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If Mr Yediyurappa is given out, who's in to bat... KPL 30x40...

KPL 30-40 is inspired by IPL 20-20. The speed, the passion, the aggression, the acceleration of scoring more and more in less time. If KPL stands for Karnataka Political League, we know what 30x40 represents. Deciphering the links is left to your imaginations while I don't claim a link at all

Mr Yedyurappa is no less than the luckiest guy born on the earth. Who else would have survived so many attacks? Call it right attacks or wrong attacks, the point is that the attacks were there for sure. While on one hand, there is a feeling that he never had his share of time to really think about the state or development, on the other hand, there is also a feeling that he did not want to think about anything except personal growth. We are no one speak about something before the law proves it. But then, over and again, time has proved that luck will favor him

Right from the time his name has been linked to the word CM, the Karnataka state has gone into a state of circus. The news channels are all filled with jokes of facts. People come on FMs and say that this is the major source of entertainment for them off late. While the leaders fight one day, they love the other day. While they blame in morning, they are found together by evening. While they protest & strike, they apologize and smile. For lack of evidence, they publicly declare and challenge to take a vow on Lord. It's like a child being asked, "Tell the truth. Put promise on God & tell. If you lie, God will punish you"

Each time an issues comes up, there are two things that can happen. 99% of the times, history repeats itself and 1% of the times, history is written. Assuming this, we can safely bet that Mr. Yedyurappa will be successful in even clearing this hurdle. Just in case he doesn't, asssuming that the 1% possibility turns into reality, what will be the next action at our disposal

There are speculations that Ms Shobha will take over as the next CM. Most speculations continue to remain speculations. With the kind of torture that people are facing due to the Gas connections and the Ration cards, one can not deny that we would love to retain Mr Yedyurappa than to get Ms Shobha. At least the common man has not suffered in his hands. Its only the rich who have complaints against him. For common people, its just a talk. However, the Food & Supplies Ministry has directly hit the common man. 1 LPG connection for 1 RR (electricity meter) number. Didn't the ministry have the simple logic that in a large number of homes, the tenants and owners share the electricity bill? Didn't they know that a large number of people in Bengaluru are from other cities and most of them do not have a ration card? Didn't they know that the most difficult tasks to accomplish in India are to get a Voter ID card or a Ration card in normal times? Slashing someone's fuel connection just like that is like snatching someone's food supply and tearing their food pipes

Money is very decisive. RBI says, "Paisa bolta hai". Who are we to deny? Of course it does. It speaks more than RBI believes it to. To know how and what it speaks, RBI should contact the poor and middle class. The rich often say that money is not important. The RBI must take all money from them and ask them to repeat the same dialogue. Would the mouth open or would there be a river flow from the eyes?

Sometime back, when Mr CM was under a similar attack, there was news that Mr Jagdish Shettar could probably take over as the CM. He is of course a prospect with diminished possibility to be the 1st man of the state. Accusations are that, in this case, the state would have more to listen from the 1st lady than the 1st man. Accusations are many. But then, till proven, we are fools to believe them. I just became one when I wrote this. Mr Shettar is an alumni of Jagadguru Gangadhar College of Commerece, the premier commerce college of North Karnataka. He has been an advocate for 20 years till luck & fate had different stories written for him. He has been into ABVP and RSS. In 1990, he became the President of Hubli Rural Constituency and the run began. He was elected as the President of BJP for Dharwad district in 1994 and in 1996, he was elected as the State Secretary of his party. Further, he held many positions like the Leader of Opposition in 1999, Revenue Minister in 2006, Speaker of 13th Assembly and Minister for Rural Development and Panchayat Raj. He has a winning habit and has the record of winning elections by huge margins over and again. He is one prospect for the prime position

The other one who would be a value addition to the position is Mr Prahlad Joshi. A pure rural talent who has made it big in the field of politics in North Karnataka. Mr Joshi has been contributing towards the industry as well as the Government. He has taken many developmental activities and is involved actively in them. He is the General Secretary for BJP Karnataka and plays active roles both in the Government and also in the party. He first came to public notice with Rastradwaja Horata Samiti Sanchalak when they organised a movement to hoist the Tri-colour flag at Idagah Maidan (Also known as Kittur Rani chennamma Maidan) in Hubli (1992-1994). Even he has a habit of winning elections with big margins

If we speak mathematically, Mr Yediyurappa has a 99% chance while Mr/Ms XYZ has the remaining 1% chance to sit in the top most position at Vidhana Soudha. It's like there has been another appeal for Run Out. In case the third umpire shows the red light this time, who will get into the field? While 0.49% possibility is that it is going to be Madam Shobha, the current situation can uprise an underdog performance. 0.25% possibility that it is going to be Mr Shettar and another 0.25% for Mr Joshi. If my maths is right, there is another 0.1% left over over for the super underdog, the slumdog millionaire, the surprise kid who might usher in from somewhere to sit on the throne (just like Mr Devegouda became the Prime Minister of India)

Who's it gonna be? Will history repeat itself or will history be written? Lets wait for the drama to unfold, the story to flow, the news to speak, the accusations to come, the blames, the games, the fames, the rags, the riches, the poor, the power, the passion, the fight, the hugs, the break ups, the catch ups... The Great Karnataka Political Drama is ready to unfold... Are you game?

