Thursday, 29 April 2010

Felicitation functions.. Sort of motivational seminars..

Whats the difference between a felicitation function and a motivational seminar? I had this question my mind since a long time. It was untill yesterday that this question remained vaguely answered in my mind. I got a befitting answer in the felicitation function aka motivational seminar held yesterday to felicitate super achievers from the Ajeets family (yet again, 'Ajeets' means the alumni of Sainik School, Bijapur)

It was long since we Ajeets at Hubli met. I remember the last time we met was to felicitate Ajeet P S Vastrad on being conferred with IAS. Our felicitation was so motivational that Mr Vastrad moved out from wherever he was and he, now, is the Commissioner of HDMC (Hubli Dharwad Municipal Corporation). This was way back in 2006 or 2007. Ever since then, there were no get togethers of the Hubli Dharwad chapters. I was quite keen to do something in this regard but I was tied up with my activities. All I could only put a word here and there

Finally, I got an SMS from Ajeet Maltesh Jeevannavar which said
Kindly attend felicitation function to
Ajeet Siddalingayya Hiremath - KAS
Smt Bharati Patil (w/o Ajeet Basavraj Patil)- Deputy Mayor, HDMC
Ajeet Ashok Dalwai - IAS. Transferred back to Karnataka. UIAI, Bangalore
Venue: Hotel Woodlands @ 7 pm on 28 April 2010
I was quite happy to read this message that indicated the achievements of Ajeets. I was more happy that the Ajeets family is so humble. I am sure that no one else would do such things like appreciating others (rather people feel jealous at other's success). But what was a happier indication to me was that the Ajeets of Hubli Dharwad would be meeting after a long time

The time and day came. I had called Veeresh in the afternoon (my batchmate & housemate from SSBJ who is now working as a Lecturer at VDRIT Engineering College, Haliyal) and he had promised to come. I logged in to the place amidst a little rain to find a few people on the place. I spoke to almost everyone as I knew all of them. The strength was increasing slowly and by 8 pm, the hall was full. I never thought that there are so many Ajeets in Hubli-Dharwad. It was amazing to see the numbers

The function began with a invocational song. And then, a series of dignitories began their speeches

Ajeet Maltesh Jeevannavar introduced the felicitees and welcomed everyone to the functional in his unique style. There was lot of hear about Mr. Dalwai. It was a delight to hear about the love and affection he has earned from the common people in all the areas that he worked. It was also fun to hear that how 1975 batch keep boasting saying that they are classmates of Ashok Dalwai. A serious listener with his ears open would have got the message deep into his brain

Ajeet Ajaykumar Sarnaik, who had come all the way from Bagalkot (which was denied by Prof Sidhram Nadagouda saying that he did not come 'all the way from Bagalkot' but 'just came from Bagalkot') congratulated everyone and spoke a little about politics and its humours

Ajeet Annasaheb Jolle, as usual, had more actions than speech

Ajeet Mahesh Mashal, the Adept foundation founder, congratulated everyone and spoke a little about success. He encouraged everyone to get their families to such meets. He also said that there is a reason why most Ajeets do not get their families to Ajeets function, he did not disclose it

Ajeet R M Hosamani congratulated all the achievers and wished them luck

Ajeet C S Hunshal, referred as founder of this revolution called OBA, spoke about some important elements. Towards the end, as usual, kept insisiting that its time for him to retire and stop speaking but nobody agreed to this

Ajeet Sidhram Nadagouda spoke towards the end to thank all the participants of this function. Of course, the largest share of the thanks was to Mr. Jeevannavar who was the one behind this meet happen

I might have missed out some. If so, please blame it on my poor memory

Oh, don't think that the felicitees did not speak or I forget that. Its the core of this function. My memory is not so bad

Ajeet Siddalingayya Hiremath spoke about his career. It was something unique. After having put in 8 years of service in the Armed Forces, he wrote KAS and qualified. He wrote KAS once again and got the 5th rank to the entire Karnataka state. And go ahead, listen to him, he says that he has still 2 attempts to crack the IAS. Wow, that a one in a million kind of a statement that I heard. He was humble enough to say that if he can clear KAS, any Ajeet can. All it required was sincere efforts and dedication. It was good to hear him

