Friday, 3 June 2011

Real Beauty.. Close your eyes and you shall see it..

One night I was thinking something sitting in the balcony that opened to the infinite sky. I heard someone buzzing, 'Baby, Bay.. Bee..’, and the speed at which these vibrations were reaching my ears was increasing. She came closer than the vibrations did and held my hand. I felt her lips touch mine. Before I could respond wanting to have more of it, the touch was off quicker than a dream and she said, 'What are you doing in this dark honey?'. I just kidded, 'I was looking at this beautiful sky endowed with the exquisite moon surrounded by the lovely stars. What splendour?'

'Okay, tell me who's more beautiful? The moon or I?’ she asked

'From what I observe, my baby is so much more beautiful than the moon.’ I cuddled her and she looked more gorgeous than before. I have never seen someone who is smiling and not looking beautiful. Smile is perhaps the most beautiful asset of the world. Nothing earns a greater goodwill than genuine and confident smile displaying happiness. After all, the ultimate reason for everything we do in our lives is to be happy

'Oh! Really? Thank you. But you know what, the moon, the stars, the sky and the nature are actually more or rather the most beautiful things we see in our life', she claimed

'Hmm..', I sighed and let her go on

'We see these everyday and that’s why we do not recognize them. We actually do not recognize the importance of anything that becomes a part of our life. That is the beauty of the life. We believe that something will make our life beautiful and run behind it. We gain it and feel on top of the world. However, soon, life appears incomplete as we observe something more beautiful than what we have. And we begin another race', she displayed that she is a beauty with brains

'How true..!!', I exclaimed in praise

'So, if you found me beautiful and married me and then you find someone more beautiful than me, you might perhaps think that you should have waited for her though you may not actually show it or do it. Right?’ did she have a million plans of action, each one for each that I use to respond now, running on her mind that a large number of lovely ladies have and so the men call them beautiful beasts. I was confused

'Well, may be true in case of men. But then, it was not solely because of your beauty that I loved you. In fact, there were a lot many girls who were far more beautiful than you in terms of the physical definition of beauty. The kind of intimacy that I cherished being with you was never felt with anyone else. Of course I do not deny that if you were not beautiful, in physical terms, I might not have fallen for you', I put in the best way I could, honestly, being honest

'Oh baby', she was flattered and tears of joy started flowing off her eyes. She hugged me and continued looking beautiful under the beautiful sky. I thought how right she was when she said that the nature is more beautiful than anything. If God showed us Moon and Stars once in a year, that would be recognized as the most beautiful view on the earth. Even The Taj Mahal that sparkles like a jewel in the moonlight would have to move down the list for the absence of the moon throughout the year

Beauty is something that should not be defined. A definition only restricts the scope of beauty. Unity in Diversity is another example of the Beauty of Our Nation. Saris are equally beautiful as skirts. Jeans are equally beautiful as cotton. Black is equally beautiful as white. Poor are equally beautiful as rich. In fact, the very existence of the concept of beauty is through the diversity. Matching ourselves to what makes us beautiful and imbibing that into life is Real Beauty

Anyone and anything can be beautiful. Whatever makes us happy is what we pursue as real beauty. Happiness is more a state of mind. What makes one happy, most times, doesn’t excite others enough. That’s why we have our own choices in life. Asha, Bipasha, Disha, Esha, Minisha, Nisha, Sasha, Tanisha, Usha, Varsha and Yesha. SHA is the foundation of real beauty. The prefixes define diversity ensuring different tastes, choices and preferences. SHA is Simplicity, Hygiene and Attitude- most essential components of Real Beauty

Real beauty lies in the simplicity of a person. Simple people are most loved and admired. Mahatma Gandhi is a fabulous example of a beautiful human being who did not possess physical characteristics as per the modern definition of beauty. Most successful men have fallen to women who are Beauties with Simplicity. Be it Bill, Sachin, Mukesh or Shah Rukh. Beauties who have already hit fame and are also simple are hard to find. Men who have found such beauties are perhaps the luckiest on Mother Earth. Amitabh, Dharmender, Abhishek, to name a few. These beauties can be referred to as Evergreen

There is another category of beauties that the modern world recognizes the most. The Sexy Beauties. I can't name a few as a whole lot of beauties come in here. The Simply Beautiful enjoys far more stardom, happiness and satisfaction than the Sexy Beauties who are prone to controversies and stunts to get publicity. Are they not beautiful? Are they not more beautiful than the Simply Beautiful? Of course they are and in fact, far more in physical terms. But are they real beauties? If you said No, I’d say ‘You’re so beautiful’

The difference between the Beautiful and the Sexy is perhaps just the same as the difference between Love and Lust. Mathematically, Beautiful : Sexy :: Love : Lust

Being hygiene is a top value addition to becoming beautiful. No matter whether its Miss World or Miss Universe, you would prefer not to kiss her if she has a stinking mouth. When you see someone fresh out of shower, he/she appears far more beautiful than hours after. It is the fresh mind and body that has the highest levels of energy and makes one more efficient. A famous quote goes, 'Sound mind lives in a sound body'
The way one carries oneself is a description of how beautiful one is. Attitude can make people go flat. We all know a lot about inner beauty, ageless beauty, skin deep beauty, etc. that indicate role of attitude in generating the charismatic glow that adds to real beauty

I was fondling her hair that were so smooth like silk, her skin that was soft like cream, her eyelids so perfectly joining to offer protection to her eyes, her nose that breathed the sleep mode while I thought, 'What a beautiful creation of God we all are..!!'. Only he must know the number of samples he tried before the human beings got their shape. That's why it took a million years even for the Almighty to design us. All we need to do it to take care of this beautiful gift of life. While actions like keeping ourselves away from alcohol, tobacco, drugs, etc. help us in preserving the beauty, actions relating to simplicity, attitude, character and personal hygiene help us to epitomize Real Beauty

I slowly moved her hand on my shoulder, placed my hands between her and the ground and her sleep was disturbed. She had a hint of smile declaring happiness on her face and held her hand tight across my shoulder indicating that though she has got up, she is going to act asleep. I too had a smile on my face while I lifted her and carried her inside. I laid her down on the bed, covered her with the blanket and was about to go back to the balcony while she pulled me and I lied on her side. She felt better now as she held me and in no time, she transformed herself into a sleeping angel. I thought, 'Is this Real Beauty? Love. Happiness. Life'

She perhaps answered, 'Close your eyes and see you shall see it..'

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