Sunday, 25 September 2011

The Making of The Ajeets School Day Celebrations Bangalore

We all know that it is a super success of the year. In fact, one of the best medium scale meets that the AAA has held over the years. In this post, I do not wish to speak about the experience for simple reasons that, firstly, the experience was seen in the eyes of all those who were there at the place. Secondly, for those who missed it for various reasons, there is no way that you could experience it unless you make it the next time. Thirdly, for those who found reasons to ignore or give it a miss, sorry, but who cares. You are at loss. The AAA moved forward. I, now, believe strongly that the winds have taken a turn. Missing AAA opportunities from now on certainly means you are losing something

It all started in the month of August with some formals mails, chats and discussions over the 48th School Day Celebrations that is conducted by some AAA Chapters across the nation. The Bangalore Chapter planned to have it on 25th of September. The work was on in the background from August. All the stalwarts, who I need not mention about, took the lead to plan out things and setting up the stage. The spark was ignited which took time to turn in to fire. In the first week of September, after lot of look ups, we got our venue at Rajendra Singhji Institute on MG Road. We had the 1st formal meeting of the organizers at the venue in the beginning of the month. About 15 of us attended the same and the discussions regarding the program. Of course, the super seniors have had enough number of discussions & meetings on this matter already and made numerous arrangements. Getting a space in the most priced location of the city itself indicates how much of effort has already gone into it already

Whatever I am writing further is in relation to what I have seen with my eyes. It is just less than 10% of the actual efforts put in by the team. While some were busy preparing the venue, some were busy collecting the fees, some were busy requesting people to attend, some were busy tallying the bank accounts, some were busy updating the database, some were busy preparing for the cultural program, some were busy packing the welcome kits for the guests, some were busy in meticulous planning, some were busy in arranging for food, some were busy arranging volunteers and so on. Of course, now, you might feel that about 100 people were organizing the program but let me remind you that it was 15-20 only

The biggest hurdle for such get together is determining of number of plates for food. This is the biggest trouble because we can not afford to waste food nor can we afford to send someone without food. This is the main reason why all organizers at all events request guests to confirm if they are coming or not. However, people tend to think otherwise. We had some confirmations with payments, some without payments, most of them were on the 'May Be' status and these are the biggest toll on the decision making process - the ones who are uncertain, and some honestly regretted their inability to attend. Every time, we face this problem of excess food or shortage of food. This time, we decided to arrive at an accurate count. It took more than 2 hours to just discuss this. At a point of time, we all felt we are wasting time and it would be better to just say a random number plus 50 plates but the discussion went on and on. Finally, we concluded 325. And guess what, it was exact. On the day of the meet, it was a perfect count. This was perhaps the first time when the food was just sufficient to cater to the guests. But then, you can also give credit to Lady Luck as, these are situations, irrespective of howsoever planning is done, results are not in our hands

Then, we had all the discussions about the programs and other factors in the coming days. Finally, the show was put up and the results are before you

Ajeet Hain...!!! Abheet Hain...!!!

PS: This is just 30% of what effort went in (30% of the 10% which I have seen. So, effectively, this is 3%). Further, we had to do a lot of things like arranging things for guests, teachers, buy essential articles, prepare some lists, kits, invite people, etc, etc. which are not very strong in my memory as it has been more than a month now. So, excuse on that front


  1. Hi Puneet,

    I do not know why I have a strong feeling towards the word " SSBJ " may be I feel its because once I wished to study in Army school. Army is one word which inspires me a lot......
    Further the event seemed to be successful & it's obvious because it was the Ajeet's who organised & participated........

    Well the write up need to be modified & add in lot more beacause you described how the event was organised, if you recall & write up as to what all happened, people who missed out would like to attend the next time....try to bring in the value addition of the event, talk about what was done like the Martry honours, recent activities done at school what difference an Alumni can make.........

    Good one! You can make it better

  2. Hi Priyanka, thanks for your words. Do have a repeated reading of paragraph no. 1 and also the PS (after conclusion). I have expressed why I have not mentioned what happened there as well as why I have not been able to express everything in complete. Anyways, I will take care the next time to ensure that I write things before they get off from the brains :)

  3. Sainik School, Bijapur Ajeet Alumni Association, Bangalore Chapter, School Anniversary Celebrations, 25 Sept 2011.
    Dear Puneet,It was a great event.The people there, were loving and caring. I should have gathered the organisers for a video shoot. This would have been a befitting tribute to the 15 to 20 Ajeets who worked for months.Sorry for the lapse.Next time, help me organise a video shooting. Kindly watch the showcased event explained above.

  4. Hi Vijayakumar sir, thank you for taking all the pains coming all the way from Bijapur and capturing these precious moments. In fact, none of even thought about it. It was a great surprise to have you. Hope to see many teachers present in the coming events :)

    @Anonymous aka Sanjeev Baitmangalkar sir, I guessed you ;)