Ms. Bharati Patil thanked the Ajeets for this felicitation. She was happy that this was a real felicitation and not a felicitation to fulfill demands. And its now that I understood the difference between a felicitation and a motivational seminar. In a felicitation, you listen to someone so that you can demand something from him. In a motivational seminar, you listen to someone and he demands something for listening to him (fees). So, attending felicitations is, in some way, attending a motivational seminar at no cost. Madam was quite brave to say that BJP will continue to rule in Karnataka. She had glaring examples of the work that the government had done. She was all praise for Mr Yedyurappa government which is doing work for real. Indeed, listening to the live examples, I had to nod my head. Everyone applauded her and said that she should contest elections and become mayor and them MP and then a minister

The thought of Mr Devegouda & Mr Kumaraswamy still reminds me of Santa Banta playing with the chair. What have they given to Karnataka except Devegouda Petrol Pump(s) & Kumaraswamy Layout(s)?

Ajeet Ashok Dalwai spoke a lot about 'Adhyatma'. Perhaps, as he mentioned, it was the Ramakrishna Mission effect. He spoke about life, career, truth, honesty and many other aspects. He also highlighted something very important which struck my mind like an arrow, 'What is, now, important is not just becoming IAS or KAS or joining good job, etc. but the more important aspect is how quick are you getting into it'. This is so true, especially, if you have decided to spend all your life in the same profession

All this was a brief about the meet. It was finally disclosed, a known fact that, 'Felicitation tho ek bahana hai... The purpose was to organize a get together...'

The dinner begun. I had a good dine. Veeresh was too busy learning lessons from Mr. Siddalingayya Hiremath. I spoke with all the Ajeets I knew. Sadly, the drawback remains. At any Ajeet meet, though there are so many people, we never get to know others at all. There is no open socialization. Perhaps, the bonding between batches is so strong that it doesn't let you see around. Though I have been thinking, I have not found any way to resolve this. Unknown Ajeets are no less than strangers

On my way home, I thought that I must also do IAS. I laughed at myself and said, 'Of course, felicitation functions are no less than motivational seminars'. But then, a serious thought. Students at SSBJ are trained to join the Armed Forces. Only 10-20% of each batch gets into the forces. All the remaining people get into the latest trending jobs. For the last decade, the IT field is the most trending and almost everyone is an Engineer. No matter what engineering stream you study, you become a software engineer. A few are still passionate about medicine and become doctors. When a person is trained to join Army, why doesn't he join Administrative Services? The passing percentage of UPSC examinations at SSBJ is more than 80% (Last year, it was 90%). How different is this UPSC exam from the IAS Prelims? Why are students not trying for this?

I posed these questions to myself. The answer was very clear. Lack of awareness. We all know that there is something called as IAS exams but we never know a word more than that. It would be of great help to students if a seminar is arranged on how to go about this. While I was thinking on these lines, I even got another thought. How many Ajeets write IAS exams? If I look at my last 3-4 batches, I can say, 8-10 people out of 200-250 people. The numbers might be worse when we go to older batches as all of them got good jobs as software engineers and were exported to the US/UK. That was the trend. These days, the PSU jobs trend is picking up and more people are taking up such opportunities

Why not make it compulsory to write IAS exam? (It costs just Rs 100 only). Just like how SSBJ has made it compulsory to write UPSC exam two times compulsory, why not make IAS exams also compulsory? At least, there will be some interest amongst the students. Most students can focus and plan things. Students who are not interested, just give the attendance and come back

Now I know why they say, 'In our nation, nothing starts happening till it is made compulsory'


  1. Ajt Mahantesh S S (2298, VIJ)14 April 2011 at 10:10

    Good One Puneetkumar, well composed :)..

    Missed it :(


  2. Im touched by your thoughts. Well I too have somethings to add up to this writing. I have observed everytime whenever there is a SSBJ meet or Ajeet's meet it always give a flavour of the bonding which you people have irrespective of the age, designation, position and just everything doesn't matter except that you all are from "SSBJ" and I just love this bond among you people. Keep up this spirit always and keep rocking!!!! And yup I too know some people of SSBJ: Vastrad Sir. Siddalingayya Hiremath Sir- I recently I met him & his wife, wonderful people. His wife a very gentle lady, both guided me in terms of doing KAS and I was touched. And yup, you're like a 'dore' which means like a 'means' to get people connected, be it in the small circle or a large place and I like that. Good One again

  3. Good one Puneet.. I love to read your blogs.. Good thoughts..

  4. @pri2787
    Thank you so much for the kind words and for being a kinder person.. :)

  5. Nice write up Bro.. Keep Them Coming :)