Thursday, 18 March 2010

Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T Kiyosaki is a must read for life...

I started reading this book on Feb 13 2010 when I was going to Bengaluru to attend an alumni meet. The book was so interesting that I was engrossed in reading it. I could complete about 40% of it in my journey in the train. After that, I could not make much time but I kept reading whenever possible. And today, on 18 March 2010, I am happy to say that I have completed reading this one wonderful book which has given a totally different insight to life

I loved the book mainly because it discussed those ideas which were running in my brain. While I read, I felt as if the book was written for me. Its one fantastic treasure that Robert T Kiyosaki & Sharon Lechter have provided to the mankind. No doubt, it has been the #1 New York Times Bestseller

The principles taught in the book are very helpful to everyone who wishes to achieve financial freedom. If not financial freedom, it shall at least help you getting out of financial struggles

I had a thought of reading this book from quite a long time. While most thoughts given in the book are that I had learnt as a part of my life, there were many other which I had to learn and look with a different angle. One difficult point that I found was that the book spoke a lot about investing into real estate when values go down. But I never see real estate values going down. It also speaks about finding bargain deals. But finding bargain deals itself can not become a regular business as bargain deals are not found always. Yet, the book says that we have to keep our eyes open to find them. This is something that I felt a little impractical

The comparision between the way the rich think and the way poor think is illustrated beautifuly by referring to Rich Dad & Poor Dad, the 2 fathers of the author. One gave birth to him and one made him what he is
It illustrates all the excuses the poor give to stay poor like I am not interested, I don't work for money, I am very busy, etc. Every penny that you earn can be used in different ways. Spending it on a party will make you poor, using it as a down payment for a loan or an EMI for a loan makes you middle class and investing it for income makes you rich. He shows why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer

It speaks strongly about building assets. Assets are those that generate income. He also says that our house may not be an asset but a liability. Poor and middle class feel that homes, vehicles, consumer goods, etc are assets while they actually are liabilities. The rich do not pay for such things from their incomes. They pay for such items through the income generated from their assets

There are 3 kinds of income. One is earned income. It is the actual salary/commission/profit made by a person from his work. Second is a passive income which may be rental income, income from a network marketing company, etc. Third one is a portfolio income which comes in form of interests, dividends, etc from investments. The rich has high levels of income no. 2 and 3 while the poor spend all life trying to earn income no. 1

One must always go for a job but that is not sufficient. One must also run a small business of his own. It may be something that can earn him some income. Once this business becomes large enough, he may retire

There are a lot of points that we can learn from the book and I recommend it as a must read for everyone

For those who wish to are ready to dare, he gives 10 steps to get started
  1. The power of spirit- I need a reason greater than reality
  2. The power of choice- I choose daily
  3. The power of association- I choose friends carefully
  4. The power of learning quickly- I master a formula and then learn a new one
  5. The power of self discipline- I pay myself first
  6. The power of good advice- I pay my brokers well
  7. The power of getting something for nothing- I am an Indian Giver
  8. The power of focus- I buy luxuries using my assets
  9. The power of myth- I feel like a hero
  10. The power of giving- I teach and I receive

Its one power recommendation to everyone to get ahead, get a copy of the book and read & digest the content

Learn all that you never learnt in 15-20 years of life at school & colleges. We learn so much in life but we never learn money. Thats how we feel money as such a complicated subject

So, learn about money and how it works and soon

You shall stop working for money and let your money work for you

Friday, 5 March 2010

What's the big deal with a birthday... Something definitely is...

It comes once in a year and by its nature, it keeps one so curious that a person keeps thinking of it so often and feels happiest when it comes. Its a day when you expect the whole world to love and care and wish you. Its the day when you were born in one of the previous years. And if you calculate the current year (2010) minus the year of birth (1987), the resulting number (2010-1987=23) is 'n' and its your 'n'th (23rd) birthday implying that you landed on this planet n (23) years back. Welcome to the world of Birthdays!!! The most celebrated days in a person's life

I too had one, just today, its still going on. I have another 99 minutes to end this day. Of course, the activities of these days have been well defined by the younger generation. You get calls at 12 in the night and keep awake till 1, 2 or all night if you have a so called girlfriend or boyfriend. You spend the day cutting a few cakes and getting the cream on your skin. You visit a restaurant and party lavishly. People who like it, might end up in a pub/disco towards the end of the day. All your work becomes secondary. You are at your spendthrift best today. You will buy anything for anyone today if he/she wishes you (with a gift). It becomes a kind of happiness of life and you you have a lot of fun. More so, if you have a bunch of like minded friends

