Thursday, 29 April 2010

Felicitation functions.. Sort of motivational seminars..

Whats the difference between a felicitation function and a motivational seminar? I had this question my mind since a long time. It was untill yesterday that this question remained vaguely answered in my mind. I got a befitting answer in the felicitation function aka motivational seminar held yesterday to felicitate super achievers from the Ajeets family (yet again, 'Ajeets' means the alumni of Sainik School, Bijapur)

It was long since we Ajeets at Hubli met. I remember the last time we met was to felicitate Ajeet P S Vastrad on being conferred with IAS. Our felicitation was so motivational that Mr Vastrad moved out from wherever he was and he, now, is the Commissioner of HDMC (Hubli Dharwad Municipal Corporation). This was way back in 2006 or 2007. Ever since then, there were no get togethers of the Hubli Dharwad chapters. I was quite keen to do something in this regard but I was tied up with my activities. All I could only put a word here and there

Finally, I got an SMS from Ajeet Maltesh Jeevannavar which said
Kindly attend felicitation function to
Ajeet Siddalingayya Hiremath - KAS
Smt Bharati Patil (w/o Ajeet Basavraj Patil)- Deputy Mayor, HDMC
Ajeet Ashok Dalwai - IAS. Transferred back to Karnataka. UIAI, Bangalore
Venue: Hotel Woodlands @ 7 pm on 28 April 2010
I was quite happy to read this message that indicated the achievements of Ajeets. I was more happy that the Ajeets family is so humble. I am sure that no one else would do such things like appreciating others (rather people feel jealous at other's success). But what was a happier indication to me was that the Ajeets of Hubli Dharwad would be meeting after a long time

The time and day came. I had called Veeresh in the afternoon (my batchmate & housemate from SSBJ who is now working as a Lecturer at VDRIT Engineering College, Haliyal) and he had promised to come. I logged in to the place amidst a little rain to find a few people on the place. I spoke to almost everyone as I knew all of them. The strength was increasing slowly and by 8 pm, the hall was full. I never thought that there are so many Ajeets in Hubli-Dharwad. It was amazing to see the numbers

The function began with a invocational song. And then, a series of dignitories began their speeches

Ajeet Maltesh Jeevannavar introduced the felicitees and welcomed everyone to the functional in his unique style. There was lot of hear about Mr. Dalwai. It was a delight to hear about the love and affection he has earned from the common people in all the areas that he worked. It was also fun to hear that how 1975 batch keep boasting saying that they are classmates of Ashok Dalwai. A serious listener with his ears open would have got the message deep into his brain

Ajeet Ajaykumar Sarnaik, who had come all the way from Bagalkot (which was denied by Prof Sidhram Nadagouda saying that he did not come 'all the way from Bagalkot' but 'just came from Bagalkot') congratulated everyone and spoke a little about politics and its humours

Ajeet Annasaheb Jolle, as usual, had more actions than speech

Ajeet Mahesh Mashal, the Adept foundation founder, congratulated everyone and spoke a little about success. He encouraged everyone to get their families to such meets. He also said that there is a reason why most Ajeets do not get their families to Ajeets function, he did not disclose it

Ajeet R M Hosamani congratulated all the achievers and wished them luck

Ajeet C S Hunshal, referred as founder of this revolution called OBA, spoke about some important elements. Towards the end, as usual, kept insisiting that its time for him to retire and stop speaking but nobody agreed to this

Ajeet Sidhram Nadagouda spoke towards the end to thank all the participants of this function. Of course, the largest share of the thanks was to Mr. Jeevannavar who was the one behind this meet happen

I might have missed out some. If so, please blame it on my poor memory

Oh, don't think that the felicitees did not speak or I forget that. Its the core of this function. My memory is not so bad

