Friday, 26 February 2010

My name is Khan... And I will fight terrorism and restore respect for my religion...

After a long hype, I finally made up my mind to go and watch MNIK. TO disclose with all sincerity, SRK is one actor that I admire for his charisma. He is one of the best actors on the earth and has given us some movies which shall be worth watching all life. Of course, one point I would like to tell is SRK is not taken seriously because he doesn't take anything seriously. We definitely love the sense of humour but in the process he utters a whole lot of non sense everytime. SRK can be the greatest entertainer but he can not be a great person. He can make you smile and frown but he can't make you happy or sad. I definitely wish to tell him to please take clues and be serious when he is speaking in the public domain. Respect is something which you need to gain. We all love you but I doubt whether we all respect you. When you gain respect, you automatically gain love. Do something for which we can be proud of you. Today's world is totally different in analysing things. No one sees how many dollars you have but they see how many do you give to the poor and to the society. It doesn't matter how many hundred crores you earn and how many crores worth investments you make but it heavily matter how many lacs or even how many thousands of money you contribute to the welfare of the nation. Its the world which demands action and not words. SRK is more of words

I completely agree that Pakistan should have been made a part of IPL3 considering the point that we must not discriminate. However, it was a shock for the entire nation when you said some time back that Pakistan is a great neighbour to have. Do you know that one of the major hindrances for our growth is the existence of this nation at our border? Do you know how many soldiers die in the attacks across the border? And all these attacks are done by the terrorists who have been supplied the Pakistan Army uniform. Did you not see Border? Don't you read newspaper? Don't you watch news? Grow up SRK, please note that we are lacs of people who are your die hard fans and such statements from you make us helpless when someone asks us, 'Who is your favorite hero?'. Be a hero in real life. Be a patriot. We have ample evidence that Pak is hitting us in every angle from the back. Pak has now started a new story that even it is troubled by terror. Just today, a suicide bomber attacked Kabul. There have been attacks earlier as well. But open you eyes and see who died? They were Indians. So, Pakistan is not hit by terrorists. Instead, Indians in Pakistan are hit by them

Did you not read the mail that was openly written to you by ? Please read it. Spend some time and to analyse things. Its my humble request to you to please speak responsibly. Enough jokes Mr. Khan. It time for you to be more serious in life. I know you have enough money and have got nothing to worry. But please, do not harass your fans. We feel so hurt when you speak such rubbish words. At least from the next time when someone asks me who my favorite actor is, give me enough points to say that its you

Coming to MNIK. I really did not understand what was the purpose behind making this movie. I guess, it was to show to the world that all muslims are not terrorists. Only some are. So, please do not torture the others who are not. But then, how will the world identify who is a terrorist is who is not. Will you write it on your head or will you wear a T-Shirt on which it shall be written? Instead of asking the world to be nice to you and treat you correctly, why don't you go and kill all those people who put you in this situation? I know that every ordinary Muslim is as innocent as any other person, be it a Hindu, Christian, Jew or whatever. I do not believe in this system of religion at all. I know only 2 religions, Good and Bad, which you have so beautifully displayed in your movie. You have also taken an initiative in you movie to expose the terrorists and stop wrong thoughts to spread like a virus. Movies apart, why don't you do it in real life. Mr Khan, why don't you form a Anti Terrorist Community in India and lead it. Forget India, you have the power to engulf the entire planet. Why don't you make this a purpose of your life? If you really love your God and religion, which I totally believe, this will be the greatest gift you can give to Allah. Do something. Capture and end all those who are doing wrong activities in the name of Allah. When a person does all wrong things in the name of Allah, how do you expect the world to respect such a God or such a religion? They say that they are doing it as Jehaad and it is for the welfare of Muslim bhai log. And you say that you are not related. When your son does a mistake and you see it and keep quiet, you are equally, or in fact, more responsible for the mistake. I bet, if people like you continue such statements, time is not far that the world will start recognizing you too as terrorists. So, please do something. Let not the name of God lose its importance. I understand your innocense. I know that what I am asking you to do is something which might not have even thought about in your dreams. But, think about it. We shall be proud fans of SRK forever

Coming to the movie, solely the movie. The evergreen jodi SRKajol was definite to spark magic on the screen. The theme was good. The story was good. SRK was performing such a role for the first time in his life and he did quite well. Kajol too was doing a movie after quite a long time and she managed to perform well. Karan Johar, as always, rocked. The movie too rocked. There was a good lesson to all of us. There was also something to learn about lives of autistic people. Overall, a great movie from great people of the industry

I am sure, one day, someone will take the initiative to abolish all the kinds of blames that have been put on Khan and it can be done by a Khan only. Not by asking the world or telling the world to treat them nicely but by bringing before the world those Khans who are doing all wrongs and spoiling the image of all Khans. And I wish, a hero on the screen should play a major part off the screen to make this happen

Saying I am not a terrorist is looking for safety and security which will remain for the short term till the next terror attack. Saying I will fight terrorism and I am anti-terrorists is daring to fight for the honor and restoration of respect and gaining of love for lifetime

My best wishes to you, Mr. Khan

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Jai Hanuman... 200th post on my blog... Raghuram launches TrimBill...

Sri Ram... Jai Ram... Jai Jai Ram...

