Monday, 11 January 2010

My blog gets 10000 visitors... Announcing day logs... Internet is spoiling me...

I just observed that my blog has got 10000 visits. Its a moment of delight for me that I am being read so much. Thank you readers. I loved to read all your comments on my previous posts. I would request your continued patronage to keep me going. In fact, the 10000 count might have hit long back. Because, I have installed the site counter almost months after I started with the blog. Anyways, officially, the count has been achieved and I am delighted

I have been badly addicted to the internet. I spend at least 6-8 hours online on a normal working day and 18-20 hours on a non-working day. This, I believe, is eating up a lot of my time. Blogging too is not an easy task. To write a single post, it takes more than an hour. Still, there are things which we love to do and no matter what happens, we still love to do them. No matter how much you are hurt by your spouse, you can't stop loving him/her. I have been considering all the activities that I do on the internet and have zeroed in on an action plan
  • I am not going to be online on any given day for more than 30 minutes
  • The only focus and purpose of using the internet for the next 6 months will be to blog
  • I shall access the net on alternate days and later bring down to twice a week to once a week
I know that it shall be quite difficult task for me. But there is no go either

I have another idea in my mind to include my daily log in the blog. A daily would mean what I did through the day with precise information about all activities. Presently, I merely write what comes to mind. From now, I shall also include some serious content on my activities as well

Let me begin with 10 Jan 2009

The day began quite early around 5.30 am. I had a quick bath and moved to the CA classes. There was tension built up all the day as I was upset for having fought with Priyanka on an idiotic issue once again. Priyanka a friend, philosopher and guide for my life over the past 5 years. Everytime there is any issue or for that matter, anything, it is she who gets to know the first. She helps me out many a times when I am in trouble, especially, with such troubles which I can never be able to resolve myself. But sometimes, her child like attitude turns childish and things take a bad shape. She was my class mate in BCom and now doing her MBA from SDMCET, Dharwad. She is the topper of the list of people who I admire for having been with me in difficult times. I always believe in old quotations like 'A friend in need is a friend indeed'. After the classes, I went to meet my friends Santosh MP and Rajshekhar who stayed in Madivala. They are my clients for LIC as well. Raju is a SSBJ friend of mine. He was one year senior to me. I had lost touch with him till I met him in 2007 with the help of Siddu (Siddalingesh Zalaki). And Siddu too is my 1 year senior at SSBJ. Siddu, Raju and MP studied together in SIT (Siddaganga Institute of Techology, Tumkur) and stayed together in Bangalore as they found jobs there. Siddu worked in TCS for 2 years and has moved to Delhi now to pursue bigger ambitions. Raju is working in Perot Systems and Santosh in Infosys. I also met their new room mate (as Siddu moved out). We had lunch. It was good to see that they had started preparing food at home. Food is the biggest problem for boys staying away from home. We also had a chat on investment options and I suggested them to increase their investments into mutual funds for better returns. I had plans go to Vijaynagar today but dropped the option as it was late and I was not in right spirits either. I left from there at around 8 pm and reached home by around 9.30 pm. My room mates, Ajit and Ramesh, were ready with food. We also had a guest joining us. He was my room mates' class mate and had come from Chennai. Ajit is my friend from SSBJ. He was class mate and he is from Chalukya house (I am from Adilshahi house). Later, he joined for engineering in RVCE, Bangalore. Ramesh is Ajit's engineering college mate. We had dinner, chitranna, and went to sleep. I suddenly felt like having a glass of juice. Ajit told me that its an area of North Karnataka people unlike other areas where you see modern lifestyle and nothing would be open beyond 10 pm. It was 10.37 pm and I decided to take a chance. I was able to get a glass of sapota milk shake for each one of us. Now, I feel that I know more than Ajit (young generation attitude mentioned in the previous post) but I must consider that was merely a luck factor. Good night

This is how I plan to write a log sheet to track what I did and what I did not. The above log shows that I failed to study. A lot of information can be derived from reading the log

Let me know your opinions

In any angle, internet is spoiling me and I will cut down the usage considerably in the coming days and concentrate on core businesses rather than hobbies. I'll miss you. Oops, you'll miss me

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