Monday, 15 February 2010

A short trip to Bengaluru to attend the Ajeets Core Group Meeting...

Valentine's day comes once in a year and each time, I am busy with one or the other work at this point of time in the year. By the way, it doesn't make a big difference to me as I do not believe in the concept of Valentine's day. For me, every day is a Valentines Day. This year, the Ajeets Core Group Meeting, a brand new initiative taken by Lt Col BGV Kumar, was scheduled on this day. And I was to present our batch at this meet. The objective was to discuss on issues that can help the group to go into certain income generation plans so that we become a self sustained unit. The idea was to turn this huge family knit together in a social model to stich it into a business model. February 14, being sunday, was decided to be an appropriate day for the meet. Most people who attended the meet were quite senior and of course married (perhaps that why they did not get to know that the meet has been scheduled on Valentines day, kidding) and there were a very less number of young people. In fact, I was the youngest of them all

I returned from Toranagallu on 12th night. And on 13th afternoon, I boarded the Janashatabdi Express to Bengaluru. I reached my friend Ajit Torgal's room by 11 pm. And to my surprise, I found my another batchmate, Santosh AKG, at the same place. He had come from Chennai to write the GATE examination. We spoke for some time. I forgot to mention the highlight of the day. In train, I took a company law book and studied. I could cover about 15 pages. I even started reading 'Rich Dad, Poor Dad' by Robert T Kiyosaki today. It had been a plan from over 3 years to read it but I never did that. I guess, I missed out a lot for not having read it 3 years back. I could easily make it out after reading a few pages

The next morning, we were supposed to reach there by 9.55am. After a whole lot of circus with BMTC buses early in the morning, I reached exactly on the dot time. I usually reach 5 minutes early everywhere but today, it just took hell out of me. The discussion began and a whole lot of things came up. Of course, I can not write all that here on a public portal. The outcome was quite good. We decided to form a core group that would take care of the mentioned objectives. I could learn a lot of things here about the history of the old boys association of Sainik School, Bijapur. Some very sweet and not so very sweet but each had a strong message to give. The meet concluded with a lunch and I got a drop till Malleshwaram. The meet was at Bowring Institute, St. Marks Road, Off M G Road

From Malleshwaram, I walked to IISc where a bunch of my batchmates had gathered. Even Mallu had come there to write the GATE Exam. Ravindra & Shravan are studying ME/MTech at IISc. Raghu & Sucheet worked in TCS but as it was Sunday, they took time to come and meet us. We talked a lot of things. And ultimately, I bought this matter of today's meeting before them. The talks turned into tensions and raised a lot of debates. A lot was discussed on lot of issues. I would want to mention one good thing that we decided. We are a batch of 54 students who completed class 12 at SSBJ. There are another 50+ students who were a part of our batch but did not stay with us till class 12th. We all (voluntarily) shall contribute a minimum of Rs 1000 per annum towards a common fund and save it. The fund shall be utilized to help anyone of us who is in need or any other SSBJ student who is in need or for any oher social cause. I have taken up the task of getting all these people together to make this happen. Tough task

One person I would wish to mention and learn from today is P Ravindra, Roll No 3243, Wodeyar house. He was an ordinary student in SSBJ. He joined MS Ramiah Institute for BE and became a university topper. He got through a whole lot of campus interviews, in fact joined a couple of companies for a couple of weeks, and finally landed into India's finest institute, the IISc for his masters. He even got through various exams for jobs in Karnataka Power Corporation, etc. Yet, he aims to do better in academics. He even took the GATE once again this year. I was totally astonished listening to this and clarified whether there is any other better institute or branch. But, he as already at the best place to do the masters. I joked if he planned to join the 1st year classes once again. Determination is something to be learnt. He is a living example to show that when you are really interested in what you are doing, it becomes a game for you and keep hitting centuries

Santosh, Mallu, Ravindra and I went back to Rajajinagar. Santosh packed his bags and left to Chennai. And we three went to Attiguppe to meet Mallu's friend. My intention was to browse internet at his friend's room. I was awake till long time and completed a few pending works. I even created a Google group for my batchmates to join so that we can facilitate easier communication

On 15th morning, I went back home. I had nothing to do. I remembered that Col Somashekar Basappanavar stayed near by and I had promised to meet him when I come to Bengaluru next time. I called him and went to meet him. He was at Shashi Alabur sir's office in Basaweshwar Nagar. We spoke mainly about the previous day's meet and certain other matters solely relating to the Ajeets. I got clarifications on certain issues that had been questioned when our batchmates met yesterday

I returned back and slept. Suddenly, I remembered that I had to meet Harsha Marad, Roll no. 3173, Adilshahi house, today. I called Raghu and took his number. Raghu, Harsha and Sucheet stayed together at Snowdrop block, Keerthi Flora, ITPL Road, Whitefield. I reached there in 2 hours (great journey). I was meeting him almost after 2 years and it was a good feeling. We even tried to pull in Rajshekar Laddimath and Vittal Koujalgi to the meet but that did not happen. We spoke for quite a long time

The next day, 16th Feb 2010 was a full tour across the Bangalore city after quite a long time. Read more at

This particular tour of Bengaluru, I don't know why, has been a demotivating one from the angle of me moving to Bengaluru. I had this whole plan of shifting to Bengaluru alongwith my family. However, now, I am going a serious relook to it. The kind of traffic and inconvenience that is there in the city is quite crippling. 2 years back, I would love this city in every angle. The city has been in fact growing for good. But I don't know what made me feel like its a worthless city to stay. The passion did not seem to be there for me. Even in one of my previous post (when I came to Bangalore from Hyderabad), I mentioned that Bangalore does not appear glittering to me. Is it so? Or is it because Hyderabad's dazzle was a far brighter than Bangalore's glitter?

I believe, the latter one seems to be true

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  1. You people doing great job and I feel the meet was successful as it accomplished it's objective good going keep it up.