Today is yet another defining and fulfilling moments in my life. On one hand, one of my wishes that I from almost 4 years has come turned into reality and on the other, I shall be completing 200 posts on this blog with this one

Nuggikeri Hanuman Temple is one of the most visted places in Hubli Dharward. The temple is believed to be quite powerful. It is also said that one who goes there consecutively for 5 weeks reaches a higher probability of being heard by the God and thus, a larger possibility for his wishes to come true. Sachin and Vikram, my friends from J G College, used to go to the temple and they provided me all this information. On your first visit, you can ask the God whatever you wish and tie a holy thread at a mentioned place and commit to come to the temple for the next 4 saturdays. Saturday is the day of Lord Hanuman. Lord Hanuman is a symbol of power and energy. In some way, he is a symbol of devotion and dedication too. He is a devotee of Lord Sri Ram. He always worshipped him. Thats how, even the devotees of Lord Hanuman are indirectly the devotees of Lord Ram. In a Hanuman temple too, the words that we see and listen are, 'Sri Ram, Jai Ram, Jai Jai Raam'. This shows devotion and selflessness. Lord Hanuman and his Vanar Sena gave a lot of support to Lord Sri Ram in his battle against Ravana- The monster. Sri Sugreev, I guess, is Lord Hanuman's brother. Lord Hanuman's stories are quite famous. In fact, even a movie has been shot recently titled 'Jai Hanuman'

I had been to this beautiful place before. The temple is quite small. There is a beautiful lake that lies adjcacent to the temple. Its a lovely scene to watch. Sitting over there for a few minutes gives a blissful feeling of peace and beauty

On 23 Jan, I had been to Dharwad and as it was a long time, I went to the temple. Priyanka had taken an oath that she shall go by walk to the temple after results come. And in the scorching sun, I too had to take a walk from SDM College to Nuggikeri (5 kms approx)

On 30 Jan, coincidently, I had been to Dharwad again and on my way back, I went to the temple. It was now that the thought of making 5 consecutive visits hit my mind. I did not commit though but I thought, let me try

On 06 Feb, it was quite difficult to go. After all, God got to know that I was planning to make it 5 weeks and he began his tests. The effort was there since morning but one or the other thing held me back. Finally, I left Hubli and on the way, I got a call from one of my LIC policyholders that she wants to go for another policy and it would be great if I could meet her. It was a real testing time. But then, I clearly indicated my inability to do it right then but I could definitely meet the next day. And then, she said that her brother wants the policy and he is leaving tomorrow. A perfect trap. I still held to my words and said, I would meet in the evening. Finally, I reached the temple and felt great. The return journey to Hubli through by pass road was quite memorable. I took a lift and sat behind in a 2 wheeler. I was quite happy doing nothing. Seriously, doing nothing and just sitting gives a lot of happiness. I feel very relaxed. I had a ball of my life and enjoyed the feeling till I reached Hubli. It was simply great. I also went to Big Bazaar to buy something for my father's birthday on the next day

On 13 Feb, things were quite sad. A lot of difficulty had come and made life complicated. In fact, I had planned initially to go from Torangallu to Bengaluru with Mallu but once this came to my mind, I decided to come back to Hubli, go to the temple and then go to Bengaluru. I came back on 12th night. And early in morning of 13th, I went to the temple

On 20 Feb, one of life's biggest desires came true. I was there at this holy place for the 5th week consecutively. I felt great. In fact, I left quite early in the morning when the roads were not visible due to fog. The area near Unkal lake was completely invisible. And the Nuggikeri lake too covered the entire scene. Nothing could be seen in a long distance. I got an archana done. Usually, everyone ties a holy tread with their wish on their 1st visit and commit the next 4 visits. However, in my case, I had completed the visit and I happily tied the thread and wished whatever I had to and also added, 'God! Actions speak louder than words. See, I have already completed 5 visits'. It was a great feeling

Thus was the great journey to the holy Nuggikeri Hanuman Temple and the joys will stay forever. I think, we must start looking life from a fresher perspective. This, in fact, is an achievement in itself and deserves a mention in my resume

The other happy news for me today is that I am writing my 200th post on this blog today. This blog began on 12 September 2007 ( I had written a few blogs earlier and they are still on the web. However, nothing has run like this. It completed 100 posts on 17 March 2008 ( That was quite quick. In just about 6 months, I could write so much. And after almost 2 years, today is yet another day to celebrate the 200th post. What surprised me is that it took just 6 months to write the 1st 100 posts and 2 years to write the next 100. I thought I have been writing more than what I did earlier but the results show otherwise. And the 200th post being such a holy topic to write about has made me feel quite satisfied. I am proud to mention here that the blog appears as top blog in Google search for quite good number of word searches like
  • ssb bhopal
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and so on

Traffic sources
  • Search Engines- 71.34%
  • Direct Traffic- 14.44%
  • Referring Sites- 14.02%
  • Other- 0.21%
This is what Google Analytics say about how my blog is being read. So, I do not need to tell about my blog to anyone anymore. I am so glad to see that more than 70% of people are coming over to read through search engines. I would like to thank Raghuram Belure, Roll No. 3169, Wodeyar house, for having taught me about Google Analytics

