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Media upset with World Cup victory.. Need to ban negative news..

Panic, Pain, Problem.. These are the words which create interest in the minds of people of India whose brains are traditionally built in a way to over react to negatives. We all know that the media brings up every kind of problem from every nook and corner of the nation to ensure that we get the insider information of everything happening. Well, my sincere thanks to them who are into constructive journalism and trying to make a difference to the way the nation functions. I have my appreciations for the media persons who have brought before us the scams of 2G, red tapism, money laundering, etc. and in many cases, helped to solve problems or punish those who caused the problem. However, I feel disappointed at how the problems are only resolved but there is no step taken to ensure that it doesn't happen again. Perhaps, if it is ensured that a problem does not happen again, the media would not have any stories to tell. One thing that has been very annoying is the counter attack of other channels to prove their supremacy by adding mirch masala flavor to the news. By the time each news channel completes cooking, the dish would have turned unconsumable. There are a thousand examples where things are blown beyond required levels in the name of freedom of speech, expression, etc. only until the next news is ready. Lets see how the media has dealt with Cricket in the past few months

The IPL Saga
I begin it with IPL. Lalit Modi, a super hero, created a super business model and reached a super level of success. Of course, like anyone, he would want to keep the super profits for himself. Knowing that the it is not possible in India considering the tax laws, regulations, people, etc., his supermind designs a superplan and he becomes a superman. And our super media gets into his life and turns the super revenue model into a super scam. Every channel, every reporter, every anchor spoke only and only about Mr Modi and Mr Modi made every effort to prove that he was innocent. All this went on for quite some time till the media got the next big news flash. And now, we all don't know what exactly happened afterwards except that someone else replaced him. Did he break law or did he make use of the law to his advantage? If yes, how? Do we need to strengthen law? Which clause did he take advantage of? Should we amend that clause? Is it amemnded? Are people informed about the amendment? I would call answers to these questions as positive journalism. However, what we have seen is only negative criticism. Mr Modi took it knowing that the media will stop troubling him after some time. And now, I am sure, he can proudly say, 'Naanu Super Ranga..!!'. If not, I will say that. Because, till now media has only blamed & accused him but proved nothing. It hopped to a new news when there was no more masala in it anymore. I salute him for the fantastic format of sport introduced by him to the world. I will remember him as the Father of IPL. I never found anything wrong in what he did

Lets now come to the World Cup. The entire country is in the best of its moods celebrating the greatest achievement of the Indian Cricket Team till date. Even Mr Kapil Dev clearly said that this victory is far better than 1983 and was far difficult too. Everyone is so happy, so enthusiastic, so thrilled, so excited that we are only seeing joy, happiness, celebration everywhere. And the news channels are worried & upset. There is nothing wrong happening and its too early for the IPL drama. No one in India turns to see joy on a news channel. However, if you showcase sorrow, disaster, problems, wrongs, negatives, scams, pains, etc., you are bound to get the maximum viewership. When the whole nation is enjoying and happy, what do the newschannels show then? They have found news. Lets see what kind of news has been shown on these channels