Ajeet Siddalingayya Hiremath spoke about his career. It was something unique. After having put in 8 years of service in the Armed Forces, he wrote KAS and qualified. He wrote KAS once again and got the 5th rank to the entire Karnataka state. And go ahead, listen to him, he says that he has still 2 attempts to crack the IAS. Wow, that a one in a million kind of a statement that I heard. He was humble enough to say that if he can clear KAS, any Ajeet can. All it required was sincere efforts and dedication. It was good to hear him

Ms. Bharati Patil thanked the Ajeets for this felicitation. She was happy that this was a real felicitation and not a felicitation to fulfill demands. And its now that I understood the difference between a felicitation and a motivational seminar. In a felicitation, you listen to someone so that you can demand something from him. In a motivational seminar, you listen to someone and he demands something for listening to him (fees). So, attending felicitations is, in some way, attending a motivational seminar at no cost. Madam was quite brave to say that BJP will continue to rule in Karnataka. She had glaring examples of the work that the government had done. She was all praise for Mr Yedyurappa government which is doing work for real. Indeed, listening to the live examples, I had to nod my head. Everyone applauded her and said that she should contest elections and become mayor and them MP and then a minister

The thought of Mr Devegouda & Mr Kumaraswamy still reminds me of Santa Banta playing with the chair. What have they given to Karnataka except Devegouda Petrol Pump(s) & Kumaraswamy Layout(s)?

Ajeet Ashok Dalwai spoke a lot about 'Adhyatma'. Perhaps, as he mentioned, it was the Ramakrishna Mission effect. He spoke about life, career, truth, honesty and many other aspects. He also highlighted something very important which struck my mind like an arrow, 'What is, now, important is not just becoming IAS or KAS or joining good job, etc. but the more important aspect is how quick are you getting into it'. This is so true, especially, if you have decided to spend all your life in the same profession

All this was a brief about the meet. It was finally disclosed, a known fact that, 'Felicitation tho ek bahana hai... The purpose was to organize a get together...'

The dinner begun. I had a good dine. Veeresh was too busy learning lessons from Mr. Siddalingayya Hiremath. I spoke with all the Ajeets I knew. Sadly, the drawback remains. At any Ajeet meet, though there are so many people, we never get to know others at all. There is no open socialization. Perhaps, the bonding between batches is so strong that it doesn't let you see around. Though I have been thinking, I have not found any way to resolve this. Unknown Ajeets are no less than strangers

On my way home, I thought that I must also do IAS. I laughed at myself and said, 'Of course, felicitation functions are no less than motivational seminars'. But then, a serious thought. Students at SSBJ are trained to join the Armed Forces. Only 10-20% of each batch gets into the forces. All the remaining people get into the latest trending jobs. For the last decade, the IT field is the most trending and almost everyone is an Engineer. No matter what engineering stream you study, you become a software engineer. A few are still passionate about medicine and become doctors. When a person is trained to join Army, why doesn't he join Administrative Services? The passing percentage of UPSC examinations at SSBJ is more than 80% (Last year, it was 90%). How different is this UPSC exam from the IAS Prelims? Why are students not trying for this?

I posed these questions to myself. The answer was very clear. Lack of awareness. We all know that there is something called as IAS exams but we never know a word more than that. It would be of great help to students if a seminar is arranged on how to go about this. While I was thinking on these lines, I even got another thought. How many Ajeets write IAS exams? If I look at my last 3-4 batches, I can say, 8-10 people out of 200-250 people. The numbers might be worse when we go to older batches as all of them got good jobs as software engineers and were exported to the US/UK. That was the trend. These days, the PSU jobs trend is picking up and more people are taking up such opportunities

Why not make it compulsory to write IAS exam? (It costs just Rs 100 only). Just like how SSBJ has made it compulsory to write UPSC exam two times compulsory, why not make IAS exams also compulsory? At least, there will be some interest amongst the students. Most students can focus and plan things. Students who are not interested, just give the attendance and come back

Now I know why they say, 'In our nation, nothing starts happening till it is made compulsory'

Sunday, 25 April 2010

SDM Society... When will you stop killing students???

