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Quarterly Review of Life... Q2FY13...

The quicker you do things, the faster you are going. The quicker you do things, the more idle you have been. As I begin to write this, the second statement is apt. Perhaps, I have been blessed by the Lord with so much time that I have no idea of what to do and I am pulling ahead things that I have to do later. But then, that doesn't mean I have anything to do. There is a whole lot of stuff that I have been doing a whole lot of it in the to-do list. Its just that there is a big mismatch. Sometime, I fall apart of time to even do my basic activities while sometimes, there is so much time and nothing to do. This generally happens because most of my plans and work depend on availability of other people. For example, I recently wanted to watch a movie. In fact, a couple of my friends called me to join them. I had different plans. Now, I am calling my other friends. They have either watched it or they have different plans. This is just an example to make it easier to understand the intricacies.

The quarter is not over but the review for the quarter is almost there. Considering there are no major plans in the days ahead, it would not be wrong to take a review a little early. Q2FY13 has been significant. There is no doubt on it. In many ways, life has been complementing me with certain basic expectations I had been having ever since. Social interactions have gone up. I have been meeting a lot of people and learning a lot. Its my personal belief that people are the most significant asset that everyone has in their lives. These lines have also been mentioned by Dr KP Singh in his book, 'Whatever the Odds' which I read recently. Knowing people can work miracles in life. A lot of opportunities reach us through people. Very recently, I met someone who told me that he got into a fantastic business because he had a good friend who approached him. He grew in the business in spite of all troubles because he had friends to support him at every stage. Indeed, there are no doubts on the fact a person who knows you can help you better than someone unknown. The human element plays the most significant role in every interaction, discussion and decision irrespective of whatever the books or the law or the constitution says. The relationships are beyond any laws. That makes us human beings. The law is only to ensure there is no misuse of whatever is availble in the world.

August has been one of the busiest months of my life. Things were so jampacked that I could not even get time to meet my friends in the weekends. July was something full of planning a little bit of action too. September, however, has been a little lenient and things have slowed down.

Let us go in for an objective check up

As usual, getting up at 6AM remained a joke. This has been the greatest drawback in life. Unfortunately, when you sleep late, you can't get up early. Going early to bed is not a possible option. It works in theory. There would be so many things to do that you never get to know when the date changed. There has not been a single day on which my alaram doesn't ring at 6AM and I just put it off. While numerous reasons like stress, energy loss, need for rest, etc. can be attributed to justify, I would rather accept that there is no fire in my belly to wake up at 6. My office is 8.30, I need 30-45 mins to get ready and 30-45 mins to drive. So, I have made myself comfortable waking up around 7-7.15. I know that I have no motivation to wake up early and run. However, considering that my tummy is swelling beyond acceptable limits, the inclination is very high. I have to make up my mind, at least now, and work towards a healthier life. Its just about the tummy. There are a whole lot of issues one faces on putting on weight. Its time to wake up to reality and spend time for health before health demands time that you can't afford to spend.

Work has been good and in line with expectations. There has been learning as well as improvement in numerous spheres. There are more plans lined up and will be achieved going forward.

I read Whatever the Odds. All other reading plans have been squashed. While the reason that I was doing something else can justify this for the initial weeks, it was merely my error of judgement expecting that I would be doing something and thus, not taking a book in my hand. Generally, I pick up a book with a plan to complete in a maximum of 5 days. Else, I never complete the book. Mix ups have been keeping me away from picking up a book. The android plan worked well. But then, the phone is damaged and things are back to as they were before the purchase.

I have been meeting a lot of people, businessmen and corporate. I have gotten to know more friends from existing ones. This makes me very happy. Learning about people, their journeys, their experiences and their dreams is the most real as well as easiest way to learn life. It makes a lot of difference to your life when you know what made someone successful or failure, happy or sad, laugh or cry. If you observe and understand, you can inculcate the good things that people did that bought them joys & success and avoid such things that bought them nothing. This process of learning becomes even stronger when you learn about people who you know and are of the similar to you in one of more ways. There are numerous books by numerous people on success and failure but, if you have observed, hardly does anyone inculcate those lessons into their lives. That's merely because there is no connection. Learning from known people becomes a part of our lives naturally. Learning from unknown people takes a lot of time, energy and effort and needs to be pushed into our minds and hearts.

Education is up for a toss. Perhaps, its time for me to stop thinking of it unless I am ready to take it full time.

The bachelor trip to Bangkok or wherever has found the dustbin. Plans to explore something outside the city has also not been possible. Though I keep thinking of visiting some new place, it just doesn't happen.

There were no marriages this quarter. However, the school day celebrations at SSBJ on 15-16 September has been the highlight event. It was a great experience visiting the school after quite some time.

There has been definite progress as far as certain plans are concerned. It needs more time and effort from me to progress further. In fact, this progress has been a little beyond my expectation. I had been planning from a long time to get started but I never imagined that I would get so much done in such a short time. There is a lot more to do. Objectively look at it, I have not even completed about 5% of what I intend to do.

Q3FY13 is going to be the most significant quarter for me in the short run. The plans need a big time action in the coming quarter. There is a big list of things to do. While there is a large need to work on the main goals, there is a strong need to work on adjacent goals like getting healthier, learn more, meet more people, etc. as there add tremendous energy to life and value to the purpose of achieving our goals. Sacrifice is required in the process of reaching the goals but not compromise. There is a need to judge what is sacrifice and what is compromise. Most of these are situation dependent. Not doing something required to be done can be termed as compromise. However, not doing the same thing, although important, when the necessity to do it is not very high can be termed as sacrifice. Another main distinct in that sacrifice generally makes you something you like to do in lieu of something you might not like to do. Compromise generally makes you do something you like to do in lieu of something else which also you like to do. Compromise is a choice. Sacrifice is a decision.

“I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.”
 Jimmy Dean quotes

Human progress is neither automatic nor inevitable... Every step toward the goal of justice requires sacrifice, suffering, and struggle; the tireless exertions and passionate concern of dedicated individuals.
Martin Luther King, Jr.

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