Monday, 7 July 2008

Day 1 at IFBI Bangalore going cool...

7th July 2008 is the date and I was up by 6 am. After a quick shave and bath, I got into my clothes (obviously) and began my march from #209/A, 7th Main, 10th Cross, Byrasandra, Bengaluru to the destination where I had to join for the new beginning called as a professional life, a life which I have been dreaming from years together. Well, even this kind of a life is beginning with the usual student life. As always known, its always education first and then work. Its the Institute of Finance, Banking and Insurance Training Limited at 74-2, 1st Floor, Sanjana Plaza, Elephant Rock Road, Jayanagar 3rd Block, Bengaluru where I was selected to join a course titled Post Graduate Diploma in Banking Operations to get the passport to a banking job into any of the private sector banks, namely ICICI Bank and HDFC Bank, upon successful completion of the course. I shall be here in this arena for about 3 months and these shall form an important part of the job that I am going to do. And these few days might also be an important part to define the future path of my life too

Well, I reached the institute and got into the classroom by 7.45 am. The class was supposed to begin at 8 am. And it began. It was a highly experienced person, Mr Rahul, who appeared about 40 years old (but he is actually more than 50) who worked with Syndicate Bank for 25 years before taking the benefit of VRS in 2002. Further, he practiced law for 4 years and then he is with IFBI since its inception in December 2006. I was happy and glad to be associated with such rich people. People with rich experience are the real rich ones

It began with the usual introduction of all the students. We were about 20 in this batch. And soon, the books opened. The first lesson began with the evolution of money and banking system. They were quite good. Everyone was asked to read and explain some paragraphs. And I was highlighted for giving a good explanation for what I read. And yeah, got a round of applause too. Thank you. Thank You. :). Good omen for a good beginning. The classes went on and on. And then, we were asked to practice computers for the rest of the day. And the lesson to practice is Internet. So, I just thought, let me make the best use of this time and decided to write something as Priyanka had suggested

The race has begun...!!!

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  1. Hey Puneet,

    Nice to hear from you about the experience at IFBI which made you be a Banker :-)

  2. Hello Mr.Puneet I'm thinking of doing the PGDBO course in IFBI. They are assuring 100% placement. Can i join this course? Will i have placement surely. I've read the reviews of some people in net that they are very much delaying for giving internship. I'm fearing about those reviews. Please can u guide some points.

  3. Thanks Priyanka

    Abi, IFBI is a good place. They have tie ups with banks. You can expect delays as per economic conditions. Alternatively, try getting to the banks directly

  4. Hi Guys,this is my opinion, ifbi in Bangalore is placing students in Top private sector banks. Thier tie up is very strong and when i went with my brother 6 months ago there were bankers who were interviewing few students. I was very much happy by the way Poornima over there explained everything and after 4 months of PGDB program he was immediately placed in Standard C.He reffered his friend also, i believe even he has been given an oppurtunity in Axis bank.I have been telling a lot of my friends about this institute. Thanks lot ifbi Bangalore.

  5. Hi friends..I have an idea to join this 6 month post graduate diploma about the placement????

    Would they offer sure placement????

  6. Iam thinking to join in pgdb+ which is non icici as der r no.slots for pgdbo how good is dis course n placemnt assistance etc...please lemme know. Asap thanx in advance

  7. I m quite confuse about IFBI... just want to know about placement ... I dnt knw whether I shud join or not ..tell me the best branch of IFBI ...