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The Marriage Tour, Dec 2011

After a lot of discussions, debates, talks, seminars and symposiums, finally, 2 marriages were fixed for the month of December 2011. Shravan weds Sudha and Gurushant weds Deepa. These decisions have taken quite some time to come but the execution of the decisions have happened in no time as there is always a risk of change of decision if the execution of it is pending. Its wise to quickly swim when the waves are on your side. The invitations dropped into our inboxes, considering the modern technology, and our plans began. The regular gifting plan was put into task and with a lot of struggle, it did get completed. We logged on to immediately and ensured that we have a seat to sleep while on journey. It was decided that 12 of us will be leaving to Bellary on the night of 15th Dec (Thursday) from Bangalore and many others will be coming from their respective places. The expectation was for about 25-30 of our batchmates to make it. After the marriage, scheduled on 16th, we were on discussions about what to do on 17th as Gurushant's marriage was scheduled on 18th at Dharwad. The talks were on and conclusions were off

The Surprise Numbers
While 12 of us were supposed to be leaving from Bangalore, the number jumped to 16 as another 4 joined us in the last moment. Thanks to the tatkal service. We were meeting after a long time. Chats and discussions went on till 2 am and there was a lot of fun. There seemed to be no end to the dicussions. After reaching Bellary in the morning (6.30am), we headed to the Marriage Hall directly. After getting fresh, we ensured that we were on time for the most important part of the marriage, i.e., tying the knot

The Marriage - Shravan
The muhurtam was scheduled at 7.30am and at the right time, the knot was tied enabling 2 of them to enter into a marital commitment for life. We all wished them all the very best. After a quick breakfast, we went on the stage and did our regular SSBJ stuff that enthralled the entire crowd. Our slogans, punchlines and dips were really memorable for everyone. We could see everyone with so much happiness in their eyes and soon, we were in the limelight. Our teachers, Sri SR Hiremath & Sri CK Rao, also graced the occassion. After lunch, we packed and left from there. While some people headed home (native places), some decided to go to JSW Steel, Torangallu where Mallikarjun worked. Even my plan of going to Hubli changed at the last moment when I had almost got into the bus. I joined the Toranagallu team

The Toranagallu Bouquet
This was my second visit to the Toranagallu. The place is indeed an amazing township. One will never believe that there is such a city in a village. We decided to go for swimming as it was a long time since most of us did it. After a cup of tea and some time seeing the mueseum, playground and other facilities, we plunged into the water that was shivering cold. We spent about an hour in the pool and headed for food. Everyone did love those moments. The next morning, we left from Toranagallu and headed to Hubli

The Drama of an Unnecessary Adventure
Mostly, when we travel, there is some or the other issue that creates unnecessary hurdles. While things had been fine till now, the bus in which were going to Hubli turned a hurdle for us. After travelling some distance, the driver said that the brakes are not working. So, we got on to another bus till the next stop. From there, we had to take another bus to Hubli. There were some confusions of the schedule at Hubli. So, we all decided to go to my grandpa's home and get fresh. Soon, we left to Dharwad after a lot of yes/no for Gurushant's engagement. The yes/no was because it was already too late and the engagement, in this case, was more like a family affair and thus, we could always give it a miss as we would attend the marriage tomorrow

The Engagement
We reached Dharwad and had some good time on & off the stage

The Homestay
It was decided that we will go back to Hubli and stay at my place. Coincidentally, a 2BHK belonging to my grandpa on the 1st floor was vacant and that was of a great help. We headed home and went to sleep quickly. In the morning, I had some very good exercise of carry hot water from the ground to the first floor. Soon, we were ready and took off to the marriage

The Marriage - Gurushant
This was one great reunion. A lot of other batchmates reached the marriage hall and we were around 50 SSBJ students over there. That was a really amazing time was us. Gurushant had a blast on the stage when we went and pranked him. The best moment (for me) was making him sing the song 'atthi atthi nann atthi...' on the stage. It was decided that it has to happen and everyone agreed. He refused to it for at least 10-12 minutes and slowly people backed off. But then, some of us had no mercy. It did happen. Guess what, his mother-in-law (atthi) enjoyed it the most. After all the yada vada, we headed for lunch and soon, left to Hubli

The Nruptunga Hills
It was a long time since I had been to the Nruptunga Hills in Hubli. Its the most beautiful spot in Hubli. I had heard that it has been turned into an ecological park and there have been a lot of changes. Indeed, there were a lot of changes including the Rs 10 entry fee. We used to come to this place in our college days. As my home was just below this hill, my friends used to tent at my home before going over

The Delicacies of Durgad Bail
This is a nostalgic location for me. A lot of memories are associated with this place. This is like a food street in Hubli where you get variety of food like Pooris, Idli, Dosa, Vada, Pani Poori, Other Chat items, Dhokla, Dhabeli, Girmitt, Mirchi, Bhaji, Paav Bhaaji, Rasgullas, Badam milk and so on. A lot of my friends were struck at the Girmitt stall and even the Girmitt maker wondered at the way we were eating it. I too had some good pet puja. We also had a fantastic gudbud ice cream at the juice center near Ashoka Hotel. I had no control on my mind as it wandered over a lot of happenings in life as some of the most significant days of life were spent here

The Journey Back to Pollution, Crowd, Work, Pains and Problems
Though not interested, we had no option but to get into the train that would supply us to meet the Monday's demand at our offices. Unwillingly, we got into the train and believe it or not, nobody spoke a word and everyone was asleep in 5 minutes. Everyone knew the kind of life that awaits as soon as they get up. Sad that we have turned into machines. But then, at least, these gathering, get togethers and journeys make us feel that, 'Yes, even we are human beings and we have a life other than living to earn a livelihood'. The final good bye happened quickly in the morning and even more quickly, the hi at our offices

These were some lovely moments that we all will remember for a long time to come

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  1. Hey Puneet,

    Your marraige tour seems very fun filling as many other tours added up to the same.........
    SSBJ people rock!!!
    Your unity rocks!!!
    Wishing the couples a great Happy Married Life!!!