Saturday, 23 January 2010

After all effort... The result is usual... The unexpected always happens...

3 days of workout at a gym... More than 20 kilometers run on the treadmill... More than 100 ab crunches... More than 5 hours spent... And the results are out...

Guess what...


Not at all...

My weight has increased by 1.2 kilograms...

You read it right... I have written it right...

It has INcreased...

Isme hairaan hone ki koi baat nahi hai... Its common in my life that such things happen. In fact, this is what I would have expected to happen. Its my USP that contra entries happen in my life, always

When I work, I get no result and when I do not, I get the best

Whenever I studied well with all effort and concentration, I would either fail or just pass in the examination. And when I did not study anything, I would score so well. In my class 10th exam, I studied maximum for my social studies exam in which I just scored 48 marks. However, in the remaining 4 subjects, I scored more than 90 marks. In my college, I did not study much but was ranked amogst the toppers. I studied a lot for CA and could not clear it

I always thought I am a very good cricketer. Even my schoolmates and neighbours do think the same way. In fact, when anything about cricket is spoken, I am always considered as an integral part of it. But, I do not have even a single certificate in the name of this game. I have countless of them in the name of hockey, football, athletics, etc

I did a lot of effort and became a goalie in football. I even represented Sainik School Bijapur in South Zonal Championship. But, in our inter house tournaments, I played center forward. And because out team was not that strong, I almost played like a backie. In the entire tournament, our team scored only one goal. And that single goal was kicked by me from the other half of the ground

Whenever I prepared for debates, I would flunk in them. I would not get the desired result. Of course, most of the times, I did. But, there are also many times when despite my best effort, I would fail badly. But, whenever I used to give an extempore attempt, I would definitely be there in the top 3. In most cases, I would be first

Even till today, people do tell me that my kannada is not that good. But, in a debate competition in kannada at KCCI (Karnataka Chamber of Commerce and Industry), Hubli, I was declared the best speaker

Everyone believed that I am a perfect match for the armed forces. The only problem was that I was unable to clear the UPSC examination. If I somehow get through the exam, I would surely make it to the Army. This statement implied that SSB interview (Services Selection Board) would be a cakewalk for me. There's no reason to reject me. I did clear the UPSC exam for CDS entry but I could not clear the SSB. Strange but true. Nevertheless, my blog post on SSB interview at 21 SSB Bhopal did a record and is continuing to do the record by being the top read page in respect of SSB interview. You could also read it at

So, ultapulta happenings are not a new thing in my life. As I said, its a characteristic feature of my life. If it doesn't happen, it means that its not my life

Now suggest me, should I make effort or should I not make effort???

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Life's first time experience at a Gym... A day somewhat near to a model day...

Today is one fine day that I would remember for a long time down the memory lane. I always get afraid to speak about the good things that happen in my life. Unfortunately, the moment I speak about it, something wrong happens and I lose it. A recent such falling was me cancelling the coaching classes at Bengaluru and returning back to Hubli. Well, let me come out of all these stupidies and say that today was a somewhat ideal day of life. I can say that my life in the coming 4-5 months is going to be a replica of this day. I can say that I have laid down about 30-40% of the plot to be followed. It might surprise you as to why I am getting so excited at just 30% achievement. For a contantly changing person like me, its a great achievement in itself. Ask the people who know me and they will tell you. In fact, they would be very confident that there shall be no replicas of this day and nothing would ever fall in its right place as experimentation is a primary characteristic of this human being

So, whats the news? Its that I have finally joined a gym after years and years of planning. In SSBJ, there was a gym but I never went as I was busy in other sports. During my college days, I used to plan it 24 hours a day to plan to join a gym. But the plan remained a plan and never turned into action. A little action was taken. I had been to a couple of gyms to enquire. I had even been to the brand new gym that was inaugurated in my college (J G College of Commerce, Hubli) and planned to joined it but never joined. In Hyderabad too, I planned so much. I think, the owner of Fitness World Gym in Madhapur might have turned mad by the number of enquiries I made. The moment I get my salary, I used to land there and ask him for the fee structure. I would plan to join in a day or two (once I manage all expenses and get to know my savings) and never joined as the savings did not suffice