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The Review in The Spanish: The La Vida No Obtener Una Vez Más aka Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

If you do not understand Spanish, you can get the English Version or use Google Translate to translate this page. After all, that is what I have done :)

दिलों  में  तुम  अपनी  बेताबियाँ  लेके  चल  रहे  हो , तो  जिंदा  हो  तुम 
नज़र  में  ख़्वाबों  की  बिजलियाँ  लेके  चल  रहे  हो , तो  जिंदा  हो  तुम 
हवा  के  झोकों  के  जैसे  आज़ाद  रहना  सीखो 
तुम  एक  दरिया  के  जैसे  लहरों  में  बहना  सीखो 
हर  एक  लम्हे  से  तुम  मिलो  खोले  अपनी  बाहें 
हर  एक  पल  एक  नया  समा  देखे  यह  निगाहें 
जो  अपनी  आँखों  में  हैरानियाँ  लेके  चल  रहे  हो , तो  जिंदा  हो  तुम 
दिलों  में  तुम  अपनी  बेताबियाँ  लेके  चल  रहे  हो , तो  जिंदा  हो  तुम 

Conoce a Arjun. De unos 30 años. Trabajo como un corredor de inversiones en Londres. Muy apasionada para ganar dinero. Su padre expiró cuando tenía 8 años y dejó un enorme volumen de deuda para él y su madre. Desde entonces, para él, el dinero es el ultimátum. Se tiene previsto trabajar hasta que tiene 40 años y retirarse con un montón de dinero. Nunca se da cuenta de que se está perdiendo mucho de la vida ahora que nunca pueda volver a cualquier edad, en el futuro, como la mayoría de nosotros. Al igual que nosotros, que es una máquina de imprimir dinero para el futuro

Saluda a Kabir y Natasha. Una familia rica saludable. Kabir se encarga de negocio de la construcción de su padre. Muy comprometido recientemente a Natasha y planean casarse en un par de meses. Kabir es un poco confuso con su matrimonio por la razón que había comprado un anillo de su madre en su cumpleaños, que fue confundido por Natasha y por lo tanto toda la familia que propone Natasha mientras él estaba en realidad sólo muestra el anillo a ella. La familia se sella muy emocionado y Kabir su boca. En cualquier caso, él estaba en (confundir) la relación con Natasha desde los 6 meses. Natasha trabaja como diseñador independiente interior con mucha pasión por su trabajo y los sueños grandes

Y por último tenemos la Imraan el trabajo en la publicidad de la agencia. Bueno, esa es la forma en que habla español. Un hombre amante de la diversión y bastante divertido también. Él tiene una historia de echar a perder con Arjun. Hace 4 años, se enamoró de la misma chica que amaba Arjun y terminaron en una situación difícil

El viaje Licenciatura
Los tres tíos son compañeros de universidad y antes de salir de su colegio, que prometimos que van a celebrar un viaje de soltero más tarde en su vida y todo el mundo tendrá que venir sin ningún tipo de excusas. Cada persona va a planear algo para todos y que será un secreto. Y nadie va a decir que no. El viaje fue planeado ya en dos ocasiones en los últimos 4 años y se canceló. Esta vez, Kabir los planes del viaje a España. Sin embargo, Arjun tiene algunos problemas. Más tarde, se compromete a venir si están de acuerdo que le permitiera trabajar desde allí cada vez que hay una necesidad. El acuerdo se sella y se comienza el viaje

Buceo profundo de Kabir
Todos ellos llegan a España. Lo primero que van a hacer es profundo buceo. Esta es fue la elección de Kabir. Y ahora, cumplir con Sheela, oops, Laila. Una señora que trabaja en Londres. Ella toma un descanso de trabajo cada año y se va de vacaciones a explorar el mundo y aprender de la naturaleza. Por fortuna, actualmente se desempeña como instructor de buceo y que es el que lleva los 3 chicos bajo el agua. Arjun tiene mucho miedo de agua y Laila permite el velo mágico sobre él y sólo sucumbe a ella. Ella le decía: "Esta inmersión va a cambiar su vida", y así sucede. Lágrimas de felicidad flujo de sus ojos cuando sale del agua después de ver un lugar tan hermoso y tranquilo en el interior del agua del océano profundo. Todo el mundo permanece en silencio por un tiempo muy largo. Era como la meditación y el renacimiento de la vida

