Friday, 2 December 2011

Shivanand Belavanki weds Badami... Infosys not to expand in Bengaluru... 2 Happy news...

Roll No. 3258, Hoysala House, Mr Shivanand Belavanki, famous as Patkure, became the second person from our batch to ring the wedding bells. The auspicious occasion was attended by a good number of us all to shower our best wishes for a happy married life to him

It all began with a mail that was shot on our group mail ID declaring that Patkure is getting married on 12th Feb 2011, Saturday and everyone has to attend the wedding. A huge number of responses started flowing and the planning began. We all knew what the plan would be. However, we invited suggesstions from everyone. I guess, the purpose of inviting these suggestions was more to make fun of the suggestor than to implement or make note of what was being suggested. Reservation plans, gifting plans, behavioral patterns, etc came into limelight and the debates, discussions, seminars & symposiums started. Most people who suggested something different or tried to make any changes were literally R A P E D. The mail flow increased to a level where, I guess, it was becoming difficult for Google to manage them. With 100-150 mails from my office & 50-60 mails in relation to Patkure's marriage, I was spellbound. For a moment, I sat with my hand on my head and thought, 'WTF?'

The funds were collected, the tickets were booked, the return journey was planned & then, a new melodrama began. A fresh set of mails requesting to cancel the tickets. The recently wed Arvind who had taken up the initiative of booking the tickets was in a dilemma. 60% of the tickets to Badami were cancelled & 100% of the return tickets were also cancelled. Those 40% who were going did not want to come back without visitng their native. Further, Wednesday being a holiday, taking leave on Monday & Tuesday would mean 4 days at home. Even I was featured in list of persons who cancelled the tickets. But then, I decided to go to the marriage. By then, it was too late and there were no seats left. I joined the few people who were supposed to leave from Anand Rao circle by a SRS Travels bus to find some luck. There seemed no luck & I decided to join Gurushant & Rajendra who were travelling randomly without any reservation. But then, lady luck listened to me & a passenger cancelled his ticket. The bookie (context - the one who books bus tickets) called me & I bought it. I happily joined Raghavendra (3188), Prashant (3236), Pradeep (3241). Mahantesh (3194) & Madhusudan (3225). All my friends are working with all software giants sitting around a banker

The bus cruised in a few moments and we were on the ride. The age old talks about life at Sainik School began. We cherished the moments that were spent together and remembered instances which were so pleasant. It was such a relief thinking of past. The current day's life is full of stress. A reunion with old friends makes us forget all the pains that the modern world is ushering on us. Soon, discussions lead to talking about current day's life, companies, work, future plans, etc. I had a comparatively bad time at this point as everyone with me was a techie & I never understood their C language, Java programming, J2EE, etc. I waited for an opportunity and soon got a topic to speak about. A lot of discussion happened over that topic between me and Madhu. And today, that discussion is a history (historic story)

We reached on time to Badami. There were already a good number of people to welcome us - Bendigiri, Abu, Annappa, Shivmurti, Shantisagar to name a few. Soon, another bunch of cadets who were traveling by train reached the place (Chotya, Pujari, Keshav & others). It was a collusion of

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