Sunday, 25 April 2010

SDM Society... When will you stop killing students???

Yesterday was yet another black day for a large number of people in the SDM College of Engineering because of yet another death, rather murder, of a student of the college. Kiran, a student studying MBA in the newly begun Department of Management Studies, was the victim this time. While his classmates all students were shattered, it was nothing new for the teachers and the principal of the college who, if not smiled, were indifferent

The incident is reported to have happened at 8.30 am on the same railway track which takes lives of students every year. One could browse through the records of the SDM College and find the record of all such deaths. Yet, no one is bothered. Mainly, the college is not. The society that runs this college in the name of Sri Dharmastala Manjunatheshwara is builing new institutions every day but not ready to built a small underbridge or overbridge for this college which is the most beautiful and oldest feather in the cap of SDM institutions. Mr. Veerendra Heggade, are you listening? I have heard you speak last time at SDM itself. Sorry, it might be a little wrong on my part as you are quite elder to me. But you spoke nothing except money. You spoke how much the building costed and how difficult it was to built it and all that stuff. Did you ever bother to do something to save the lives of innocent people dying here? Did you bother about those parents who will face a lifetime disaster with such events? Why are deaths so common in your college? Wake up Mr. Heggade, its not because of Vaastu. If you change the entrance of the building to the back of it and vice-versa, that will not help. And if you really believe in God, I am yet again sorry to point out that your institutions have more photographs of you on the wall than of God. Are you God or have you become Late Mr. Heggade? You have not but you have made many people lose their lives due to your negligence

Coming to the particulars of the incident

  1. The SDM college has its entrance at such a place which is quite far for most people. People, instead of going around such a large campus (2 kms), park their vehicle at the back gate and enter the college. There is a railway track between this parking place and the college campus
  2. A number of deaths have happened on this track. Yet, the college has not taken any steps towards doing something. Each time someone dies, they close the back gate of build a big wall so that no one can use that route. After some days, inconvenience peeps in, and they open the gates or break the wall
  3. Kiran parked his vehicle at around 8.30 am and was crossing the same track. He stays in his uncle's home and his parents had come to visit him the previos day. They bought him a cell phone. At this time, when he was just going towards the college, he got a call from his parents who informed them that they were returning back to their place. Kiran was in a great hurry
  4. A new rule has been made at SDM college. The students who come late the college on any day (even by one second) are supposed to pay a fine of Rs 500 (Rupees Five hundered only). Kiran, a boy from a middle class family who has grown in finacial problems, had this in his mind. He even uttered these words too to them that he is about to enter college now and in case of delay, he will have to pay a fine of Rs 500
  5. What happened next & why? There are many versions and Kiran is not with us today to tell us the truth. But the result is before us. An unkind train had Kiran in its fate. His body was broken into several pieces. The nearby canteen owner, used to such incidents, said to himself, 'God, may this not be another death', before he came out. But, God had not heard him
  6. Reasons might be many. May be he did not hear the train because he was on the phone. Or may be, he heard the train but he was determined not to be tortured for Rs 500 and he risked his life for it
What happened next was something worse than this

  1. When students ran to check if he is alive, they could see his heart beat. His brain was visible. A part of his leg was meshed by the train. The bigger people (need I call them teachers, I feel sad) stood and witnessed the show. The biggest ones (the people who run the institution) did not even bother to come to the spot. The students tried to call ambulance but the ambulance were on strike. The bigger ones asked the smaller ones to stay away rather than to offer help
  2. And then, the sound of another train was heard. The bigger ones now asked the smaller ones to leave it and come off. When the smaller ones asked help to move the body out of the track, the bigger ones refused. In fact, one very knowledgeable big man said, 'The train will run on the track. And the body is between the track. Thus, when the train goes, it will not hit the body. So, you move away, nothing will happen to the body', and smiled. Need we such great creativity?
  3. But the the students took 2 red dupattas and went on both directions and the train was stopped for a minute. By now, Kiran had breathed his last seeing the most unkind people on this earth. He and his body parts, wherever available, were collected and placed beside the track
Whatever happened further has a lot of versions again. The truth is the students protested against the principal and the principal did not feel like coming out of his AC chamber. Soon, the lecturers came into play and things went weird


All they asked for is some basic infrastructure by building a small underbridge. And this was opposed by the college saying that its the duty of the railways and not the college's responsibility. But then, I wish to ask, how many days will the college keep blaming the railways? Ever since the inception of this college, these incidents have been happening and yet, there is no value for human life. Educational institutions, at least, should not have turned commercial. But today, unluckily, education has turned the most lucrative business. Though the McKinsey's reports are hitting at us saying that only 25% of engineering students, 12% of finance students & 8% of other disciplines are employable, we never bothered to improve our quality. Institutions never worry about students, their careers or even their lives. For them, what matter is the the pace at which they collect money and the pace at which they can open new colleges

What surprises me is that these institutions build new buildings worth crores of rupees but they are not ready to build a small bridge that might cost a few lacs. I thought why and I felt, may be, the buildings earn them revenue but the bridge will not. This is pure business. Who is worried about life? In fact, if someone dies, we can get a new student and another Rs 2 lacs from him/her

After all this that happened live on the premises of the college in the presence of media, the final playoff was more interesting. The final playoff was in the newspaper. It contained a story of how using headphones can take lives. Go, get life you moneysuckers, he never had a headphone. I understood that the reports have been totally manipulated to preserve the prestige of the college and ensure that the public does not throw stones on them. Further, the college also had a strong point to defend itself that there is an underbridge about 100 metres away from this spot. And students are not using this. If you really want the students to use that path, why have you left this path open? Further, why dont you build your back gate in front of that bridge? Why have you kept it at a wrong place? Stop playing with lives of people. You might win legally and justify. But, your conscience will not let you sleep. I am sure, you might have experienced this yesterday. Thats why, you had no guts to walk up to the spot

I thought, I need to protest on this. But then, who would listen to me. SDM? Railways? Government? Media? The students too will shut their mouths with the fear of losing their marks

So, I just thought, let me do my part by bringing out the truth. There might be more to this as well. And my final advice to you, like the newspapers, please be careful while using cellphones because they can take lives. Did SDM purchase me as well??? Or did I give up like the students fearing for their marks???

