Saturday, 24 March 2012

25 years on Earth... Not less than an achievement...

Having born on 5 March 1987 and having survived till 5 March 2012 helped me mark completion of 25 years of life on this planet. By survival, I am not referring to being alive. Lifespan is a decision of God. I am referring to the ways & means of living this lifespan. I mean, I have been able to live through amid all the challenges, uncertainties and adventures that the humans have thrown on each other to ensure complications in each other's lives in the name of development, growth, etc. Cruising through the rapid economic changes has been an opportunity for a few but a grave for many. I, somehow, have been able to cruise over these hurdles created by the mankind in the last 25 years.

Life has been quite normal with nothing great nor anything not so great happening over the past couple of years. The only major news are career path changes from ICICI Bank to HDFC Bank to Sanlam. Each of these organizations have taught me a lot and have played a tremendous role in making me what I am now. May be, work places make us better people though they do not have such an objective. Colleges, though have an objective to make us better, often fail in doing so. A lot of things happen in life subconsciously. I keep saying that the reason for learning subjects like history/geography was more to improve our memory powers that to remember the whole bunch of stories. Life teaches a lot to us without our knowledge. Most times, we can't even recognize such things.

This birthday, the photo suggests, is one of the most significant ones for me. Not because its a silver jubilee of life. After all, whats in a number. But because the way it came to my life. I had an intuition that this will be so but had no idea of how it will be so. I knew it would be magical. I am trying to recollect some of those moments back to life. Though its been about 20 days now, all is as fresh as it happened today.

Deepak called me saying he wants to buy a bike and wants me to accompany him. I knew there was something fishy. I knew for sure that this is Priyanka's plan. To my best guess, I thought she is in Pizza Hut with Geeta and we both will be going there to celebrate the day. After a lot of yada-vada, we reached the Pizza Hut and found her. The way the tables were arranged, it was certain that about 10 people are hitting the place. I guessed that it would be her PG friends. To my amazement, I could see my IFBI & SSBJ friends walk in soon. Now, this was a real surprise. We had some great food and fun. After this, we all visited the Shiva Temple behind Total Mall, Domlur. I was very happy for all the effort that had gone into making this day so wonderful. No number of thanks can be enough to thank the organizer. It was a marvel.

All this happened on 4th March 2012. At night, 12am, a cake was presented before me by Sushma & Spurti. A quick celebration was beautiful. On the B-Day, we visited the temple in morning and went to work. A cake cutting did happen in the office as well. Back home, there was another cake waiting. Some lovely decoration and planning was in progress. After about 2 hours, I cut another cake and we went out to dine.

I enjoyed every moment of these 2 days. What was more important for me was to see people who took so much interest in celebrating my happiness. In fact, there were some more plans which I could not attend to due to shortage of time. However, I compensated for them the next weekend.

Lines that I had written on my Facebook account on my birthday, "If birthdays were really so beautiful, I confess that I have missed on a lot of occasions for I never believed them to be special days (as far as I am concerned only in respect of my birthdays)... But then, this one day was so fulfilling that it nullified everything that was missing... Had some of the most amazing birthday times with family & friends... Never expected something on these lines... 25 years of life on earth... This day made me feel that I have created value in these years... And a lot lot lot more is yet to be done... With love comes responsibility... Humbled, Honored & Delighted... Thank you Lord for blessing me with such beautiful people in my life... Now I understand what your best blessings mean... ;)"

This collage has been prepared by Priyanka. I don't know how much time, energy and thought this has taken for her to make. But I know for sure that I can never equal the kind of value & happiness this gave to me.