Sunday, 28 August 2011

Tirupati Darshan by walking through the 7 Hills...

Om Namo Venkatesaya

I heard someone saying these lines to convince someone to let him go to visit Mata Vaishnodevi, "Arey Bhaiyaa, Jab Mata ka bulawa aaya hai toh Jaana hi padega..."

I now learn that when God calls you, there is nothing that can stop you from going. Its all in his hands. After all, we are just his children and he has total command on us. From out of the blues, it was decided that I am going to visit the Lord Balaji Temple at Tirumala Hills, Tirupati on 24th August 2011. The decision was taken on 21st and on 23rd evening, my body was in the car that cruised from Bangalore. It actually took some time for my mind to realize and actually understand that I was in reality going to Tirupati. It was like a very long time plan that I had been having that I have to go to the temple. The last time I went there was perhaps in 1997 with my parents and grandparents. So, it was like 14 years now. I was definite that there would be tremendous change in the place by now. Moreover, being a child (6th standard then), I did not remember very accurately the time spent over there except that I very clearly remember that we stood in the queue for a very long time and when we were before the Lord's idol, I forgot to observe & pray. I had just taken 2-3 steps and my father asked me, 'Did you see the God? Did you pray?'. I asked, 'Where?'. He tried to show me but in vain as the security personnel was pushing us away. I ignored it all, bend down, almost ran back, saw the Lord and prayed. I asked the Lord something and in the meanwhile, the security personnel identified me and pushed me off. My parents had already gone out. It did not take much time for me to find them though. From Tirupati, we went to Mantralaya and then, we reached Hubli. To my utter surprise, my wish had already come true. It was no less than a miracle in my life. After having been rejected for Sainik School due to some medical reason, there was a letter that allowed me to come & join the school in case I get a medical examination done from a higher hospital and if they certify that I am fit. I was certified FIT by the Command Hospital, Bangalore and Sainik School, Bijapur allotted me Roll no. 3210, Adilshahi House and asked me to sit in Class 6th, A section. Life got a new definition

Thus, my faith in Lord Venkateshwara is very huge. I believe in God. I learnt that if you have good intentions, ensure honest approaches, make consistent efforts, remain dedicated, be selfless and keep moving towards your goals putting your best foot forward and leaving the rest to God, with complete faith in him, he will never disappoint you. He might not make your wish come true but that happens only when he has planned something better for you

While I was immersed in thoughts and memories, the car had paused at a Kamat Hotel on the way for dinner. We had dinner and proceeded. By about midnight, we could see the most beautiful 7 Hills of Tirupati where a line of lights was like travelling from the bottom to the top. The God's signature symbol appeared on the top with complete glow and I was super excited. In the meanwhile, I was told that this is the stretch that we had to walk as we had planned to walk up the hills rather than drive. Was it fear, hopelessness, lost feeling or what exactly that hit me in an instant is yet unknown but I was completely gone. I mean, such a big hill by walk? It took some time for my mind to settle down

We reached the entrance. We reached the pilgrims waiting hall and got fresh & ready for the walk. By 2.30 am, we prayed on the 1st step of the 3650 steps ahead of us and got started. By the time we had completed 50 steps, it was decided that we are going back. The steps were not very steep but we really could not understand what made us so tired. We were already sweating. It was, perhaps, lack of exercise or that the steps were one after another without breaks. Further, wearing jeans was a curse. I wish I could have come in a bermuda and some cotton wear. We thought, once we start something, specially as an offering to God, we got to go further. A similar thing happened when we had been to Goddess Chamundeshwari Temple, Chamundi Hills, Mysore and we had concluded that, "When we are going to God, the God will test us by putting obstacles. We have to clear all obstacles and keep marching. Only then, God is satisfied with our devotion". So, we carried on. The steps were quite challenging. After every 50 steps, there was a number inscribed on the step that told us how many steps we had covered. We soon covered 300th and then the 500th step. We kept taking breaks every now and then. And the journey went on. In about one & half hours, we reached around 1650 steps and took a long break. I had a Sprite. There was also some packed food like chips, noodles, etc available. As it was night, most shops were shut. 