Buceo Arjun cielo
Plan de Arjun para el viaje de Licenciatura es saltar desde una altura de 15.000 pies. Imran tiene un miedo de la altura. Finalmente, lo supera y la mosca de tres en el cielo como pájaros piar y tener una explosión. Después de aterrizar en el suelo, los sentimientos son simplemente indescriptible. No hay felicidad que jamás hubiera concordado con esta

Imran Toro Ejecutar
Imran sentir que después de haber superado el miedo a la altura y profundidad, su fin el momento de superar el miedo a la muerte. Ese es el miedo lo último en la vida y una vez superado eso, usted puede vivir como un ser inmortal. Una carrera en la que los toros de carga hacia ti y tienes que huir de ellos. Por supuesto, puede salir saltando, pero hay un riesgo real de la vida si los cuernos de tocar. Después de muchas vacilaciones, Arjun se compromete a participar. Gracias a Laila. Antes de que comience la carrera, cada uno dice lo que harán si ganan y cobran vida. Imran revela que escribe poesía y que lo comparta con ellos. Arjun dice que va a establecerse con Laila y pasar la vida con ella. Se dejará de preocuparse por el trabajo y tanto dinero como lo hace ahora. Y el thriller es que Kabir dice que va a romper con Natasha y llevar una nueva vida

Algunas conferencias (aprendizaje derivado de la película)
De hecho, Kabir Natasha querido como era muy orientado a objetivos, madurado, tenía el sueño de hacer algo grande en la vida, planeó un proyecto hotelero de 1.000 millones de rupias de trabajo como diseñador de interiores independientes. Fue entonces cuando la conocí. Con el tiempo, vio la verdadera cara de ella. El comportamiento, las dudas en cada momento en la vida, la posesividad y la desviación de lejos de sus metas le hizo sentir que se ha intercalado entre la tortura y la muerte. Esta cruza un límite cuando dice que va a dejar su trabajo y quedarse en casa y va a hacer el diseño de interiores de la casa. Que iguala las tierras de España duda de que Arjun podría ser infiel. Este es un problema común en todo el mundo con las mujeres. Las mujeres sienten que los hombres han amado a su cuerpo y todo lo que quiera que eso. En un principio, los hombres también sienten lo mismo. Pero entonces, se necesita tiempo para darse cuenta de que el cuerpo no tiene ningún valor en una relación. Es sólo un valor añadido. Una vez que una relación está en curso, el color del pelo, el tamaño de la panza, la forma de labios, el brillo de los ojos o para el caso del tamaño y la forma de lo que no tienen ninguna importancia. Por supuesto, repito que agregan valor, pero no son el valor. Lo que más valora es la comprensión, los pensamientos y el cuidado por el otro. Dramas y relatos de la vida final. Muchas mujeres valientes cambiar de rumbo en las relaciones y buscar alternativas más seguras o se resuelven con la vida. Pero luego, se olvidan el hecho de que su hombre amado por el coraje. Y una vez que el valor está fuera, ¿cómo puede permanecer amor? Y luego, los hombres se conocen como los tramposos

Imran Toro Ejecutar- Seguido
El encierro comienza y en pocos minutos, los tres y dejar de saltar fuera de la pista. Se miran unos a otros. Hay un silencio total. Cada uno tiene sólo engañado a la muerte cuando los toros pasaron junto a ellos. Se sigue buscando a los ojos del otro a pesar de que son bastante cierta distancia. Y pasa algo, tal vez, sus corazones hablan el uno al otro y volver a la carrera. Que ejecutarlo y seguir los toros. Que engañar a la muerte una y otra vez y ganar más de lo

Se produce una interrupción o más bien en una extradición entre los planes con el Festival de Laila Tomatino. También hay Bag-wati (una bolsa por valor de € 12.000 adquiridos por Natasha Kabir a través de Arjun y Imran se vuelve loco al ver el costo y los nombres que Bag-wati). También hay Nuria, amigo de Laila, que es sede del festival Tomatino. Hay un teléfono móvil bastante comprado por Imran por Arjun después de Imran había tirado móviles de Arjun del coche como lo estaba utilizando en exceso. La escena se pone un poco serio, pero las cosas se ponen más normal Kabir se convierte en un juez en ausencia de cualquier otra persona. Y, por último, hay Salman Habib, un pintor y el padre biológico de Imran. De hecho, la madre de Imran y Salman se encontraban en una relación. El saber que ella quedó embarazada, él la deja y huye a otra nación. Un hombre de corazón grande se casa con ella y Imran nace. Imran llega a saber acerca de esto después de la muerte de su padre a través de una vieja carta y en la edad de 30 años, después de haber perdido a su padre y sabiendo que no era su padre biológico deja su vida en un desastre. Pero entonces, nunca Imran lo convierte en un gran problema, ni tampoco que llorar ni tampoco expresar dolor. Entierra todo dentro de él, que sólo reconoce Nurie. También existe la señorita

