Saturday, 20 February 2010

Jai Hanuman... 200th post on my blog... Raghuram launches TrimBill...

Sri Ram... Jai Ram... Jai Jai Ram...

Today is yet another defining and fulfilling moments in my life. On one hand, one of my wishes that I from almost 4 years has come turned into reality and on the other, I shall be completing 200 posts on this blog with this one

Nuggikeri Hanuman Temple is one of the most visted places in Hubli Dharward. The temple is believed to be quite powerful. It is also said that one who goes there consecutively for 5 weeks reaches a higher probability of being heard by the God and thus, a larger possibility for his wishes to come true. Sachin and Vikram, my friends from J G College, used to go to the temple and they provided me all this information. On your first visit, you can ask the God whatever you wish and tie a holy thread at a mentioned place and commit to come to the temple for the next 4 saturdays. Saturday is the day of Lord Hanuman. Lord Hanuman is a symbol of power and energy. In some way, he is a symbol of devotion and dedication too. He is a devotee of Lord Sri Ram. He always worshipped him. Thats how, even the devotees of Lord Hanuman are indirectly the devotees of Lord Ram. In a Hanuman temple too, the words that we see and listen are, 'Sri Ram, Jai Ram, Jai Jai Raam'. This shows devotion and selflessness. Lord Hanuman and his Vanar Sena gave a lot of support to Lord Sri Ram in his battle against Ravana- The monster. Sri Sugreev, I guess, is Lord Hanuman's brother. Lord Hanuman's stories are quite famous. In fact, even a movie has been shot recently titled 'Jai Hanuman'

I had been to this beautiful place before. The temple is quite small. There is a beautiful lake that lies adjcacent to the temple. Its a lovely scene to watch. Sitting over there for a few minutes gives a blissful feeling of peace and beauty

On 23 Jan, I had been to Dharwad and as it was a long time, I went to the temple. Priyanka had taken an oath that she shall go by walk to the temple after results come. And in the scorching sun, I too had to take a walk from SDM College to Nuggikeri (5 kms approx)

On 30 Jan, coincidently, I had been to Dharwad again and on my way back, I went to the temple. It was now that the thought of making 5 consecutive visits hit my mind. I did not commit though but I thought, let me try

On 06 Feb, it was quite difficult to go. After all, God got to know that I was planning to make it 5 weeks and he began his tests. The effort was there since morning but one or the other thing held me back. Finally, I left Hubli and on the way, I got a call from one of my LIC policyholders that she wants to go for another policy and it would be great if I could meet her. It was a real testing time. But then, I clearly indicated my inability to do it right then but I could definitely meet the next day. And then, she said that her brother wants the policy and he is leaving tomorrow. A perfect trap. I still held to my words and said, I would meet in the evening. Finally, I reached the temple and felt great. The return journey to Hubli through by pass road was quite memorable. I took a lift and sat behind in a 2 wheeler. I was quite happy doing nothing. Seriously, doing nothing and just sitting gives a lot of happiness. I feel very relaxed. I had a ball of my life and enjoyed the feeling till I reached Hubli. It was simply great. I also went to Big Bazaar to buy something for my father's birthday on the next day

On 13 Feb, things were quite sad. A lot of difficulty had come and made life complicated. In fact, I had planned initially to go from Torangallu to Bengaluru with Mallu but once this came to my mind, I decided to come back to Hubli, go to the temple and then go to Bengaluru. I came back on 12th night. And early in morning of 13th, I went to the temple

On 20 Feb, one of life's biggest desires came true. I was there at this holy place for the 5th week consecutively. I felt great. In fact, I left quite early in the morning when the roads were not visible due to fog. The area near Unkal lake was completely invisible. And the Nuggikeri lake too covered the entire scene. Nothing could be seen in a long distance. I got an archana done. Usually, everyone ties a holy tread with their wish on their 1st visit and commit the next 4 visits. However, in my case, I had completed the visit and I happily tied the thread and wished whatever I had to and also added, 'God! Actions speak louder than words. See, I have already completed 5 visits'. It was a great feeling

Thus was the great journey to the holy Nuggikeri Hanuman Temple and the joys will stay forever. I think, we must start looking life from a fresher perspective. This, in fact, is an achievement in itself and deserves a mention in my resume

The other happy news for me today is that I am writing my 200th post on this blog today. This blog began on 12 September 2007 ( I had written a few blogs earlier and they are still on the web. However, nothing has run like this. It completed 100 posts on 17 March 2008 ( That was quite quick. In just about 6 months, I could write so much. And after almost 2 years, today is yet another day to celebrate the 200th post. What surprised me is that it took just 6 months to write the 1st 100 posts and 2 years to write the next 100. I thought I have been writing more than what I did earlier but the results show otherwise. And the 200th post being such a holy topic to write about has made me feel quite satisfied. I am proud to mention here that the blog appears as top blog in Google search for quite good number of word searches like
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and so on

