Saturday, 18 May 2013

Vaatsalya Hospitals - An evening with Dr Veerendra Hiremath - 1924/HOY


  1. Very informative blog post :-) all the very best for the contest :-)

  2. Puneet,
    Every article of your's has been great.
    I have started to read your posts. The way you narrate stories/Events with statistics bring a lot of meaning and authenticity to the messages sent across.
    I really envy you for this skill of yours. Cheers.

    Sangamesh Patil (3284, ADL)

  3. Hi Puneet,

    Thanks for this wonderful article. Just one request. I know Dr. Veeroo and his wife personally. Her name is Rashmi and we completed our MBA together.
    Rashmi and Veeroo are very dear friends of mine, so I though that you just know about it.