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Arindham Chaudhari... Hats off to a Superguru... Discover the Diamond in you...

Master the 9 powerful principles inside and Discover the Diamond in You. You may or may not discover the diamond (for that matter, even a nickel coin) but the author, publisher, foreward writer and the upcoming movie collaborators definitely did. They have sold their dreams to you to make their dreams come true

What began as a marvellous ad campaign across newspapers nationwide is now the nation's best sold book. Hats off to the great mangement economist, Mr. Arindham Chaudhuri, who has proved it time and again that the economics of this nation are going to be the same, i.e., 'The rich will become richer and the poor will get poorer'. I was impressed by the publicity and decided to buy that book. In a couple of days, the courier arrived and I had a tussle with the courier guy. He delivered the book and started his bike and I shouted at him to stop. I asked him, where is the book? He said that he doesn't know. I reconfirmed and he said that he doesn't know what is contained in the courier packet. I opened the packet assuming that flipkart might have forgotten keeping the book inside. But, to my amazement, the book was there. The courier guy went and I came back in. I quickly opened the dazzling book which had almost ZERO weight. I started reading the book and here is what I got to learn from it. I believe, I have learnt to succeed. The only difference is that I am not going to do what Arindham has told but what he has done. Arindam's passion for India has made him learn India and Indians by heart and he has hit the nail on the head perfectly, each time and every time

In India, 2 things sell like hotcakes. Sex and Shahrukh. And this book had the latter in it. The frontpage highlighted more about the success icon of billion hearts motivating all the fans of Shahrukh (99.9% who openly agree they are and 0.1% who deny but can't help being his fan) to go and snatch a copy of the book. Shahrukh has always come as a big business buck to companies. Be it ICICI Bank which rocked the NRI (as well as domestic) market with his photographs and signatures on the website, be it Bharti Airtel for which Shahrukh was a direct soul speaker, be it Dish TV calling of 'Santusht mat raho' or be it IIPM's re-branding campaign after all the information (should I use the word 'fraud') that has been openly written by the students on the internet, his has been a one name which has turned around businesses. Making use of his name in the book promotion, Arindham has proved to us that he is the greatest marketing guru who can easily sell a comb to the balds

Amitabh Bachchan is one name that Indian households respect so much that people stand up immediately on hearing his name as if the national anthem is playing (Sorry to say but most don't even stand up when the national anthem plays). Putting one line in his name has again worked splendid wonders. Remember 'Slumdog Millionaire'? When the movie was rocking and won oscars and put India on a rolls in the Oscar awards ceremony, our dear Amitabh and Arindham criticized it and asked people not to watch it. Read their blogs
Had the book not had these 2 names along with that of Arindam, I would not pay more than Rs 30 for the 10 pages (Rs 5 for the papers, Rs 5 for the publisher, Rs 5 for the author, Rs 5 for the courier and Rs 10 for the value derived). YES, 10 pages is all it is. Convert the font to regular, ie, arial/times roman 10, the content will not be more than 10 pages. There are many pictures that the author has failed to describe correctly in a way that can add meaning to the content. Not the forget that 25% of the book is again advertising. 10 initial pages are just there for no reason. The preface is written to sell more and more books. And what a stunt? If you have not purchased Arindam's previos books, you will buy them as well because the preface speaks more about the success of those books

Arindam keeps calling you diamond and puts you on cloud 9. The feeling of appreciation is one which can make a human being go crazy. Call a girl beautiful and she will be ready to help you. The management guru has learnt this concept very well. As he says, he makes everyone in IIPM feel like diamonds irrespective of what they are. Thus, when a person is on a heightened sense, he makes decisions which, most times, turn out to be foolish. You might have heard enough stories where people have looted kingdoms by offering gifts (Britishers did it the same way) and this is one modern example for the same management concept. Do I call it buttering or in more local language 'maskafying'? And then praising all people (who are going to share the profits of the book) as very good people, very successful people, knowledgeable and real diamonds. Arindam openly says that there are only 59 written pages in the book which can be read in just 59 minutes. Arindam also knows that a person will not feel like paying Rs 150 for the book and so, he clearly mentions that the sale proceeds will go to social service. Guru, you are a real guru. You have left greatest people like Peter Drucker, Dhirubhai Ambani, etc way far beyond. You are a real diamond

Arindam has typed the content of the book by SMS. Great. So, the effort has gone, not much to write the book, but to market it

The content of the book is the regular 'do this, do that, think like this, don't think like that, live your dreams, be passionate, set goals, have dreams, work properly, be patient, have good relationships, have a vision, set principles and live by them' and all that regular management blah blah blah. The book is very poorly typed. The illustrations are not appropriate. The examples come nowhere near to the principles explained

I would suggest people interested in such content to buy 'You Can Win' by Mr. Shiv Khera or the Robin Sharma or Stephen Covey series

For those people who love to read for fun, better buy Chetan Bhagat series. By Chetan Bhagat, I remember the amount of effort he makes in writing a book, getting it through, attending seminars, flying from one place to another and working so hard to sell a superb book at a low price of Rs 95. Chetan, why don't you try Shahrukh the next time and break Arindam's record? But, for me, authors like you hold the record. A book must sell by its content and not by its name. Tomorrow, if I publish the same book on someone else's names, it must sell. Thats true success. As I said, I would not pay a dime more than Rs 30 if this book was published without the 3 big brand names. Oh, I missed another, Priyanka Chopra. She is doing Arindam's next film

By writing all this, I neither want to say that someone is bad or something is wrong. I only want to highlight how our economy runs. The rich do all the gimmick and get richer. The poor fall prey and get poorer. This is not the only sector. Take examples of education, industry, finance, etc. IIPM would definitely one school that I wish to highlight for the hefty fees and near to zero results. I never understood the need of so many ad campaigns by a B-school which claims itself to be beyond IIMs. Google for 'IIPM fraud' and you understand the agony of the IIPM alumni. Take the examples of share markets. Have you ever heard of a big stock broker/operator losing money in the worst of criris? Its only the retail that falls prey

Unfortunately, we cannot do anything to fight such adversities that the community of rich people put on the poor except falling for them

Arindam commands Rs 5 lacs per hour for a training session which speaks volumes about his success. The same has been written openly in the book (as I told, the book is more an advertising campaign). I would want to ask this great person on what contribution he has made to this world. I know that every celebrity runs a social organization to answer such questions. So, don't answer me. Answer yourself. Ask yourself some questions like, 'How many IIPM students love you and how many hate you?', 'How many lives have you positively influenced (exclusing friends and families)?', 'How many people have come above poverty line because of you? (you speak so much about India and poverty but have you ever tried to understand that India has the largest number of rich people who have hoarded all money with them and thus created the poor). Give a thought

The whole world knows the truth but still we can't help being your fans just like Shahrukh. Irrespective of whatever celebrities and icons do, we do worship them as idols for they have been our role models. The day I read your essay on world food and financial crisis, I instantly became your fan and for me, economics was equal to Arindam. That was only till I purchased this book. I still honor you for the amount of knowledge you have, the amount of success you have but with book, you have misused the tremendous goodwill that you had gained. I doubt if your next book would sell. Get Shahrukh or get Amitabh or get any superstar, it would be really difficult. But, I am 100% sure that you will do something else and again break your record. Thats your potential of which I and the world are a fan of. Good going Arindam! You are a gem of diamonds. I only wish you would use some part of this shine to help the needy in reality

Wishing all rich people the very best for your next venture to convert the savings of poor people into your investments. I, like all being, just love it because this is what is taught to us to be the definition of SUCCESS

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