This matter took a very serious turn when the entire globe starting worrying about my physique. And when I went to the OBA meet in Bijapur, I was just thrashed. I could neither run to play a game of football nor dance a few steps. My stomach interfered in all the fun and made a mess. In Bengaluru, I decided to join CA classes as well as gym. I had searched a gym over there and planned to join after I return to Bengaluru after Makara Sankranthi (the reason I came to Hubli). However, things took a turn in Hubli. Conditions over here are quite critical. I have to fulfill some responsibilities which I have been ignoring for quite some time saying that I will do it later. But then, now, I sense that the need for my presence is higher than ever and it would be wiser to meet this demand. Moreover, getting up at 5 am and going to a class at 6.30 am was getting too difficult for me. I would be drowsy till 9 am and would not understand

One very bad character that I have is that I like to do things as per my will and wish in whatever manner I like and at whatever time I like. I don't at all like any kind of restriction in any kind of matter by anyone in my life. The class fee is around Rs 16000 and my living expenses for 6 months would not be less than Rs 35000. So, I thought I will save this Rs 50000 in the next 5 months by staying Hubli. Money saved is money earned. I do not go for a job now but I have kept my kitty for me and I can call it an earning of Rs 10000 a month (50000/5). I have an experience of giving the CA exams and clearing some subjects (but failed in the aggregate part) and a serious revision would be sufficient for the exams. And no miracle would happen in the coaching center either as 3 months is quite a short time for teaching or learning something like a CA course. Even if miracle did happen from the teaching end, I am an idiot who would not be a part of it from the learning end because of the way I am. Should I hate me for this?

I got a little late in the morning. However, I picked up with studies soon. I did some amount of share trading. I also did some amount of business related work. And in the evening, it was a grand affair for me to join the gym today. I did not have a pair of shoes. I somehow found a pair of canvas shoes that I had purchased for SSB interview 2 years back. It had no lace. I bought a pair of lace and discovered that I didn't have a pair of socks either. I was already an hour late. I did not even have a bike as dad had not returned from office. These were enough reasons for me to postpone the activity to tomorrow. But, I did not feel like to stop. I just went on without wearing socks. I went by walk from my home to the gym which is at court circle

In fact, I was searching for some good gym in Hubli. I was roaming around and could not find any. I could trace one or two but they just had body building equipment and nothing to burn fat (like a treadmill). Talwalkars Hubli was the only option but paying Rs 12345 was neither wise nor possible as my stay in Hubli is not confirmed. God knows what dream I will see tomorrow and where I will go. I was discussing this with Priyanka and her memory striked. She said that there is some gym near ICICI Bank which is quite good. I knew I had found it as she always puts me on the right place. It was Shape Fitness Center for Men and Women

Just before I stepped into the gym for my first workout session, my cellphone rung. It was Dad. He asked me where I was and I said that I am near court circle. He said that he was around the same area and offered me a pick up to home. I said that I am going to a gym and my dad got angry. He said that I am lazy to get up in the morning and run. And he said that I am very fickle minded. I would pay the fees and then go for 2-3 days and leave it. I just kept listening as all was truth and nothing could be denied. I recently paid the fees for CA coaching as well and came here. Half of my luggage is still at Bengaluru. Thats why I had a problem with the shoes. Finally, he said all is well and asked me to carry on

I met the instructor and paid the fees for 3 months (Oh! What a fool... I am sure you had this reaction). He began with some warm up. Then, some exercises to make body flexible. And then, I was on the treadmill. It went on and on and on and on. I was exhausted in 10 minutes. I thought that he will make me get down but he came and increased the speed. I just thought of jumping down but I continued. It was 15 minutes and I just gave up. I thought I will take a refund of whatever amount and go home. Whats the use of reducing weight after all? Am I going to act in a movie? Why should I waste time doing such unproductive activities? I can make use of the same time to study more and do well in the exams. Superb reasons. Intention was one. To escape the pain

