Sunday, 14 February 2010

JSW Steel, Toranagallu... A stainless steel world on the earth... A near to heaven feeling...

What a journey this has been! I could not have wished for more in times of depression. My sincere thanks to the God for having given this eye opener at such a crucial time of life. The only sad thing is that the most important factor of my life is again is obstacle mode and hence, all I have with me to do is 49% of energy

I was speaking to my friend, Mallikarjun Swami (Roll No. 3234, Adilshahi house), who worked in JSW Steel, Toranagallu (Toranagallu falls between Hospet & Bellary). I was speaking to him one fine day about some investment planning. The discussion went on and on and he seemed interested. Further, I also learned that he was going to Bangalore on 14th Feb for an examination. Coincidentally, I too was going to Bangalore on the same day for the Core Group meeting of the Ajeets (Alumni of Sainik School, Bijapur) and I was representing my batch. My mind quickly hit a plan. I asked him about the nature of job and the environment around. I understood quickly that I can go ahead and get some LIC business over there. A lot of people had just completed their education and started working. And obviously, they would be hot prospects. With all these thoughts in minds, I asked him all the information that I needed including option to stay, food, possibility of interaction and interest, etc and concluded that I shall be going to Toranagallu. I quickly logged on to and booked the to and fro journey

I left Hubli at 6 am by Hubli Tirupati Express Passenger on 10th Feb (Wednesday) and reached there by 10 am. He was there to pick me up. The city reminded me of my village Malligawad. What was amazing to see was that each and everything that appeared on the roadside has the symbol of JSW Steel over it. On inquiring, I learnt that the place belonged in total to JSW Steel. Almost everyone stays there only because they work for Jindal South West (JSW). In 5 minutes, we entered the township and 'Wow!!!'. I had a total flashback of Sainik School Days. It was after a long time that I was entering such environment. We went to the grocery store first to buy some milk and sugar. And then, to the flat where he stayed. It was quite good. I had a glass of bournvita. We sat and spoke for some time. Soon, it was lunch time. The hotel was quite good. After lunch, Mallikarjun had to go to office. I remained back at room with his room mate Santosh who was his college mate in M S Ramiah College. I fell asleep

I got up at 6 pm and went to have a cup of tea with Santosh. And it was a good scene once again. There was a nice place where all shops were set. There was a ground where people were playing volleyball. There was also a gym. I had a veg puff and a cup of tea. Soon, Mallu came back from his office taking some permission to leave early. He took me to see, what I can see, something I still consider a mystery. It was an inspirational journey that I can easily remember for a lifetime. I missed the company of another intellectual who sat red faced during this wonderful experience. The journey made me deeply think about the possibilities of human life. It made me feel the strength that lied in every one of us. It made me dream, dream again, after I had given up on certain things. It made me look at the moon once again. If I ever missed, I would at least fall somewhere amidst the stars

The campus of JSW steel is what I am talking all about. The area, I guess, must be somewhere like 10 km * 10 km. My mind goes crazy when I imagine this one. We all fight, work so hard, sweat every second just to build a home in a 30x40 ft site. And here, I am speaking in terms of kilometers. A 100 kilometer square area. Or even more than that? This had the power to go beyond every calculation of my life and break the limit barriers and take me to such levels which I did not consider possible in the current scenario. The apparatus that we studied in chemistry for metallurgy on a single sheet of paper was live here. But the sizes, far away from what I could ever imagine. A blast furnace would take a space of around 100 meters. The supply of raw material would happen through chained container that measured in kilometers. The material was transported in trains that were owned by JSW. There were numerous railway lines that ran in the work premises. Such was the volume of business. From 7 million tonnes of steel production last year, they have a plan of going beyond 10 million tonnes this year. This is a promise that everyone working there has taken. The volumes just bombarded every kind of calculation I ever had and I immediately said, 'Hats off to Metallurgy. The corest of the core engineering happened in this field'

After seeing all this, we went to another residential area called Vidyanagar which was about 5 kms away. And this, this was just heaven. No one could have ever imagined that there was a 3 star restaurant in a township. There was a clubhouse that gave you all facilities like games (carom, chess, badminton, cricket, etc), swimming, squash, etc and even a movie hall. And all this comes free of cost to you if you worked at JSW. In Bangalore, the membership fee for such clubs should be near 5 lacs per annum. There was a large and beautiful garden and a museum. There was different kinds of homes/quarters available to employees according to their grades. The homes too were too beautiful. I was feeling like all this is too good be true. There were at least 5 restaurants, ice cream stalls, beauty saloons, vegetable stalls, dosa vada stalls, pani puri stalls and what not. Everything that a human being would need for his living was available at a centralized location

I met 2 of his friends who worked with him. We all had dinner. And soon, we took a journey back to our room. There were 3 townships and a factory area. The older township where we stayed, the Vidyanagar township where we went in the evening and the new township is under construction where we could not go. The factory area was the one which I described before writing about Vidyanagar township