Gali Gopuram
After a good half an hour, we started to proceed further and at around 2100 steps, there was a counter where our photos were taken and we were given free pass for Darshan that included free accommodation and free meals. We learnt that we had a total of 3650 steps to cover and thus, we had to cover another 1550 steps. However, from now on, the steps have a longer gap and you actually walk more than climb. The journey continued and after covering about another 600 steps, we reached the road. We were confused whether we were on the right path. We got a clarification from other pilgrims that we are on the right path. We have to follow the white color painted on the footpath for about 3 kms to reach the next steps. 

It was about 5.30 am and the scenic beauty was striking. We loved the walk. It almost appeared like a morning walk for us except that the muscles had a different idea. Soon, we reached the steps. People gave us an idea that there were steeps steps half the way and then, the steps were at a good relaxing distance further. We started and I had a total muscle cramp in my thigh. I just could not lift my leg and lied down by the side. It took some time and I got started again. As we closed in to 3200 steps, things seemed easy and the steps seemed to end quicker. Finally, after about 4 hours of effort, our wish had come true. It was about 6.30 am and we were atop the Tirumala Hills, to be specific, the Venkata Hill. Wikipedia says, "The Tirumala Hill is 3,200 feet (980 m) above sea level, and is about 10.33 square miles (27 km2) in area. It comprises seven peaks, representing the seven heads of Adisesha, thus earning the name Seshachalam. The seven peaks are called Seshadri, Neeladri, Garudadri, Anjanadri, Vrushabadri, Narayanadri, and Venkatadri. The temple is situated on Venkatadri (also known as Venkatachala or Venkata Hill), the seventh peak, and hence is also known as the Temple of Seven Hills (Saptagiri in Sanskrit)"

It was an amazing experience. We planned to immediately get fresh (you got to get fresh at any cost as you are always like wet in rain except that the water has come from within your body rather than the clouds) and immediately leave for Darshan. There was some kind of a confusion. While we wanted a separate room for us to get fresh, the possibility was difficult. We were told that as we have come by walk, we can use the free accommodation facility that was like a hall and some bathrooms. Further, in case we wanted a room, we have to go to some CRO or CDR office to get the room allotted. There are a good number of rooms over the hills but the queue was quite long. We did not have enough patience. While we were looking for some option, a persona approached us and inquired if we need a room. We said yes and he said, "Rs 300. 1 hour only". We were okay with it. After getting fresh, we started on our way to the Lord's Darshan. We were told that as we are on Footpath Darshan, there was a special line for us and we can get a quicker darshan than others. I was impressed. We got into a bus that took us to Vaikuntam Q Complex. After handing over our luggage, mobile phones & footwear, we entered the line with huge excitement. It appeared empty and we ran happily through it with satisfaction for having come the footpath way. We reached a compartment and were asked to sit there. Hundreds of devotees were already in adjacent compartments and were keenly waiting for them to open and move further. Things got a little uneasy here. We were sitting in the compartment for close to 2 hours and still, there was no movement. We started at about 9.30 am and it was about 11.15 am then. The compartment was opened and we joined the queue further. On the way, we collected the tokens for Laddoos. Now, this line was taking a really long time to move. People were agitated and started shouting. Some people claimed that there must be some VIP in the Sheegra Darshan queue and they are allowing them to move quickly. I sat down as I was totally tired. I could not believe that I sat for almost half and hour and the situation did not improve. It was about 2 pm and we were still in the queue. It was learnt from the people in the Sheegra Darshan queue that they came in at 11 am and they were at par with us in the line now. The Sheegra Darshan line & Footpath Darshan line run parallel to one another and we could see that the other line was progressing quicker. But then, we were happy that we were able to spend more time in the temple. We were kind of enjoying it. At about 4 pm, we had almost reached the temple of the Lord Balaji Venkateshwara and the excitement was on a rise. There was also some concern to see that the people in Sheegra Darshan now who were beside us started their journey at 2 pm. So, it was like they were almost getting the Darshan in 2 hours while we were here for close to 5 hours now. I learnt a lesson that in case you want a quicker darshan, you have to go the Sheegra Darshan way