While I was thinking all this, I had completed 20 minutes and I was asked to get down. And immediately, he began some more exercises. My motivation to quit increased. And then, I was asked to work on another machine called Ab Cruncher to build abs. I got tired and the instructor kept getting active. It went on for some more time and my session was over. Oh God! Its such a great fun when you make us eat gorgeous food like Pani Puri, Sev Puri, Dahi Puri, Vada Pav, Jalebi, Pizza, Burger and what not. And its such a pain to firstly stop eating them and secondly run and work out like this to burn it. The experience was quite fantastic. Now, let me call myself intelligent because I am going to reveal why I paid the 3 month fee. Had I paid fee for 1 month, I would have definitely quit by chosing comfort of eating all great food on the earth and leave the pain of burning the fat. However, now that I have paid for 3 months, there is a financial motivation that will make me run. Run at least for the fees paid. After all, nothing motivates like money

I came back home by walk and then studied for some time as well. I shall update more on studies on (dedicated to my CA studies) soon

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Passing through some tough times in life...

Its been one of the longest breaks that I have taken from writing. More than a week now, I guess. I have moved to my hometown, Hubli, for good. I have been passing through some difficult times off late and most things in life are quite unwell. There are some serious issues that need immediate attention back home. God keeps taking so many examination so often for people like me. And I have to pass in all of them. The chances of me returning back to Bengaluru for CA studies is quite meek though I might consider other options over there. For the moment, its almost certain that I am staying back in Hubli for an indefinite period. Lets see what more comes on the way

Saturday, 9 January 2010

From What a class! to 3rd class... Still managing to call it fun... In honest terms, its funny...

What a turn life has taken in a few days! Life was a royal living all these days with income flowing from the job and suddenly, everything comes to a halt. Cash cruch is the word to define the situation. Cash apart, life has taken a total new dimension and I have been cursing myself for over the past week for having taken another foolish decision to disrupt the normal functioning of my life. I don't understand how and why I can't stick to one line for more than a few weeks or months. I can not take anything normal. I put myself on either extremes and unnecessarily pressurize myself with grief and pain. I have joined for the CA classes and things are very unwell. Understanding even the simplest of the sums has become the greatest of the difficulties. For a person who has forgotten what one plus one is, its impossible to grow academically. I need to get back to the basics of life, i.e., one plus one equals to two. Learning A, B, C... to Z once again is the need of the hour. Given that the CA exams will happen in 1st week of May, I hardly have 3 and a half months to do whatever I can

Coming to Bengaluru has put me on the roads once again. Life has taken a big hit. I don't remember when was the last time I waited for a bus. Autos became a way of life and cars had started to become a way of life in Hyderabad. Pizza hut, Cafe Coffee Day, Hypercity, Brand Factory, Kasani Gr, etc had become a part of parcel of life. In fact, the addiction is to such an extent that life appears incomplete without them. In just a week's time, I got to know how worthy I am. Friends give a second thought before meeting or even speaking at times. Firstly, I do not have a job. Secondly, I might ask them for an LIC policy. Honestly, LIC is never on my mind when I am meeting people. Its only when I particularly decide and inform the other person that we are going to speak about it that I take up the matter. Morever, due to such situations, I have almost stopped the LIC work from more than a year. My business is so low that I might even lose my license this year. The kind of image all LIC agents have created of themselves is pathetic. Moreover, people too are no less. They hype a lot and in the process of hyping, they speak ill of others and as we all know, bad things catch news at the speeds faster than that of light. India won the match against Sri Lanka today. Sri Lanka lost 5 wickets for just 60 runs. But what was in news today was not this. It was that our honorable former prime minister Mr. H D Devegouda has abused the current chief minister of Karnataka state Mr. B S Yediyurappa in the public before the press as a 'bloody bastard'. So, no matter, how many LIC agents doing so much social service providing service at doorstep, agreeing to all terms and conditions of the customer, giving all support they can, giving best of the financial advise by sacfricing their jobs and time, people still negate them because there is another set of dishonest agents who merely sell for profit and in the process, irritate the customers by repeated contact. Its no doubt that LIC is a great organization in itself. However, it has become great because of the sweat of the honest agents. Of course, agents work for money so that they can have a life. And who doesn't work for money? Its a tendency in the younger generation to oppose whatever is advised to them by doing exactly the opposite