On returning, we sat down in a park and spoke. I was again amazed at the way people perceived an idea about me. Mallu told me so many things and some of his fantastic dreams of which one coincided with a big dream of mine, i.e., to run a school. It is his father's wish but has not happened till now. And he wants to make it happen. Another one was to building something similar to a JSW empire somewhere 10 years down the line. Well, this dream was slowly getting built in my mind too when I was seeing the factory. The way the red hot molten steel fell in the container that was attached to a railway engine created a burning desire and my heart burnt with desire to do something like that. Something so core with so much excellence. Thoughts were so deep and digging in strongly penetrating the surfaces on the skull that I could feel a pain in my nerves. I was biting my teeth so strong like never before when he said, 'I am sure, you will easily finance me to build the school'. So much trust, so much faith and confidence in me that even I do not have. It left me dazzled while I felt honored too

We went back to the living room and soon, all the honored feeling was about to get raped. I was introduced to a person by name Divesh who was another of his room mates. And this guy is a CA. He is 25 years old and he drew an annual package close to INR 7 lacs. He became a CA at 23. On knowing that I am too taking up the CA exams coming may, he was astonished. He quoted all those quotes which are quoted by every CA to every CA aspirant. I used to ignore all times but now that I was quite serious about it, it had the power to make me not to ignore the comments. He was shocked that I could take such a tour of 2 days when my exams are just 3 months away. He never took out his head from the book for 1 year. He gave examples of his friends who did the same things like me (joining job, etc) and proved that they were in worst positions of life. He asked me a few queries about accountancy and company law and I knew none. I did read them but never remembered any. In fact, I could not even tell the exact syllabus that we had. I realized where I stood. He asked me for my class 12 scores and concluded that I was an average student. Foolish bug, he did not ask about my BCom scores and neither did I wish to tell him as it would add more questions in line which I doubt to answer. All those things like get perfect with AS, AAS, Sections, etc were repeated. Finally, a classification of students emerged. The first ones are those who make effort and get through in the first shot. The second ones are those who make effort but fail. Under this category, some people start venturing into other activities and still continue the course but do not concentrate and give it up one day. However, there is another large category of people who write and keep writing. Soon, it becomes the biggest tragedy of their lives. They start feeling like if they do not clear this, they are lifeless. Frustration and failure sets in everywhere. Any kind of success in any field would only make this crib more and more about the failure in the course. They can never ever feel good in life till they clear this. This is the condition of most people. They keep writing till one day their soul leaves their body

This was one day when my mind had been hit maximum. So many thoughts in so less time. I can still feel the punch when I remember it

The next day (11 Feb) was a quiet one. I was in the room all day. After lunch, Mallu went to work and came late. I just lied down and watched TV. We had dinner around 11 pm

On 12 Feb, the funda with which the trip was actually planned took some shape. He had a morning shift today and came back by 1 pm. I explained him all that was possible in an hour's time. Of course, I put the ball of decision making into his court. I also asked him to spread the information across and let me know if people would be interested. I also have asked him if he could help me in interacting to the employees directly through a seminar or a presentations. We thought of certain possibilities but all possibilities appeared too good to come true. Lets see what the God has in kitty for me from Toranagallu

I left from there by the same train at 4.30 pm and reached home by 10 pm

It was a fantabulous experience that I would take along my mind for an indefinite time in life. I thank everyone who made this possible wholeheartedly


  1. Good to hear that you had a great experience. never despair in life because sometimes though we our purpose of being there do no get accomplished but life will definitely teach you something and I can make it very clearly that it really did.And remember at the end of the day it's only result matters and an individual will be responsible for self. So, its an advice as a friend to have commitment and dedication and believe in yourself and your dreams and come what may keep moving ahead in life. All the best.

  2. MALLIKARJUN SWAMI18 February 2010 at 21:58

    well written Bunty!!! I was expecting this .Great !!! I myself never Knew that the place where i m working in, is so serene and beautiful.Now, I feel more pumped up, to work here!u always make people so vivid!! I m humbled by the way u written abt me. I thank u for making a visit and guiding me in financial matters.I suggest all my friends to speak to him. Puneet, can give you SALARY HIKE. That is what i realised when we had an hour's chat.I am sure you will finance me in my future endevours.
    correction: Jsw is manufacturing only steel and not stainles steel.

  3. Very well done mate... good to hear about a company that u r abt to join...

  4. very good
    very simple writing and very impressive writing
    continue to write ........
    all the best for future

  5. feel very good to hear about this company. thanks bro.. i m going to join this company and i don't know any thing about the environment and place what will that.. but by reading your word i imagine the picture of jsw and i feel good to joing there.

  6. @Anonymous
    Thank You & Congratulations!!!

  7. very gd bro.......I m Sanjay n i m gettin xcited by readin dis......i hve been placed to dis cmpany n vil join later dis year....if u hve any pics of JSW pls mail me at
    Thank u.....