Traffic sources
  • Search Engines- 71.34%
  • Direct Traffic- 14.44%
  • Referring Sites- 14.02%
  • Other- 0.21%
This is what Google Analytics say about how my blog is being read. So, I do not need to tell about my blog to anyone anymore. I am so glad to see that more than 70% of people are coming over to read through search engines. I would like to thank Raghuram Belure, Roll No. 3169, Wodeyar house, for having taught me about Google Analytics

Raghuram has recently launched TrimBill, his new venture on the web accessible at He was working in Alstom Power Projects till recently. He has joined Surfmark very recently. Jobs are always there for this grad from NIT, Surat but he is on a mission to squeeze his entrepreneurial nerves do something unique in the IT field and this spirit has given rise to TrimBill. TrimBill is his own venture which is one of its kind in the world. We all face a lot of difficulty in choosing a particular plan while going for a cellular connection or an internet connection or a cable TV connection. TrimBill helps you in deciding which plan you should go for. The website claims that it can help you in cutting down your utility bills by 23%. However, I had a different view. A small write up that I sent to Raghuram, now the CEO of TrimBill :), is pasted under
I have been switching from one satellite TV service provider to another quite often and the process of choosing the channel combination package is the most tedious one. For example, I love to watch NDTV Good Times and I had to subscribe for this seperately with my erstwhile service provider, Big TV. I had to pay an additional cost for not only this channel but a set of channels that came with it and were of no use to me. I had no option then. I considered Tata Sky, Sundirect, Airtel and other options that gave me numerous permutations and combinations that only left me with more confusions
You always desired to have that one channel and faced so many contraints while making a selection of your package. We all face this regular issue and keep visitng the websites of all service providers and break our heads in selecting the channels. However, Trimbill is one single location where I could easily find answers to all these issues
As an example, I used to have Gold pack offer with Videocon d2h which costed me Rs 150 and various other addon packages like Kids, English news, Infotainment, Sports pack, English movies, etc which took my monthly TV viewing bill to Rs 445
When I logged on to Trimbill and took a test of how far effective my cost is, I found that I can get the channels of my choice for just Rs 315 against the current cost of Rs 445. The site even told us how. I think, this is one super exciting part of the website. It clearly indicated that we must switch to Diamond Pack (instead of Gold) which costs Rs 275 and take two addons for English News (30+10)
While the site claims that we can save upto 23% on our bills, I made a saving of around 30% (Rs 445 to Rs 315)
Great going Trimbill. I wish you all the very best in the process of saving money for us. After all, money saved is money earned
I wish my dear friend, Raghuram, all the very best in this venture and may his plans take shape into success. My sincere prayers to God to offer support to him always

Support is one essential component for everyone's life. You can not move ahead in life if you do not get support. For all the love and support that I have received from my family, I would like to thank them whole heartedly. I thank the Almighty for having kept me in good spirits at most times and made such a blog possible. Its a dream for most in the world but its a real treasure for me. Someone told me one day to commercialize my blog with Google Adsense but I denied doing it. I would want to take it in the same social path that I wish to travel

Finally, on this great occasion, I would love to thank Priyanka for having been there for me always and offering support whenever required. I am glad that she is there for me and I can take this for granted. Thank you so much


  1. Congratulations!!! It's really a great day for me too Puneet. Great, amazing, wonderful........ no words to express. Well Lord Hanuman has showered his blessings on you so do keep him happy by your good deeds and I'm sure you will. I would like to render my thanks to Raghuram for making you learn about google analytics, it really did add up to your blog and wish him all the very best for his wonderful creation of 'Trimbill'. Finally thank you Puneet, it really motivated me to add up life to my blog like you did. Congratulations!!!!!! 3 cheers to Puneet hip hip hurray!!!!!!!!!! And not to forget, you are such a gem that I'll always be there for you and yes, you can take it for granted.

  2. @ Priyanka
    You just made my eyes wet :)

  3. Hearty wishes bunty !! You said it right , It's a great achievement, never in my dream i can think of 200!!! You make evrything out of nothing . I adore, your creativity and penchant for writing!! I admire your attiude of showering admirations on your friends. Such attitude is found in rarest of people like you.I wish you accomplish more n more n more n more........... !!

    Ramayan: Sugriva is younger brother of Vali. Vali ruled over Kishkinda. Later Vali betrays sugriva , hence Sugriva takes assistance of Lord Shri RAMA in killing Vali.

  4. @mallikarjun
    thanks for ur words... too much pumping??? :)

    thanks for correcting me on the Ramayana part as well