Off late, I have started to give wrong advises to such people who want to prove themselves so that people do the opposite and get the gain. I know that they will make it a world news that Puneet gave them a wrong advise and had they followed it, they would lose but they did not follow and they won. Yet, I would be happy as my purpose is served. I always believe, reasons, ways and causes are many but the intention is only one. If you have to reach Mumbai, you have various options like bus, train, plane, ship, etc but the ultimate destination is Mumbai only. However, the young generation has become so stubborn (should I better say foolish) that when it is told them not to go by bus, they will definitely go by bus. And most times, in the process, they catch every other bus except the one that goes to Mumbai

I have started taking the bus passes to travel unlimited in Bengaluru city again. I have made it a point to get some business to manage my cost of living and other expenses. I have started considering walking as an exercise rather than pain. I have started considering pepsi as injurous to health. I have started considering mobile phones as devices that have potential to cause cancer. All good reasons. Intention is only one. Savings. Further, the current cost is at least Rs 100 per day (majorly travel and food). I plan to bring it down to as low as Rs 50 per day. Its going to be a very tedious task but I need to manage the same. Soon, buses will become a habit and BMTC will become a way of life. Tricks like how to not to take a ticket and get away, etc will be learnt quite quickly. Amidst all the difficulties that are coming on the way, I have given self motivation a chance. I have tried lines like, 'Make effort for 4 months and live king size for life', 'Don't be a slave to coca cola and coffee', 'Education is more important than money', etc. And of course, I have been able to pull the energy to some better levels. However, my energy levels are at an all time low. I see all people so jovial around me and it makes me think so much as to why I can not be normal as them. Why do I have so much to bother about? Sometimes, I feel I am bothering too much. I remember the way I looked at people who gave CA exams at an age of more than 22-23 (ideally PE-II is written at 20). I felt like they were so big fools who could not even study in life and failed. And now, they have realised the worth of education. And today, I find myself their shoes. Of course, no denying the fact that I am still one of the youngest in my class. There are enough number of people in 30s, 40s and 50s as well. In fact, I need not curse myself because I had a job which I left volunteerly to do something but in case of other people, they have been at the same exam for years. I tried every trick to convince myself. that aLL iZZ wELL but, somewhere in the some deep corner of this machine that pumps blood to the body, there is so much pain sitting just like how light absorbed in black hole. Yet, life moves on

Friday, 8 January 2010

Back to Bengaluru... Excitement not that high... Memories of Hyderabad overtake joys...

Each time I moved back to Bengaluru, I hit the cloud nine after entering the city. It excited me and took my adrenalin to all time highs. When I said good bye to ICICI Bank and to Hyderabad and took the journey to Bengaluru at 9.35 pm on 01 Jan 2010, I was quite excited. Of course, I was also upset for I would be missing all my friends at Hyderabad who had been with me for more than a year. And my room mates Maruti & Anshu who were so nice to me. I feel sorry for being hard at times. They helped me so much all through. I badly miss Maruti's Masala Rice now. It was a fantastic experience that would no longer be there for me

On 20th of December 2009, we also had a get together of all IFBI students who came to Hyderabad to join ICICI Bank. That was one fantastic moment that the lens of my eyes captured for a lifetime. It was a great feeling meeting all old friends after a long gap. Though we all joined together on the same day at ICICI Bank, each one of moved into different divisions of work and could not meet each other even though we worked in the same building. The plan for the meet began somewhere towards end of November. The initial response was quite good. And then, everyone forgot about it. And slowly, some negativity peeped in and people showed disinterest in the meet. However, as we approached towards the final day, things again took a better shape and the IFBI Alumni Meet was a success story. About 35 people (out of 47) attended the meet and we had a blast at Hotel Kasani Gr, Madhapur, Hyderabad. The hotel is located just beside my home and that helped us in bringing the costs down. The meet was supposed to begin at 5.30 pm but the guests started pumping in slowly. Things took a shape by 7 pm and we began. There was a lot of fun. We played some games, some music, some ramps and finally, some discos too played. I curiously took the role of a Disc Jockey and played some fantastic music. Though I wished to dance, my tummy became a hindrance. I need to cut this out badly. The food was delicious. I had specially got the Gajar Halwa and Vanilla icecream done for me (and of course, for all). Towards the end, we had a small discussion and sharing of thoughts. I denied taking thanks from everyone as the contribution was there from everyone to make the meet possible. It was not me alone. Some people got too emotional and tears did flow. I am too good at faking feelings and I did not show up anything except a smile that made people like I am so cool. I definitely felt hurt that this might be one of the last times I would be meeting these people. Though it was like a get together for everyone, it was nothing less than a send off party for me

