Friday, 8 January 2010

Back to Bengaluru... Excitement not that high... Memories of Hyderabad overtake joys...

Each time I moved back to Bengaluru, I hit the cloud nine after entering the city. It excited me and took my adrenalin to all time highs. When I said good bye to ICICI Bank and to Hyderabad and took the journey to Bengaluru at 9.35 pm on 01 Jan 2010, I was quite excited. Of course, I was also upset for I would be missing all my friends at Hyderabad who had been with me for more than a year. And my room mates Maruti & Anshu who were so nice to me. I feel sorry for being hard at times. They helped me so much all through. I badly miss Maruti's Masala Rice now. It was a fantastic experience that would no longer be there for me

On 20th of December 2009, we also had a get together of all IFBI students who came to Hyderabad to join ICICI Bank. That was one fantastic moment that the lens of my eyes captured for a lifetime. It was a great feeling meeting all old friends after a long gap. Though we all joined together on the same day at ICICI Bank, each one of moved into different divisions of work and could not meet each other even though we worked in the same building. The plan for the meet began somewhere towards end of November. The initial response was quite good. And then, everyone forgot about it. And slowly, some negativity peeped in and people showed disinterest in the meet. However, as we approached towards the final day, things again took a better shape and the IFBI Alumni Meet was a success story. About 35 people (out of 47) attended the meet and we had a blast at Hotel Kasani Gr, Madhapur, Hyderabad. The hotel is located just beside my home and that helped us in bringing the costs down. The meet was supposed to begin at 5.30 pm but the guests started pumping in slowly. Things took a shape by 7 pm and we began. There was a lot of fun. We played some games, some music, some ramps and finally, some discos too played. I curiously took the role of a Disc Jockey and played some fantastic music. Though I wished to dance, my tummy became a hindrance. I need to cut this out badly. The food was delicious. I had specially got the Gajar Halwa and Vanilla icecream done for me (and of course, for all). Towards the end, we had a small discussion and sharing of thoughts. I denied taking thanks from everyone as the contribution was there from everyone to make the meet possible. It was not me alone. Some people got too emotional and tears did flow. I am too good at faking feelings and I did not show up anything except a smile that made people like I am so cool. I definitely felt hurt that this might be one of the last times I would be meeting these people. Though it was like a get together for everyone, it was nothing less than a send off party for me

The final days at Hyderbad were not so eventful. My last working day at office was on 31 Dec 2009. I did a night shift on 30th and logged out on the morning of 31st. I was concerned whether to come to office on 31st night or not. But luckily, it was declared a holiday. Everyone wished me all the best and moved to their homes. Time is one factor which kills people. The cabs were ready and waiting for people. Had they stayed to speak a few more words with me, they would miss their cabs. Of course, cabs that make you reach home are more important than people who only talk. I sent a mail to everyone informing that I have resigned from the job and thanked people for having been supportive to me. I handed over the ID Card and PAC- Personal Access Card at the Security Helpdesk and completed all the documentations and formalities in respect of resignation as well as clearance of payments like PF, etc. Soon, I left the office and reached home. And soon, unexpected happened. I got a call from the office and I went back to the office. I had a small interaction in respect of reasons for resignation as well as future plans. I also received some guidance. Though I won't elaborate, I was astonished at a few things that happened and I am confused on them even today and will remain always as I can not call for a clarification

31st night was also not very eventful. It would have been wise of me if I had left on 31st itself. I felt that I spoilt my roommates' party by staying back. It was just like any normal holiday. I booked an online e-ticket from KSRTC to go to Bangalore on 1st at 9.35 pm

1st Jan 2010 was a brighter day of life. I got a call from Priyanka early morning and she made my day. I feel, she made my year. It was delighting to speak to her as she was filled with so much energy and enthusiasm and planning so many things to do in her vaccations. She just completed her MBA 3rd Semester exams and had a 3 month break for project work. I thought, I must learn something from this girl and do something in my life as well

Another important event on this day was that I was invited for a honorary lunch by a couple of colleagues. Another 4-5 guys too joined us and it was a good time. I felt quite good for this gesture showed towards me. Thank you

Coming back to Bangalore, the energy levels in the city have come down. I was going through M G Road at about 8 pm and it was so dull. It didn't appear like Bangalore at all to me. Was it the same eearlier? Is it that Hyderabad was more appealing (esp, Madhapur) than the M G Road/Brigade Road)? It will take some time for this puzzle to be resolved

On landing here, I got my admission at Sreenivasa Coaching Centre for PE-II examinations. I am currently staying in C V Raman Nagar with my friend. I have been searching for PG accomodation in Seshadripuram, Malleshwaram, Kumara Park or any near by areas like Rajaji Nagar. However, I have not yet been able to figure one. I might probably shift to my friend's home near Modi Hospital in Rajaji Nagar soon so that I can save on the travelling time (It takes almost 1 and half hours, including walk time, to move from CVRN (Suddiguntapalya) to the coaching class)

This is one of the most riskiest step that I have taken in my life. I only wish that the pays well by the grace of the Almighty

Most updates from now would also feature at which has been exclusively dedicated to record my CA stunts. I would love to see your support coming there as well


  1. Well, this was a spicy writing and I appreciate you for capturing almost a week's memories in a single blog that's great and yes Puneet in life we come across different people at each stage in life and good to hear that you came across people with whom you were comfortable and now wishing you all the best for the new journey

  2. All the best buddy!! :) watever happens in life is for gud!!