Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Life's first time experience at a Gym... A day somewhat near to a model day...

Today is one fine day that I would remember for a long time down the memory lane. I always get afraid to speak about the good things that happen in my life. Unfortunately, the moment I speak about it, something wrong happens and I lose it. A recent such falling was me cancelling the coaching classes at Bengaluru and returning back to Hubli. Well, let me come out of all these stupidies and say that today was a somewhat ideal day of life. I can say that my life in the coming 4-5 months is going to be a replica of this day. I can say that I have laid down about 30-40% of the plot to be followed. It might surprise you as to why I am getting so excited at just 30% achievement. For a contantly changing person like me, its a great achievement in itself. Ask the people who know me and they will tell you. In fact, they would be very confident that there shall be no replicas of this day and nothing would ever fall in its right place as experimentation is a primary characteristic of this human being

So, whats the news? Its that I have finally joined a gym after years and years of planning. In SSBJ, there was a gym but I never went as I was busy in other sports. During my college days, I used to plan it 24 hours a day to plan to join a gym. But the plan remained a plan and never turned into action. A little action was taken. I had been to a couple of gyms to enquire. I had even been to the brand new gym that was inaugurated in my college (J G College of Commerce, Hubli) and planned to joined it but never joined. In Hyderabad too, I planned so much. I think, the owner of Fitness World Gym in Madhapur might have turned mad by the number of enquiries I made. The moment I get my salary, I used to land there and ask him for the fee structure. I would plan to join in a day or two (once I manage all expenses and get to know my savings) and never joined as the savings did not suffice

This matter took a very serious turn when the entire globe starting worrying about my physique. And when I went to the OBA meet in Bijapur, I was just thrashed. I could neither run to play a game of football nor dance a few steps. My stomach interfered in all the fun and made a mess. In Bengaluru, I decided to join CA classes as well as gym. I had searched a gym over there and planned to join after I return to Bengaluru after Makara Sankranthi (the reason I came to Hubli). However, things took a turn in Hubli. Conditions over here are quite critical. I have to fulfill some responsibilities which I have been ignoring for quite some time saying that I will do it later. But then, now, I sense that the need for my presence is higher than ever and it would be wiser to meet this demand. Moreover, getting up at 5 am and going to a class at 6.30 am was getting too difficult for me. I would be drowsy till 9 am and would not understand

One very bad character that I have is that I like to do things as per my will and wish in whatever manner I like and at whatever time I like. I don't at all like any kind of restriction in any kind of matter by anyone in my life. The class fee is around Rs 16000 and my living expenses for 6 months would not be less than Rs 35000. So, I thought I will save this Rs 50000 in the next 5 months by staying Hubli. Money saved is money earned. I do not go for a job now but I have kept my kitty for me and I can call it an earning of Rs 10000 a month (50000/5). I have an experience of giving the CA exams and clearing some subjects (but failed in the aggregate part) and a serious revision would be sufficient for the exams. And no miracle would happen in the coaching center either as 3 months is quite a short time for teaching or learning something like a CA course. Even if miracle did happen from the teaching end, I am an idiot who would not be a part of it from the learning end because of the way I am. Should I hate me for this?

I got a little late in the morning. However, I picked up with studies soon. I did some amount of share trading. I also did some amount of business related work. And in the evening, it was a grand affair for me to join the gym today. I did not have a pair of shoes. I somehow found a pair of canvas shoes that I had purchased for SSB interview 2 years back. It had no lace. I bought a pair of lace and discovered that I didn't have a pair of socks either. I was already an hour late. I did not even have a bike as dad had not returned from office. These were enough reasons for me to postpone the activity to tomorrow. But, I did not feel like to stop. I just went on without wearing socks. I went by walk from my home to the gym which is at court circle

In fact, I was searching for some good gym in Hubli. I was roaming around and could not find any. I could trace one or two but they just had body building equipment and nothing to burn fat (like a treadmill). Talwalkars Hubli was the only option but paying Rs 12345 was neither wise nor possible as my stay in Hubli is not confirmed. God knows what dream I will see tomorrow and where I will go. I was discussing this with Priyanka and her memory striked. She said that there is some gym near ICICI Bank which is quite good. I knew I had found it as she always puts me on the right place. It was Shape Fitness Center for Men and Women

Just before I stepped into the gym for my first workout session, my cellphone rung. It was Dad. He asked me where I was and I said that I am near court circle. He said that he was around the same area and offered me a pick up to home. I said that I am going to a gym and my dad got angry. He said that I am lazy to get up in the morning and run. And he said that I am very fickle minded. I would pay the fees and then go for 2-3 days and leave it. I just kept listening as all was truth and nothing could be denied. I recently paid the fees for CA coaching as well and came here. Half of my luggage is still at Bengaluru. Thats why I had a problem with the shoes. Finally, he said all is well and asked me to carry on

I met the instructor and paid the fees for 3 months (Oh! What a fool... I am sure you had this reaction). He began with some warm up. Then, some exercises to make body flexible. And then, I was on the treadmill. It went on and on and on and on. I was exhausted in 10 minutes. I thought that he will make me get down but he came and increased the speed. I just thought of jumping down but I continued. It was 15 minutes and I just gave up. I thought I will take a refund of whatever amount and go home. Whats the use of reducing weight after all? Am I going to act in a movie? Why should I waste time doing such unproductive activities? I can make use of the same time to study more and do well in the exams. Superb reasons. Intention was one. To escape the pain

While I was thinking all this, I had completed 20 minutes and I was asked to get down. And immediately, he began some more exercises. My motivation to quit increased. And then, I was asked to work on another machine called Ab Cruncher to build abs. I got tired and the instructor kept getting active. It went on for some more time and my session was over. Oh God! Its such a great fun when you make us eat gorgeous food like Pani Puri, Sev Puri, Dahi Puri, Vada Pav, Jalebi, Pizza, Burger and what not. And its such a pain to firstly stop eating them and secondly run and work out like this to burn it. The experience was quite fantastic. Now, let me call myself intelligent because I am going to reveal why I paid the 3 month fee. Had I paid fee for 1 month, I would have definitely quit by chosing comfort of eating all great food on the earth and leave the pain of burning the fat. However, now that I have paid for 3 months, there is a financial motivation that will make me run. Run at least for the fees paid. After all, nothing motivates like money

I came back home by walk and then studied for some time as well. I shall update more on studies on (dedicated to my CA studies) soon

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  1. WAW! that's what I can say about this journey of yours, great keep it up and keep going the spirit always. All the very best and Congratulations! for one of your wish got fulfilled so see that you will run on this track for quiet "CONSTANT"(long time) time.