The final days at Hyderbad were not so eventful. My last working day at office was on 31 Dec 2009. I did a night shift on 30th and logged out on the morning of 31st. I was concerned whether to come to office on 31st night or not. But luckily, it was declared a holiday. Everyone wished me all the best and moved to their homes. Time is one factor which kills people. The cabs were ready and waiting for people. Had they stayed to speak a few more words with me, they would miss their cabs. Of course, cabs that make you reach home are more important than people who only talk. I sent a mail to everyone informing that I have resigned from the job and thanked people for having been supportive to me. I handed over the ID Card and PAC- Personal Access Card at the Security Helpdesk and completed all the documentations and formalities in respect of resignation as well as clearance of payments like PF, etc. Soon, I left the office and reached home. And soon, unexpected happened. I got a call from the office and I went back to the office. I had a small interaction in respect of reasons for resignation as well as future plans. I also received some guidance. Though I won't elaborate, I was astonished at a few things that happened and I am confused on them even today and will remain always as I can not call for a clarification

31st night was also not very eventful. It would have been wise of me if I had left on 31st itself. I felt that I spoilt my roommates' party by staying back. It was just like any normal holiday. I booked an online e-ticket from KSRTC to go to Bangalore on 1st at 9.35 pm

1st Jan 2010 was a brighter day of life. I got a call from Priyanka early morning and she made my day. I feel, she made my year. It was delighting to speak to her as she was filled with so much energy and enthusiasm and planning so many things to do in her vaccations. She just completed her MBA 3rd Semester exams and had a 3 month break for project work. I thought, I must learn something from this girl and do something in my life as well

Another important event on this day was that I was invited for a honorary lunch by a couple of colleagues. Another 4-5 guys too joined us and it was a good time. I felt quite good for this gesture showed towards me. Thank you

Coming back to Bangalore, the energy levels in the city have come down. I was going through M G Road at about 8 pm and it was so dull. It didn't appear like Bangalore at all to me. Was it the same eearlier? Is it that Hyderabad was more appealing (esp, Madhapur) than the M G Road/Brigade Road)? It will take some time for this puzzle to be resolved

On landing here, I got my admission at Sreenivasa Coaching Centre for PE-II examinations. I am currently staying in C V Raman Nagar with my friend. I have been searching for PG accomodation in Seshadripuram, Malleshwaram, Kumara Park or any near by areas like Rajaji Nagar. However, I have not yet been able to figure one. I might probably shift to my friend's home near Modi Hospital in Rajaji Nagar soon so that I can save on the travelling time (It takes almost 1 and half hours, including walk time, to move from CVRN (Suddiguntapalya) to the coaching class)

This is one of the most riskiest step that I have taken in my life. I only wish that the pays well by the grace of the Almighty

Most updates from now would also feature at which has been exclusively dedicated to record my CA stunts. I would love to see your support coming there as well

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

A transformation from Main aisa kyun hoon... to Lakshya tho har haal mein paana hai...

Karna hai kya mujhko yeh maine kab hai jaana
Lagta hai gaaunga jindagi bhar bas yeh gaana
Hoga jaane mera ab kya... ohoho...
Koi tho bataaye mujhe...
Gadbad hai yeh sab kya... ohoho...
Koi samjhaye mujhe...

