Friday, 27 November 2009

Hired for Rs 4000 pm... An untold story of my life...

I was just reviewing my life over the past 22 years and I found that I had missed out a small part of my life from my memory. It was a 15 day experience that I had after I completed my life at SSBJ, went to Bangalore in search of a job, got a job, left it and came back to Hubli and before I left Hubli to go to Bangalore for CA Coaching at Medhas Institute. I was sitting idle at home and had nothing to do and I saw an ad of a job opening at Asterix BPO. The sight of the word BPO amused me with a question if BPOs did exist in Hubli. I thought of trying out and went ahead for the so called interview. I met Mr Venkatesh who was the owner of Asterix Computers which was primarily started to sell computers. Now, it did less computer selling and more of various other activities like computer education, computer servicing, providing OHPs for functions, etc, etc, etc. Though this was the communication I received, I honestly could not see anything other the OHP renting happening

No Hurray for being selected as it was not a tough deal with only one person coming there for the interview. Even if any number of people had come, I would easily manage to get through

And thus, I was appointed for a pay of Rs 4000 a month. The job was to call the big list of people and inform them about a new club house that was being constructed in Hubli. The name of the place was Cotton County Club and it is located right opposite to the airport in Gokul, Hubli. The membership fee was Rs 40000 at that time. I began the calling. Most of the times, the response was negative. I managed to catch hold of some people and arrange an appointment. I was supposed to someone to meet these people and explain them. But then, that someone never came and I only had to adore the role of that someone. Hubli is a small city and it was not a big thing. I still remember the first outdoor sale initiative that I took. It was to meet an owner of an automobile shop (I am desperately trying to remember the name but my memory is playing a game) located just opposite the petrol pump near old bus stand. It was too cold of an effort. I went and called out his name. He asked me my name and upon knowing why I came, he just took the brochure and said that he will call me (which never happened though). I walked back to my so called office which happened to be very near in Neeligin Road. It makes me laugh when I remember this incident

The next one was a chartered accountant. His office is right opposite the Janata Bazar near traffic island. If my memory is serious, his name is Mr. Kothari. This was one funny incident. I stepped in to his chamber. I was speaking to him and I got a call from my dad. I just swtiched off my cell and kept it on the table. Seeing that, this man took out his highly sophisticated Nokia mobile and another mobile and put them both on the table. I did not understand what this gesture meant. Whether it meant that I respect your decision of keeping your mobile away and here I keep mine as well or did it mean that you have a bloody double one double zero mobile and see what I have. Either way, I could not stop myself from taking the cellphone & keeping it back in my pocket. I told him some information which he never heard. After everything, he told me that I am a kid (of course, I was 18 then) and I must get someone elder to speak. This happened around 4 pm and at 6 pm, I was back with Mr. Venkatesh and another person from CCC (Cotton County Club). I believe it was one amongst the eight directors. If my memory can really support me, I remember that the main director of the CCC was Dr. Venkatesh Moolimani (I am not sure of the surname) who worked in KIMS (Later I discovered that this person was my neighbour), Mr. Shankar Belgavi (Owner, Renuka Sweets), Mr Sunil Kalra (I hope I have the name right. I am sure of Kalra but not Sunil, a businessman. I went to his shop after knowing him to purchase clothes for me and my dad. We did purchase. But we never went back), 2 brothers (I guess the surname was Hebsur) who were doctors and the rest are not coming to my mind now. Coming back to Mr. Kothari, I was instructed to sit outside and they had a chat in his chamber. The outcome was appearing positive though I never got to know if it was a successful close or not

I am sure it has started appearing like I might have spent a year here but I just spent 15 days. I had also been to the office of CCC at Hosur in Hebsur Kalyan Mantap. I visited at least 3-4 times. In a couple of visits, everyone got so friendly with me that I was offered to directly work for them for a higher pay. I was invited to see the CCC (though it did not happen as I left before the scheduled date of visit)

Soon came a decision by my dad that I should go for CA Coaching at Medhas Institute, Vijaynagar, Bangalore. I had to resign (Stop laughing). Now, the big question. Salary? I was there for an exact 15 days. With the kind of person I knew of the owner of Asterix BPO (which existed only by name), a person who worked for entire month also would receive salary after heavy bullshitting and butchering on the payment. So, this 15 day pay was a dream far from being true. Yet, I was serious as I did not even earn from my previous job at Mphasis BPO as it was found after 3 weeks that I was less than 18 years of age and I should get out. Now that I was more than 18, I had to get my pay. Mathematically, I had to receive Rs 2000. I claimed for it and Mr. Venkatesh started ignoring me keeping his hand on his forehead. There was this one girl (I dont remember her name) who was her PA. I pestered her a lot and she spoke to him only to get scolded. I was told that the company rules do not permit them to make payment to me as I have not worked for the minimum work period to get the salary, i.e., one month. I burst out asking if they were a company or a bunch of people fooling around. It was a little silly and arrogant but not receiving the money which I deserved after serious and honest efforts was hurting

I don't know how this popped up to my mind suddenly and I planned to write about it. Life is a very exciting journey and with people like me, it just turns excessively exciting at times and at all times. There are many such things that have been happening which I plan to write down in the coming days. Sometimes, I just can't believe that, once upon a time, life was like this


  1. hii tell me the membership of the club now The present rate for membership and details if possible plzzzz

  2. This is utter rubbish!!! They are a reputed organisation in Hubli. I was an employee in their call centre for 3 years & I thoroughly enjoyed working there. Due to personal reasons, I had to go abroad.