Raghuram has recently launched TrimBill, his new venture on the web accessible at He was working in Alstom Power Projects till recently. He has joined Surfmark very recently. Jobs are always there for this grad from NIT, Surat but he is on a mission to squeeze his entrepreneurial nerves do something unique in the IT field and this spirit has given rise to TrimBill. TrimBill is his own venture which is one of its kind in the world. We all face a lot of difficulty in choosing a particular plan while going for a cellular connection or an internet connection or a cable TV connection. TrimBill helps you in deciding which plan you should go for. The website claims that it can help you in cutting down your utility bills by 23%. However, I had a different view. A small write up that I sent to Raghuram, now the CEO of TrimBill :), is pasted under
I have been switching from one satellite TV service provider to another quite often and the process of choosing the channel combination package is the most tedious one. For example, I love to watch NDTV Good Times and I had to subscribe for this seperately with my erstwhile service provider, Big TV. I had to pay an additional cost for not only this channel but a set of channels that came with it and were of no use to me. I had no option then. I considered Tata Sky, Sundirect, Airtel and other options that gave me numerous permutations and combinations that only left me with more confusions
You always desired to have that one channel and faced so many contraints while making a selection of your package. We all face this regular issue and keep visitng the websites of all service providers and break our heads in selecting the channels. However, Trimbill is one single location where I could easily find answers to all these issues
As an example, I used to have Gold pack offer with Videocon d2h which costed me Rs 150 and various other addon packages like Kids, English news, Infotainment, Sports pack, English movies, etc which took my monthly TV viewing bill to Rs 445
When I logged on to Trimbill and took a test of how far effective my cost is, I found that I can get the channels of my choice for just Rs 315 against the current cost of Rs 445. The site even told us how. I think, this is one super exciting part of the website. It clearly indicated that we must switch to Diamond Pack (instead of Gold) which costs Rs 275 and take two addons for English News (30+10)
While the site claims that we can save upto 23% on our bills, I made a saving of around 30% (Rs 445 to Rs 315)
Great going Trimbill. I wish you all the very best in the process of saving money for us. After all, money saved is money earned
I wish my dear friend, Raghuram, all the very best in this venture and may his plans take shape into success. My sincere prayers to God to offer support to him always

Support is one essential component for everyone's life. You can not move ahead in life if you do not get support. For all the love and support that I have received from my family, I would like to thank them whole heartedly. I thank the Almighty for having kept me in good spirits at most times and made such a blog possible. Its a dream for most in the world but its a real treasure for me. Someone told me one day to commercialize my blog with Google Adsense but I denied doing it. I would want to take it in the same social path that I wish to travel

Finally, on this great occasion, I would love to thank Priyanka for having been there for me always and offering support whenever required. I am glad that she is there for me and I can take this for granted. Thank you so much

Friday, 19 February 2010

2 States... The story of my marriage... By Chetan Bhagat...

EMail from Chetan Bhagat 

Date: Thu, Mar 4, 2010 at 3:44 PM
Subject: Email from Chetan Bhagat

Hi Puneetkumar Pattar,

Just a short note to say thanks so much for your wonderful feedback on 2 states. me happy when my readers say they enjoyed reading my books.

Keep your support.

Hope you are doing fine in Hubli.


This fourth book written by CB, India's super selling author in the recent times. After making huge fame on Five Point Someone, One Night at the call center and 3 Mistakes of my life, 2 States queued up and rocked the reading world. One magazine claims that CB is making India read like never before. I completely agree with that. I have see kind the kind of craze that this book created.

I was browsing through Infibeam while a sudden link appeared saying that 2 States has been released and a promotional offer, I could get it at a discount of 30%. The 30% discount didn't matter but the book did. I placed an instant order. While I was entering the billing address, I remembered that Priyanka is one of his greatest fans. So, I put her address and decided that this would be my gift to her for Children's Day or Gandhi Jayanthi or Christmas or New Year or whatever. Ultimately, the book itself was more important than the occassion. And I thought I will read that after she completes. At the same time, my roommate Anshu asked me what I was doing. I told him about the new release. He showed some interest and I totally exploited that interest and converted it into a sale. I insprired him to buy the book and read and he agreed. I put an order for another book in his name. Ultimately, I would get the book to read. The book was delivered to both of us in 2 days. And I told Anshu that I will complete reading the book in 2-3 days and then, he can read it. I inspired him to read some books for JAIIB like never before. I began reading 2 States on the same day.

I was working in night shifts then. I knew that I would get some buffer time in the office which I could utilize to read the book. Even the 20-25 minutes to and from the office in the car could be used to read the book. I learnt later from my psychologist friend that this attitude is called impatience/curiousity and it arises when you want to do something from the deepest of the desires of your heart. Good.

I had read half of this book until this night came. I reached the office by 10 pm. I kept the book on the table and started up with my official work. In a couple of minutes, I saw that the book was missing. I did not bother as, usually, someone would take that to have a look or to read or maximum, to play a prank with me. I got some buffer time around 11.15 pm and I inquired Vivek about the book. He told me that the security personnel took it. I thought he was kidding till he clarified that he was serious. We went down to get the book. And I got the shock of my life when the security guard questioned me, 'From when are you working here? Don't you know the rules?', and stuff like that. Initially, I held but soon, I could not hold. I fired him back in such a way that he virtually peed. And as all his subordinates were around, it was a big insult to him and I knew, he would make a big issue of this. And I wanted that to happen and was afraid in no way. He said he will not give the book and went away. Having had no option (as I did not want to wrestle), I went back to work.