India given a fake trophy
Its a very simple news. There is trophy, a rolling trophy, which is called the World Cup (Lets call it Cup 1). This cup is given to the winning team. It has the names of all the teams who have won it from 1975. The winning team has to return this trophy to ICC after the celebrations. The ICC will in return give a replica of the trophy/cup (Lets call it Cup 2) to the team to be kept as a memoir. In this case, ICC had to actually give the Cup 1 to India on April 2nd, Team India would celebrate and then return it to ICC. ICC will take back Cup 1 & in turn will give Cup 2 to Team India to be kept in India as a memoir. However, Team India was given the Cup 2 directly. ICC brought 2 cups to India. Cup 1 is in the customs office. According the Indian Customs law, the ICC is supposed to pay tax of Rs 22 lacs to take the cup into the nation. To avoid paying this tax, ICC decided to give Cup 2 to the winning team directly. Now, we seem to be have become too hurt for this and blaming ICC, Customs, Law, politicans and a whole lot of people. What if Sri Lanka had won the match? Would we feel cheated or hurt? Where is the problem? Firstly, I do not blame the ICC because it did not try to cheat India. It only tried to avoid tax (not evade) by giving the Cup 2 directly to the winning team (It would have been SL as well). Money saved is money earned. ICC also is a commercial entity. Secondly, I do not blame the law because any item brought to India from other nations is supposed to be taxed. Its a source of income for the nation. Thirdly, I do not blame the Customs Dept. In fact, I appreciate it for having stood by the law. I am sure, most of us would have been tempted to do some hulla gulla and let the trophy be taken on to the field. After all, its a World Cup and above all, India might be winning it. Fourthly, I do not blame the Government. I would rather congratulate the Govt for showing superior strength and support to the game. They have already exempted income from the world cup from taxes. What more can you expect? India has let go all its income from this event. Further, they even gave an option to ICC asking them to make the payment of the applicable tax because as per the current list, they are supposed to tax the trophy. However, they would put up a proposal to exempt and upon approval, the tax shall be refunded. There was a dearth of time and this was the best possible solution. But ICC did not consider this. Now, media has made a hype over this news and it has been taking headlines all over. One major reason is that there is no other high intensity news for the moment. Even the minor earthquake that happened in North India was not able to catch the headlines as no one was in a mood to listen. The tremors of the earthquake were higher in the media rooms than on spot where it occured. The solution to this problem is to include 'World Cup & Other trophies in respect of sporting events' in the list of items exempted from duty. And a construtive media will follow up, ensure the amendment and announce it once done. I would love to welcome it. Honestly, if I was a news channel owner, I would have tried my best to not make such news public. Or at least, get the entire information, get the right result and publish what happened and what should have actually happened. There is no meaning in hurting the nation when it is having such a jovial time. How would a player feel when after all this effort and joy of success, he is told that he was given a fake trophy on that historic night? I really fail to understand what compelled the media to wash its dirty linen in the public. After all the hype, we might get back the trophy but can media get back that time or moment? I am sure that the media will not get back anything. In 2 days, the IPL will begin and you should be ready with your templates to scratch players' arse like you kept doing during the entire world cup. Dhoni's was the one which you .. the most and now you are all praises for him

Sachin Tendulkar & his retirement
Every news channel is in a rush to announce Sachin's retirement and Sachin is not ready to retire yet. After every match, every series, one question that everyone is bent upon asking is, 'Are you retiring after this?' and Sachin has only one answer, 'I am enjoying my game too much to retire'. The media has been in a competition to announce, 'Breaking news, first on my channel, Sachin retires, Master Innings come to an end, etc' and capitalize on the market of pain, problem and miseries. In fact, today, I saw one channel almost doing it. In an interview, Sachin was asked about the next world cup. Sachin, humbly & honestly, said that 2015 is very far and may be, he would not be playing. Even before he could complete his words, the breaking news was flashed. 'Sachin not to play next world. Sachin will not play WC 2015'. And immediately Sachin clarified that he will continue and it is too early to comment anything about 2015. The channel hyped and chewed this for more than 2 hours. No news at all today, I guess. Rather, no sad news at all today, I guess. The whole country is celebrating victory, Ugadi and the media has no negative news to pull the crowd. TRPs dropping. At least they hoped that Sachin will announce retirement considering that his final dream of winning World Cup has come to true. But Sachin is not letting that happen. He has set new dreams for new goals and he will set newer records. Why should he retire? Ask retirement questions to someone else. In fact, you should have asked these questions to Kumble, Dravid, Ganguly, Srinath, etc. before they retired. But you asking this to a newly born Tendulkar who has still a long way to go. Like Viv Richards said, 'I would not be surprised if he lifts the next World Cup as well'. What is the media's problem with Sachin? Why do you want him to retire? Just to boost your viewership ratings announcing it (I guess you will have to wait for years together for this). Each time Sachin has been in a little difficulty, you have tried to pull his legs but each time, he has kicked you back strongly. And the last kick at least was, I guess, on your mouths and now you are afraid of speaking anything ill of him or his form or his performance. Now that you don't have the guts to speak rubbish (more rubbish, more viewership) of anyone from Team India, you want him to retire so that you can take class on Team India. Today, he has again made it very clear that it is too early for him to speak about retirement from any form of game. It means that he will not let you make a mess of Team India. What a bunch of fools..!! And what a bunch of fools listening..!! Yes, its we, we all