Ab mujhko yeh hai karna, ab mujhe woh karna hai
Aakhir kyun main na jaanun, kya hai ki jo karna hai
Lagta hai ab jo seedha, kal mujhe lagega ulta
Dekho na main hoon jaise, bilkul ulta pulta

Badlunga main kabhi kya... ohoho... Maanun ke na maanun main...
Sudhrunga main kabhi kya... ohoho... Yeh bhi tho na jaanun main...

Jaane ab mera... hona kya hai... oho... Lagta hai tumko kya...
Jaane ab mera... hona kya hai... oho... Kya main hoon jaisa bas waisa rahunga???

Mushkil koyi, aajaaye toh, parbat koyi, takraaye toh
Taaqat koyi, dikhlaaye toh, toofaan koyi, mandlaaye toh
Mushkil koyi aajaaye toh, parbat koyi takraaye toh
Barse chaahe ambar se aag, lipte chaahe pairon se laakh
Paayega jo lakshya hai tera
Lakshya toh har haal mein paana hai

Himmat se jo koyi chale, dharti hille qadmon tale
Kya dooriyaan kya faasle, manzil lage aake gale
Himmat se jo koyi chale, dharti hille qadmon tale
Tu chal yunhi ab sub-o-shaam, rukna, jhukna nahin tera kaam
Paayega jo lakshya hai tera
Lakshya toh har haal mein paana hai

Haan yehi rasta hai tera, tune ab jaana hai
Haan yehi sapna hai tera, tune pehchaana hai
Tujhe ab ye dikhaana hai
Roke tujhko aandhiyaan, ya zameen aur aasmaan
Paayega jo lakshya hai tera
Lakshya toh har haal mein paana hai

This is the most colorful post in my blog till date. I welcome you to my new blog to track my life from now from the perspective of taking up the challenge of being a chartered accountant

Monday, 4 January 2010

Annual OBA Meet 2009 at Sainik School, Bijapur on 26, 27 Dec 2009...

The alumni spend a complete year waiting for this moment to get together with friends and rejoice lives. And this year was more special as the venue for the meet was the school itself. What a grand feeling would it be to step back to your alma-mater and celebrate the success that you had in your life with the people who have been an integral part of your growth and developments years of childhood. I certainly believe, most of our destinies were written in those 7 years spent at SSBJ. I was a bit hesitent to go to the school as I did not yet have the kind of success I wished to have. But yes, I was at par or even a little more successful than many others. By success, I mean the same Indian definition, i.e., do you have a job and how much salary you earn? If you had positive answers for these, you are successful. The more positive the answer, the more would be your success. In other words, success merely means earning capacity

After a lot of yes-yes-no-no, it finally so happened that I booked the tickets to go. And I was still undecided whether I would go or not. The reason I booked the ticket was SBI was conducting a promo in which IRCTC ticket bookings would give some points. Crazy consumer

There was a lot of difficulty faced. I also had a plan of pushing off some of my luggage to Bengaluru through someone who would come to Bijapur in order to ease my burden when I would be shifting there. I carried 2 bags, one to be delivered to Hubli and one to Bengaluru. The bag to be delivered to Hubli contained some gifts that I had purchased for my family. In fact, the plan had been there from the day 1 since I joined for a job to buy some gift to my parents but I could never do that due to financial extremities. And now that I am leaving the job, its a high time that I somehow make my dream come true. The bag to Bengaluru contained all my ICWAI and Symbiosis books and was quite heavy. I had another bag on my back with some apparel and accessories that I carried for my 2-3 days journey to Bijapur

I got on to the passenger train which had only one sleeper coach and my request for a seat was kept on a waiting list. Soon, I was given a seat to sit and was told that I would get the permission to sleep in case of any cancellations. This is called as RAC (Reservations against cancellation) in the railway language. And very soon, my berth was confirmed and I slept. I was going through some sorts personal issues that kept me disturbed for quite a long time. My life for the previos two days had been too difficult as I was mentally upset. Life can put you so down that you can never rise but still, till you are alive, you gather some courage from some source and come up again. So, whats the fun in going down when you are sure that you will come up. There is fun. That makes life a see saw. Else, life would be a plain vanilla. However, a lot of time gets wasted in getting sad, falling down, seeking help, getting motivated and then rising up. Instead, a better option would be not to fall and take life calmly in the right perspective

