Saturday, 16 July 2011

Review: Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara... All for One... One for All...

Si usted no entiende Inglés, usted puede conseguir la versión en español o utilizar Google Translate para traducir esta página. Después de todo, eso es lo que he hecho:)

दिलों  में  तुम  अपनी  बेताबियाँ  लेके  चल  रहे  हो , तो  जिंदा  हो  तुम 
नज़र  में  ख़्वाबों  की  बिजलियाँ  लेके  चल  रहे  हो , तो  जिंदा  हो  तुम 
हवा  के  झोकों  के  जैसे  आज़ाद  रहना  सीखो 
तुम  एक  दरिया  के  जैसे  लहरों  में  बहना  सीखो 
हर  एक  लम्हे  से  तुम  मिलो  खोले  अपनी  बाहें 
हर  एक  पल  एक  नया  समा  देखे  यह  निगाहें 
जो  अपनी  आँखों  में  हैरानियाँ  लेके  चल  रहे  हो , तो  जिंदा  हो  तुम 
दिलों  में  तुम  अपनी  बेताबियाँ  लेके  चल  रहे  हो , तो  जिंदा  हो  तुम 

Meet Arjun. Aged about 30. Working as a Investment Broker in London. Highly passionate to earn money. His father expired when he was 8 years old and left a huge volume of debt for him and his mother. Right from then, for him, money is the ultimatum. He plans to work till he is 40 and retire with a lot of money. He does never realize that he is missing so much of life now which he can never get back at any age in the future like most of us. Just like us, he is a machine printing money for the future

Say Hi to Kabir & Natasha. A healthy wealthy background. Kabir takes care of his father's construction business. Engaged very recently to Natasha and planning to get married in a couple of months. Kabir is a little confused with his marriage for the reason that he had bought a ring for his mother on her birthday which was mistaken by Natasha and thereby the entire family that she proposed Natasha while he was actually just showing the ring to her. The family gets very excited and Kabir seals his mouth. In any case, he was in (confused) relationship with Natasha from about 6 months. Natasha works as an independent interior designer with lot of passion for her work and large dreams

And finally we have the Imraan the working the in the advertising the agency the. Well, that's how he speaks Spanish. A fun loving guy and quite funny too. He has a history of messing up with Arjun. 4 years back, he fell in love with the same girl who Arjun loved and they ended up in a difficult situation

The Bachelor Trip
The 3 dudes are college mates and before leaving from their college, they promised each other that they will celebrate a bachelor trip later in their life and everyone will have to come without any excuses. Each person will plan something for all and it will be a top secret. And nobody will say no. The trip was already planned twice in the last 4 years and was cancelled. This time, Kabir plans the trip to Spain. However, Arjun has some issues. Later on, he agrees to come if they agree to let him work from there whenever there is a need. The agreement is sealed and the ride begins

Kabir's Deep Underwater Diving
All of them reach Spain. The first thing that they plan to do is Deep Underwater Diving. This is was Kabir's choice. And now, meet Sheela, oops, Laila. A lady who works in London. She takes a break from work every year and goes on a holiday to explore the world and learn from nature. Fortunately, she is currently working as a diving instructor and she is the one who takes the 3 guys under water. Arjun is very afraid of water and Laila lets her magic veil on him and he just succumbs to her. She tell him, 'This dive will change your life', and it happens. Tears of happiness flow from his eyes when he comes out of water after seeing such a beautiful & peaceful place inside the deep ocean water. Everyone remains silent for a very long time. It was like meditation and revival of life

Arjun's Sky Diving
Arjun's plan for the Bachelor trip is to jump from a height of 15000 feet. Imran has a fear of height. He finally overcomes it and the three fly in the sky twittering like birds and have a blast. After landing on the ground, the sentiments are simply inexpressible. No happiness could have ever matched this

Imran's Bull Run
Imran feel that after having overcome the fear of height and depth, its finally the time to overcome the fear of death. That is the ultimate fear in life and once you overcome that, you can live like an immortal. A race where bulls charge towards you and you have to run away from them. Of course, you can quit by jumping out but there is a real risk of life if the horns touch you. After a lot of hesitation, Arjun agrees to join. Thanks to Laila. Before the race begins, each one says what they will do if they win & come alive. Imran reveals that he write poetry & he will share it with them. Arjun says that he will settle down with Laila and spend life with her. He will stop worrying about work and money so much as he does now. And the thriller is that Kabir says that he will break up with Natasha and lead a new life

Some lecture (learning derived from the movie)
In fact, Kabir loved Natasha as she was very goal oriented, matured, had dreams to make it big in life, planned a hotel project of 1000 crores working as an independent interior designer. That was when he met her. Over the time, he saw the true colors of her. The behavior, doubts at every moment in life, possessiveness and diverting away from her goals made him feel like he has been sandwiched between torture and death. This crosses a limit when she says that she will quit her job and sit at home and will do interior designing of home. She evens lands in Spain doubting that Arjun might be cheating on her. This is a common problem across the world with women. Women feel that men have loved their body and all they would want it that. In the beginning, men too feel the same. But then, it takes time to realize that the body has no value in a relationship. It is only a value addition. Once a relationship is in progress, the hair color, the tummy size, the lip shape, the eye shine or for that matter the size and shape of whatever do not hold any significance. Of course, I repeat that they add value but they are not the value. What values the most is the understanding, the thoughts and the care for one another. Dramas and stories end life. Many courageous women change course with relationships and look for safer alternatives or settle with life. But then, they forget the very fact that their guy loved them for the courage. And once the courage is off, how does love remain? And then, men are referred as cheats

Imran's Bull Run - Resumes
The bull run begins and in a few minutes, all the three quit and jump out of the track. They look at each other. There is complete silence. Each one has just cheated death when the bulls passed beside them. They keep looking into each other's eyes though they are quite some distance apart. And something happens, perhaps, their hearts speak to each other and they get back into the race. They run and the bulls follow. They cheat death over and over again and win over it

There is an interruption or rather an extradition in between the plans with Laila's Tomatino Festival. There is also Bag-wati (a bag worth 12000 euros purchased for Natasha by Kabir through Arjun and Imran goes mad seeing the cost and names it Bag-wati). There is also Nuria, Laila's friend, who plays host for the Tomatino festival. There is a pretty mobile phone purchased by Imran for Arjun after Imran had thrown Arjun's mobile out of the car as he was using it excessively. The scene gets a little serious but things get normal as Kabir becomes a judge in absence of anyone else. And finally, there is Salman Habib, a painter and the biological father of Imran. In fact, Imran's mother and Salman were in a relationship. On knowing that she got pregnant, he leaves her and flees away to other nation. A large hearted man marries her and Imran is born. Imran gets to know about this after the death of his father through an old letter and at the age of 30, having lost his father and knowing that he was not his biological father leaves his life in a disaster. But then, Imran never makes it a big issue, neither does he cry nor does he express sorrow. He buries it all inside him which only Nurie recognizes. There is also Senorita

Overall, it is a nice movie coming from Zoya Akhtar. Of course, when it comes from the Akhtar family, you got to get the value for your time & money. You never get to know when the 1st half gets over. My friends did feel a little bored in the second half. But then, I feel, "If you watch it once, you might want to watch it dobara"

The movie redefines life, leisure, peace, happiness and many such words. However, movies can only show us the importance of these words. To feel them, we have to go on our own paths and experience them. After these are not thing which can be seen and felt. They are something to be done & experienced. Get on, plan your party, tour, trip or whatever right now. After all, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara


  1. Am gonna watch this movie this eve, hope it's good, although I seemed to like what the review said.

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