Soon, the bliss was on. We entered the sanctum sanctorum which houses the awe-inspiring idol of the Lord of the Seven Hills is situated in the main temple complex of Tirumala. within next few minutes, we jumped and looked all over to see pure gold all around us and it was marvelous. And there we go. The Lord Balaji Venkateshwara was before us dazzling dynamically with such beauty, power and blessings for all his devotees. Govinda, Govinda, Govinda, Govinda were echoing of us like hymns and it was an eternal bliss. I ensured that I will see the Lord, pray and take enough time. However, it is difficult unless you are a celebrity. But then, I was able to get my slot of time that I needed. May be, I was in front of the Lord for about 10 seconds directly and another 15 seconds while I was a coming out walking reverse with my facing towards the Lord having no idea about what path I was on while walking backwards. Anyone who has visited the temple will definitely say that it is quite high. I was delighted

As we came out, we felt we have to go back in again but then, you know it is not possible. Its such an eternal feeling to sit before God. I have experienced such great peace sitting in temple. But then, with the size of people visiting this temple, the darshan itself is a blessing. We had prasadam and moved towards the Laddoo counter. It mandatory to take token to purchase Laddoos. It costs Rs 100 for 4 laddoos. Some people claimed that one can not take more than 2 tokens. I took 1 token. So, I now had this 1 Rs 100 token for 4 laddoos and another token for 2 laddoos that I got as a part of Footpath Darshan (by paying Rs 20). We took the laddoos and headed towards the Vaikuntam Q complex to collect our belongings. After that, we had some food immediately as we did not have anything since morning (except the prasadam & laddoo some minutes back) and loaded ourselves into the car to be driven back to Bengaluru. We stopped on the way for light dinner and reached Bangalore by about 1 am

It was a fantastic experience. It was a kind of dream come true for me. Like I mentioned, I had intention of going to the temple but I never tried to strengthen it as I am a very firm believer in God and once I strengthen the will, I will not feel comfortable till I do it. So, I was just telling myself that, 'One day, the Lord will call you... And when the supremacy calls, you have no option but to go'. The 14 year gap was one reason perhaps why he ensured that I am in his service for 14 hours. (2.30 am to 4.30 pm). Numbers you know. They are quite fascinating

I just loved the experience and thanks my friends for making this possible. The plan was on a very short notice and that perhaps had more advantages as we just went ahead rather than spending time on planning and discussing. For those who are planning, I would say, 'Stop planning. Start moving. The Lord is there to provide you with whatever you need'

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I Support The Times Campaign: ACT AGAINST CORRUPTION

I think one of the byproducts of the communications explosion is a sort of 'corruption fatigue.' We've lost our ability to be shocked or enraged by the machinations of politicians. We've been battered with such frequency that we've become indifferent. We're punch drunk with scandal.
— Larry Gelbart

Join the campaign at

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Kaun Banega Corruptpati...

VIP Notice: Please note that this article has nothing to do with a blog published at . There is no need to read this link. Those who believe so are doing it at your own risk & personal choice. I would be seriously hurt if you link this article to the article titled 'Why Anna Hazare should not win this battle?' by Sri C P Surendran like some of you believe. Its totally independent & imaginary concept that I have written about. Just read, have fun, have a laugh... Happy Reading...!!!

