Thursday, 9 May 2013

BJP pays price for mismanagement of Karnataka

Long ago, I heard a politician quoting in a TV show/movie, "Yeh politics humko chod do. Yeh sab tumhare bas ki baat nahi hai". Today, I feel that the people know politics far better than what the politicians claim to know. Politics, after all, is the most discussed subject among Indians.

The games of power are not merely played by the politicians. The politicians are like the cricketers on the ground, expected to perform for the nation/team. When they don't, the crowd still supports them. When they cheat, the crowd doesn't take it. When they show ignorance to the crowd's expectations, the crowd knows how to respond. There are some great players who get cheered in spite of their performance. There are some other players who get battered despite of good performance. These are IPL days and we all know how it works. In politics, its the mid finger that finally decides. It gets inked to decide the fate of the politicians, once in 5 years.

There are numerous reasons and speculations on the loss of BJP in Karnataka. While some explain this as the weakness of BJP, some explain this as the strength of Congress. However, one should remember that when people vote, they don't vote based on campaigning. If it was so, I guess, none of the major political parties would come to power. The way smaller parties like Loksatta campaigned, it was touching. When a person educated in IIM Bangalore comes and tells you that he wants to enter politics and bring about a change in the nation, you just give in. But then, it doesn't happen that way. What drives the people when they finally press the button on the voting machine is how their life has changed in the last 5 years. It is the holistic experience over this long period that makes a common man take his decision.

When power is not used responsibly, be sure you will lose it

Now, I wouldn't either call this as a loss of BJP or the win of Congress. I would call this as a victory of common man. The common man has told finally that, "Here, we can do it". What makes me make this statement is that the Congress won Karnataka with absolute majority. I wouldn't call it a people's victory if we had to again fall into the ditches of a coalition Government where the Government itself won't be certain of its future, forget the people or state's future. I am neither a supporter of Congress party nor an opponent of the BJP/JDS but I am a strong supporter of people who want to really bring about a change. Now, every politician says that he wants to bring about a change. Who do we trust? Either All or None. To bring about a change, you ought to have enough power to pass a bill or to take an action. When you are uncertain about your power, in a coalition, how do you bring a change even if you wish to. All the 5 years of the Government goes in safeguarding the seat and all the 5 years of the opposition goes in pulling the legs of the Government. Karnataka has been prone to these daily doses over the last 7-8 years.

Its NOT the Yedyurappa Factor

Apart from these generic reasons, there are some other reasons that have brought about a change in people's mind. I don't think its because of Yedrurappa to a large extent. Because, even if he had to stay, BJP would still lose the election, considering the total votes of BJP and KJP. Now, if Yedyurappa had led Karnataka in the right spirit, the story would have been different. But then, his entire tenure was lost in safeguarding his seat. Even the JDS is responsible in some way because they never gave a chance for the CM to do CM's work by continuously making an attempting to break the Government. There was a continuous movement of politicians from one party to another. At so many occasions, the Government was down to its knees. Its all a known story. Now, if people were really upset with Yedyurappa and happy with BJP, BJP should have ideally won because Yedyurappa in not anymore a part of the BJP. Yet again, its the holistic experience the people had that made them say, "That's it"

The Women uncomfortable with certain events

Urban voters, mainly women, have been expressing their griefs as they were attacked by moral police on several occasions. No matter what the reason is, a man becomes a transgender when he hits a woman. In fact, being the major promoter of the concept of respecting women, it was sad to see the same people attacking women in Mangalore and other places. Even the RSS played a role in spoiling the image of BJP in the long run. May be, the BJP also understood this point towards the election days and that's why BJP promised a longer night life in Bangalore to woo young voters. Now, in AP, the Andhra Congress has decided to ban women from pubs after 10 pm. I don't know what's right and what's wrong. I am only stating that these are some reasons for votes to move from one party to the another. When people take money for votes, it doesn't appear wrong to ask for a good life, like in so called advanced nations. Its more about the feeling of freedom than culture. Its that people want this for them. Utilizing the freedom or not is their option.

People know what's Drama and what's not

You can not undo all that you have done in 5 years by bringing an influential face for a day. Ultimately people know that Narendra Modi will not lead Karnataka. One of the biggest problem of today's political chaos in India is that the people do not want Congress in the center and they also do not want other parties in the state. In simpler words, people want BJP (NaMo) to lead India but do not want BJP in their state. This is the greatest dilemma in our nation. While this is the greatest weakness of BJP that their leadership doesn't go well in the states, it is the greatest strength in disguise for the Congress stay at the center. No fringe benefits or cash giveaways can get you votes. It is a well known fact that people take all that you give and vote for whoever they want. That's true India. It is also for the leaders to understand that all those attending their rallies, speeches, etc. are not their supporters. A large number of them are looking for some free entertainment to spend time or looking to have that free food or drink after the rally or speech. 

You've time till 2018 to prove yourself

Finally, one ought to remember that in May 2008, it is the people who said, "Enough" to other political parties and gave BJP a chance to work towards growth and development of the state. The BJP won the 2008 election with a historic 110 seats and Mr Yedyurappa was the poster boy. Same way, the Congress has now been brought into power by the people with the hope that they will do something. This time, they have been given such a strong majority that they don't have to worry about remaining in power for the next 5 years. The people are hoping that their leaders will not have to worry about their seats and thus, can work for the people. If the Congress doesn't perform in line with expectations, people will answer in it in 2018. People can merely trust leaders and bring them to power but the unfortunate part of it is that the leaders forget it after coming to power. The people are merely asking for the state's growth and development. They are not even asking something for themselves. The Congress has to keep this in mind and I seriously hope that they start taking required initiatives to make Karnataka a better place to live in. And on the other hand, I also hope that the BJP/JDS will introspect, take corrective steps, work for the people and be strong contenders for the 2018 elections, rather than going the "Let's pull the Government down" way.

Positive politics is still a Distant Dream for India but I sincerely hope that this election result gives a wake up call to all our leaders to work towards the tasks for which they are hired/paid/elected, "Growth of the State, Development of the Human Capital and a Better life for the citizens." On a lighter note, people would not bother much about your scams or loots as long as you are also working for their progress...

Remember, With great power comes great Responsibility!!!


  1. totaly agreed .. your perspective is that of majority who knew the results of karnataka .. long before .. and I am sure so did BJP..
    just a little worried about if this combination effects GE results too !

    1., the history shows that Karnataka has been choosing different Governments for the state and center. Lets see if the history repeats in 2014 GE. I only hope not to have a coalition in center this time ;)