What I had thought was exactly right, it was a new beginning. At midnight, my cellphone buzzed. I do not want to describe all that happened. 4 people on a con-call discussing this issue. The idiot had woke some very senior officials from sleep. It was utter disappointment for me that I had to see all this. Let you be right or wrong, if you are genuine, you feel bad at even others being wrong. Waking someone like a Sr. Manager for a petty issue like this is something that all petty minded people do. I seriously wanted to hold my breath but the way the people spoke, I could not. I bought out all the points before them.
  • It was nowhere written that I can not carry a book. It was only written that I can not carry laptop, cd, usb devices or any data capturing devices
  • On the call, live, I went and spoke to people working at the same place from years and everyone denied of any such rule being there
  • Most people carried a book to make use of spare time and no one asked. This was the first of its kind

I was clear in my points but the response from others was that I should ask sorry to the security personnel. I just laughed and cut the line saying that is impossible. My phone buzzed again and I was told that it would become a big issue if I did not ask sorry as the security guard was there from quite a long time and he would report it to higher officials. I was fine with whatever he did but not a sorry at any cost when I am not wrong. In fact, he must ask that. Finally, the decision was that I should ask sorry to get the book back. Otherwise, the book will be given to the seniormost person in the office and I had to meet him to collect the book. Oh God! When did you demote me to 1st standard. I said yes. I was tactic, all this would happen if I wanted the book back. Why would I want it back? I could always purchase a new one. I had even got a gift voucher which I could redeem for a book. All this appeared like a very silly, irritating and raging matter to me then. But today, when I look back to this, it appears like a sweet memory to me. I feel like laughing to my heart's content when I get reminded of this incident. Its such a scene to watch when the personal egos of 2 people clash. All this, honestly, had nothing to do with the office or office rules or anything at all. It was merely a clash of our egos.

I returned home in the morning. Anshu asked me for the book and I narrated the whole story to him. Though he did not ask, it was my moral obligation to buy another copy for him. I think, God had decided that I have to buy the book ultimately. When God makes a decision, you just can not avoid it. I used the gift voucher and ordered the book. It was delivered to me in 2 days. I continued reading the book from where I left and in another 2 days, I was done with it.

Let me come to the book now. It was a typical CB book. A typical story of every household explained in the total depth. If not 2 states, its 2 religions or 2 castes or 2 places or 2 professions or 2 somethings that come together. Oh, its quite important for me to mention that 2 sexes come together for a marriage as per Indian culture. These days, a new law has been requested to be passed to make this culture void by allowing same sex marriages. I don't know what's driving people crazy these days.

The story was written quite nicely. The book is the fattest of the four books written by the author. The girl in the story is ultimatum. In some sense, it reflected my story as well. In fact, in some sense, the story reflects the life of every student and specially those those edited their profiles as 'committed' from 'single'.

I liked reading the book and I must saying that this is one book that I read in one go. Keep it up Mr. Bhagat.

Update: 05 Mar 2014 - The book is now being made into a movie starring Alia Bhatt and Arjun Kapoor. The movie is expected to be released on 18th April.

Update: 18 Apr 2014

So, 2 States is now a movie and how could I miss this ! I was there on the day of release, perhaps the first show. The movie is awesomely done. Alia and Arjun have done amazing work. It was almost like going through the book in pictures. The movie is well picturized and is full of energy. There's hardly a moment that you'd want to miss. Go on, book your tickets and enjoy the show.

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Fullturu Bengaluru... BMTC gives away freedom at Rs 32 per day... 7 temples covered...

Today (16 Feb) was the last day at Bangalore and I had a lot to do. I had planned to get up by 5.30 am and quickly carry. However, it was 6.30 am by the time I get up. The most dangerous thing about Bengaluru is the traffic. Once the clock hits 9, the traffic catches up and everything gets delayed badly. It would easily take an hour or two for a journey of not more than 15 minutes. People consider it wise to sleep and take rest in the bus rather than feel upset for it. After all, it is a daily routine. Further, the BMRCL (Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited) had dug up some of the major roads and the 4 lane movement has turned 1 lane only. So, you have no chance to overtake a vehicle which is not moving

I got ready by 7.15 am and bid adieu to Raghu, Harsha & Sucheet. I took a bus from the CMRIT college stop to Marathahalli bridge. I got down there and got on to a bus going to Silk Board. After getting down at Silk Board, I walked for about half a kilometer to catch the next bus. It was already 9.30 am. Soon, I realized that I had left my bag in the bus. I was carrying 2 bags. One was a backpack and the other was a cloth suitcase. The cloth suitcase was kept in the bus and I had forgotten it there. I ran back to the bus stop and luckily, the bus was still there. And luckily again, the bag too was safe. Now, should I say, Thank you Traffic!!!

I took a bus from there to East End Circle. From there, I took a bus to Tilak Nagar. It was 9.45 am and I had planned to reach the temple at least by 10 am. A wish that had been pending from quite a long time. When I was staying in Bairasandra in Jayanagar, I had decided to go to this temple. However, it could not get possible as I rushed to Hyderabad and Bangalore become far out of sight for me. I did come here a couple of times but the time available was quite less

And miracle happened when I noticed that I had insufficient money in my pocket. I knew of this right from the beginning of the day. I kept cautioning my mind asking it to remind me to go to the ATM but it never did. Now, I walked back in search of an ATM and the search led me to Jayanagar 9th block. After withdrawal, I took a bus to Tilak Nagar. And I rushed towards the temple in Byrasandra. I reached a little late from the scheduled time. It was a fulfilling feeling. A quite long run desire that had been tickling my mind each time I thought of Bangalore. It would appear on top of my priority list but could never get executed. And finally, it was true. Its the Ganesha temple right at the main stop. After praying and relaxing for some time, I left from there and went to another temple of Goddess Mariyamma in Tilak Nagar. This was a temple which I regularly visited when I stayed here during training at IFBI