Yesterday was yet another black day for a large number of people in the SDM College of Engineering because of yet another death, rather murder, of a student of the college. Kiran, a student studying MBA in the newly begun Department of Management Studies, was the victim this time. While his classmates all students were shattered, it was nothing new for the teachers and the principal of the college who, if not smiled, were indifferent

The incident is reported to have happened at 8.30 am on the same railway track which takes lives of students every year. One could browse through the records of the SDM College and find the record of all such deaths. Yet, no one is bothered. Mainly, the college is not. The society that runs this college in the name of Sri Dharmastala Manjunatheshwara is builing new institutions every day but not ready to built a small underbridge or overbridge for this college which is the most beautiful and oldest feather in the cap of SDM institutions. Mr. Veerendra Heggade, are you listening? I have heard you speak last time at SDM itself. Sorry, it might be a little wrong on my part as you are quite elder to me. But you spoke nothing except money. You spoke how much the building costed and how difficult it was to built it and all that stuff. Did you ever bother to do something to save the lives of innocent people dying here? Did you bother about those parents who will face a lifetime disaster with such events? Why are deaths so common in your college? Wake up Mr. Heggade, its not because of Vaastu. If you change the entrance of the building to the back of it and vice-versa, that will not help. And if you really believe in God, I am yet again sorry to point out that your institutions have more photographs of you on the wall than of God. Are you God or have you become Late Mr. Heggade? You have not but you have made many people lose their lives due to your negligence

Coming to the particulars of the incident

  1. The SDM college has its entrance at such a place which is quite far for most people. People, instead of going around such a large campus (2 kms), park their vehicle at the back gate and enter the college. There is a railway track between this parking place and the college campus
  2. A number of deaths have happened on this track. Yet, the college has not taken any steps towards doing something. Each time someone dies, they close the back gate of build a big wall so that no one can use that route. After some days, inconvenience peeps in, and they open the gates or break the wall
  3. Kiran parked his vehicle at around 8.30 am and was crossing the same track. He stays in his uncle's home and his parents had come to visit him the previos day. They bought him a cell phone. At this time, when he was just going towards the college, he got a call from his parents who informed them that they were returning back to their place. Kiran was in a great hurry
  4. A new rule has been made at SDM college. The students who come late the college on any day (even by one second) are supposed to pay a fine of Rs 500 (Rupees Five hundered only). Kiran, a boy from a middle class family who has grown in finacial problems, had this in his mind. He even uttered these words too to them that he is about to enter college now and in case of delay, he will have to pay a fine of Rs 500
  5. What happened next & why? There are many versions and Kiran is not with us today to tell us the truth. But the result is before us. An unkind train had Kiran in its fate. His body was broken into several pieces. The nearby canteen owner, used to such incidents, said to himself, 'God, may this not be another death', before he came out. But, God had not heard him
  6. Reasons might be many. May be he did not hear the train because he was on the phone. Or may be, he heard the train but he was determined not to be tortured for Rs 500 and he risked his life for it
What happened next was something worse than this

  1. When students ran to check if he is alive, they could see his heart beat. His brain was visible. A part of his leg was meshed by the train. The bigger people (need I call them teachers, I feel sad) stood and witnessed the show. The biggest ones (the people who run the institution) did not even bother to come to the spot. The students tried to call ambulance but the ambulance were on strike. The bigger ones asked the smaller ones to stay away rather than to offer help
  2. And then, the sound of another train was heard. The bigger ones now asked the smaller ones to leave it and come off. When the smaller ones asked help to move the body out of the track, the bigger ones refused. In fact, one very knowledgeable big man said, 'The train will run on the track. And the body is between the track. Thus, when the train goes, it will not hit the body. So, you move away, nothing will happen to the body', and smiled. Need we such great creativity?
  3. But the the students took 2 red dupattas and went on both directions and the train was stopped for a minute. By now, Kiran had breathed his last seeing the most unkind people on this earth. He and his body parts, wherever available, were collected and placed beside the track
Whatever happened further has a lot of versions again. The truth is the students protested against the principal and the principal did not feel like coming out of his AC chamber. Soon, the lecturers came into play and things went weird


