Friday, 28 October 2011

The RBI might just succeed in killing the Banking System in particular & the Nation in general


  1. Good analysis ..........

    Increasing policy rate is just one of the steps to curb inflation. Unless other bottlenecks are taken care in the economy, there is no end to the inflation.The concept of increasing rates now and then by RBI may is not a solution if we consider in the long run as the increased cost of raw materials will lead to further inflation. Moreover, there is limit to policy rates. It is already unhealthy at 7.25%

  2. Hey Priyanka, thank you... Yes, you are right in saying your point. All I can see is that the Government as well as the RBI is confused. Like I said, they must try a hand at CAT exams and get back to school

  3. This is a small aspect of the big problem that we had since the beginning. We had "NEVER" achieved true freedom because the enslavement has come up to a whole new level.

    The so called Independence of India was a sham, because the Pro- Zionist Indian National congress was set up by the British East India company itself which was owned by German Jew Rothschild.

    The Ashkenazi Jews are the same people who own the world bank and the federal reserve of America. They have been playing a very dirty game for over 2500 years, and the manipulation goes back very far.

    Why does Inflation never goes down?

    The world Bank gives different states huge amount of loans which are at very high interest rates which can never be paid back in full. The interest rates keep growing and the people of a country keep paying the interest for years to come.

    It is a part of the Protocols of elders of Zion, which talks about the Million hands of Vishnu and how they are going to control every system on the planet by using million's of their hands which will be into every system.

    Why did UN and NATO kill Gadaffi when he was very Good to his people?

    Murder of Gadaffi by UN and NATO

    Wake up and smell the massive manipulation of Asuras!


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