En general, es una película agradable procedentes de Zoya Akhtar. Por supuesto, cuando se trata de la familia Akhtar, tienes que obtener el valor de su tiempo y dinero. Que nunca llegan a conocer cuando el primero recibe más de media. Mis amigos me sentía un poco aburrido en la segunda mitad. Pero entonces, me siento, "Si lo ves una vez, es posible que desee verlo de nuevo"

La película vuelve a definir la vida, ocio, paz, felicidad y muchas palabras. Sin embargo, las películas sólo nos muestran la importancia de estas palabras. A sentir ellos, tenemos que seguir nuestro propio camino y la experiencia de ellos. Después de que estos no son lo que puede ser visto y sentido. Se trata de algo que hacer y experiencia. Subir, el plan de su partido, tour, viaje o lo que sea en estos momentos. Después de todo, La Vida No Va A Conseguir De Nuevo

Review: Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara... All for One... One for All...

Si usted no entiende Inglés, usted puede conseguir la versión en español o utilizar Google Translate para traducir esta página. Después de todo, eso es lo que he hecho:)

दिलों  में  तुम  अपनी  बेताबियाँ  लेके  चल  रहे  हो , तो  जिंदा  हो  तुम 
नज़र  में  ख़्वाबों  की  बिजलियाँ  लेके  चल  रहे  हो , तो  जिंदा  हो  तुम 
हवा  के  झोकों  के  जैसे  आज़ाद  रहना  सीखो 
तुम  एक  दरिया  के  जैसे  लहरों  में  बहना  सीखो 
हर  एक  लम्हे  से  तुम  मिलो  खोले  अपनी  बाहें 
हर  एक  पल  एक  नया  समा  देखे  यह  निगाहें 
जो  अपनी  आँखों  में  हैरानियाँ  लेके  चल  रहे  हो , तो  जिंदा  हो  तुम 
दिलों  में  तुम  अपनी  बेताबियाँ  लेके  चल  रहे  हो , तो  जिंदा  हो  तुम 

Meet Arjun. Aged about 30. Working as a Investment Broker in London. Highly passionate to earn money. His father expired when he was 8 years old and left a huge volume of debt for him and his mother. Right from then, for him, money is the ultimatum. He plans to work till he is 40 and retire with a lot of money. He does never realize that he is missing so much of life now which he can never get back at any age in the future like most of us. Just like us, he is a machine printing money for the future

Say Hi to Kabir & Natasha. A healthy wealthy background. Kabir takes care of his father's construction business. Engaged very recently to Natasha and planning to get married in a couple of months. Kabir is a little confused with his marriage for the reason that he had bought a ring for his mother on her birthday which was mistaken by Natasha and thereby the entire family that she proposed Natasha while he was actually just showing the ring to her. The family gets very excited and Kabir seals his mouth. In any case, he was in (confused) relationship with Natasha from about 6 months. Natasha works as an independent interior designer with lot of passion for her work and large dreams

And finally we have the Imraan the working the in the advertising the agency the. Well, that's how he speaks Spanish. A fun loving guy and quite funny too. He has a history of messing up with Arjun. 4 years back, he fell in love with the same girl who Arjun loved and they ended up in a difficult situation

The Bachelor Trip
The 3 dudes are college mates and before leaving from their college, they promised each other that they will celebrate a bachelor trip later in their life and everyone will have to come without any excuses. Each person will plan something for all and it will be a top secret. And nobody will say no. The trip was already planned twice in the last 4 years and was cancelled. This time, Kabir plans the trip to Spain. However, Arjun has some issues. Later on, he agrees to come if they agree to let him work from there whenever there is a need. The agreement is sealed and the ride begins

Kabir's Deep Underwater Diving
All of them reach Spain. The first thing that they plan to do is Deep Underwater Diving. This is was Kabir's choice. And now, meet Sheela, oops, Laila. A lady who works in London. She takes a break from work every year and goes on a holiday to explore the world and learn from nature. Fortunately, she is currently working as a diving instructor and she is the one who takes the 3 guys under water. Arjun is very afraid of water and Laila lets her magic veil on him and he just succumbs to her. She tell him, 'This dive will change your life', and it happens. Tears of happiness flow from his eyes when he comes out of water after seeing such a beautiful & peaceful place inside the deep ocean water. Everyone remains silent for a very long time. It was like meditation and revival of life

