Saturday, 23 July 2011

If Mr Yediyurappa is given out, who's in to bat... KPL 30x40...

KPL 30-40 is inspired by IPL 20-20. The speed, the passion, the aggression, the acceleration of scoring more and more in less time. If KPL stands for Karnataka Political League, we know what 30x40 represents. Deciphering the links is left to your imaginations while I don't claim a link at all

Mr Yedyurappa is no less than the luckiest guy born on the earth. Who else would have survived so many attacks? Call it right attacks or wrong attacks, the point is that the attacks were there for sure. While on one hand, there is a feeling that he never had his share of time to really think about the state or development, on the other hand, there is also a feeling that he did not want to think about anything except personal growth. We are no one speak about something before the law proves it. But then, over and again, time has proved that luck will favor him

Right from the time his name has been linked to the word CM, the Karnataka state has gone into a state of circus. The news channels are all filled with jokes of facts. People come on FMs and say that this is the major source of entertainment for them off late. While the leaders fight one day, they love the other day. While they blame in morning, they are found together by evening. While they protest & strike, they apologize and smile. For lack of evidence, they publicly declare and challenge to take a vow on Lord. It's like a child being asked, "Tell the truth. Put promise on God & tell. If you lie, God will punish you"

Each time an issues comes up, there are two things that can happen. 99% of the times, history repeats itself and 1% of the times, history is written. Assuming this, we can safely bet that Mr. Yedyurappa will be successful in even clearing this hurdle. Just in case he doesn't, asssuming that the 1% possibility turns into reality, what will be the next action at our disposal

There are speculations that Ms Shobha will take over as the next CM. Most speculations continue to remain speculations. With the kind of torture that people are facing due to the Gas connections and the Ration cards, one can not deny that we would love to retain Mr Yedyurappa than to get Ms Shobha. At least the common man has not suffered in his hands. Its only the rich who have complaints against him. For common people, its just a talk. However, the Food & Supplies Ministry has directly hit the common man. 1 LPG connection for 1 RR (electricity meter) number. Didn't the ministry have the simple logic that in a large number of homes, the tenants and owners share the electricity bill? Didn't they know that a large number of people in Bengaluru are from other cities and most of them do not have a ration card? Didn't they know that the most difficult tasks to accomplish in India are to get a Voter ID card or a Ration card in normal times? Slashing someone's fuel connection just like that is like snatching someone's food supply and tearing their food pipes

Money is very decisive. RBI says, "Paisa bolta hai". Who are we to deny? Of course it does. It speaks more than RBI believes it to. To know how and what it speaks, RBI should contact the poor and middle class. The rich often say that money is not important. The RBI must take all money from them and ask them to repeat the same dialogue. Would the mouth open or would there be a river flow from the eyes?

Sometime back, when Mr CM was under a similar attack, there was news that Mr Jagdish Shettar could probably take over as the CM. He is of course a prospect with diminished possibility to be the 1st man of the state. Accusations are that, in this case, the state would have more to listen from the 1st lady than the 1st man. Accusations are many. But then, till proven, we are fools to believe them. I just became one when I wrote this. Mr Shettar is an alumni of Jagadguru Gangadhar College of Commerece, the premier commerce college of North Karnataka. He has been an advocate for 20 years till luck & fate had different stories written for him. He has been into ABVP and RSS. In 1990, he became the President of Hubli Rural Constituency and the run began. He was elected as the President of BJP for Dharwad district in 1994 and in 1996, he was elected as the State Secretary of his party. Further, he held many positions like the Leader of Opposition in 1999, Revenue Minister in 2006, Speaker of 13th Assembly and Minister for Rural Development and Panchayat Raj. He has a winning habit and has the record of winning elections by huge margins over and again. He is one prospect for the prime position

The other one who would be a value addition to the position is Mr Prahlad Joshi. A pure rural talent who has made it big in the field of politics in North Karnataka. Mr Joshi has been contributing towards the industry as well as the Government. He has taken many developmental activities and is involved actively in them. He is the General Secretary for BJP Karnataka and plays active roles both in the Government and also in the party. He first came to public notice with Rastradwaja Horata Samiti Sanchalak when they organised a movement to hoist the Tri-colour flag at Idagah Maidan (Also known as Kittur Rani chennamma Maidan) in Hubli (1992-1994). Even he has a habit of winning elections with big margins

If we speak mathematically, Mr Yediyurappa has a 99% chance while Mr/Ms XYZ has the remaining 1% chance to sit in the top most position at Vidhana Soudha. It's like there has been another appeal for Run Out. In case the third umpire shows the red light this time, who will get into the field? While 0.49% possibility is that it is going to be Madam Shobha, the current situation can uprise an underdog performance. 0.25% possibility that it is going to be Mr Shettar and another 0.25% for Mr Joshi. If my maths is right, there is another 0.1% left over over for the super underdog, the slumdog millionaire, the surprise kid who might usher in from somewhere to sit on the throne (just like Mr Devegouda became the Prime Minister of India)

Who's it gonna be? Will history repeat itself or will history be written? Lets wait for the drama to unfold, the story to flow, the news to speak, the accusations to come, the blames, the games, the fames, the rags, the riches, the poor, the power, the passion, the fight, the hugs, the break ups, the catch ups... The Great Karnataka Political Drama is ready to unfold... Are you game?


  1. History will be repeated as it's very obvious that people in power just try to show to the common man that there is some action taken on the huge mining scam which has affected more than 1800 crore to the state but infact the people who are collecting facts to prove the accused guilty are the one who are also the part of the scam thus we can't expect history to be overwritten in the favour of the justice but in turn the accused will be proved innocent that is the fate of the KPL & it's always the one in power who wins it. The Captain of the KPL as you said in his reign is only involved in the personal growth plan.............. KPL or you can tell it as IPL(Indian Political League) history will be the same as the system itself is unrefined that everyone who enters it knowingly/ unknowingly or wantedly/ unwantedly will be made a part of it so this will go on until the universe has it presence : "Jab tak chand tara rahega, hamare desh ka IPL chalega" 
    Jai Hind!!!

  2. @2f2ed208476e5f22134b88267c567c36  hmmm, IPL in lieu of KPL is a nice matching... like an icing on the cake... :)

  3. As of now the finger is pointed out towards the BJP, all other parties are taking advantage of it: JDS says - the accused should resign on the grounds of corruption in the same way everyone is having an answer to prove the accused guilty & in reply to this BJP spokesperson says first speak about the ill acts done by you & prove your innocence before you point at at us. In the same way everyone wants to come to power & play the same blame game & accumulate wealth for themselves & exploit the public ......... so no expectation of taking any action against the accused & it's very disheartening to witness all this........

  4. nyways, this is goin on ever since 1947...