Thursday, 18 February 2010

Fullturu Bengaluru... BMTC gives away freedom at Rs 32 per day... 7 temples covered...

Today (16 Feb) was the last day at Bangalore and I had a lot to do. I had planned to get up by 5.30 am and quickly carry. However, it was 6.30 am by the time I get up. The most dangerous thing about Bengaluru is the traffic. Once the clock hits 9, the traffic catches up and everything gets delayed badly. It would easily take an hour or two for a journey of not more than 15 minutes. People consider it wise to sleep and take rest in the bus rather than feel upset for it. After all, it is a daily routine. Further, the BMRCL (Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited) had dug up some of the major roads and the 4 lane movement has turned 1 lane only. So, you have no chance to overtake a vehicle which is not moving

I got ready by 7.15 am and bid adieu to Raghu, Harsha & Sucheet. I took a bus from the CMRIT college stop to Marathahalli bridge. I got down there and got on to a bus going to Silk Board. After getting down at Silk Board, I walked for about half a kilometer to catch the next bus. It was already 9.30 am. Soon, I realized that I had left my bag in the bus. I was carrying 2 bags. One was a backpack and the other was a cloth suitcase. The cloth suitcase was kept in the bus and I had forgotten it there. I ran back to the bus stop and luckily, the bus was still there. And luckily again, the bag too was safe. Now, should I say, Thank you Traffic!!!

I took a bus from there to East End Circle. From there, I took a bus to Tilak Nagar. It was 9.45 am and I had planned to reach the temple at least by 10 am. A wish that had been pending from quite a long time. When I was staying in Bairasandra in Jayanagar, I had decided to go to this temple. However, it could not get possible as I rushed to Hyderabad and Bangalore become far out of sight for me. I did come here a couple of times but the time available was quite less

And miracle happened when I noticed that I had insufficient money in my pocket. I knew of this right from the beginning of the day. I kept cautioning my mind asking it to remind me to go to the ATM but it never did. Now, I walked back in search of an ATM and the search led me to Jayanagar 9th block. After withdrawal, I took a bus to Tilak Nagar. And I rushed towards the temple in Byrasandra. I reached a little late from the scheduled time. It was a fulfilling feeling. A quite long run desire that had been tickling my mind each time I thought of Bangalore. It would appear on top of my priority list but could never get executed. And finally, it was true. Its the Ganesha temple right at the main stop. After praying and relaxing for some time, I left from there and went to another temple of Goddess Mariyamma in Tilak Nagar. This was a temple which I regularly visited when I stayed here during training at IFBI

I took a bus from Tilak Nagar to East End Circle. From there, I took a bus to BTM Layout (Kuvempu Nagar). A confusion was on my mind. It was already 11 am. I had to meet Siddu and I also had to meet Veeranna Bidnal (a friend from JG College who stayed near Vijaynagar). After some discussion, I went to meet Siddu at Madivala. It was after a long time that we met. He had just returned from IAS coaching in New Delhi. We spoke for some time. Priyanka had some queries about the coaching which she clarified from him on the phone. He had to go to Electronic City and so, we left from there. My next plan was to go to Vijaynagar but before that, I had an important activity of booking my train ticket. I went to an internet center and logged on the IRCTC site. There is nothing great to state that no seats were available. And I used my head. I checked out the availability of seats under Tatkaal. There were more than 100 seats in the Bijapur Express. However, I booked the ticket ordinarily (without tatkaal) because I was sure that all these 100 seats can not be booked within the next 8 hours and I should definitely get a seat

I took a bus from BTM to Attiguppe. The time was 1.15 pm and it was another journey of about 40-45 minutes. I asked Veeranna to come down to Attiguppe (1 km from Vijaynagar). At 2 pm, I landed in Attiguppe and met him. He was delighted. So was I. He was working in EMRI (Ambulance 108 Services). Having gone from Hubli, he felt very sad as he missed all his friends and family. Being a mild person, he did not even have any new friends over there. So, it was quite a good feeling for him. We decided to have lunch but the big problem was that he had to go to his office by 3 pm. So, we took a bus to KHB Colony (where he stayed). I asked him to carry on. We had a glass of buttermilk. It was relieving. These days, Bangalore is quite hot. The temparature has been rising the same way worldover. I really fail to understand how we will survive such high temperatures in the future. Its a dreadful scene. I bid adieu to him and took a bus towards Basaweshwar Nagar cross. From there, I took a bus to Navrang. In the meantime, I remembered that I had to collect a DD which has been lying from more than a month at ICICI Bank branch at Malleshwaram. The same bus would go to Malleshwaram and so, I continued. It was 4 pm. I sat in the bank while they made effort to trace the DD. Finally, I left my cell number with them and they assured me of a call back (which I knew would not happen). I took a bus to Modi Hospital and then walked home