Arjun's Sky Diving
Arjun's plan for the Bachelor trip is to jump from a height of 15000 feet. Imran has a fear of height. He finally overcomes it and the three fly in the sky twittering like birds and have a blast. After landing on the ground, the sentiments are simply inexpressible. No happiness could have ever matched this

Imran's Bull Run
Imran feel that after having overcome the fear of height and depth, its finally the time to overcome the fear of death. That is the ultimate fear in life and once you overcome that, you can live like an immortal. A race where bulls charge towards you and you have to run away from them. Of course, you can quit by jumping out but there is a real risk of life if the horns touch you. After a lot of hesitation, Arjun agrees to join. Thanks to Laila. Before the race begins, each one says what they will do if they win & come alive. Imran reveals that he write poetry & he will share it with them. Arjun says that he will settle down with Laila and spend life with her. He will stop worrying about work and money so much as he does now. And the thriller is that Kabir says that he will break up with Natasha and lead a new life

Some lecture (learning derived from the movie)
In fact, Kabir loved Natasha as she was very goal oriented, matured, had dreams to make it big in life, planned a hotel project of 1000 crores working as an independent interior designer. That was when he met her. Over the time, he saw the true colors of her. The behavior, doubts at every moment in life, possessiveness and diverting away from her goals made him feel like he has been sandwiched between torture and death. This crosses a limit when she says that she will quit her job and sit at home and will do interior designing of home. She evens lands in Spain doubting that Arjun might be cheating on her. This is a common problem across the world with women. Women feel that men have loved their body and all they would want it that. In the beginning, men too feel the same. But then, it takes time to realize that the body has no value in a relationship. It is only a value addition. Once a relationship is in progress, the hair color, the tummy size, the lip shape, the eye shine or for that matter the size and shape of whatever do not hold any significance. Of course, I repeat that they add value but they are not the value. What values the most is the understanding, the thoughts and the care for one another. Dramas and stories end life. Many courageous women change course with relationships and look for safer alternatives or settle with life. But then, they forget the very fact that their guy loved them for the courage. And once the courage is off, how does love remain? And then, men are referred as cheats

Imran's Bull Run - Resumes
The bull run begins and in a few minutes, all the three quit and jump out of the track. They look at each other. There is complete silence. Each one has just cheated death when the bulls passed beside them. They keep looking into each other's eyes though they are quite some distance apart. And something happens, perhaps, their hearts speak to each other and they get back into the race. They run and the bulls follow. They cheat death over and over again and win over it

There is an interruption or rather an extradition in between the plans with Laila's Tomatino Festival. There is also Bag-wati (a bag worth 12000 euros purchased for Natasha by Kabir through Arjun and Imran goes mad seeing the cost and names it Bag-wati). There is also Nuria, Laila's friend, who plays host for the Tomatino festival. There is a pretty mobile phone purchased by Imran for Arjun after Imran had thrown Arjun's mobile out of the car as he was using it excessively. The scene gets a little serious but things get normal as Kabir becomes a judge in absence of anyone else. And finally, there is Salman Habib, a painter and the biological father of Imran. In fact, Imran's mother and Salman were in a relationship. On knowing that she got pregnant, he leaves her and flees away to other nation. A large hearted man marries her and Imran is born. Imran gets to know about this after the death of his father through an old letter and at the age of 30, having lost his father and knowing that he was not his biological father leaves his life in a disaster. But then, Imran never makes it a big issue, neither does he cry nor does he express sorrow. He buries it all inside him which only Nurie recognizes. There is also Senorita

Overall, it is a nice movie coming from Zoya Akhtar. Of course, when it comes from the Akhtar family, you got to get the value for your time & money. You never get to know when the 1st half gets over. My friends did feel a little bored in the second half. But then, I feel, "If you watch it once, you might want to watch it dobara"

The movie redefines life, leisure, peace, happiness and many such words. However, movies can only show us the importance of these words. To feel them, we have to go on our own paths and experience them. After these are not thing which can be seen and felt. They are something to be done & experienced. Get on, plan your party, tour, trip or whatever right now. After all, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Murder 2... She almost murdered me...

Life has turned absolutely sad & sour after watching the so called 'Murder 2' which was supposed to excite senses beyond any possible human limits (as per reviews). May be, it did not do any much to me. Yeah, for those of you who have seen the movie, let me inform you that I was 12 minutes late to the movie. Now, don't tell me that you know why I am sad. That's not the reason in any way. In fact, it was all fine till nine. The movie ended and I rated it 'a little above ordinary' giving it a 2.75 out of 5. But then, something happened and I kind of got frustrated and almost closed my Facebook account. Are you wondering what I am speaking about? Don't do. It has not got anything to do with Murder 2. But then, what a murderess is she?