Kaun Banega Corruptpati

Aapka pehla sawal

Mr Narendran, the author of this article, seems to be

1. Fool
2. Illiterate (having lot of degrees with no learning value)
3. Half knowledge Fakir (he does not know what the Mann Lokball bill is all about)
4. Corruption Supporter
5. Jealous of Appa Hamare
6. Attention Seeker (trying to write anti Appa when whole nation is pro Appa and grabbing attention)
7. All of the above

Bataayiye, kya hai aapka jawab... Iss baar humnne aapko Seven options diya hai
A lot of people (specially writers who could not launch successful books) are trying to use media attention and take advantage of the situation to speak rubbish and come into limelight. Bl**dy attention seekers. Look at his blog post. He should have received some 1500 comments already. He must be like jumping joyously. In his lifetime, no blog post would have got so many comments. Free publicity you know. I will go with option no. 6

Are you sure?
It might also be that he is jealous of Appa Hamare getting so much name & fame in such a short time and he did not get anything even after decades of effort in the same field. He has Lost himself. God know when he will find himself. I think he is kind of jealous. I better go with option 5

OK, computer mahashay
Wait Wait. I don't want to take a risk. Let me use a lifeline

Kaunsa lifeline use karna chaahenge aap?
Phone a friend

Kisse phone karna chahenge aap
My friend, Mr Anonymous Surname who works in Blue Film Newspaper of India and I guess even Narendran is some editor is Blue Film Newspaper of India. So, I can get some information from him

Ok, Ok, badiya hai
Computer ji, Anonymous Surname ko phone lagaaya jaaye

 - - - The Phone Conversation - - -


"Namaskar Anonymous ji, Main Anilkumar Sajjan bol raha Kaun Banega Corruptpati se"

"Abey haraami, teri *** ki... kamine... tera drama abhi phone pe bhi kar raha... Teri toh..."

"Arey, main real Anilkumar Sajjan bol raha hoon, aapko vishwas nahi hota, aap apne dost se pooch lijiye..."

"Abey tu uski kya baat karta... Teri *** *** **** ****... S***le, Anilkumar sir ka nakal utarta hai... S***le m***r c***d... Mandh Buddhi Jaanwar... Tune quotation nahi suna, half knowledge is dangerous... Appa Hamare ke baare mein anap shanaap bakta hai tu... Kutte... Tera computer tod doonga... Tujhe pata kya hai unke baare mein... Tu khud famous hone ke liye yeh sab kaam karta hai... S***le tere book mein padne laayak kuch nahi hai... Book ka promotion karne liye news mein famous hona chaahta hai? Ter m*** ki... Teri jaise log hi rishwatkhori failaatein hain... Tu ek gandagi hai... Bimaari hai tu... Kalank hai tu... Paise aur publicity ke liya khud ko bech chuka hai tu aur ab neetaoan ki tarah desh ko bhi bech rahi... Teri ** * ** * * * ** * * ** * * * ** * * * ** **** * ** * ** *"

"Arey Anonymous ji, aap kya bol rahe hain. Aap, aap kya baat kar rahe hain?"

"Teri m** ki, tu office mein mil, tera g***d phaad ke phek dunga... Narendra ke bacche, teri haddi fasli ek kar doonga"

- - - 1 minute up. Phone disconnect - - -

Hmmm... That was strong... Aapke dost Anonymous se hamari baat hi nahi maani
Par sir, humko answer mil gaya na

Half Knowledge. Option No. 3

Oh, badiya hai, fantastic... Toh, lock kar diya jaaye?
Nahi, hum thoda confused hain. Janatha ki raay lenge. Audience poll

Computer ji, player ne apna doosra lifeline choose kiya hai... Main sabse nivedan karta hoon ki voh apne apne voting pads lein aur vote karien

- - - Results are out - - -

430 audience ne vote kiya hai. 428 ko lagta hai ki Option no. 4. Corruption Supporter hi sahi answer hai. Baaki do. Baaki do ko kya hua. Computer ji, baaki do ko kya hua?

 - - - Voting pad stolen - - -

Kisne churaya?