Of course, my day too has gone in a similar manner. I had a bad mood yesterday. I had been to a doctor in the evening. I have this problem in my nose which is getting serious with each passing day. I was explained the usuals of getting a X-Ray, a Scan and then an Operation. The problem, I never thought, is so serious. I decided to meet another doctor before taking any decision. I came home, had food and went to bed having no idea (running in my instant memory- conscious mind) that it was my birthday the next day. I put my cell on a silent mode and went to bed. Some noise woke me. I looked around to see nothing. I took my cell to check the time. It was 11.59 pm and there were 3 missed calls. Before I could see, I could see that I was getting a call from Priyanka. It instantly hit me that it was to wish me. I recieved the call and thanked her and slept back. And then, in a couple of minutes, my entire family woke me up. My elder sister, Sushma & younger one, Spurti had got a cake. I blew the candles, the ballon burst and the cake was cut. 23 years of life on earth were signalled to have come to an end. So, life had lost one more year. Amidst confused thoughts that were rocketing my head, I put a piece of cake in everyone's mouth. It was a real surprise and I loved it. I guess, it was the first time I cut a cake at midnight in my home

I thanked God and then my dad and mom for every support, sacrifice, love and blessings ushered over me

I went to bed and could see that my mobile phone was ringing. However, I avoided picking up as my mind was in some sort of confusion. It was in some dilemma which was taking all my energy. And I did not want to upset anyone who had been awake till now and trying to wish me by not speaking properly

The usual thoughts of what happened in these 23 years, whats going to happen, what at least this life is, what is its purpose and all that went on at a higher thought level today which I choose to ignore from writing over here

I got up early in the morning and went to ISKCON. I don't know why I was feel quite sad today. I thought, 'What at least is this day?', 'Whats the deal in it?' and so on. A very beautiful pooja and aarti bhajan is done at the temple at 7 am which goes on for full 1 hour. Its heaven. Its serious heaven. I would sincerely suggest everyone to go here and keep your eyes open. Lord Krishna Balarama idol in the temple can not be seen initially. A curtain is put on the door. During the aarti, the curtain is moved slowly and when you see that, you just forget everything in this world. Its an experience that will make you feel good for a lifetime. It has so much energy. I attended almost 75-80% of the pooja and came out. The amount of energy these vibes fill in you is great. Sometimes, it makes me feel like life is such a fake scene created by human beings. Some selfish human being invented money and made it a standard of measurement. Some buy aeroplanes and some die of hunger. Some complete PhD, PDF, etc and some never go beyond 3rd class. What is this hell that we have created for ourselves? Tomorrow, if our children do not cope up with this and are unable to reach these standards, we would call them failures. And who set these standards??? It was trendy during my father's generation to leave village and get a job in city. Whoever did it was successful. And now, till last year, it was trendy to go to work abroad as a software engineer. I am considered a failure for not having become a software engineer and all software engineers are considered as failures if they are not sent abraod by their companies. What kind of foolish standards have we set? These days, after 6th pay commission, we consider those working in PSUs as successful. Thats why we see a whole lot of software engineers jumping trying to jump out. I don't understand how we accept these rules defined by someone. Are we so mindless? Tomorrow, if some other job/profession is considered successful, we will again run towards that. What is this race???

My mind was going aburst with all these thoughts defining the foolishness of human behaviour. Well, there is nothing much we can do about this. Because, if I am a software engineer and say this, they will tell me that you are also a software engineer, you don't you leave your job? and if I leave my job and say that, they would say, you are a loser and you are feeling jealous at our success. Fun(ny) life

I saw a summary of my life prepared on a powerpoint and it was a such an awesome feeling. I felt really too good and it was the moment of the day. I never knew that powerpoints could be so beautiful. Today, I learnt that there are people who can prepare better (I would prefer the word beautiful in lieu of better but as its my birthday, I have become a little spendthrift with my words) presentations that me and most others who I have seen. I can't write a few things which make me so emotional and feel so good. It was just a thing of beauty that defined joy forever

