn baaloan mein achche nahin dikhte ho, the whole scene changed. My God, he had a haircut, wore a white shirt n blue formal n came and ........ hold your breath.... he came and ....... just think what he did ...... he came and ...... attended ONE CLASS. That was such a day, even my lecturer was shivering and he ended the class 15 mins in advance :-) All this because that gal told him that she would not see him if he doesnt cut his hair

Yeh le mere 4th rocking song

Jaana jaana
Dekha nahin hai tujhko kal se
Pal pal kate mera mushkil se
Aa poochh le zara is dil se
Raahon ko tere main takta hoon
Jee jeeke main yahan marta hoon
Main pyaar bas tujhe karta hoon
Jaana Jaana
Samjhaoon main kaise is dil ko
Ye maane na
Ye samjhe na

And as usual. Wahi purani nayi kahaani. I would not explain this much coz..... my heart will cry...... kyun...... same wine in the old bottle..... she left me :-( ..... he dumped me..... and all these things and the wasteful usage of 3 precious years of life. Thats why people do well in 12th, fail in degree and again shine in PG

He comes the concluding song putting an end to eevrything and saying that you are my love and you will always remian(till the next one comes)

Jaana zindagi se na jana
Pyar ka yeh khazana loot na jaye kahi
Jaana hum rahenge tumhare
Hain jab tak sitarein, hain jab tak zameen

Duniya sari dekar lelu main ek tera pyar,yeh pyar
Saathi ho jo tere jaisa kya karna sansar, sansar
Zameen hain kya jo tu kahe
Main chand pe tere saath chalu
O o o jaana zindagi se na jana

Thats the last time they ever met. They cry for 5 to 10 days. And then agian, ...... Phir kya hua,..... phir

Phir kya!

Agle din apne mohalle mein Aishwarya aayi


No information is meant to hurt anyone. Its just educational. And a general tendency that I have observed in my college as well as the many other colleges too. Note that every song is takes the word- jaana. Jaana! is a dream, say something like Maaya in Dil Toh Paagal Hai. However, I have made the story meet the general happenings in our college. I never sang any of these songs to anyone.


  1. Hey Puneet!

    Neat write up, Good selection of songs.

    I am a li’l eager to find out the meaning behind your id; Doctor Puneet CA??..


  2. only two songs o jaane jana and o jana but i dont know about the other three songs u should have mentioned the name of their films nice write up

  3. nice choice.. and nice review... do read my review on the same too.

  4. the third song dheere dheere hawa chal rahi hai is from the movie Jaana! Lets fall in love

    the fourth one dekha nahi hai tujhko kal se is from the movie duniya dilwaloan ki

    the last one is from the album of abhijeet sawant Jaana! jindagi se na jaana

    hope u got it

  5. puneet.... well i liked ur choice. can’t compare the two as both r completely diff...
    thank you for taking my review as an inspiration :)

  6. Hi Puneet,
    A very innovative and different review written by you.
    Believe me, I really liked it too much.
    Keep writing more like this.
    May God bless both of you(Your beloved and you) a blissful and enjoyable life together!

  7. I can only sing’bachpan ke din bhi kya din the’

  8. thts so sweet of you
    i heartfully thank you for the wonderful words
    and for your wishes to us
    i m very happy to note them
    you just made my day


  9. Assure me you will sing this boring song for your love? Don’t you have any other good choises?

    ; Bye & Take Care!!!

  10. 4th Song is my all time favorite to......even i listen to this song very singing and lyrics are superb in this song...