Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Quarterly Review of Life...

Life is a long process. It takes such a long time for most of us to cruise through it. Each day of life is such a long one and takes its own time to complete. And when things are not fine, the times don't seem to pass at all. We track so many things so closely; like a company, a person, a trend, a technology; and most of us might not have even thought of something like tracking our own life. We all have been told from the day we were born that we ought to dream, set goals, work plans and taste success. But then, nobody tells us what to do after reaching success. Most management experts skip this question stating that success is a process and not an end. Mr Shiv Khera defines Success as a progressive realization of a worthy goal. I have been wondering if I can try something to track life and its progress on a regular basis on various grounds just like how investment bankers track the businesses listed on the stock exchanges. Tracking on a quarterly basis seems ideal considering life is a super long term game. After our school/college days, we forget about the progress reports. If we happen to work in a company, there is something called as a performance appraisal but that is more concerned with our contribution towards the organization's progress and not our own progress. Of course, there is some indirect linkage. But then, we never get to know, on a serious note, the way our life is moving till, one day we realize that we are in a mess and start reworking things.

A quarterly progress report of life could include a lot of things. It could start with a objective statement on what we would like to achieve in the coming 3 months. If I am asked this question now, I would list out
  • Getting up by 6AM at any cost
  • Complete all the work assigned by my employer, efficiently and effectively
  • Read at least 2 books
  • Make some effort on the fitness front. A brisk walk or a light jog to begin with
  • Reduce time spent on the computer and drastically cut down the usage of spare time to browse Facebook

The next thing on the radar could be the events that are coming up in the next 3 months and how do we plan to go about them. Right now, I could list
  • April 28 - Marriage Function at Bijapur - Attending
  • May 11 - Marriage Function at Solapur - May Be
  • May 27 - Examination - Attending
  • May 27 - TCS Marathon - Coincides with exam date
  • June 24 - Examination - Attending

We could also write down a lot of things relating to our lives. For example, if someone wants to give up smoking, he can keep a track on the number of cigarettes smoked each day and check if a conscious effort to see a smaller number can help him get rid of the habit. If someone wants to lose weight, it would be more important to keep a track of the effort that goes towards this goal along with a track of weight. For example, the number of kilometers run, the effective hours spent at gym, the food consumed (on a qualitative view and not a quantitative view), etc.

A lot more customization could be done basis on the individual needs. For example, if someone has a hobby of traveling, he/she can set realistic deadline to take up the travel rather than browsing through SnapDeal everyday to find the right travel deal. A movie buff can keep a track of the new releases coming up and decide which one's he's hitting at the theater and which ones on the Torrents.

At the end of every 3 months, one can review whether the set goals were achieved and then, one could make attempts to improvise things in the coming 3 months. There are websites like Schemer, 43Things, etc. where we can list our goals and find people who have the same goals, share the progress and cheer one another.

Such an activity will help us in being better individuals. We could even budget our finances on a quarterly basis by provisioning for all the expenditures and making room for savings. It helps in being more disciplined in life. We can keep a tab on a lot of things that can tell us how our life/lifestyle has been changing. Even a small track on the number of times we get angry can tell us how we are facing life.

Are you game for your Quarterly Review? I am... ;)

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  1. Hello,

    This is really a wonderful idea
    What an idea! Sirjee :-)
    Well jokes apart, beleive me this would be a brilliant step in life if one will plan & work upon the same, it makes one feel that life is so colorful if one wishes to & can have no regret in life by planning & working out what one wishes to do in life & can embrace the present(quarterly life as per your post tagline:-) lolz )
    It can actually make an individual broaden one's own horizon & make a person think on all aspects of life as you already mentioned & can really have a balanced life & create sort of excitment about your own life to complete the present quarterly target & plan & involve things wish to do in the coming quarterly plan, more importantly the excitement & the willing to fulfill the target would be really a great experience
    Thanks for coming up with the idea, I'm inspired & would come up with the same for myself shortly

    Cheers Puneet