1 crore for players, 50 lacs for coach.. Why the difference?
Everyone is busy discussing about the trophy and a news channel made all efforts to search for a different news so that it can get the crowd towards it. Finally, they got it. According to them, the Govt has cheated Gary Kirsten by giving only Rs 50 lacs and the players Rs 1 crore. My dear Media, what is wrong with your basic knowledge. Let me enlighten you. There are two categories of people in Team India. One is the players who will be with bat and ball in hand wearing blue color dress most of the time and actually playing the game. The other is the support staff like coach, manager, etc. who will support the players with their needs, requirements, skills, upliftment, etc. The BCCI announced Rs 1 crore for people under player category and 50 lacs for people under support staff category. Its simple mathematics. Where is the problem? Gary Kirsten himself does not have a problem. In fact, he is delighted to receive the additional income. What is bothering you? No news? BCCI does not have a sub category among the support staff as coach and non coach. In that case, they could have taken a decision to give 1 crore to coach category and 50 lacs to non coach category. And then, you would ask, why 1 crore was given to Gary Kirsten. Its a personal bias. All support staff should be treated equally. And if BCCI gives 1 crore to all, you will say, 'Is there no difference between players who sweat out and give their life to the game and those who just sit and do administrative work'. What kind of loser news are you trying to portray. We should not be suprised if, tomorrow, another channel comes up with an excel sheet telling us how much Cricker has costed to the exchequer, who will have to bear it, why was so much amount given to cricketers, does the Govt not consider beggars on the streets as Indians, when there is no food to eat & no good infrastructure & no water facilities, why are you giving so much money to cricketers who are already earning from match fees and above all from advertisements, why this difference? Also dig on why Delhi Govt gave Dhoni 2 crores and other only 1 crore? Why Yedyurappa is giving sites to Team India (I never understood why everything done by our CM is relating to land)? Come on, Dig, Digg, Diggg.. Dig you Pig..!! Make it Big..!!

Yuvraj's special person is Sachin
As if we never knew. We all know what Team India is and what Cricket is. We don't need to learn from you. So, this did not get successful in becoming a breaking news though it was flashed as one, like everyone

There was hardly any emphasis on what all went into Team India glorious success. Perhaps, news channels should have concentrate on interacting with players and find how things happened, what was on their minds, how they made a dream come true, what difficulties they faced, how they solved them, how they managed their families, how they managed the fans, the criticism, the people, what lesson do we have to learn from them, what is their message to the youngsters out there, etc. That would be the best of the program to watch. I am sure you would have the best viewership numbers too

The duty of media is to stop a rape and not to film it and display it as a breaking news, announce that the tape is exclusively with them and set a panel for discussion about who raped whom, how, where, what compelled them, etc. Ultimately, the fact would be a husband and wife story. And immediately, you switch on to the new breaking news online and offline, make the victims shut up and get lost by doing the needful. After all, most Indians are poor and would not refuse monetary benefits just to keep shut

Till today, I thought you are doing a fantastic job by exposing the misdoings of people. I thought that with the kind of exposure that is happening, corruption in India should have already come to an ended. But there are no implications of even a slowdown. Murders happen everyday. Rapes happen everyday. Corruption happens everyday. There is no effort to stop anything. The effort is only to expose it. Now, I have understood you are only making a shit out of the nation and the people. If India is looked down upon as a corrupt nation, its because of you. Because you do not want corruption or anything negative to end. You want it to be your daily breaking news. Its your bread and butter. How different are you from the corrupts?

Sad Media, Sad, you are a Saddist. Wake up before we come and discuss on the big topic 'Should we ban news channels showing negative news?' on your own news channel before you and rip you off with your own templates. You have made every attempt to taint every good thing that happens. Though successful in most cases and creating a feeling that India is bad, Indian politicians are bad, Indian leaders are cheat, Indian corporates are lobbyists, etc, there are some cases where you will never ever be able to even casue the lightest rupture. Cricket is one such case. We know better than you. We don't need media or any channel for it. Now, I feel, Shahid Afridi has rightly spit on you. You deserve it for showing India so cheaply to the world term every problem the nation faces as scam, scandal, etc. rather than trying to find the problem and get a permanent solution. You only know to rip off, scratch, pinch, poke and tear. You don't know how to join, stitch, unite and support. Hope you will learn something someday to do some good to the nation rather than just bring out what is bad. Thats all in today's news across all news channels. There were some tit bits like why Dhoni got a hair cut, why Yuvraj gave tickets for final match to Ameesha Patel, Shilpa Shetty cried seeing Yuvi break out after victory and the Great Poonam Pandey Show (one must learn to use media like her. She tapped the right fools - media at the right time - world cup and got the right result - celebrity like publicity for free), etc

Chalo, Chalo utho, bahut ho gaya.. Main aur kitna likhoonga aur tum aur kitna padoge. Yeh toh inka roz ka drama hai.. Do din mein IPL shuru hone wala hai aur yeh toh bas tab tak ke liye time pass hai..

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