Monday, 16 November 2009

Bajaj Platina... A review by me on MouthShut long time back...

After having a blood sucking debate over my previous review on LIC for 4 days, today, I feel that I am again back to a good mood.

Chalo chale mitwaa, inn unchi neechi rahoan mein, inn pyaari baatoan mein kahin hum kho jaayein, kabhi MS mein jaage hum tho kabhi phir soo jaayein...

Ek baras purane ki baath hai bhaiyya. Bahut dhoop thi. The sun was scorching and made me not to get out of my home. Arey! Hum kya kum hai, hum jaate rahe. But walking in this hot sun for around 5 km to college and back was a tough stuff. Seeing this, my dad felt pity on me and told me to purchase a vehicle. We went to the showroom and I chose to buy a Bajaj Pulsar

However, due to certain financial obligations, we were unable to purchase the bike then

Later, in the rainy season, however, the rain God, Varuna, showered his blessed raindrops on me and I got fever. Fever and blessing? Yeah obviously, the very next day I was taken to the showroom to buy a vehicle for me. Vrooooooooommmmmmmmm..................

I was told by dad that we could not afford to buy a Pulsar. So, I had to make a choice among the other ones. I did not like any vehicle. I was told by the salesman that a new vehicle was getting launched the next day. I returned home. I was watching TV and this ad came, Jhalak Dikhlaja! Bajaj Platina. Oh my God! I just loved the ad. The way it was pictured. The way the lights went flashing. The way how the gal n guy went moving. It was all like...... heaven

I went to the showroom and had a test drive. I liked it and we purchased the vehicle.

I have been using it for a year now and I have liked it, in face, loved it. Coming to the experience

  • Unlike other 100cc vehicles, this vehicle has a stronger pick up. It can easily race over the hill in the 3rd gear(single person) and 2nd gear(2 persons). However, for my dad’s splendor, I need to cut down to gear 1
  • The vehicle is comfortable. Its definitely as comfortable as Unicorn or CBZ Xtreme, but compared to other 100 cc bikes, its quite comfortable
  • The gear changing is quite easy with 4 frontal gear to speed up and 4 back gears to slow down
  • The servicing offered by my dealer is too good. I am very happy by their support. However, one disappointing thing is that they offer only 4 free services after which the charge is Rs 125. This is the policy of Bajaj Motorcycles and I wish, they could upgrade this. Because other companies offer 6 to 8 free services
  • Coming to the sexiest point in the vehicle. Believe it or not, I am getting an average mileage of 80 kms on this vehicle. I was told by the dealer that the mileage will be over 75 kms. To test the truth of this fact, I have maintained the fuel records too
  1. Up to first servicing- 56 km per litre
  2. From 1st servicing to 2nd servicing- 71 km per litre
  3. From 2nd servicing to 3rd servicing- 82 km per litre
  4. From 3rd servicing to 4th servicing- 81 km per litre
  5. Now, I will get the next reading when I go to the 5th servicing
  6. And I am saving a lot of money which unnecessarily go out for petrol cost of I had taken a higher end model(150 cc)As far as reliability is concerned, its a user’s delight. 100% reliable. No breakdowns, no problems, nothing. Just a blessing
  • Handling and control is excellent. The brakes are too good. I feel like its stronger than disk brakes(or its due to my strength, God knows) And as far as control is concerned, i understood one very good thing after taking this vehicle. using a 100 cc bike prevents me from over speeding. The traffic in cities is so high that I see accidents happen every day. In case, I am driving my friend’s Unicorn, Pulsar or karizma or any strong vehicle, it tempts me to speed up and makes driving risky. However, its very simple, smooth driving with this vehicle
  • Looks. Arey ek baar dekhoge tho dekhthe reh jaoge. Its an awesome vehicle

In short and simple words, this vehicle from Bajaj Autos is an excellent version in the 100 cc vehicles category. I was told by the dealer that they had record sales during Ramzan and Diwali last year. People loved the vehicle because of its
  • Low cost
  • No maintenance
  • High mileage- I have saved so much of petrol money as my pocket money
  • Good looks (in its category)
  • Superb pick up

Finally, to conclude, its been a good experience using this vehicle. Its an integral part of my life now. It has made a lot comfortable to me and I am glad that I chose to purchase this


  1. this bike must be good but i still prefer my hubby’s Thunder bird...
    sweet review

  2. Thats a good review and I wonder that the bike has to be equally good, But there are almost a zero chances for me for buying any bike, I have a Unicorn and a Swift; and most of the time[as I live alone] I am on my sites[architectural] so I hardly manage to ride any of those..


  3. to see you enjoying your bike. This should be put up by the dealer in their showroom-- a printout of your review.

  4. GREAT story telling style review

    I lack this talent of tell a event in the form of a story and make it interesting for people.

