Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Murder 2... She almost murdered me...

Life has turned absolutely sad & sour after watching the so called 'Murder 2' which was supposed to excite senses beyond any possible human limits (as per reviews). May be, it did not do any much to me. Yeah, for those of you who have seen the movie, let me inform you that I was 12 minutes late to the movie. Now, don't tell me that you know why I am sad. That's not the reason in any way. In fact, it was all fine till nine. The movie ended and I rated it 'a little above ordinary' giving it a 2.75 out of 5. But then, something happened and I kind of got frustrated and almost closed my Facebook account. Are you wondering what I am speaking about? Don't do. It has not got anything to do with Murder 2. But then, what a murderess is she?

The movie was expected to be a super sequel to the former. The trailers showed that it is going to be far more exciting that Murder. However, it did not meet my expectations. The plot was very ordinary and the story was below ordinary. It appeared like the story was being pulled to at least cater the audience for 2 hours. What was boring to see was that the culprit in the story is exposed within the
first half of the 1st half. There was no suspense and neither was there any thrill. Mohit Suri has directed the scenes nicely and that made me rate the movie above average. In absence of it, I would have felt it to be below average

The story of the transgenders speaks a lot about the current system in our nation. Of course, the transgenders have their own community and a little hold on the system also. No one can deny that. But then, it is nowhere so high as shown in the movie. Arjun (Emraan Hashmi) sees Priya (Jacqueline Fernandez) and does what he usually does. They fall in love. Arjun has a history of working with Goa Police, resigned his job and now a dealer. Priya is a super model. As per Arjun, Priya is neither his mohabbat nor jaroorat but simply aadat. Well, that was a nice joke. He could have even tangle twisted with more words like chahat, amanat, hakikat and jannat. That is the beginning and the end of jokes or, in fact, a fair conversation between the hero & the heroine. After this scene in the first 15 minutes, they don't even meet or even speak with each other

Arjun finds that a certain section of girls/women are missing and doubts the possibility of human trafficking. He gets busy in the process of becoming an unofficial CBI and starts hunting for the culprit. The culprit Dheeraj Pandey (Prashant Narayan) is a voluntarily converted transgender and a serial killer. He kills women and dumps them in a well. The story goes on till Reshma (Sulagna Panigrahi) gets into his clutches. He tries to kill her but she somehow manages to save her life. Though he throws her into the well assuming she is dead, she faces some very nasty times and gets out of it through a tunnel. However, towards the end, she again gets into his hands and loses her life. To take a revenge on Arjun, Pandey decides that Priya will be his next prey. He contacts Priya in disguise of a client and asks her to come for a photo shoot. Priya is upset with Arjun and has nothing to do. She feels it better to do something than sit idle. Arjun is busy searching for Pandey. The fun change here is that before Priya reaches, Arjun reaches and starts smashing Pandey. Priya enters and in the confusion, Pandey takes advantage and attacks Arjun. Pandey gets on to kill Priya and as expected, when he rises his weapon, Arjun jumps over him and saves her life. The police enter then and Arjun has the weapon in his hands and Pandey is under him. Arjun is about to kill him but Inspector Sardar (Sudhanshu Pandey), who happens to be Arjun's ex-colleague and a good friend now, warns him that he should stop and leave Pandey to police custody. Pandey already fooled police in the past & got out of the jail for absence of any evidence against him. It would not be a big deal for him this time as well. Arjun goes to kill him but Sardar stops him again. In some jumble, Pandey presses a play button on the walkman which contains a taped conversation between him & Reshma when he was killing her. The cruel conversation boils and burns the blood of Arjun and he pierces the weapon into Pandey's chest and tears it apart. To ensure that Arjun doesn't get into difficulty, Sardar pours all his bullets on to the already dead Pandey before the entire police force enters. Arjun walks on towards the church accompanied by Priya and Murder 2 gets over

The movie was in a lot of hype for many reasons. The hype remains a hype. I don't say it was not worth it. It was definitely OK Fine. A lot more had to be done if it had to be rated Good or Very Good. However, I don't see any reason or any possibility for anyone to rate it Excellent

I would remember Murder 2 for some of the best lyrics heard in 2011. I am humming them right from the time I listened to them

Hey kash.. Kash yun hota.. Har shaam.. Sath tu hota..
Chup chap.. Dil na yun rota.. Har shaam.. Sath tu hota..
Guzara ho tere, bin guzara.. Ab muskil hai lagta..
Nazara ho tera, hi nazara.. Ab har din hai lagta..

Haal e dil tujhko sunata... Dil agar yeh Bol pata... Bakhuda tujhko hai jata jaan...
Tere sang jo pal bitata... Waqt se main woh mang lata... Yaad karke muskurata haan…

In short, Murder 2 is neither what you could expect it to be nor is it what it promises to be. Its an altogether different experience. Do not have any reference to Murder when you go for the movie. Watch it as an independent movie and you will like it more. And yes, be on time...!!!


  1. plot part is boring..

  2. @61239a9ec29b83ca164d9650b95ac35a  u r almost saying that the movie was boring... :)

  3. Sandeep Hanchanale14 July 2011 at 21:41

    i guess a lot of intense thought process has gone into this post. Well crafted. Keep them flowing

  4. thank u outcharge... :)

  5. I would like to say even the direction was below average in some of the scenes. Well, personally, I was really disappointed with the movie. 

  6. @google-de36e2dbeb8d67b33c2d5ea078618c00:disqus  hmm, yes, possible to certain extent. i guess, when the plot is boring, direction can not do much about it. the story had no much strength in it. :P

  7. songs are the best part & to some extent jaquine magic.

  8. yeah, sort of...