Friday, 26 February 2010

My name is Khan... And I will fight terrorism and restore respect for my religion...

After a long hype, I finally made up my mind to go and watch MNIK. TO disclose with all sincerity, SRK is one actor that I admire for his charisma. He is one of the best actors on the earth and has given us some movies which shall be worth watching all life. Of course, one point I would like to tell is SRK is not taken seriously because he doesn't take anything seriously. We definitely love the sense of humour but in the process he utters a whole lot of non sense everytime. SRK can be the greatest entertainer but he can not be a great person. He can make you smile and frown but he can't make you happy or sad. I definitely wish to tell him to please take clues and be serious when he is speaking in the public domain. Respect is something which you need to gain. We all love you but I doubt whether we all respect you. When you gain respect, you automatically gain love. Do something for which we can be proud of you. Today's world is totally different in analysing things. No one sees how many dollars you have but they see how many do you give to the poor and to the society. It doesn't matter how many hundred crores you earn and how many crores worth investments you make but it heavily matter how many lacs or even how many thousands of money you contribute to the welfare of the nation. Its the world which demands action and not words. SRK is more of words

I completely agree that Pakistan should have been made a part of IPL3 considering the point that we must not discriminate. However, it was a shock for the entire nation when you said some time back that Pakistan is a great neighbour to have. Do you know that one of the major hindrances for our growth is the existence of this nation at our border? Do you know how many soldiers die in the attacks across the border? And all these attacks are done by the terrorists who have been supplied the Pakistan Army uniform. Did you not see Border? Don't you read newspaper? Don't you watch news? Grow up SRK, please note that we are lacs of people who are your die hard fans and such statements from you make us helpless when someone asks us, 'Who is your favorite hero?'. Be a hero in real life. Be a patriot. We have ample evidence that Pak is hitting us in every angle from the back. Pak has now started a new story that even it is troubled by terror. Just today, a suicide bomber attacked Kabul. There have been attacks earlier as well. But open you eyes and see who died? They were Indians. So, Pakistan is not hit by terrorists. Instead, Indians in Pakistan are hit by them

Did you not read the mail that was openly written to you by ? Please read it. Spend some time and to analyse things. Its my humble request to you to please speak responsibly. Enough jokes Mr. Khan. It time for you to be more serious in life. I know you have enough money and have got nothing to worry. But please, do not harass your fans. We feel so hurt when you speak such rubbish words. At least from the next time when someone asks me who my favorite actor is, give me enough points to say that its you

Coming to MNIK. I really did not understand what was the purpose behind making this movie. I guess, it was to show to the world that all muslims are not terrorists. Only some are. So, please do not torture the others who are not. But then, how will the world identify who is a terrorist is who is not. Will you write it on your head or will you wear a T-Shirt on which it shall be written? Instead of asking the world to be nice to you and treat you correctly, why don't you go and kill all those people who put you in this situation? I know that every ordinary Muslim is as innocent as any other person, be it a Hindu, Christian, Jew or whatever. I do not believe in this system of religion at all. I know only 2 religions, Good and Bad, which you have so beautifully displayed in your movie. You have also taken an initiative in you movie to expose the terrorists and stop wrong thoughts to spread like a virus. Movies apart, why don't you do it in real life. Mr Khan, why don't you form a Anti Terrorist Community in India and lead it. Forget India, you have the power to engulf the entire planet. Why don't you make this a purpose of your life? If you really love your God and religion, which I totally believe, this will be the greatest gift you can give to Allah. Do something. Capture and end all those who are doing wrong activities in the name of Allah. When a person does all wrong things in the name of Allah, how do you expect the world to respect such a God or such a religion? They say that they are doing it as Jehaad and it is for the welfare of Muslim bhai log. And you say that you are not related. When your son does a mistake and you see it and keep quiet, you are equally, or in fact, more responsible for the mistake. I bet, if people like you continue such statements, time is not far that the world will start recognizing you too as terrorists. So, please do something. Let not the name of God lose its importance. I understand your innocense. I know that what I am asking you to do is something which might not have even thought about in your dreams. But, think about it. We shall be proud fans of SRK forever

Coming to the movie, solely the movie. The evergreen jodi SRKajol was definite to spark magic on the screen. The theme was good. The story was good. SRK was performing such a role for the first time in his life and he did quite well. Kajol too was doing a movie after quite a long time and she managed to perform well. Karan Johar, as always, rocked. The movie too rocked. There was a good lesson to all of us. There was also something to learn about lives of autistic people. Overall, a great movie from great people of the industry

I am sure, one day, someone will take the initiative to abolish all the kinds of blames that have been put on Khan and it can be done by a Khan only. Not by asking the world or telling the world to treat them nicely but by bringing before the world those Khans who are doing all wrongs and spoiling the image of all Khans. And I wish, a hero on the screen should play a major part off the screen to make this happen

Saying I am not a terrorist is looking for safety and security which will remain for the short term till the next terror attack. Saying I will fight terrorism and I am anti-terrorists is daring to fight for the honor and restoration of respect and gaining of love for lifetime

My best wishes to you, Mr. Khan


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