I was sweating badly and was feeling irritated by this dirt that had got on me. The levels of pollution, heat, dust, etc made me feel for some time that I have done a foolish act by asking my dad to take a transfer to Bangalore. I seriously felt a need to reconsider this decision while I had bath. I thought of having a nap for about an hour but there was a lot of packing to be done. The luggage was so much that I had to leave back a part of it there itself. I had even left a lot of books at Raghu's place. And another set of books here at Ajit's place. I feel like a nobel laurette when I see at the number of books that I have

I finished all packing and got ready. I had been desiring to go to a lot of temples that were there in the surrounding. I had about half an hour at my disposal to make this happen and not keep thinking about missing it for a lifetime. I went to the Ganesha temple right in front of home. It was quite large. In fact, it was not just Ganesha temple but also had 4-5 more Gods. The next one was a temple of Goddess. And then, I went to the Hanuman temple. It was 3 and 3 is not accepted. I had to visit another temple. I had already visited 2 in the morning. However, I could not count it. I kept walking in search of temple and after a long walk, I asked someone on the roadside. He told me about Lord Manjunatha temple nearby. I went there but I was confused. There was tree where there was a lot of idols of God. There was no light. It was totally dark. I prayed there and left. On my way, I saw the actual Lord Manjunatha temple that I was told about. The previous one, I guess, was some old place of prayers. So, I had 4 (or 5) temples visited. The 5th one, of course, it the temple at home- the pooja room. And add to this, the 2 visits in morning, my temple visit count for the day reached 7

I took my bags and left the place (Manjunath Nagar). On my walk towards Modi Hospital to catch the bus, I decided to dine at KFC, Rajaji nagar. And it was a very sad experience. Firstly, I was greeted very nicely and asked what I would want. I asked for a veg burger instead of actually saying a veggie snacker. The only difference between them is that the veggie snacker has thicker layer of roasted bread which I did not like. Of course, a veg burger costed Rs 55 while a veggie snacker costed Rs 35 only. Add to my idiocy, I was asked whether I want it with cheese. Of course, burgers come by default with cheese and I said yes. It was trap to charge me Rs 10 extra in the name of additional cheese. Thus, my small burger which costed me Rs 73 (Rs 65 + taxes) gave me the shock of my life. It did not taste good either. Another Rs 5 would have got me 2 veggie snackers. I felt sad at this kind of a trick employed here to trap the customers. The condition is not so in Hyderabad. Morever, other similar businesses do not do so. I called Pizza Hut to inquire if I could buy pizza now and eat them later, they clearly told me that I should not each it after 1 hour as the cheese and other contents would start decaying. Thats how customers need to be treated so that they become clients. You must not rob them

I took a bus to Navrang. From there, I had to take a bus to Yeshwantpur. A guy helped me. We got down at the next stop and took a bus to Govardhan. From there, the Yeshwantpur railway station was at a walkable distance. I had messaged Vittal (Roll No. 3215, who was studying PG) to let me know if he could come to meet me. However, there was no response. I sat on the railway platform bench and kept feeling frustrated over KFC. I took half a litre of 7 Up to refresh. While I was having this drink, 3 old ladies came near me. They were foreigners (Iranians or German or I guess, Arabians). They said that they want to go to Bangalore. I told them that they are already in Bangalore. They started to explain me something and from their very little english, I could make out that they had been to Puttaparthy (Sri Satya Sai Baba). They came from there to Bangalore. The train dropped them at Yeshwantpur station. They had to catch the train to Chennai which was scheduled from the main station in Bangalore and it would not come here. So, they wanted to go there to be able to catch the train. I suggested them to take an auto rather as there was no specific train that connected Yeshwantpur and the main station. Any train coming from north of Bangalore would cross over Yeshwantpur to reach the Bangalore City. From their interaction between themselves, I got a feeling that they did not want to go in an auto as the autowallahs will take them for a ride and make them lose a lot of money. Though they did not tell me this, I could make out the same from them. I suggested them to take a prepaid auto from outside the station where the rates are fixed. This seemed a wise solution to them and they happily thanked me and left

The Bijapur express arrived and I got seat no. 47 in S2 coach. And surprisingly, an announcement was on which said that there are a lot seats vacant and those willing to avail reservation can approach the office. Finally, I was out of Bangalore. The huge volume of journey that I did on BMTC busses today was great. I am sure, they had some good loss considering the percentage of revenue lost per customer by issuing a daily pass. The was quite exciting and challenging. I tried reading Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T Kiyosaki but the lights went off quite soon. Early morning on 17th, I reached home. The previous night, Rajashekar Laddimath (Roll no. 3191, who worked at B L Kashyap Construction Company) too left Bangalore by Ajmer Express to Hubli. He had got his reservation done earlier. Else, we had the plan to come together. I kept all luggage and home and went back to railway station at 7 am to meet him. We had a cup of tea at Kamat Hotel Chaaya and I dropped him at old bus stand from where he took a bus to Dharwad

With this comes the end to the Bengaluru chapter for this season. The next would be in May if I decide the write the CA exam over there. However, I have a desire to go back to Hyderabad for some days and CA exams would be the right opportunity

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