Friday, 19 February 2010

2 States... The story of my marriage... By Chetan Bhagat...

EMail from Chetan Bhagat 

Date: Thu, Mar 4, 2010 at 3:44 PM
Subject: Email from Chetan Bhagat

Hi Puneetkumar Pattar,

Just a short note to say thanks so much for your wonderful feedback on 2 states. me happy when my readers say they enjoyed reading my books.

Keep your support.

Hope you are doing fine in Hubli.


This fourth book written by CB, India's super selling author in the recent times. After making huge fame on Five Point Someone, One Night at the call center and 3 Mistakes of my life, 2 States queued up and rocked the reading world. One magazine claims that CB is making India read like never before. I completely agree with that. I have see kind the kind of craze that this book created.

I was browsing through Infibeam while a sudden link appeared saying that 2 States has been released and a promotional offer, I could get it at a discount of 30%. The 30% discount didn't matter but the book did. I placed an instant order. While I was entering the billing address, I remembered that Priyanka is one of his greatest fans. So, I put her address and decided that this would be my gift to her for Children's Day or Gandhi Jayanthi or Christmas or New Year or whatever. Ultimately, the book itself was more important than the occassion. And I thought I will read that after she completes. At the same time, my roommate Anshu asked me what I was doing. I told him about the new release. He showed some interest and I totally exploited that interest and converted it into a sale. I insprired him to buy the book and read and he agreed. I put an order for another book in his name. Ultimately, I would get the book to read. The book was delivered to both of us in 2 days. And I told Anshu that I will complete reading the book in 2-3 days and then, he can read it. I inspired him to read some books for JAIIB like never before. I began reading 2 States on the same day.

I was working in night shifts then. I knew that I would get some buffer time in the office which I could utilize to read the book. Even the 20-25 minutes to and from the office in the car could be used to read the book. I learnt later from my psychologist friend that this attitude is called impatience/curiousity and it arises when you want to do something from the deepest of the desires of your heart. Good.

I had read half of this book until this night came. I reached the office by 10 pm. I kept the book on the table and started up with my official work. In a couple of minutes, I saw that the book was missing. I did not bother as, usually, someone would take that to have a look or to read or maximum, to play a prank with me. I got some buffer time around 11.15 pm and I inquired Vivek about the book. He told me that the security personnel took it. I thought he was kidding till he clarified that he was serious. We went down to get the book. And I got the shock of my life when the security guard questioned me, 'From when are you working here? Don't you know the rules?', and stuff like that. Initially, I held but soon, I could not hold. I fired him back in such a way that he virtually peed. And as all his subordinates were around, it was a big insult to him and I knew, he would make a big issue of this. And I wanted that to happen and was afraid in no way. He said he will not give the book and went away. Having had no option (as I did not want to wrestle), I went back to work.

What I had thought was exactly right, it was a new beginning. At midnight, my cellphone buzzed. I do not want to describe all that happened. 4 people on a con-call discussing this issue. The idiot had woke some very senior officials from sleep. It was utter disappointment for me that I had to see all this. Let you be right or wrong, if you are genuine, you feel bad at even others being wrong. Waking someone like a Sr. Manager for a petty issue like this is something that all petty minded people do. I seriously wanted to hold my breath but the way the people spoke, I could not. I bought out all the points before them.
  • It was nowhere written that I can not carry a book. It was only written that I can not carry laptop, cd, usb devices or any data capturing devices
  • On the call, live, I went and spoke to people working at the same place from years and everyone denied of any such rule being there
  • Most people carried a book to make use of spare time and no one asked. This was the first of its kind

I was clear in my points but the response from others was that I should ask sorry to the security personnel. I just laughed and cut the line saying that is impossible. My phone buzzed again and I was told that it would become a big issue if I did not ask sorry as the security guard was there from quite a long time and he would report it to higher officials. I was fine with whatever he did but not a sorry at any cost when I am not wrong. In fact, he must ask that. Finally, the decision was that I should ask sorry to get the book back. Otherwise, the book will be given to the seniormost person in the office and I had to meet him to collect the book. Oh God! When did you demote me to 1st standard. I said yes. I was tactic, all this would happen if I wanted the book back. Why would I want it back? I could always purchase a new one. I had even got a gift voucher which I could redeem for a book. All this appeared like a very silly, irritating and raging matter to me then. But today, when I look back to this, it appears like a sweet memory to me. I feel like laughing to my heart's content when I get reminded of this incident. Its such a scene to watch when the personal egos of 2 people clash. All this, honestly, had nothing to do with the office or office rules or anything at all. It was merely a clash of our egos.

I returned home in the morning. Anshu asked me for the book and I narrated the whole story to him. Though he did not ask, it was my moral obligation to buy another copy for him. I think, God had decided that I have to buy the book ultimately. When God makes a decision, you just can not avoid it. I used the gift voucher and ordered the book. It was delivered to me in 2 days. I continued reading the book from where I left and in another 2 days, I was done with it.

Let me come to the book now. It was a typical CB book. A typical story of every household explained in the total depth. If not 2 states, its 2 religions or 2 castes or 2 places or 2 professions or 2 somethings that come together. Oh, its quite important for me to mention that 2 sexes come together for a marriage as per Indian culture. These days, a new law has been requested to be passed to make this culture void by allowing same sex marriages. I don't know what's driving people crazy these days.

The story was written quite nicely. The book is the fattest of the four books written by the author. The girl in the story is ultimatum. In some sense, it reflected my story as well. In fact, in some sense, the story reflects the life of every student and specially those those edited their profiles as 'committed' from 'single'.

I liked reading the book and I must saying that this is one book that I read in one go. Keep it up Mr. Bhagat.

Update: 05 Mar 2014 - The book is now being made into a movie starring Alia Bhatt and Arjun Kapoor. The movie is expected to be released on 18th April.

Update: 18 Apr 2014

So, 2 States is now a movie and how could I miss this ! I was there on the day of release, perhaps the first show. The movie is awesomely done. Alia and Arjun have done amazing work. It was almost like going through the book in pictures. The movie is well picturized and is full of energy. There's hardly a moment that you'd want to miss. Go on, book your tickets and enjoy the show.


  1. I feel the title of this post should be changed because it's not justifying the title.......... Other than that again a good write up.Congrats! on your 202th post.