Thursday, 19 November 2009

My Nokia 1100 Story...

For the first time in my life, I had my own cellphone and it was a Nokia 1100- Made for India. At that time, I was in Bangalore and I had just joined Mphasis BPO. And I needed a cellphone. Having just begun my career, I chose this mainly because of the cost factor. It fetched me 3200 rupees at that time. The price has come down to around 2000 now but at that point of time, it was worth it. I also heard news that the production of this model has been stopped now. I am not sure about this.

Coming to the cell, it was a pretty good looking, compact version with quite good features. The USP of the product was its torchlight and its strong body which were meant for the Indian conditions. I liked using the mobile. A black and white screen with some attractive options of ringtones, picture messaging, etc was something new and delightful in those days. I was happy with it till it was stolen by my housemaid in my hometown- Hubli. :-)

Nice experience. If I had not lost the cell, I would be still using the same. As on now, I am using Nokia 1600 and I like that too

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