On stepping the soils of Bijapur, the first thing that took me for a six was the presence of tongas (horse carts that carried people). That was a beautiful scene. And the next one took my joy beyond skies. It was the Gol Gumbaz that stood as if it were built to welcome me. I got in to an auto and started towards the school campus which was about 7-8 kms away. My eyes kept wondering how the city has not changed over the past 13 years. There has been no significant change either in the appearance of the city or the weather or the people or the language or anything. It was the same old Bijapur as it was 13 years back when I stepped into this city for the first time. I remember, I had come with my dad to write the entrance examination and went back. Later, I came for the interview and went back. And then, I came with my mom and dad to get admitted for class 6th and I stayed back while they went back. My mom did cry. My dad too felt emotional. But I was a daring to go soldier who did not feel anything. Perhaps, that was the beginning of hardening of my heart. After a couple of hours after they left, my heart melt and tears rolled down. I was a new boy amidst all and all laughed at me and some consoled me saying that they too felt the same but things would be fine soon. After that, things did go fine

I entered the gates of this palace named Sainik School, Bijapur after 5 long years. I remember the last time when I entered these gates with my head in shame. It was from that day that I never dared of getting back on these gates till invited. Invitations are given to successful people to come and share their experiences to motivate the students at the school. I was a blackmark on the school as I had failed in Physics in class XIIth. And to my ill fate, I was the one and the only person to fail. Had I passed, our batch would have made 100% clearance which would be a splendid record. I still feel the guilt for my part in not making that record happen. The guts to enter this gate again was very low. I knew that I would get no recognition except that of a failure. People do not know what has happened in life ever after and they don't wish to listen to a failure either. I somehow managed some daring and called my friends who were already present at the venue. I was asked to keep my luggage in Wodeyar house, 2nd barrack, get fresh and join them. I did that. The entry into the living dormitories (called as barracks in military language) tickled my senses with joy. There had been changes in the ambience of the premises. The appearance was more greeny due to a lot of gardening activities. Further, the bathrooms had become better too

We all met, felt great and delighted. Hugs and shouts were on the top. Talks began and soon slipped to memories of yesteryears. We registered ourselves for the meet and then moved out for lunch. We went to Mysore Restaurant for lunch which was one of the most famous restaurants and a regular food junction for us in the past. After tasting the food that had not undergone any change except that of the cost, we came back to the school. Sports had been organized to begin the meet. Those who were interested to play got themselves ready with the kits and moved to the ground. Considering my pot belly, though I loved to play, I took a step back and decided to be a cameraman rather than a sportsman. I was already getting comments on my physique which made me seriously think of doing something. I have been thinking ever since I left SSBJ that I should join a gym but that never got possible. Even recently, after attending the Personal Effectiveness Program, I had taken a decision which never got implemented. Hockey, Volleyball, Football and Basketball were all on. I tried a little stunt on the football ground and got a nice hairline fracture on my right ankle which made me limp for a couple of days. The experience of playing games was really great

The events in the auditorium began. Nothing had changed even there. It was the same Jadhav sir who sang the same song, 'Jahaan daal daal par sone ki chidiya karthi hai basera, woh bharat desh hai mera'. And then, there were more shows and performances by other artists which were again the same ones which had been coming through traditions. Then, we moved out to the quadrangle where the dinner was arranged. I started munching some food and watching the people get on the dance floor. Expressing my thoughts would take a long time and continuing writing like this would take a week to describe those few hours when my mind thought so many things. So, I have captured those moments and uploaded them at Picasaweb Albums and Youtube

After tiring dances, we went back to the barracks to sleep. And then, someone initiated the idea of going to the Hanuman temple that was almost in a forest. I could not say no. We went over and came back in an hour and I planned to sleep. However, the talks went on and on and on. And it was 4 by the time I slept

The next day, we did not have much to do except breakfast, lunch and saying good bye and passing keep in touch messages. It was a nice time spent together. Though we all asked each other to keep in touch, the work life will again take us over and we know, it would only be the next time we meet that we get in touch with each other and the next meeting is subject to availability of leaves that the companies we work for decide to give