- - - Searching... Searching... Searching... Found... Mr Narendran... 2 hands... 2 voting pads... - - -

Badiya hai. iske aur ek 100 haath hothe tho aur ek 100 voting pad gaayab ho jaate. Khair, voh baat rehne dijiye... Bataiye aapko kya lagta hai... Aap janta ke saath jaayenge ya nahi
Janata ke saath main jaana chahata hoon

OK, computer ji, option no. 4. corruptio

 - - - Interrupt - - -

Arey teheriya Sajjan saab, poora sun toh lijiye. Main janata ke saath jaana chahata hoon par jis tarah is aadmi ne voting pads churaya hai, mujhe lagta hai, yeh aadmi pagal hai. He is a fool. So, I will go for option no. 1 Fool

Player ji, aapko main ek salah dena chahata hoon. Ek clue. Mr Narendran is a post gradaute working as a senior editor at Blue Film Newspaper of India. He is author of many poems and his new book is about to be released in October this year. Ab aap kya kahenge?
Ab kya kahein... Aapne answer batha diya... Uska novel aa raha hai october mein... Toh abhi se woh limelight dhoond raha hai... Bas, itni si kahaani hai... Hum aise chillar party ko hamari bhaasha mein padhe likhe gawaar kehte hain.. Illiterate Scholars. So, I will go with option no. 2. Illiterate

Are you sure? Soch lijiye. Yeh aapka pehla sawaal hai. Already aapne 2 lifeline use kar liye hain. Aapne har ek option ke upar charcha bhi kar liya hai. Lock kar dein ya aap sochna chaahenge
Sajjan sir, life mein kabhi kuch aise kaante aathe hain jinko sirf nikaalne se mann nahi bharta hai. Yeh kaante nahi, Keede hothe hain. Jindagi barbaad karne wale keede. Jee karta hai inki g**d ch**ke poora ph**d rakh deen. Par chalo, Appa Hamare kehte hain, jitna bhi gussa aane do, thanda ho jaao aur bass ahimsa ke marg par chalte raho. Aaj shayad Narendran jaise log yahaan se jinda bhaage hain toh uski vajah sirf Appa Hamare hain. Koi aur hota toh ab tak bahut kuch ho gaya hota

Hahaha... Player ji... Tussi bade emotional ho gaye ho... Ek khush khabari aapko yeh hai ki aap ke paas ek aur lifeline hai, 50-50
Chalo, le lete hai 50-50

Are you sure?

Computer mahashay, Player ji, jo ki pehle hi sawal se almost bowled ho gaye hain, apni teesri aur aakhri lifeline istemaal karna chahte hain... Inn jawaaboan mein se 3 galat jawab mitha deejiye
Arey yeh kya, koi jawab mitt nahi raha hai

Computer kehta hai, "No match found". Ab aap kya karna chaahenge?
Ab bacha kya hai Sajjan saab, no match found ka matlab hai innmein se koi jawaab galat nahi hai

Yaani, option no. 7. All of the above. Kya Sajjan saab. Zara computer aur Twitter ke bahaar jhank kar dekho. Aaj kal toh aap bas number pe number daal ke twitter pe time pass karte rehte ho

Hahaha... Aap bahut fun loving hain... Toh finally, You mean to say Mr Narendran, the author of the article is an illiterate fool with half knowledge jealous of Appa Hamare & desperately trying seek attention to promote his book even be it by 50-50 type ways like supporting corruption?
Exactly, Lock kar do

Computer ji, Option No. 7 lock kar dijiye aur bataaiye yeh sahi hai ya galat?
Deviyoan aur Sajjanoan, kisine hamaare computer mein virus daal diya hai aur computer bol raha hai, "not found, not found". Aapko kya lagta, kya hai iss sawal ka sahi jawab? Apne phone pe type kijiye 'You have a Corruptpati/Corruptpatni' aur bhej dijiye har ek Brasht aadmi/aurat ke spouse ke mobile par

Sahi jawab jaanane ke liye dekhte rahiye... Kaun Banega Corruptpati... :)

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Stock Market Review - Inspired by Anna Hazare...

The writing in this post are not related to stock market or the companies or the persons in any manner. This is just a fun write up trying to imagine what might run into a person's head when he is deeply involved in a thought. Assume you are a stock market broker or a reporter and you have been thinking all day about Mr Anna Hazare & India. Suddenly, at the end of the day, you are asked to present the Market Performance Report for the day. What would it be like? Something like this?

