Thursday, 14 April 2011

Party, Treat, Team Lunch.. Different Names.. Purpose is the same.. Celebrations..!!

3 big treats in a week and I'm delighted. Who would not be? I am a foodie and love to eat a lot which is clearly indicated by my size as well. Pizza Hut has been one of the visited food junctions by me over a period of time. After joining Sanlam, I was supposed to give a joining treat to everyone. However, for different reasons, it was getting postponed. Soon, I discovered that the ones who joined last year too have not complied to this. So, I thought that this is another verbal drama that would go on and on. But then, never did I think that actions would get into action so soon

It began with a treat on Friday by the last year's new joinees (Siddu, Prashant & Dharmender). Of course, I must call myself lucky that I was a part of this party. Had they hosted this party last year, I would not be a part of it. It was planned at . This is a fine restaurant on Brigade road. We all reached the place for lunch. The buffet was ready and we were ready for the ball. There was nice food that everyone, in particular I, enjoyed. I loved the dessets and sweets towards the end of the buffet. It was almost like a maincourse for me. I had some very good ice cream, fruit salad and pasteries. The curd rice & curd vada are items that need a mention here. My tastebuds loved them

It was decided on Friday that the current year new joinees (Robert, Joshin & I) shall be treating everyone on Monday. We agreed and shortlisted the one & only fantastic Pizza Hut for the same. There was some discussion on it and it was postponed to Tuesday

On Tuesday, we noticed a few shortcomings of Pizza Hut for a treat. The major one being that there would no variety and everyone might not like it. After googling in the last moment, we deciding to go to Iris Business Hotel. Iris is conveniently located on Brigade road and we reached there for another buffet lunch. The ambience at this hotel was quite good. It was a small place though. The food too was quite good. My maincourse began towards the end with four flavors of icecream scoops (strawberry, mango, vanilla & chocolate), gulaab jamoons and other sweets

The next was to come from Gyanesh. His was due from a long time for his newborn child. I would not have been a part of this treat as well if it was not delayed. It was scheduled on Friday at Rajdhani in UB City. A lot was heard by me about the service at this place and finally, it was time to experience. At first, someone came with hot water and a portable sink and facilitated hand wash. The wow feeling had begun. There was some very good Rajasthani food served. Juice, Buttermilk, sweet, basundi were special attractions at this place. There was not a single moment where we sat idle. The service was continuous and the items were available instantly along with the waiter. We needn't have to wait for anything. Everyone loved it

A small incident made this day more memorable. We had decided that we shall park vehicles in front of CCD as parking in UB City is a complicated affair. Due to some confusion, we landed in the wrong CCD (CCD Square). We had to lie to the security we are going to CCD to park the vehicle. However, the security noticed that we were going elsewhere. By the time we have lunch and come back, the vehicles were missing. The first thing we did was we went into the CCD sqaure and brought something to prove that we actually went there. Then, we started inquiring with the security and they behaved like James Bond. This was not liked by anyone of us. We knew that what we had done was not right but it was not wrong either considering the city's parking space availability. It is a daily affair. While 2 of us were taking the security for a ride, another 2 (including me) went round searching for the vehicle. Finally, we found both the vehicles. We noticed that both these vehicles were actually pulled or dragged or lifted and placed at different places that where they were actually parked. Nobody should dare to touch vehicles parked in a parking lot and this was what the security at these places is meant for. But then, the security themselves are doing such silly acts. Though we digested this considering that there was a little foul on our end, one of us could not digest. He blasted the security beyond any limits and the security had to put his head down shamelessly. I just said, 'Aapko idhar gaadiyoan ke rakhwali ke liye rakha gaya hai, chedkhani karne ke liye nahi'. The security is meant to guard the vehicles and not to tamper them. While dragging those vehicles, had there been any damage, they would have had their day today

With this, an eventful and foodfull week came to an end. My thanks to all the treaties who signed the chargeslip after the food. 'When and Where's the next one?' is my current status of my mind though I am yet to officially update it as my status message

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    you're a cool writer man as the way you write you take the person reading, into the actual situation(mouth watering the way you expressed what all you had)