I took a bus from Tilak Nagar to East End Circle. From there, I took a bus to BTM Layout (Kuvempu Nagar). A confusion was on my mind. It was already 11 am. I had to meet Siddu and I also had to meet Veeranna Bidnal (a friend from JG College who stayed near Vijaynagar). After some discussion, I went to meet Siddu at Madivala. It was after a long time that we met. He had just returned from IAS coaching in New Delhi. We spoke for some time. Priyanka had some queries about the coaching which she clarified from him on the phone. He had to go to Electronic City and so, we left from there. My next plan was to go to Vijaynagar but before that, I had an important activity of booking my train ticket. I went to an internet center and logged on the IRCTC site. There is nothing great to state that no seats were available. And I used my head. I checked out the availability of seats under Tatkaal. There were more than 100 seats in the Bijapur Express. However, I booked the ticket ordinarily (without tatkaal) because I was sure that all these 100 seats can not be booked within the next 8 hours and I should definitely get a seat

I took a bus from BTM to Attiguppe. The time was 1.15 pm and it was another journey of about 40-45 minutes. I asked Veeranna to come down to Attiguppe (1 km from Vijaynagar). At 2 pm, I landed in Attiguppe and met him. He was delighted. So was I. He was working in EMRI (Ambulance 108 Services). Having gone from Hubli, he felt very sad as he missed all his friends and family. Being a mild person, he did not even have any new friends over there. So, it was quite a good feeling for him. We decided to have lunch but the big problem was that he had to go to his office by 3 pm. So, we took a bus to KHB Colony (where he stayed). I asked him to carry on. We had a glass of buttermilk. It was relieving. These days, Bangalore is quite hot. The temparature has been rising the same way worldover. I really fail to understand how we will survive such high temperatures in the future. Its a dreadful scene. I bid adieu to him and took a bus towards Basaweshwar Nagar cross. From there, I took a bus to Navrang. In the meantime, I remembered that I had to collect a DD which has been lying from more than a month at ICICI Bank branch at Malleshwaram. The same bus would go to Malleshwaram and so, I continued. It was 4 pm. I sat in the bank while they made effort to trace the DD. Finally, I left my cell number with them and they assured me of a call back (which I knew would not happen). I took a bus to Modi Hospital and then walked home

I was sweating badly and was feeling irritated by this dirt that had got on me. The levels of pollution, heat, dust, etc made me feel for some time that I have done a foolish act by asking my dad to take a transfer to Bangalore. I seriously felt a need to reconsider this decision while I had bath. I thought of having a nap for about an hour but there was a lot of packing to be done. The luggage was so much that I had to leave back a part of it there itself. I had even left a lot of books at Raghu's place. And another set of books here at Ajit's place. I feel like a nobel laurette when I see at the number of books that I have

I finished all packing and got ready. I had been desiring to go to a lot of temples that were there in the surrounding. I had about half an hour at my disposal to make this happen and not keep thinking about missing it for a lifetime. I went to the Ganesha temple right in front of home. It was quite large. In fact, it was not just Ganesha temple but also had 4-5 more Gods. The next one was a temple of Goddess. And then, I went to the Hanuman temple. It was 3 and 3 is not accepted. I had to visit another temple. I had already visited 2 in the morning. However, I could not count it. I kept walking in search of temple and after a long walk, I asked someone on the roadside. He told me about Lord Manjunatha temple nearby. I went there but I was confused. There was tree where there was a lot of idols of God. There was no light. It was totally dark. I prayed there and left. On my way, I saw the actual Lord Manjunatha temple that I was told about. The previous one, I guess, was some old place of prayers. So, I had 4 (or 5) temples visited. The 5th one, of course, it the temple at home- the pooja room. And add to this, the 2 visits in morning, my temple visit count for the day reached 7

I took my bags and left the place (Manjunath Nagar). On my walk towards Modi Hospital to catch the bus, I decided to dine at KFC, Rajaji nagar. And it was a very sad experience. Firstly, I was greeted very nicely and asked what I would want. I asked for a veg burger instead of actually saying a veggie snacker. The only difference between them is that the veggie snacker has thicker layer of roasted bread which I did not like. Of course, a veg burger costed Rs 55 while a veggie snacker costed Rs 35 only. Add to my idiocy, I was asked whether I want it with cheese. Of course, burgers come by default with cheese and I said yes. It was trap to charge me Rs 10 extra in the name of additional cheese. Thus, my small burger which costed me Rs 73 (Rs 65 + taxes) gave me the shock of my life. It did not taste good either. Another Rs 5 would have got me 2 veggie snackers. I felt sad at this kind of a trick employed here to trap the customers. The condition is not so in Hyderabad. Morever, other similar businesses do not do so. I called Pizza Hut to inquire if I could buy pizza now and eat them later, they clearly told me that I should not each it after 1 hour as the cheese and other contents would start decaying. Thats how customers need to be treated so that they become clients. You must not rob them