Indian markets opened in the green as India launched its Second Independence Movement. However, the Indian Markets were shocked to see that Social Activist Anna Hazare & Team were arested and taken to an undisclosed location. Following this, the markets seem to lack luster & directionless through the day. However, towards the end, as Anna's location was disclosed, the markets took cues from it and recovered some losses.

Banking stocks lost as all the customers went on protest & fast and no customers came to the bank. HDFC lost 2% while ICICI lost about 0.5%

On the other hand, as people were sitting on fast, Jaiprakash & DLF were not able to sell anything & lost more than 6%. Markets seemed to have lost interest as all people were interested in Anna's future and nobody bothered to initiate fresh buys/sells

Jindal Steel, ONGC & Cipla lost on news that Anna was denied permission and their plans to sell steel, oil & medicines to the fasting people like a Single Window Service has been knocked off

TCS n INFY gained as employees took leave n went to support Anna Hazare... It was a major Cost Saving activity of the year for the IT bellethers... However, Wipro lost as employees were asked to stay back & perhaps, they did not work

ITC gained on rumors that people might smoke more during the fast out of hunger, frustration n absence of food

Bharti Airtel went up on speculation that there might be more calls made during the fast... Every 1/2 an hour, the wife will call husband n ask "Aji, khane khaaye kya?" n husband will say, "Arey Bhaagwan, I'm on fast"

Overall, the Anna Hazare issue threw everything out of gear. Even Twitter & FaceBook went out of gear which helped the US & other global markets rise by 1-2% amid analyst expectation that there will be higher ad revenues due to higher page views across the world. On the commodities front, all prices were moving haphazard and no one in Mumbai Bazaar was bothered about them. The vegetables in Bhindi Bazaar were on a dip due to rain. Further, as everyone was on fast & no one wanted to buy them, they were sold for free

While everyone is bothered about Anna, why the hell are we bothering about the markets? With this, the daily drama of life has come to an end of yet another eventful day. We'll meet tomorrow to discuss the same issues yet again with no hope for any conclusion

Jai Hind...!!!

Monday, 15 August 2011

Freedom Park, Bengaluru - India Against Corruption - A life changing experience...

The Jan Lokpal Bill Team representing the Civil Society. Harbingers of change to Modern India

From morning, it has been Anna Hazare all over our minds. Though we are busy in work, there is some CD running in the background about India Against Corruption. After all, this is the biggest difficulty that we are all facing and now, someone has come forward to help us. Of course, there are inhibitions. Some people question the team that is leading this fight over its legitimacy, recognition, affiliation or righteousness. I really wonder over these people. In most cases, these questioners are those who have never seen the pain of being cheated, wounded and haunted by corruption, redtapism, bureaucracy or differentiation. These people tend to refer the followers of Mr Hazare as herd of sheep. My only question to these people is, "If not follow Mr Hazare, what else do we do to fight corruption?". I repeatedly ask this question and I repeatedly get the answer that the givers of bribe must stop giving. And for this, I repeatedly argue that the givers can not stop giving
  • Your wife gave birth to a cute little baby. You go to the office of Registrar of Births & Deaths to get a Birth Certificate. You are asked for Rs 100-500 in the name of Khushi, what do you do? Give it out of Khushi. Yes, the Ghum starts with Khushi. You think, what's important? Rs 500 or your lovely baby's birth certificate. If your wife gets to know that you did not get the birth certificate because you are an anti-corruption believer, she will . . . you (fill in the blanks yourself imagining about your wife/girl friend & if you are a girl reading this, imagine what you would do)
  • You want to meet the principal to take admission for your kid. The peon asks Rs 100. Is Rs 100 important or your kid's future? "Give it honey", says your wife, "Add some tips too"
  • You want to purchase a land/site/home and the official keeps asking you to come tomorrow, day after and so on giving you one reason everyday. Will you pay him Rs 1000 or spend Rs 10000 on your petrol & office leaves?
  • You are caught by the police for some reason. Will you give him Rs 300 or go with him to police station, lodge FIR, get punchnama (5 witnesses) and file a case hiring a lawyer paying Rs 5000 as fees who tells you that you will lose the case before even fighting it?
  • You applied for a passport. The police verification call has come. Will you pay him Rs 100 or tell him that you are anti-corruption and let him write a negative report and ensure you do not get a passport all your life? Don't underestimate the power of police. They can ask you any question and you can just be caught in anything and everything in just 2-3 questions. They will ask you for a 1000 documents and can very clearly say that they are not satisfied with them
These are just a few real life examples, regular examples, of situations which we all have gone through. The common man does not have the energy in him to fight these adversities. So, he gives up each time. Rs 100, Rs 200, Rs 300, Rs 500, Rs 1000 & so on. He keeps giving and giving up with each passing situation and one fine day, he gives even before you ask. He just wants the solution to get out from the trouble. He does  not want an answer or a solution. He just wants to get rid, go away and live