And now, I started taking calls. A lot of people called. Most of them unexpected and most of the expected ones too. Some calls that I expected to get a wish never wished me and I was stunned. All these beautiful moments are quite a fun to observe keenly. Parimala didi called after a long time. I was told that she tried calling in the night and I was rude to not receive the call. Its a nice feeling when people at least remember you on this day. It becomes a reason for you to communicate at least. I spoke to Siddu and Raju and got scolded for the same reason and of course, wished as well. Some surprise counters were Kiran Kalshetty (now a doctor in Gulbarga), Madhusudan Rao (software engineer in Infy, Chennai), Mahantesh Bhushetty (SE, TechMahindra, Noida), Pradeep Deshnur (SE, TCS, Hyderabad), Santosh AKG (SE, TM, Chennai), Raghavendra (SE, TCS, Bangalore) and many others. I was getting a bad thought in the evening that my ICICI friends in Hyderabad had forgetten me. And instantly, I got a call from Sashmita, Subhashree, Anshu and Maruti. It was quite good speaking to them after a long time as well. What seemed to be fun of the day is that Raghuram called me and I gladly spoke to him. And it was for a different reason. Shivling called for a different reason. Well, human mind, bloody thing, its just lovely to read its perception. I left it free to do whatever it wants and see what results I get to see now. My Orkut and Facebook have been filled with birthday wishes and I need to reply everyone honestly with a thank you message. Naveen and Vivek are calling me now but I did not receive the call as everyone's asleep. Oh! They messaged me. Thank you guys, I will call you tomorrow. Great that you all remembered. And now, I understood, YES, THERE IS SOMETHING ABOUT BIRTHDAYS... ITS DEFINITELY A BIG DEAL... IT BRINGS PEOPLE TOGETHER AMIDST THIS BUSY WORLD DEFINED BY FOOLISH AND SELFISH HUMANS...

I guess, it was a great coincidence today that I went to a movie and it was a first day, first show. The movie starred Ajay Devgan and his name in the movie is PUNEET. Hell, I thought I was dreaming in the theatre. I felt as if, birthday ka thoda jyada nasha chad gaya. But then, it was confirmed that his name was Puneet. Its a big deal because this is a very uncommon name and never did any lead hero use this name. And this being on my birthday, I thought even Warner Brothers planned a surprise for me. And next, he was a writer. And most thoughts were similar to mine. It was delight to watch. The movie was quite good. I can't rate it as a must see but definitely good to see. I forgot, the movie name is 'Athithi! Tum Kab Jaaoge?'

I had been to lunch to the one and the only hotel (for me) in my city with my friends. I just had a very little food as something was being cooked for me at home. I again felt a little irritated about life while having lunch but soon digested it all

I reached home to find that the birthday cuisine was ready. The regular food that I loved to eat was prepared. Poori, Khir, Gajar Halwa and Alu sabji. It was another delicious moment. Though the stomach had no much space, the mouth kept taking it in

I was feeling a little uncomfortable and drowsy. I lied on the bed and fell asleep instantly

It was 6.30 pm and I was woken up. Another surprise stood at the door. Deepak and Priyanka had come. I remember that this happens every year (since the past 5 years except the last one as I was at Hyderabad). Last year was another beautiful celebration. It was a time when I felt, life is perfect and beautiful. In common man's language, life was set. And then, I had again challenged life for something better and now, life is setting

Unfortunately, Priyanka had to leave immediately as her father called her. There was a big problem in city today and a curfew was declared from 7 pm. It was 6.45 pm. It was due to... Forget it... I will keep this topic for some other day. Not now. So, she left immediately and reached home safely. We all felt bad but things were not in our hands

There was a power cut since morning and I had not access to internet the whole day. Deepak and I sat till Sachin came. And then, even they starting getting calls to come home immediately. I thought of waiting for power to come but we had no time. The second cake was cut soon and the electricity came. Was this a surprise planned by God?

My mom loves to make people eat. More if she has prepared some delicacies. Sachin and Deepak took that position today. After having some little food, they left immediately to home

And thus, the day has almost come to an end. Another 20 minutes to go for the date to change. One thing I have always observed. I never ever studied on my birthday (I am not saying that I study on other days). In fact, when I was in school days, one or the exam would be there on my birthday. My younger sister has her social studies exam tomorrow. I thought of taking them to Cafe Coffee Day but the curfew thing had closed the city and ended the party before it begun

All in all, it was a nice day. I felt quite good. And the presentation that I saw in the morning is one of the most beautiful points of my life till date. This day, 05 March 2010, will be remembered by me for that

Love you all people in my small world who make my world complete
If I ever hurt you or do any wrong, do slap me and correct me
I am thankful to you all for ushering all your wishes and prayers
I pray for you all and wish you a great life too
Thank you God for this lovely gift called life