May the departed souls rest in peace. May the Lord give the strength to parents to bear this loss. May Lord listen to my prayer and may not innocent students die. May educational institutions focus at least a little on education and student life along with money. May the SDM society wake up to truth and do something


  1. Dear Puneet What you said is utter truth, But i guess the construction of bridge is the only solution. Why are looking this scenario from a single side?? Dont you think it was also the mistake of the deceased ??, And further more many school children pass by same track everyday, yet there is no incident of their deaths.
    Think again!!!

    The track has been the suicide spot since long time, its we, who must be cautious!! :)
    Fate one must accept!

    May the departed souls rest in peace. May the Lord give the strength to his dependents to bear this loss.

  2. minimum 2 deaths/per yr, i lost 2 friends of mine when i was a student @ SDMCET. Management doesn't give shit about it. itz the students who need to work upon it. hope this is the last.......

  3. @Flowers Blossom...
    Thank you for your words Rahul
    I have totally agreed that it was his mistake. We all have been doing the same thing. People have been dying since the day the college is in existence and we have been telling that it is the mistake of the student
    But then, the point is, having seen so many incidents happen, how and why did the college did not react? And its not once in a year. Its a ritual that at least 6-8 such incidents happen every year in that place. The records are evident
    I would also want to highlight about a place near my home in Hubli where similar things happened. We have the Karnataka Institute of Medical Sciences & vidyanagar on one side of the railway track. And we have the posh Vishweshwar Nagar, Adarsh Nagar, V S Pillay school, Kendriya Vidyalaya, etc on the other. Now, these are all parallel to the track. People staying on other side feel its better to cross over than to cover a distance of 3-4 kilometers. And this railway track has taken more lives than any. People said that it is fate, it is due to the aatma of the dead and all that. But finally, the HDMC, after years of request, built a wall, a wall so high, no one could climb it. As a result, the death rate in this place from past 2 years is ZERO. This was also a place in Hubli where murders would happen. And guess what, the step was taken when an MLA's son was murdered
    So, my point is, should we wait in the same way for SDM as well. Are poor students' lives not meaningful or important? Will the government or society or world realize only when someone known or famous or rich collapses?
    All that it takes is some basic infrastructure and the temptation to take a wrong path is killed. Give zero probability of crossing this track of death. Thats the point
    We can keep telling that whoever died was responsible for it. We can always get reasons that he was speaking on cell, he had love affair, he failed in exam, etc. But what is common to all this is the spot of death. Get that out. Nullify the chance of getting to this place and you have saved these lives

  4. Puneet i faced a similar incident at the same SDMCET railway track near our famous tapari,:D was however luckyenough that i could respond in the last second of my fate... in my college days. And i must say it is us who should be blamed for our negligence.

  5. Whatever you say, I don't agree with you 100%.
    Students must responsible for their negligence.

    Ex. SDMite.

  6. @Ex SDMite
    Sir, my only point is, 'If a person can not access danger, he will obviously not risk his life'
    All I have written is with one single request of doing something by which access to that deadly lane is blocked

  7. Hi Puneet,
    Whatever you have narrated is similar to the incident happened during my stay in SDM. Here there are many things you need to observe.
    1) SDM college is not sensitive to the emotions of the students. They dont want to know the reason why a student missed a class or even late to the class. This is becuse they dont have a trust on their own students whether they are telling the truth or not. This you can not change as this is the practice of the college over decades and the college itself is known by this attribute. It is the students' call to take the admission in such a college or not.
    2) The college can not construct a bridge (underbridge or overbridge) without the permission of Central railway board. Central railway board is run by idiots and they are so lazy that they approve the requests after years if not in decades. Even the notorious Marathalli bridge in Bangalore took more than 2 years to get the permission even though there was a continuous pressure from state government. Here you have to remember that u r in India and you can get only the laziest govt authorities. So constructing the bridge is not the solution. If it is overbridge I bet NO ONE will use that. For under bridge lot of money needs to be spent which college authorities wont prefer.
    3)I and my friend used to cross the same railway crossing for the entire four years in the college twice a day. We never faced any problems and always felt that this route is much better than the main bypass road where heavy trucks were responsible for taking lives of students on bike during our times. The people crossing the railway track are responsible for their lives as equivalent to a person riding a bike is responsible for his life. Always remember dont use cell phones, MP3 players, i-Pods etc while crossing the track or just be cautious when u use these things. Looking right and left while crossing the track does not take more than 2 sec. Life is always important than anything.

    I can understand your emotions while writing this article. But what I say is that you are in wrong system which you can not change even with the support of other students. It is better for you to spread awareness among your friends about do's and dont's rather than wasting your time on rectifying a wrong system.


  8. @Praveen
    Thank you so much for taking time to write so much
    Its great to see & read