I took a bus to Navrang. From there, I had to take a bus to Yeshwantpur. A guy helped me. We got down at the next stop and took a bus to Govardhan. From there, the Yeshwantpur railway station was at a walkable distance. I had messaged Vittal (Roll No. 3215, who was studying PG) to let me know if he could come to meet me. However, there was no response. I sat on the railway platform bench and kept feeling frustrated over KFC. I took half a litre of 7 Up to refresh. While I was having this drink, 3 old ladies came near me. They were foreigners (Iranians or German or I guess, Arabians). They said that they want to go to Bangalore. I told them that they are already in Bangalore. They started to explain me something and from their very little english, I could make out that they had been to Puttaparthy (Sri Satya Sai Baba). They came from there to Bangalore. The train dropped them at Yeshwantpur station. They had to catch the train to Chennai which was scheduled from the main station in Bangalore and it would not come here. So, they wanted to go there to be able to catch the train. I suggested them to take an auto rather as there was no specific train that connected Yeshwantpur and the main station. Any train coming from north of Bangalore would cross over Yeshwantpur to reach the Bangalore City. From their interaction between themselves, I got a feeling that they did not want to go in an auto as the autowallahs will take them for a ride and make them lose a lot of money. Though they did not tell me this, I could make out the same from them. I suggested them to take a prepaid auto from outside the station where the rates are fixed. This seemed a wise solution to them and they happily thanked me and left

The Bijapur express arrived and I got seat no. 47 in S2 coach. And surprisingly, an announcement was on which said that there are a lot seats vacant and those willing to avail reservation can approach the office. Finally, I was out of Bangalore. The huge volume of journey that I did on BMTC busses today was great. I am sure, they had some good loss considering the percentage of revenue lost per customer by issuing a daily pass. The was quite exciting and challenging. I tried reading Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T Kiyosaki but the lights went off quite soon. Early morning on 17th, I reached home. The previous night, Rajashekar Laddimath (Roll no. 3191, who worked at B L Kashyap Construction Company) too left Bangalore by Ajmer Express to Hubli. He had got his reservation done earlier. Else, we had the plan to come together. I kept all luggage and home and went back to railway station at 7 am to meet him. We had a cup of tea at Kamat Hotel Chaaya and I dropped him at old bus stand from where he took a bus to Dharwad

With this comes the end to the Bengaluru chapter for this season. The next would be in May if I decide the write the CA exam over there. However, I have a desire to go back to Hyderabad for some days and CA exams would be the right opportunity

Monday, 15 February 2010

A short trip to Bengaluru to attend the Ajeets Core Group Meeting...

Valentine's day comes once in a year and each time, I am busy with one or the other work at this point of time in the year. By the way, it doesn't make a big difference to me as I do not believe in the concept of Valentine's day. For me, every day is a Valentines Day. This year, the Ajeets Core Group Meeting, a brand new initiative taken by Lt Col BGV Kumar, was scheduled on this day. And I was to present our batch at this meet. The objective was to discuss on issues that can help the group to go into certain income generation plans so that we become a self sustained unit. The idea was to turn this huge family knit together in a social model to stich it into a business model. February 14, being sunday, was decided to be an appropriate day for the meet. Most people who attended the meet were quite senior and of course married (perhaps that why they did not get to know that the meet has been scheduled on Valentines day, kidding) and there were a very less number of young people. In fact, I was the youngest of them all

I returned from Toranagallu on 12th night. And on 13th afternoon, I boarded the Janashatabdi Express to Bengaluru. I reached my friend Ajit Torgal's room by 11 pm. And to my surprise, I found my another batchmate, Santosh AKG, at the same place. He had come from Chennai to write the GATE examination. We spoke for some time. I forgot to mention the highlight of the day. In train, I took a company law book and studied. I could cover about 15 pages. I even started reading 'Rich Dad, Poor Dad' by Robert T Kiyosaki today. It had been a plan from over 3 years to read it but I never did that. I guess, I missed out a lot for not having read it 3 years back. I could easily make it out after reading a few pages

The next morning, we were supposed to reach there by 9.55am. After a whole lot of circus with BMTC buses early in the morning, I reached exactly on the dot time. I usually reach 5 minutes early everywhere but today, it just took hell out of me. The discussion began and a whole lot of things came up. Of course, I can not write all that here on a public portal. The outcome was quite good. We decided to form a core group that would take care of the mentioned objectives. I could learn a lot of things here about the history of the old boys association of Sainik School, Bijapur. Some very sweet and not so very sweet but each had a strong message to give. The meet concluded with a lunch and I got a drop till Malleshwaram. The meet was at Bowring Institute, St. Marks Road, Off M G Road

From Malleshwaram, I walked to IISc where a bunch of my batchmates had gathered. Even Mallu had come there to write the GATE Exam. Ravindra & Shravan are studying ME/MTech at IISc. Raghu & Sucheet worked in TCS but as it was Sunday, they took time to come and meet us. We talked a lot of things. And ultimately, I bought this matter of today's meeting before them. The talks turned into tensions and raised a lot of debates. A lot was discussed on lot of issues. I would want to mention one good thing that we decided. We are a batch of 54 students who completed class 12 at SSBJ. There are another 50+ students who were a part of our batch but did not stay with us till class 12th. We all (voluntarily) shall contribute a minimum of Rs 1000 per annum towards a common fund and save it. The fund shall be utilized to help anyone of us who is in need or any other SSBJ student who is in need or for any oher social cause. I have taken up the task of getting all these people together to make this happen. Tough task

