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Quarterly Review of Life... Q1FY13...

Previously :

The quarter that went by can be rated as one of the worst quarters in recent times of my life. Plans were a plenty while none got executed. I still fail to understand what kept me away from working on the schedule that I had set up during the previous review. There was huge amount of pressure, tension and energy consumption, all for no reasons. When I look back, I find myself where I was. In fact, I wouldn't be wrong if I say that I am a couple of notches down. On every front, life seems to have become a more complicated affair than what I thought it would be

To rate the performance of life in Q1FY13, let me look into the objectives set and the scale of achievement
  • Getting up at 6AM was merely a joke. It never happened. Life is back to the routine of getting up, run to bath, drive to office. So, the score here is a zero. There is a need to take this one very seriously. Getting up early in the morning has a lot of advantages. Yet, most do not follow. From this day on, I want to make it a point to get out of bed by 6AM and ensure that no reasons stop me from doing this
  • At work, things have been good. However, I have not been able to outperform. I have only been in line with expectations over the last couple of months against previous months. There have been certain plans that have been floating on my mind to value add to certain things that I work on everyday. Now on, I wish to ensure that I put these mental calculations on to the sheet. By next review, I have an objective to be achieved in this aspect
  • I completed reading one book, Revolution 2020, against the target of 2 books. To make up for the loss, I plan to complete reading at least 3 books in this quarter. Some books that have been lying unread in my shelves for a long time are Stay Hungry Stay Foolish, The Game Changers, I Steve, Whatever the Odds, The Intelligent Investor, Customs & Etiquette in the Services, General Knowledge Manual 2012, etc. There is a lot to do in this front. The most important point for me to note here, like I have been repeatedly noting over the last few months, is that I have to give up the usage of laptop after being back home. The reason I use the laptop is to update some things on facebook, keep connected and stay updated, integrated with the happenings across the world. Though this does not have a real impact on life directly, I feel there is some indirect value addition this does. But then, spending too much time for these things is a big negative. To ensure I do not spend too much time, the first step I have taken is to change the settings on fb in such a way that I receive most updates from close friends while only the most important updates from others in my friends list. This way, my home page would appear a lot cleaner & neater as the unwanted shares, photos, causes, game requests, etc will be done away. From the time I have done this, fb looks more a professional network than a social network to me while amid the close friends, I still get the social network look. Further, with the new android phone purchase, I have enabled fb over it and thus, this has given me the freedom to disable email notifications making my mail box too cleaner. Going forward, the plan is to do away with the usage of laptop/internet and spend the time reading books and at the same time, the cellphone notifications will ensure I don't lose touch with social networking also
  • On the fitness front, it has been another big zero. In fact, I guess, I have put on more weight. There is a dire need to make a serious move on this front. I don't know how practical would it be to try some Yoga. Joining a gym has been a terrible experience for me. Each time I join, I pay the full year's fee considering the financial cost-benefit analysis and I am never seen in the gym after that. In Hubli, it so happened that the gym owner saw me in a traffic signal and asked me why I had not come to the gym. I, to save my face, said that I have been transferred to Hyderabad. Unlike any other businessman, he offered me to come to his office and collect the fees back. I even failed to do that. I am not sure on a plan to do this, working out or exercising or jogging or running or whatever. But soon, I need to get on. Better late than never
  • I have been able to attend the social events viz., Siddu's marriage, Arun's marriage and things were quite fine. I did write the IIBF exam that did not go good. I also wrote the UGC NET exam that was a total disaster. IGNOU exam was out of radar considering the requirement to fly to New Delhi to write it did not make sense
In furtherance to these plans, I am looking forward to some more targets. On academic development front, after the PGDBA from Symbiosis, things have come to a standstill. There is a need to add more considering the voluminous competition that the world is producing each day. In the past, I have enrolled myself for the ICAI, the ICWAI as well as the ICSI. However, none of them were taken seriously by me. Moreover, considering that I have to go in for articles training (leaving the job) for a period of 3 years, the option of ICAI become nonviable. The ICWAI as well as ICSI also stipulate certain rules in this line but also offer some relaxation too. Perhaps, I can consider one of these, mainly the latter, to get more academic progress into life. All these days, the plan was to go in for PhD but the amount of complications involved to get the course started in India have suppressed the plan. Even till date, I have failed to understand how exactly to get a PhD without enrolling in a college as a student/lecturer, i.e., doing it independently keeping my job. I have to actively consider a possible format of continuing education to stay in line with the world's demands as well as life's

There are a lot of things that I have been ignoring/postponing from quite a long time. I can not mention them as it would be the most shameless point to make over a publicly accessible portal. There are some serious plans underway to ensure that I give all the attention that these important aspects of life deserve. More updates to flow soon

Off late, I have been observing that I am not only turning impatient & impulsive but also losing my temper too quickly. The reason, of course, is that some things repeatedly happen in my life even after making it a definite point that they shouldn't happen. These are from a lot of angles. It may be my everyday reminder to get up at 6AM which does not happen. It may even be some things that I am doing without any interest. There may be a lot of factors. But then, there is a need for me to stay cooler. Generally, I am not a person who loses cool easily but it has been happening off late. Before it becomes a part of life, I have to put an end to it

There are no major events coming up that need me to travel or make any great effort in the coming quarter. We had been planning for a Bachelor trip to Bangkok but the key person involved got engaged recently and now, we are not sure how the plan will progress. If this does not translate into reality, I plan to at least get acquainted to places other than MG Road, Brigade Road, Indiranagar, Koramangala, Domlur, Sanjay Nagar, RT Nagar and the sorts. I plan to explore something outside the Outer Ring Road

Another big plan to do something big has been cooking in my mind from a very long time. There have been no concrete steps taken by me in this regard. But then, its high time now as the deadline for the dream is very near. If I do not wake up now, perhaps, it would be no worth waking up later

The moment your dreams get replaced by regrets, life indicates that you are turning old. Such time seems to have dropped in to my life. Before I get older, I plan to enter the dream land, no matter how impractical, impossible or immature it might sound to be. We are, in the end, what our dreams are. Men of action are dreamers

Let's see how Q2FY13 performs. Time to dream more, do more & live more

Father, O father! what do we here
In this land of unbelief and fear?
The Land of Dreams is better far,
Above the light of the morning star.

- William Blake, The Land of Dreams

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