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Dr Safety Franklin Joseph - Readying A Battalion for Women

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Of the numerous men and women who stand up for women I know, my recent interaction with Mr Franklin Joseph, also called Dr Safety, has, without any doubts, blown my mind. In a way, I was thinking, should I even write about Dr Safety, because, he's not a soldier, he's a full fledged battalion.

Mr Joseph is a Social Entrepreneur working on Girl Child and Women’s Safety Awareness, Self Defense and Psychological Empowerment against Crime, Violence and Sexual Abuse under his project Power to Women. He has conducted workshops on Women Self Defense with more than 60 corporate  including Infosys, Yahoo, FirstSource, TataInteractive etc. in Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai and Jaipur and has also been invited as a guest lecturer in Jain University, Bangalore’s Center for Management Studies to speak on Women Psychological Empowerment against Crime, Violence and Sexual Abuse. He is also working on promoting Corporate Social Responsibility initiative called iTeachiPower where the corporate female staff members or college students would volunteer time to help educate school girl child students about Safety Awareness and Self Defense. Thus the role model are women themselves... Empower the girl child by women power!!!

Mr Joseph is also a Senior Civilian Krav Maga Israeli Self Defense Instructor (2003 batch) in Bangalore. In Bangalore, Franklin Joseph created BadAzz Combat Academy after seeing the depleted state of self defense training provided to clients in the name of martial arts. In this organisation, he is upfront with his clients exposing them to the dirt reality of self defense which surviving under the shock, surprise, painful, violent attacks of the street using Israeli Krav Maga deviant, deceptive and brutal tactics.

He also promotes Non-Lethal Self Defense Pocket Size Tool for Women like Ninja Kubaton, Collapsible Telescopic Hardened Long Steel Baton and Knife Fighting and Knife Self Defense Street Tactics under his project ‘‘.

Power to Women Workshops

Mr Joseph is a specialist on Women Safety Empowerment Workshops. He is the founder of Power to Women workshops, which are a very different approach to tackle women safety and self defense. He doesn't believe that punching and kicking will solve a problem, especially when the women has to live in the same locality or even the same house as her attacker. Moreover, these situations involve emotions involved with the attackers, fear of repeated attack or the attacker, shock of the incident, surprise attacks, pain of attack, etc. that would affect the women even before she can raise a hand to defense herself.   On top of that, a women is fighting her own insecurity like being told for decades to be a nice person by her father, family etc, or the insecurity of being small in size, lack of strength, not big enough or lack of fitness & stamina, or too old or too young, etc. Power to Women workshops empower women to look into herself to find the tigress hidden inside and find her own solutions with that power. Focus is to diffuse, prevent, avoid and escape from any threat to her life or dignity.


Mr Joseph was born into the slums of New Delhi and was exposed to the world of crime and violence early on in his life and had to learned street awareness, predator instincts and no-rules violent street tactics to survive. He is also a survivor of sexual abuse as a child onto his youth, and has experienced the trauma of street gang violence, various knife attacks and escapes 2 bomb blasts and mob riots by God’s grace and street awareness. Mr Joseph spent many years working through the emotional toll which survivors experience and developed a first hand knowledge of preventing and fighting abuse, crime and violence.

An ardent worshiper of practical knowledge and real life experience, Mr Joseph went to great lengths to learn the just emerging world of internet which proved to be the start of a very fulfilling and enterprising career for him as a web-designer. Having spent 11 years in the IT sector, Mr Joseph felt compelled to leave the comforts of the corporate world to work in the social sector and retired after working in several positions like that of a Creative Director, Project Manager, Senior Website Designer and Search Engine Optimization Specialist.

He spent 7 years working with an NGO that focused on child labor where he came across many cases of abuse against women and children. He did extensive research on how much crime, violence and sexual abuse played a role in the lives of these children and women and what traumatic effects they faced due to its exposure.


Based on those experiences, he also founded where the focus is to teach the children and parents how to deal with issues of violence and sexual abuse on children where the focus is prevent, avoid and escape instead of punches and kicks.