One person I would wish to mention and learn from today is P Ravindra, Roll No 3243, Wodeyar house. He was an ordinary student in SSBJ. He joined MS Ramiah Institute for BE and became a university topper. He got through a whole lot of campus interviews, in fact joined a couple of companies for a couple of weeks, and finally landed into India's finest institute, the IISc for his masters. He even got through various exams for jobs in Karnataka Power Corporation, etc. Yet, he aims to do better in academics. He even took the GATE once again this year. I was totally astonished listening to this and clarified whether there is any other better institute or branch. But, he as already at the best place to do the masters. I joked if he planned to join the 1st year classes once again. Determination is something to be learnt. He is a living example to show that when you are really interested in what you are doing, it becomes a game for you and keep hitting centuries

Santosh, Mallu, Ravindra and I went back to Rajajinagar. Santosh packed his bags and left to Chennai. And we three went to Attiguppe to meet Mallu's friend. My intention was to browse internet at his friend's room. I was awake till long time and completed a few pending works. I even created a Google group for my batchmates to join so that we can facilitate easier communication

On 15th morning, I went back home. I had nothing to do. I remembered that Col Somashekar Basappanavar stayed near by and I had promised to meet him when I come to Bengaluru next time. I called him and went to meet him. He was at Shashi Alabur sir's office in Basaweshwar Nagar. We spoke mainly about the previous day's meet and certain other matters solely relating to the Ajeets. I got clarifications on certain issues that had been questioned when our batchmates met yesterday

I returned back and slept. Suddenly, I remembered that I had to meet Harsha Marad, Roll no. 3173, Adilshahi house, today. I called Raghu and took his number. Raghu, Harsha and Sucheet stayed together at Snowdrop block, Keerthi Flora, ITPL Road, Whitefield. I reached there in 2 hours (great journey). I was meeting him almost after 2 years and it was a good feeling. We even tried to pull in Rajshekar Laddimath and Vittal Koujalgi to the meet but that did not happen. We spoke for quite a long time

The next day, 16th Feb 2010 was a full tour across the Bangalore city after quite a long time. Read more at

This particular tour of Bengaluru, I don't know why, has been a demotivating one from the angle of me moving to Bengaluru. I had this whole plan of shifting to Bengaluru alongwith my family. However, now, I am going a serious relook to it. The kind of traffic and inconvenience that is there in the city is quite crippling. 2 years back, I would love this city in every angle. The city has been in fact growing for good. But I don't know what made me feel like its a worthless city to stay. The passion did not seem to be there for me. Even in one of my previous post (when I came to Bangalore from Hyderabad), I mentioned that Bangalore does not appear glittering to me. Is it so? Or is it because Hyderabad's dazzle was a far brighter than Bangalore's glitter?

I believe, the latter one seems to be true

Sunday, 14 February 2010

JSW Steel, Toranagallu... A stainless steel world on the earth... A near to heaven feeling...

What a journey this has been! I could not have wished for more in times of depression. My sincere thanks to the God for having given this eye opener at such a crucial time of life. The only sad thing is that the most important factor of my life is again is obstacle mode and hence, all I have with me to do is 49% of energy

I was speaking to my friend, Mallikarjun Swami (Roll No. 3234, Adilshahi house), who worked in JSW Steel, Toranagallu (Toranagallu falls between Hospet & Bellary). I was speaking to him one fine day about some investment planning. The discussion went on and on and he seemed interested. Further, I also learned that he was going to Bangalore on 14th Feb for an examination. Coincidentally, I too was going to Bangalore on the same day for the Core Group meeting of the Ajeets (Alumni of Sainik School, Bijapur) and I was representing my batch. My mind quickly hit a plan. I asked him about the nature of job and the environment around. I understood quickly that I can go ahead and get some LIC business over there. A lot of people had just completed their education and started working. And obviously, they would be hot prospects. With all these thoughts in minds, I asked him all the information that I needed including option to stay, food, possibility of interaction and interest, etc and concluded that I shall be going to Toranagallu. I quickly logged on to and booked the to and fro journey

I left Hubli at 6 am by Hubli Tirupati Express Passenger on 10th Feb (Wednesday) and reached there by 10 am. He was there to pick me up. The city reminded me of my village Malligawad. What was amazing to see was that each and everything that appeared on the roadside has the symbol of JSW Steel over it. On inquiring, I learnt that the place belonged in total to JSW Steel. Almost everyone stays there only because they work for Jindal South West (JSW). In 5 minutes, we entered the township and 'Wow!!!'. I had a total flashback of Sainik School Days. It was after a long time that I was entering such environment. We went to the grocery store first to buy some milk and sugar. And then, to the flat where he stayed. It was quite good. I had a glass of bournvita. We sat and spoke for some time. Soon, it was lunch time. The hotel was quite good. After lunch, Mallikarjun had to go to office. I remained back at room with his room mate Santosh who was his college mate in M S Ramiah College. I fell asleep

I got up at 6 pm and went to have a cup of tea with Santosh. And it was a good scene once again. There was a nice place where all shops were set. There was a ground where people were playing volleyball. There was also a gym. I had a veg puff and a cup of tea. Soon, Mallu came back from his office taking some permission to leave early. He took me to see, what I can see, something I still consider a mystery. It was an inspirational journey that I can easily remember for a lifetime. I missed the company of another intellectual who sat red faced during this wonderful experience. The journey made me deeply think about the possibilities of human life. It made me feel the strength that lied in every one of us. It made me dream, dream again, after I had given up on certain things. It made me look at the moon once again. If I ever missed, I would at least fall somewhere amidst the stars