Now, the questioners ought to think & answer themselves, how practical are their questions? Have they been through these situations & what did they do in such situations? What was the effect of it? Its very easy to speak about not giving bribes. However, in a world that is bribed, you just can not survive without it

The second thing that most of these questioners tell us is to use our power to vote. To vote for whom? Each time there is an election, all the leaders come forward to us and tell us that they will improve and do whatever we ask. They tell us that they will make our lives better. We, fools, believe them. What else can we do? Ultimately, we have to vote for someone. So, during this time, whoever makes the best of the promises, we just vote for them. After that, they don't know us and we don't know them till the next elections. In such a situation, where do we use the power of vote? There are Yediyurappas in BJP, there are Kalmadis/Rajas in Congress and so on. Who do we vote for?

And after I ask these 2 questions, the questioners finally resort to their old techniques and tell us, "Why don't you stand for elections?"

Now come on, if you want to speak, speak about solutions & answers. Else, its better to shut your whatever. Its kind of stinking.  There is no meaning in just pulling the issue just because you have to prove something and ensure that you will not lose the debate or whatever. Grow up. At this juncture, we have a solution in the form of Jan Lokpal bill. And for all those questioners who are questioning these 6 people fighting for the bill, firstly get your knowledge levels updated. Learn what is Lokpal, Jan Lokpal, Government suggested Lokpal, the differences between them, benefits, concerns, etc. Only when you have learnt these, you can speak better. There is no meaning in seeing the TV or catching comments on the internet and following them blindly. Visit this website to find out more and for those who are lazy to even read, watch this video where Mr Arvind Kejriwal briefs you on the differences and why they are fighting and wanting the Jan Lokpal bill to be passed in their format only and not as per the Government's format. If not anything more, you will at least be SHOCKED to know the differences and the games played by our honorable leaders in power

While all these thoughts were running over mind, there was a call for some action. Raghuram called me and asked me if I can join him at Freedom Park. I was ready but Bengaluru was like raining cats and dogs. I waited for a few minutes and as it did not seem to stop, I drove through the rain. It was fun driving on MG Road, Cubbon Park and finally reaching the Freedom Park

I was wet. I mean, I was drenched in rain. I logged in to the venue and observed that about two and a half thousand people were present. I inquired the organizers and understood that more than 5000 people have visited today. That was really a big number. But then, if you tell this to the National Leaders, they will tell you that the population of Bangalore is close to 10 million and not even 0.05% of people are interested in the Jan Lokpal Bill. Its so simple & easy to rule out things. Statistics and Law are 2 subjects which can just, just, just be used however one in power wants

Soon, the energy was flowing into us. We joined the people singing Vande MataramHum Honge KaamayaabYeh Desh Hai Veer Jawaanon Ka and so on. We kept roaring with slogans like, 'Annaji aap aage bado, Hum tumhare saath hai', 'Shun Shun Corruption', 'Bharat Mata Ki Jai', etc. I was kind of having a ball. At the same time, someone handed over the national flag in my hands and I loved holding it and making it cruise through the sky. It was raining heavily and with each droplet, our energies were kind of doubling. There were songs, slogans, speeches, etc highlighting and enlightening us about the progress. There were regular news updates about what was going on across the nation