All they asked for is some basic infrastructure by building a small underbridge. And this was opposed by the college saying that its the duty of the railways and not the college's responsibility. But then, I wish to ask, how many days will the college keep blaming the railways? Ever since the inception of this college, these incidents have been happening and yet, there is no value for human life. Educational institutions, at least, should not have turned commercial. But today, unluckily, education has turned the most lucrative business. Though the McKinsey's reports are hitting at us saying that only 25% of engineering students, 12% of finance students & 8% of other disciplines are employable, we never bothered to improve our quality. Institutions never worry about students, their careers or even their lives. For them, what matter is the the pace at which they collect money and the pace at which they can open new colleges

What surprises me is that these institutions build new buildings worth crores of rupees but they are not ready to build a small bridge that might cost a few lacs. I thought why and I felt, may be, the buildings earn them revenue but the bridge will not. This is pure business. Who is worried about life? In fact, if someone dies, we can get a new student and another Rs 2 lacs from him/her

After all this that happened live on the premises of the college in the presence of media, the final playoff was more interesting. The final playoff was in the newspaper. It contained a story of how using headphones can take lives. Go, get life you moneysuckers, he never had a headphone. I understood that the reports have been totally manipulated to preserve the prestige of the college and ensure that the public does not throw stones on them. Further, the college also had a strong point to defend itself that there is an underbridge about 100 metres away from this spot. And students are not using this. If you really want the students to use that path, why have you left this path open? Further, why dont you build your back gate in front of that bridge? Why have you kept it at a wrong place? Stop playing with lives of people. You might win legally and justify. But, your conscience will not let you sleep. I am sure, you might have experienced this yesterday. Thats why, you had no guts to walk up to the spot

I thought, I need to protest on this. But then, who would listen to me. SDM? Railways? Government? Media? The students too will shut their mouths with the fear of losing their marks

So, I just thought, let me do my part by bringing out the truth. There might be more to this as well. And my final advice to you, like the newspapers, please be careful while using cellphones because they can take lives. Did SDM purchase me as well??? Or did I give up like the students fearing for their marks???

May the departed souls rest in peace. May the Lord give the strength to parents to bear this loss. May Lord listen to my prayer and may not innocent students die. May educational institutions focus at least a little on education and student life along with money. May the SDM society wake up to truth and do something

Strong Alone in life... Either you can be a big success or a consistent failure...

Writing a blog was such a beautiful activity of my life. An act that I treasured and an act for which I would love myself. The activity has reduced considerably and thereby reducing the love. Of course, there is nothing much happening in life and I have got nothing to write. Neither do I work nor do I go out of home nor do I come across people nor do I do any business nor have I been able to even do things that are basic for human survival. These days I feel the basic activities like having food, taking bath, etc as a burden in life. I have turned into a crap which the scrap sellers too wouldn't bother to take. Now, I have to agree that I did one of the biggest mistake of my life by dreaming. Dreams are very bad if the appropriate actions can not be taken to fulfill them. Someone has rightly pointed out, 'Don't dare to dream if you do not have the will to fulfill it'. And if you do, you are only spoiling your life. A live example for this is my life

I just imagined what has been happening over the past 4 months in my life. I left my job with an objective to study for ICWAI examinations. This was the first mistake. Having known that I am only a good scorer when it comes to marks but not a good reader, I should not have done this. I thought that I would receive the support that was promised to me while I was leaving the job but that never came. Whenever it came, either it was a lie or an effort to make use of me. Something that hit me just yesterday was the loss that I have bared in the process of trying to make dreams come true. It stands at an astounding Rs 1.2 lacs. Rupees One lac Twenty Thousand only. That's my salary for 5 months plus the savings that I had in the name of provident fund, deposits, etc that I had to break for survival. This learning has been quite hurting. Moreover, there is nothing to compensate for this hurt. Had I at least studied something, I could have told something to console myself. What do I have to smile about now? Of course, I can laugh on me for all achievements I did in the recent times