    But you have given such wonderful details about the bike, everyone will like it including me.

    no one can make things like :BAJAJ
    This name is the most respectable and great name in India, if Bajaj wants to make a Aeroplane they can do it without problem. I am a firm believer in BAJAJ, let the SUZUKIS, HONDS, YAMAHAS come.

    BAJAJ will be better than them and it can beat them. Sons of BAJAJ has a big task on their hands now. I wish and hope they see the opportunity in India and live upto the big name of BAJAJ.

    My younger brother has a PLATINA and he likes nothing other than BAJAJ PLATINA.

    DR.saab nice wether details and a doctor getting FEVER, today I am sure you can treat yourself of all fevers, please give me PHONE prescriptions when I need them.

    Have a nice life


  5. thanks sir
    thanks a lot for ur words

    n yeah, to enidhi, tht expression of 4 to speed up n 4 to speed down is a poetic expression to add some fun to the reader. thts all

  6. hi sir
    thanks for ur sweet words
    Bajaj is definitely a leader
    the company had fallen badly when hero came out with motorcylces n made the bajaj scooters old n outdated

    hero honda went to become the leader in this space.

    but then, the company was on the move. they came out with PULSAR n the rest is history

    today, Bajaj is back to glory. I see the employees wearing a batch- BAJAJ NO.1 2 WHEELER CO.
    I think they have overtaken the position which was held by HH for a few years


  7. humorous and witty
    i dont know these vehicles but i have an idea u r praising them and saying they are useful in a hilarously entertaining view

  8. No idea about the bike at all!...but I loved the way you narrated this review....



  9. hi,

    i also feel the same way, enjoying each and every day of my ride. I can confidently say that it is still a head turner, if you show some attitude while driving.


  10. hi

    Iam using platina from last 3 months and got some problems regarding break shoe and but luckily whole thing was changed by Popular bajaj Banergatta Road branch. Iam happpy the way they addressed my problem.

    To be frank pickup is not good. I don’t about other bike in same segment.

    I found that petrol is most important thing that gives you better pick up and make engine smooth because of good combustion.

    Try to fill the petrol at Shell petrol bunks. Check the diffrence after you fill.

    Definately you will know the diffrence in sound and pickup.
    check my review on petrol bunks


  11. Hi Puneet,
    Though being a girl I am not very much knowledgeable about bikes and all. But, after reading your review I think I can also present my views about the facts and qualities we should look for before buying a new one.
    Again,it’s a very informative and new style of writing. This is bcoz of reviews from members like you which keeps us going to remain active in this wonderful site of sharing ideas.
    Keep writing.

  12. Seems like you have regrouped all your energy again to vroom again after a tough debate. And yes you had a good mileage there too!!!!
    Ok. Coming into Platina.. my cousin uses it and ofcourse its a good utility vehicle that addresses the top priority of almost all Indians - Mileage. My cousin gets somewhere between 75-80 kmpl. He fills in the tank and forgets it for 2 to 2.5 weeks. Cool...
    The only problem with all Bajaj Bikes is they do not have a resale value and they are less sturdy than their competitors.
    I bought an Unicorn which gives me 55kmpl ( will write a review on that soon). Combined with power and mileage, Unicorn is a steal for its price.
    Nicely written review. You made people read till the end of it.

    Keep rocking..


  13. yeah absolutely
    after all a tiring stuff to convince someone who has decided that he will not get convinced, i m back again
    they say- you can wake up a sleeping person but not a one who is acting like sleeping

    Ummmaaa... Unicorn, sir, I just love that bike. I have decided to take that bike when I start earning good. Its the prettiest of all the bikes out there.
    Please write the review on it sooooooo...........n


  14. Congratulations of having the honor of this review being named the review of the day.


  15. Hi!

    Lovely review... well written. I have a 10-year old KB-4S Champ, - you might try looking up the review - and was looking for views on platina. Have just ridden it, and liked it. Agree with all you have said...



  16. hi!!!!

    good review...detailed info too....i own a platina 2006 model...and it has not disappointed me in any way.
    actually when i read this review, the info given is exactly the same as how i bike is now four years old still going strong n good mileage(70 to 75 constant) and smooth handling n ride.
    u cant compare with that other bikes like pulsar n unicorn..but if u compare with other 100cc or 110cc bikes in india,i tel u no bike can beat platina in anyway....
    good to meet someone who felt the same way i felt abt Bajaj Platina..


  17. @shiv
    thanks for the words
    u r right in wtv u said
    i too love d vehicle
    v'v nick-named it GATTU for all the guts it shows :)

  18. Dude Excellent write up skills.Please continue writing..

  19. Bajaj is a extremely old and well known two wheeler Indian organization and enjoys a conventional benevolence within the market place.Bajaj Platina is a best bike according to the Indian customers.