A news flowed in that Ms Kiran Bedi & Mr Shanti Bhushan were released and immediately on release, they went to the Delhi Gate. Very quickly, this was followed by the super news item of the day that Mr Anna Hazare will also be released. The moment this news was announced, the whole gathering came to life. Nobody was seen sitting. AR Rahman's Vande Mataram energized everyone and people sang, danced, jumped with joy and enjoyed themselves ( But then, this is just the beginning

The happiness, the confidence, the patriotism, the strength that I felt in these 2 hours are something that I can really not express. One can only experience them. It was a magical. Another fantastic rule made by the organizers was that nobody was allowed to contribute more than Rs 500. The estimated expenses for a 10 day fasting at the place was about Rs 0.35 million. It would not be a big deal for anyone to collect this amount. In fact, just 1 person can donate this sum. However, to ensure that the donor will not be blamed in the future by the Government or to avoid a circus like setting a parliamentary JPC to investigate the source & intention on such a donation as well as to ensure that there is mass participation and thus let people feel that they too are a significant part of this struggle, the donation was capped at Rs 500 per head. This was really awesome

I thoroughly enjoyed these couple of hours in support of the Jan Lokpal bill. Most of us hail from a middle class family. For us, leading life itself is a challenge. Daily needs are a dilemma. In these times, when someone has come forward to help us selflessly, we definitely will join hands with them. We know that we can not bring change to the world ourselves. Its only the big shots who can do this. Just imagine if Mr Amitabh BachchanMrs Aishwarya Rai BachchanMr Mukesh AmbaniMr Sachin TendulkarMr MS Dhoni, just these 5 people, just 5, paanchsirf paach, sit on a hunger strike saying that they want the Jan Lokpal bill to be passed, what will happen? I leave the answer to your imagination. And once you have the answer, ask yourself, 'What is the value of your life?'

A change will come into this world if and only if the leaders change. The orders flow from the top. Even if requests flow from the bottom, the person requesting will be fired. Forget about questioning or orders. The bosses dictate the terms and the employees follows. That is how it is. The change has to come from the top of the pyramid. We are all rotten, rusted, trashed losers at the bottom of the pyramid who are still dying to meet our basic needs and fulfilling the needs of our leaders by bribing them and doing whatever they tell. The Maslow's need hierarchy theory says that the first thing we human beings need is Roti, Kapda, Makaan , ie, basic needs and then we have needs of security followed by sociologicalphysiologicalesteem and self-actualization needs. So, the people in esteem or self actualization stage can only bring about a change. Not the herds in the bottom of the pyramid who are unsure of their own lives

This is a little that I have been able to do towards the India Against Corruption campaign. I definitely look forward to do more of my bit towards the same. I would love to see a corruption free India in the coming days. But then, its a very long way to go. The Government currently appears in a confused state. Whether the future will add confusion, cause diffusion or bring solution is something that we need to wait & watch

PS: On the way back home, it continued raining terribly. The Kumara Krupa road was blocked. I somehow managed to cross it. The entire stretch from Windsor Manor to Mekhri Circle was jammed with vehicles moving at a speed of 5-10 kmph. A WagonR car was moving ahead of me. At a compulsory U-turn near Sadashivnagar, the driver misjudged and the vehicle got struck on the footpath such that its wheels were off the road and the body was struck hanging over the footpath as it was a high one. I luckily held on my brakes. It was a family in the car and they were safe. I got down. Some other people stopped to help. We lifted the car off the footpath and placed it on the road. It was not a big achievement by any measures but the people happily thanking you as if you saved their life make you remember this moment forever. I relished those moments that added to my already excited senses and felt somewhat like the day was truly complete. The happiness in helping people is something that, perhaps, has no equivalence