Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Spiderman 3... What I had to say about it...

After a tiring examination of Chartered Accountancy, PE-II, I was looking for something to refresh myself. On having discussed the same with my friends, we decided to go out for a lunch. Phat! Came a suggestion.

Why not watch a movie and then go for lunch? Hmmm... Good idea. The last one I saw was Dhoom 2. We agreed and started discussing. Good boy Bad boy, Tararumpum and some other names came up. But the winner was Spiderman 3

It all began with the introduction of the history of spiderman. I was very happy to see the story of spiderman till now. Its one of the most brilliant ideas the director has come up with. Instead of just showing the characters and heavy music, he has given a jhalak of Spidey 1 and Spidey 2

The movie was good. However, its made too too too ... complicated (Have they employed any Indian director to work on the script? :-) ) The kind of behavior and attitude shown in the movie is somewhat unworthy. Spidey kisses some other gal and the heroine gets frustrated. She goes on looking for someone and finally ends up with the man who is a friend of Spidey but due to certain reasons, he has become his enemy. However, the affair just stops with a kiss when she realizes that she was doing wrong. Further, we see a Sandman who has a very funny character (although he has played a villain, I call the character funny because of my personal opinion). Even he is against Spidey. There is another guy who’s a coworker of Spidey. Even he gets against Spidey due to Spidey’s interruption. In fact, the coworker was doing wrong things and that's why, Spidey goes against him.

So, Spidey has 3 enemies now

Even his girlfriend gets frustrated because of him. And all this happens due to the black chemical thing which has caught Spidey and made him make misuse of his powers and also become egoistic. The story goes on well. Finally it so happens that all these enemies get together to take revenge on Spidey. However, the first person(the one who I have told to be Spidey’s friend but has become an enemy due to misunderstandings) realizes that he was wrong.

The sequel is too sexy. As usual, all the big fights in the world have happened for a lady :-)

The heroine is held by Sandman and the journalist. When Spidey realized that the black chemical is killing him, he throws it away and the journalist gets it. So, the journalist and Sandman plan to catch Spidey and finish the game. They hold the heroine as hostage and Spidey comes to rescue her. The whole of New York city is watching everything. Spidey gets hit by them very badly. People feel that its the end of Spiderman. But then, things take a turn when his friend comes to his rescue. Both fight against them and (obviously) win the game. The sad thing being that Spidey’s friend lays down his life to save Spidey. Even the journalist gets killed. Sandman heads away from the world after telling his story to Spidey and apologizing

Things go sweet and Spidey gets back his girlfriend and finally, he presents that ring given by the old lady to her

Now, what was this all about? Its very simple. The movie portrays some common issues to us. Its about relationships. Its about telling how even a great person like spiderman can be caught by evil thoughts. It tells us that we need to give time to our loved ones when they need us. Duty does come first, but love should not be ignored. Even love is a duty. Ego is yet another thing that can spoil the whole world. The movie has good lessons to teach

The movie is pictured beautifully and children have a blast at theatres. The USP of Spidey is the love of kids for this character. And the funniest thing for me was I watched the movie in Hindi and I have just narrated a few lines which will make you ROFL
  1. Spidey’s friend to the heroine- "Arey wah! Tum tho bahut achchi lag rahi ho. Tumhe tho Miss India hona tha". Hmmm... Miss India from New York
  2. Spidey’s Home owner to Spidey when Spidey apologizes for his misbehaviour-"Koi baath nahi Peter, tum mujhe shaam mein Paani Puri khila dena, sab theek ho jayega" Well, Paani Puri...
  3. The journalist singing in the office-"Apna Sapna, Money Money" What a combination
  4. Spidey’s girlfriend-"Dekho Peter! Toottha tara" Yeh le!

There are many such funny illustrations that added humor to the movie

In total, its a fantastic effort by the Spiderman team to put forth values to the society that make a good life

Keep going!!!


  1. doesn’t tell how many plot holes & slow pace movie has.also not tells that action scenes r just blinks & not as enjoyful as spiderman movies level.

  2. Spidey’s friend to the heroine- ’’ Arey wah! Tum tho bahut achchi lag rahi ho. Tumhe tho Miss India hona tha ’ Hmmm... Miss India from New York

    And Paani Puri!! god!....lmao of the last four dialogues in the Hindi Spidey movie :)

    Hey check out my review when u can



  3. Well, I would have described all that dear friend but it would become too long. The review is already a little big. So, I had to cut down on all those points. And yeah buddy! I live in the real world. I dont believe that when a person is getting hit into a uilding continuously, he can still survive but a small bullet can kill him
    Its good for kids
    Even I had lot of fun as I watched it like a small kid


  4. dude... i just had a glimpse of your blog.. i didn't know it existed, now i know. hey, i am glad u are able to post ur entries almost regularly, good. i am wondering why you did not improve the look of your blog.. you could make the look of your blog so much better. i'll try to follow your blog.. but i'm a more of a critic than anything else.. hope u don't mind..
    keep the good work going..
    have a happy time blogging..:)