In the month of January, I left the coaching classes that I had joined in Bangalore giving reasons like I can not pay the fees, I can bear the cost of living for 5 months, etc. which were, partly, true. However, the main reason why I came to Hubli was some other issue that was troubling and, I thought, my presence would make a difference. I guess it did a little difference but it made a great difference to my life. I have never achieved anything worthwhile staying at home. Being at home means getting lazy and feeling bored all the time having no work. January came to an end

In the month of February, I realised this very soon that staying here will only rust me. I quickly started looking for options. I started looking for jobs in Bangalore. I found some but again there were some misunderstandings which stopped me for going for them. In the process of fighting these misunderstandings, February came to an end

In the month of March, I had almost become a loser having no options in life. I had declared to myself that nothing good will ever happen in life and this is how it is. I thought I should do something in Hubli at least to credit something to my bank account. The savings were drying up with regular debits and I was badly in need of some credits. By now, I had become lazy enough to not work. So, I started looking easier ways. I could not find any. Finally, I had to choose the way that had been an infection to me in the past. I was supposed to strictly avoid this as I did not want to fall into temptation. But then, things were so worse that I had no option either. Thus begun a fresh stock market journey and March came to an end

In the month of April, things appeared very lovely on the first day. It was one of the best April Fools day of my life. I thought that a new year (financial year) is beginning and I need to restart life. I logged on to YouTube and downloaded a lot of inspirational videos and watched them for 1 full day. The next day, I realised that inspirational videos do not have any effect on life. I failed yet again. I looked back at the number of time I had planned and it was mind blowing. I understood that another of my biggest mistake was that I thought of being a CA which is not possible in my life. I even wasted Rs 1600 for the examination fees now. And till these exams are over, I can not do anything as the mind will always be on this. The lazy mind has got a reason to reject every activity till then. I left the job for sake of writing CWApersists

I even thought of killing everything in my life and starting afresh. But then, how many times can I keep killing. I have done it enough number of times already. I suddenly got a thought of becoming a teacher/lecturer so that I can forget myself amidst the big crowd of students. I have thought so much about my life that I do not want to think anymore of it. Being in a college would make me think about lives of students and, perhaps, this would be a big relief from the irritations that I am facing for the moment. I even attempted for the same but I learnt that it is mandatory to have a post graduation qualification from an university approved by UGC. I do not have that. So, I had to give up on this thought as well. The SCDL gives me a PG Diploma in Business Administration which is equivalent to MBA that is given by UGC recognized universities for practical purposes. But then, that is not true here as there is a specific mention that the PG has to be from UGC recognized universities only. I realised another foolish step that I had taken. I also realised what big mistake I did by not enrolling for MCom external. I was very keen on this but I could not co-ordinate things by the last date for applying for the same

Another development in my life is that I have become so worthless that things like Orkut, FaceBook, and now Twitter, have become my primary activities. I have so much time to waste and not a single second to make use of because the most basic factor for making use of time is missing

You can be alone only when you really don't have anyone. Any attempt to be alone when there are people for you and you know that well, then, you will only end up losing. Alone are those people who are really alone. And only such people can succeed being alone. Others can not. Because each time you are trying to be alone or away from the world, you are hurting yourself. And one can not fake oneself for long

I eagerly wait for May 15 when I will be free of all this hell and I will get back to work. And never will I ever think of leaving job. A big good bye to entrepreneurship. It can not happen till either you are not getting any job anywhere or you have enough money to throw around and one of such throw offs will hit success. For middle class people like me, its better to do a job and live life. Enough of Robert Kiyosaki or Robin Sharma or CEDOK or anything else asking me to leave job and all that stuff

One can either be strong or alone. Not both

Monday, 12 April 2010

Jindagi do pal ki... Intezar kab tak hum karenge bhala...