The movie was expected to be a super sequel to the former. The trailers showed that it is going to be far more exciting that Murder. However, it did not meet my expectations. The plot was very ordinary and the story was below ordinary. It appeared like the story was being pulled to at least cater the audience for 2 hours. What was boring to see was that the culprit in the story is exposed within the
first half of the 1st half. There was no suspense and neither was there any thrill. Mohit Suri has directed the scenes nicely and that made me rate the movie above average. In absence of it, I would have felt it to be below average

The story of the transgenders speaks a lot about the current system in our nation. Of course, the transgenders have their own community and a little hold on the system also. No one can deny that. But then, it is nowhere so high as shown in the movie. Arjun (Emraan Hashmi) sees Priya (Jacqueline Fernandez) and does what he usually does. They fall in love. Arjun has a history of working with Goa Police, resigned his job and now a dealer. Priya is a super model. As per Arjun, Priya is neither his mohabbat nor jaroorat but simply aadat. Well, that was a nice joke. He could have even tangle twisted with more words like chahat, amanat, hakikat and jannat. That is the beginning and the end of jokes or, in fact, a fair conversation between the hero & the heroine. After this scene in the first 15 minutes, they don't even meet or even speak with each other

Arjun finds that a certain section of girls/women are missing and doubts the possibility of human trafficking. He gets busy in the process of becoming an unofficial CBI and starts hunting for the culprit. The culprit Dheeraj Pandey (Prashant Narayan) is a voluntarily converted transgender and a serial killer. He kills women and dumps them in a well. The story goes on till Reshma (Sulagna Panigrahi) gets into his clutches. He tries to kill her but she somehow manages to save her life. Though he throws her into the well assuming she is dead, she faces some very nasty times and gets out of it through a tunnel. However, towards the end, she again gets into his hands and loses her life. To take a revenge on Arjun, Pandey decides that Priya will be his next prey. He contacts Priya in disguise of a client and asks her to come for a photo shoot. Priya is upset with Arjun and has nothing to do. She feels it better to do something than sit idle. Arjun is busy searching for Pandey. The fun change here is that before Priya reaches, Arjun reaches and starts smashing Pandey. Priya enters and in the confusion, Pandey takes advantage and attacks Arjun. Pandey gets on to kill Priya and as expected, when he rises his weapon, Arjun jumps over him and saves her life. The police enter then and Arjun has the weapon in his hands and Pandey is under him. Arjun is about to kill him but Inspector Sardar (Sudhanshu Pandey), who happens to be Arjun's ex-colleague and a good friend now, warns him that he should stop and leave Pandey to police custody. Pandey already fooled police in the past & got out of the jail for absence of any evidence against him. It would not be a big deal for him this time as well. Arjun goes to kill him but Sardar stops him again. In some jumble, Pandey presses a play button on the walkman which contains a taped conversation between him & Reshma when he was killing her. The cruel conversation boils and burns the blood of Arjun and he pierces the weapon into Pandey's chest and tears it apart. To ensure that Arjun doesn't get into difficulty, Sardar pours all his bullets on to the already dead Pandey before the entire police force enters. Arjun walks on towards the church accompanied by Priya and Murder 2 gets over

The movie was in a lot of hype for many reasons. The hype remains a hype. I don't say it was not worth it. It was definitely OK Fine. A lot more had to be done if it had to be rated Good or Very Good. However, I don't see any reason or any possibility for anyone to rate it Excellent

I would remember Murder 2 for some of the best lyrics heard in 2011. I am humming them right from the time I listened to them

Hey kash.. Kash yun hota.. Har shaam.. Sath tu hota..
Chup chap.. Dil na yun rota.. Har shaam.. Sath tu hota..
Guzara ho tere, bin guzara.. Ab muskil hai lagta..
Nazara ho tera, hi nazara.. Ab har din hai lagta..

Haal e dil tujhko sunata... Dil agar yeh Bol pata... Bakhuda tujhko hai jata jaan...
Tere sang jo pal bitata... Waqt se main woh mang lata... Yaad karke muskurata haan…

In short, Murder 2 is neither what you could expect it to be nor is it what it promises to be. Its an altogether different experience. Do not have any reference to Murder when you go for the movie. Watch it as an independent movie and you will like it more. And yes, be on time...!!!

Monday, 11 July 2011

The Great Indian Passport Dilemma...!!!