The campus of JSW steel is what I am talking all about. The area, I guess, must be somewhere like 10 km * 10 km. My mind goes crazy when I imagine this one. We all fight, work so hard, sweat every second just to build a home in a 30x40 ft site. And here, I am speaking in terms of kilometers. A 100 kilometer square area. Or even more than that? This had the power to go beyond every calculation of my life and break the limit barriers and take me to such levels which I did not consider possible in the current scenario. The apparatus that we studied in chemistry for metallurgy on a single sheet of paper was live here. But the sizes, far away from what I could ever imagine. A blast furnace would take a space of around 100 meters. The supply of raw material would happen through chained container that measured in kilometers. The material was transported in trains that were owned by JSW. There were numerous railway lines that ran in the work premises. Such was the volume of business. From 7 million tonnes of steel production last year, they have a plan of going beyond 10 million tonnes this year. This is a promise that everyone working there has taken. The volumes just bombarded every kind of calculation I ever had and I immediately said, 'Hats off to Metallurgy. The corest of the core engineering happened in this field'

After seeing all this, we went to another residential area called Vidyanagar which was about 5 kms away. And this, this was just heaven. No one could have ever imagined that there was a 3 star restaurant in a township. There was a clubhouse that gave you all facilities like games (carom, chess, badminton, cricket, etc), swimming, squash, etc and even a movie hall. And all this comes free of cost to you if you worked at JSW. In Bangalore, the membership fee for such clubs should be near 5 lacs per annum. There was a large and beautiful garden and a museum. There was different kinds of homes/quarters available to employees according to their grades. The homes too were too beautiful. I was feeling like all this is too good be true. There were at least 5 restaurants, ice cream stalls, beauty saloons, vegetable stalls, dosa vada stalls, pani puri stalls and what not. Everything that a human being would need for his living was available at a centralized location

I met 2 of his friends who worked with him. We all had dinner. And soon, we took a journey back to our room. There were 3 townships and a factory area. The older township where we stayed, the Vidyanagar township where we went in the evening and the new township is under construction where we could not go. The factory area was the one which I described before writing about Vidyanagar township

On returning, we sat down in a park and spoke. I was again amazed at the way people perceived an idea about me. Mallu told me so many things and some of his fantastic dreams of which one coincided with a big dream of mine, i.e., to run a school. It is his father's wish but has not happened till now. And he wants to make it happen. Another one was to building something similar to a JSW empire somewhere 10 years down the line. Well, this dream was slowly getting built in my mind too when I was seeing the factory. The way the red hot molten steel fell in the container that was attached to a railway engine created a burning desire and my heart burnt with desire to do something like that. Something so core with so much excellence. Thoughts were so deep and digging in strongly penetrating the surfaces on the skull that I could feel a pain in my nerves. I was biting my teeth so strong like never before when he said, 'I am sure, you will easily finance me to build the school'. So much trust, so much faith and confidence in me that even I do not have. It left me dazzled while I felt honored too

We went back to the living room and soon, all the honored feeling was about to get raped. I was introduced to a person by name Divesh who was another of his room mates. And this guy is a CA. He is 25 years old and he drew an annual package close to INR 7 lacs. He became a CA at 23. On knowing that I am too taking up the CA exams coming may, he was astonished. He quoted all those quotes which are quoted by every CA to every CA aspirant. I used to ignore all times but now that I was quite serious about it, it had the power to make me not to ignore the comments. He was shocked that I could take such a tour of 2 days when my exams are just 3 months away. He never took out his head from the book for 1 year. He gave examples of his friends who did the same things like me (joining job, etc) and proved that they were in worst positions of life. He asked me a few queries about accountancy and company law and I knew none. I did read them but never remembered any. In fact, I could not even tell the exact syllabus that we had. I realized where I stood. He asked me for my class 12 scores and concluded that I was an average student. Foolish bug, he did not ask about my BCom scores and neither did I wish to tell him as it would add more questions in line which I doubt to answer. All those things like get perfect with AS, AAS, Sections, etc were repeated. Finally, a classification of students emerged. The first ones are those who make effort and get through in the first shot. The second ones are those who make effort but fail. Under this category, some people start venturing into other activities and still continue the course but do not concentrate and give it up one day. However, there is another large category of people who write and keep writing. Soon, it becomes the biggest tragedy of their lives. They start feeling like if they do not clear this, they are lifeless. Frustration and failure sets in everywhere. Any kind of success in any field would only make this crib more and more about the failure in the course. They can never ever feel good in life till they clear this. This is the condition of most people. They keep writing till one day their soul leaves their body

This was one day when my mind had been hit maximum. So many thoughts in so less time. I can still feel the punch when I remember it

The next day (11 Feb) was a quiet one. I was in the room all day. After lunch, Mallu went to work and came late. I just lied down and watched TV. We had dinner around 11 pm

On 12 Feb, the funda with which the trip was actually planned took some shape. He had a morning shift today and came back by 1 pm. I explained him all that was possible in an hour's time. Of course, I put the ball of decision making into his court. I also asked him to spread the information across and let me know if people would be interested. I also have asked him if he could help me in interacting to the employees directly through a seminar or a presentations. We thought of certain possibilities but all possibilities appeared too good to come true. Lets see what the God has in kitty for me from Toranagallu

I left from there by the same train at 4.30 pm and reached home by 10 pm

It was a fantabulous experience that I would take along my mind for an indefinite time in life. I thank everyone who made this possible wholeheartedly