Having experienced and dealt with crime at a very personal level, the conventional world of martial arts with its rules did not appeal to Mr. Joseph, who recognized that criminals fight dirty without the honor, skill-set and rules of martial arts. Instead he chose Krav Maga, a tough, battle hardened, no rules, no holds-barred Israeli Combat System, the training for which fortified his conviction and grit to help survivors of crime like himself overcome the trauma of the crimes that they have been subjected to.

Mr. Joseph’s own experiences helped him understand that conventional martial arts school, while true to their art form, did not address the topic of crime prevention and safety properly especially when it came to Women Self Defense. Additionally, he saw that there are psychological and emotional angles that a women faces when it comes to self-defense, like fear, compulsions at home, insecurity as to strength, size, emotional ambivalence towards perpetrators, particularly spouses; which were not being effectively addressed in martial arts curriculum.

His critical analysis of these deficiencies in conventional martial arts and women self-defense programs has earned him the ire of peers in the industry who did not take too kindly at being criticized. However, driven by a strong desire to infuse a much-needed revolution in the women self-defense sector, Mr. Joseph has persisted in his vocal criticism of a deficient system of women self-defense, in-expert instructors and continues to advocate for greater innovation and appreciation of realistic scenarios while devising self-defense curriculum. He is all too conscious of the fact that this will, not only be well received, but necessary in view of how dangerous an incomplete understanding of crime prevention and self-defense can be for a person especially a women.


Thus, BadAzz Combat Academy was born cultivating his training of Krav Maga and his vision of an honest Self Defense training academy. His students have come to appreciate the straightforwardness with which he explains the reality of the training and many are grateful for how his classes have helped in improving their confidence.

He has pioneered many innovative training workshops in BadAzz Combat Academy including Knife Fighting Self Defense classes, Blind Fold tactical and Water Based Self Defense Drills with many more in the pipeline. He also started BadAzz Urban Warrior Apparels to help promote this radical concept and attitude of his institute.

Mr. Joseph’s students swear by his classes and have come to form a strong bond with their teacher and the academy. Some of these new programs under BadAzz Special Weapons and Tactics (B.S.W.A.T.) include Ninja Kubaton a pocket-size stick self-defense tactics that uses pressure points, more effective than pepper spray; Knife Fighting and Knife Self Defense designed for women and men to offensively use this weapon for self-defense and Collapsible Baton a very effective self-defense tool against robbery and road rage. He has recently introduced ‘Stop Crime on Women‘ where he merges Knife Fighting Tactics and Ninja Kubaton’s Pressure Points tactics to help women who have to travel a lot or stay home alone.

He also designed and created a peer based education program, ‘iTeach iPower‘ which would be either a Corporate Social Responsibility indicative or a volunteer indicative where the corporate female staff members or female college students would volunteer time to help educate school girl child students about Safety Awareness and Self Defense. Thus the role model are women themselves… Empower the girl child by women power!

The Road Ahead

Mr. Joseph, in essence, represents the changing face of self-defense especially women self-defense education. He is among the pioneers who have recognized that as crime is dynamic, changing and adapting, so should crime prevention and fighting tactics. He has tirelessly, and often at great personal sacrifice, overcome enormous hurdles to advance the cause of safety. No matter what the cost, he is clear that he will achieve his mission of a safer world through proper education, training and a holistic approach to self-defense

He has been featured widely in the media including Times of India, Hindustan Times, Bangalore Mirror, DNA, Deccan Herald etc., Magazines like Tehelka, 080 Bangalore, Bengaluru Pages,,, TimeOut Bengaluru, etc., TV shows and News Channels like ZeeTv, CnnIBN, NDTV 24×7, TV9 News, Swarna Channel, Aaj Tak, Headlines Today, Times Now etc and is relentless in pursuing his goal of a safe world, free of abuse and crime especially for girl-child and women.

People like Mr Joseph are empowering women around and getting ready an entire battalion to fight evil forces that have an ill effect on women's life. For me, he is a true soldier for women.

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