Every Indian has a story to tell in respect of his passport application. I, for one, have had one of the longest experience to obtain it. Close to two years of effort & I just feel the excitement of holding this heavenly document in my hand with my name subscribed in it. After going through a sea of processes not just in respect of the application but a lot many things as well, I get mixed feelings when I remember everything that has been happening over the years. If the process has been so challenging for someone like me, one can guess what others might have been going through. This is perhaps the reason why smart people have entered into the Indian Passport Business where the rewards are lucrative (lucrative beyond imaginations)

It all began on August 2009 when something went into my brain and I wanted to get a passport. I spoke to a few of my friends and we started the journey. We visited the Head Post Office in Hubli and got the application forms and the necessary information in order to apply for the same. On 27th of this month, we landed into the HPO and submitted our application for the passport. We paid the fees and came out with excitement

In the next 4-5 weeks, the processes began. One of the most important process was the police verification. In my case, there was a need for 2 police verifications as there was a change in my address. Everything went on and in a few weeks, I sensed that there was some problem with my application. In the meanwhile, I got a call from my friend who had applied along with me telling me that the passport had already come. This added certainty to my doubt that things were not in good shape for me

I started shooting emails, letters, faxes, calls to the RPO in Bangalore and the response was as cold as an iceberg. Somehow, I was able to connect to them and I learnt that as I was now living in Hyderabad, they are unable to process my application. In fact, I got a job and moved to Hyderabad after applying for the passport. I was asked to send fresh police verification forms. I sent them with necessary documents. And then, my file was transferred to RPO Hyderabad. I tried everything on the earth to connect to RPO Hyderabad including personally visiting the office. Having had almost a negligible kind of response and being frustrated for the same, I wrote to the Prime Minister of India. No, there is no problem with your eyes. You read it right. I wrote to the Prime Minister of India. Fortunately, there was some response that came and I got a call from the RPO Hyderabad telling me that it is better if I apply afresh to RPO Hyderabad. I agreed and the file was closed. I logged to the RPO Hyderabad website and booked a slot for me a couple of times but the busy schedule that I was running in Hyderabad did not allow me to go and apply for the same. Further, I was also certain of moving to Hubli/Bangalore in a few months and I thought it wise to wait rather than complicate things

The passport rules say that there shall be an address verification at all the places where the applicant has resided in the last 1 year. And someone like me would so many addresses in 1 year that it would be a little difficult for oneself to track. In fact, after completing BCom in Hubli, I was in Bangalore for 3-4 months as I was doing my PGDBO course from IFBI. During my stay, I spent time in 2 paying guests and one of my friend's home. After that, I returned to Hubli and stayed for a couple of months. And then, I moved to Hyderabad where I stayed in a paying guest for a couple of months. Later, I moved into a rented home with a couple of my friends. Now, if I had to apply for a passport with a honest disclosure, the police would have to verify my address at close to 10 places. Horrifying. This a lesson for all those planning to get a passport to ensure that they apply for it when they are in the college and not wait till the career run actually begins. Authorities find it difficult to catch things that are running

After Hyderabad, I returned to Hubli. I stayed in Hubli for a few months. And then, I moved back to Namma Bengaluru. I decided that I am going to stay over for a year and apply for a passport. During this period, I ensured that my name is updated uniformly across all the documents. I also ensured that even my parents name is spelled correctly in all the documents. I finished a year of stay and decided to apply. And in a few days, it was decided that I am going in for a new job and coincidentally, my father got transferred to Bengaluru and we decided to rent a home for the family at a different place. Thus, my address changed. Now, I had to wait for a year's stay to be completed at the new location or apply disclosing both the addresses and complicate things like I did in 2009. In fact, in 2009, most people suggested me not to be honest and say that I stayed in the same address for a year. However, I continued to follow that Honesty is the best Policy. I spoke the truth and lost time, money, energy and for a moment perhaps, I thought, 'sometimes, its better to lie'

Soon, I was in the system again. I got all my documents ready and started the process of applying for the Indian Passport. By now, TCS had implemented the PSK (Passport Seva Kendra) system in Bengaluru and all applications had to be routed through the web portal . I logged on to the site and to my utter dismay, nothing happened. I was neither able to book a slot nor able to know when would the slots be available. I started searching the net for information regarding the same and found that the booking slots were for sale for Rs 500, Rs 1000, Rs 2500, Rs 5000 and so on. I did not understand the logic but then I did call an agent who had posted an ad stating that he provides assistance in applying for passports and also sets up online appointments. He quoted me Rs 4700 for an ordinary passport application. I wanted to apply for a Tatkal passport and he said that I will have to pay an additional Rs 1500. Thus, the cost of an Indian Passport worked out at Rs 6200. However, this was not the final figure. The agent told me that it was my responsibility to arrange for a Verification Certificate from a gazetted officer (in positions mentioned by the Passport authorities). I was baffled. I contacted another agent. He had a simple quote, '7th day, you get passport. All I do. You give markscard and bank statement. Give money after getting passport'. I was like, "Wowiiieee...!!!, how much?"

