Thursday, 15 July 2010

One month at HDFC Bank.. We Understand Your UNIVERSE..

8th July 2010 marks the completion of 1 month of life at HDFC Bank and the result is that, against all the odds, I have survived. It all began on 8 Jun 2010 when I was asked to report to the Hunsamaranahalli branch of the bank. This branch, being a relatively new branch in a upcoming rural area, needs a lot of effort to be taken forward. I was glad to accept this challenge. However, on landing here and experimenting, I found that I have come to a desert. The opinion is that this area being on the new international airport road has seen massive revision in real estate prices and people are minting money by selling their lands. This axiom holds true. However, the number of land owners are quite less. All the remaining persons in this area are tenants and have no land holdings and thereby, no such money.Hence, in this locality, where about 600-800 residents are staying, it just becomes impossible to do any business. Now, that is the challenge. Impossibles are something that I have been dealing with ever since 1987. Each time I am given something impossible to do, I have been making it doubly possible. But then, this task is not one amongst the tasks that I have been able to successfully previously. This is the one where the expectations are quite unrealistic. Yet, we are on a journey to make things possible with whatever realistics we have available to us

I have been seeing the world, a new world altogether, in the past one month. Awat from the pleasures of the city life, this is a difficult life that people are living in an area almost equivalent to village. People do say that it is tomorrow's Koramangala and as soon as this comment was passed, all that has seen a change is the real estate prices which have equalled that of Koramangala but everything else remains the same as of the village. To add, there is a lot of food problem, water problem and also a problem with the weather. I have been sick from a week. I was hit by fever for a few days while cold has become a part and parcel of life. The primary reason for this is the change in water. Further, this area serves hard water to the people and that has made life more miserable, at least, for me. I have been relying on boiled water for drinking purposes these days but due to this, the water content in the body has fallen down and has that has become another pain area. In all, my health has gone for a toss ever since I have landed here and the coin seems to fly even now having no plans to come down to ground normality

Progress shall be made. But progress will need its own time to progress. Expecting flowers to flourish without becoming buds is something foolish. Breaking the egg to get the chicken early can only destroy the egg and kill the chicken as well. The path looks great in the years to come. However, trying to reduce those years to months does seem an attempt to spoil the years

The toll of work, in a bank, is definitely too high than any other industry. I have started writing this piece of writing on 8th July and today is the 12th. I come about 1 hour early to work and leave quite late (let me not mention the hours) and yet, there is so much work to do that I could not devote even those couple of early or late hours for this. Responsibilities are increasing with each passing moment. A new task is assigned every day and the old tasks continue to be a part of life. Its quite a happy scene that I am being given so much to do. There is so much to learn, understand and grow. Its not just the basic learning but the learning of patience, learning of working hard, learning of managing people, resources, time, etc, learning of improving efficiency, effectiveness, performance, etc. and above all, learning that work is worship. In my case, I am in a place where I am supposed to manage each and everything that happens in the bank. Be it banking activities like account opening, account transfers, deposit, withdrawals, DDs, MCs, etc or be it extended activities like credit cards, loans, debit cards, privillege banking, private banking, classic, preferred sorting, etc. or be it operations like ATM maintainance, asset maintainance, infrastructure facilitation, allocation, distribution, etc. or be it scrutinizing like checking the BJR (branch journal report), suprise inspections, supervising of corporate salary account opening process, etc. or be it internal administration like branch operations, audit compliance, report generation, filing, pins custody, key custody, etc. or be it business development activities like client acquisition, CASA value enhancement, conducting activities, melas, functions, etc. In all, its like doing everything that is there on the earth to reach the sky