Its about 20 days since I wrote the last post on this blog and almost 40 days since I wrote on this blog about me or my life. Of course, there is nothing to write. Nothing's new, nothing's exciting, nothing's happening, nothing's worth writing about. People believe that I always make something or the other thing out of nothing but I have given them a tough challenge to remain stuck to these views. What can be a stronger evidence than me not believing in this thought anymore? Sometimes, people can not make anything out of everything though they make something out of nothing. Perhaps, its a better idea to have nothing rather than have everything because nothing makes you go and get something while everything makes you sit and laze. The fun with me is that I, perhaps, have everything resulting in making me nothing

Life has been like a fool's race with no purpose. I have been wandering mentally from one arena to another at a lightning speed. While I am browsing one thought, the other would have overtaken it leaving the former far behind. And each time, I keep leaving only traces on each thought thus nothing becoming an action. Its like skating on the surface of water. No matter how much you skate on it, you are going to be drowned ultimately

The calender has been changing dates for me and I have been postponing the dates of the scheduled work. Its so difficult to match the speed of the calender. Before even I postpone my dates, the calender would have gotten new dates and I need to sit and postpone them once again

In simplest words, over the past 101 days, all that has been done by me is ZERO work. I am proudly ashamed to tell this but I have no option either. Nothing has worked at all. Specially, the thought of studies is something that has never worked in my life. Its a baseless thought. I never succeeded in it. I get surprised beyond anything when I see that Karnataka University once ranked me amongst its top 10 graduates. That was a past time. Today, yet again, the rust on the iron is so high that, forget the shine, the iron is not able to show up itself. And only God knows how long will it take for him to clear the rust for my efforts have yield no results

CA is yet again a dream far from reality. I guess, I have made life's biggest mistakes whenever I have thought about this. Each time I have tried to do something in the name of CA, I have been a big loser. I have not only lost in it but other activities as well as I lose a lot of time in its name. I have spent nearly 7 years losing this battle and other battles due to this. I recently read, 'If you do not quit even after losing many times, losing becomes a habit'. This is an eye opener for me. I started up only CWA studies after getting this gyan but soon, where would the mind listen, I again fell back in to the trap designed to fool me

Give up, give it up. I told myself so many times but I don't know why it doesn't listen. At some point of time, I ensured that I will never fall in this trap by deciding to go to IFBI & then joining ICICI Bank and purely concentrating on career development through hard core work. But then, one fine day, this peeped in. And from then, life has been uneasy

I don't know how many more years is this thought going to haunt me for. The only way to get rid is to clear it but that is not getting possible more because of the rusted mind. To remove the rust, I need to clear it and to clear it, I need to remove the rust. It sounds something like, 'Does the hen come first or the egg?'

May 4th is about 18 days from now. Can I study 1 subject in 3 days and can something happen? Look, falling in the trap once again and that too, so openly. Have you seen a bigger blinding?

Let me fall in this once again for the one last time. Here's some attempt to put a schedule (which shall postpone itself till exams get over and ease this tensed life). MAKE or BREAK. Its the final call. I need to be totally firm on this decision now. I had a big dream of joining the Armed Forces. But, I had a firm decision that I will attend the SSB once only. If I clear, well and good. Else, no looking back. That strength of decision making is now needed. Perhaps, I was doing SSB for me and it did not make difference to anyone's life for me to have a second thought. But CA is something that I am not at all doing for me. It may not make any difference to my life. It will only add to other's wishes, hopes, aspirations and dreams. I dared to forget Army and forget my dreams in its connection as they were mine. But these are not mine

Here, I step into the web of hopeless attempt to do something hopeful which shall result into more hopelessness

Auditing- 13, 14
Business & Corporate Laws- 15, 16
Cost Accounting- 17, 18
Financial Management- 19, 20
Income Tax- 21, 22
Central Sales Tax/Service Tax- 23
Accounting- 24, 25, 26, 27
Information Technology- 28, 29

I am still left with 1 day to spare... What an utter foolishness!!!

PS: My left eye has started blinking yet again while I started writing the later part of this post