'Rs 12000', he said

I went mad and told him, "I am not in a hurry. You can take your own time and provide me the passport. What is the best quote?"

"For all same. I don't make less. For IAS officer letter only costly. Half money there only go. Nothing left for me. You requesting so I make 11000. Last & Best", he said

I was kind of confused and I said that I will get back to him later and closed the call. For the next few weeks, I almost forgot about it. Applying for a passport was like throwing myself into a well knowing very well that I can't swim. I read a news article that there were a lot of complaints against the online appointment system and the issue was escalating. Finally, PSKs announced that the proper services will be resumed latest by June 15th. I had lost the interest. However, I logged on to the site out of curiosity. And to my surprise, this time, I was logged out with a successful appointment on 23rd. I was delighted. I started arranging the documents. Things were haphazard. It took time and I understood that I can not do the same in a day. I logged to the site next day, cancelled my appointment and booked an appointment on 24th. I spent a day to arrange the documents and get a verification certificate (for tatkal passport) as well as a standard affidavit declaration

The D Day came. My appointment was at 9.45 am and I was there by 9 am. At exactly 9.45 am, we were let in. My documents were examined at the 1st counter and the examiner found that father's name in my 10th marks card is Ramachandra M Pattar. However, in the standard affidavit, I had entered it as Ramachandra Pattar. And just for the alphabet 'M', I was not given a token to proceed further. Do I need to say how I felt and what I thought?
I showed them my father's voter ID card where his name was Ramachandra Pattar. However, they told me that all names shall be taken as per 10th marks card only. So, all the prospects of PSKs, this is your second and most important lesson. Enter names at all places in all documents as per your 10th marks card only. I don't know what exactly is the process under a normal passport application. But, in tatkal, the 10th marks card rules. It rules beyond anything. Even the 12th marks or degree certificates are trash before it. In fact, you are not even asked for that

I had to leave the PSK and go back to get the affidavit corrected. I had to drive back more than 25 kms in this never ending city to get the correction done. Even the notary too was kind of shocked to know that an alphabet can make such a big difference. Sometimes, I feel, though the law has been made very tough, it is neither helpful in stopping crime nor does it in any way add to convenience. There are so many issues that happen in respect of names and spellings considering that the people entering our names into the records are not sufficiently serious about the implication of the spelling and we accept the chalta hai attitude. Birth certificate has one name, 10th marks card has another, voter id card is bound to have the funniest spelling of all the spellings that your name has seen and all these differences make 5 persons out of 1 person. Though you have one body, one soul & you want one passport, your 5 documents can not help you. Lets hope that Mr. Nilekani's UIDAI Aadhar will solve these issues. But then, solution or a new problem, we shall know it only after experiencing it

I drove back to the PSK by noon and was let in. The initial verification was done and I was issued a token. I went ahead to wait for my turn at Counter A - Scanning. I was so hungry. I opened the lunch box, sat in a corner and had my food. It took some time. Soon, my turn came. The scanning process was completed and then, I moved to the Counter B & C where there was a verification and re-verification of my application. There was a small issue about my application. I had previously applied for a passport and the same was not processed due to certain delays at my end. After applying, I had been out of my city for a long time and in the process, I could not attend the police verification. As I had nothing very urgent or important at that point of time, I did not take it seriously and things went haywire. In fact, I had boldly disclosed that I had previously applied and even provided the application details. It was a little troublesome and initially I felt like I am digging my own grave but then, I guess, the officers were happy to see my honesty. It them some time to go through the previous application and letter received by me 2 years back but it was clean & clear process for me. After being satisfied that I was a genuine applicant, the APO click the Grant Passport button on his computer screen and made me a successful sailor in The Great Indian Passport Dilemma...!!!

The only concern that I had was about my photograph. I was carrying very nice passport size photographs with me so that I look nice in this document. However, despite all request, I was told that there is no way they can use any photograph. Your photo will be clicked in Counter A during scanning and that pic only will appear on the passport. I had not even shaved and was looking very shabby. Now, I have to carry this terribly looking face for the next 10 years. So, the next lesson, please ensure you get carry smart looks to the PSK as you will have to be with this look for the next 10 years

I moved to the exit counter where I was given an acknowledgement. I was also told that I shall receive the passport within a week and I really did receive it. I find it difficult to believe it even now that things happened so quick

There are, of course, many many stories, facts and experiences in relation to the same which I can not disclose for security, privacy and other reasons. Overall, it was a fantastic experience. Some of the most mind boggling times of my life were spent over this. If I seriously see, I can be a case study for the Indian Passport Applications