Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Kabhi Bhoola Kabhi Yaad Kiya #WarningSigns

This blog post has been written exclusively for Colgate for their "Write a Moral Story about ignoring warning signs" competition on IndiBlogger. All characters in this story are fictional and has nothing to do with anyone or anything from anywhere. The story itself is a work of imagination.

Life is a process. It is not a stagnant equation but a dynamic situation. What's true today can become untrue tomorrow. What's right today can become wrong tomorrow. What's perfect today can become imperfect tomorrow. What's love today can become hatred tomorrow. Today's trust can be betrayed tomorrow. Today's success can be failure tomorrow. Today's life can get over tomorrow. Things change at the speed of thought. In the whole process, Warning Signs play a great role in telling us where we are headed, whether we are in the right direction, what corrections do we need and how we can help things go right. Seeing these signals, with an open mind, can help tremendously. On the hand hand, choosing to ignore them can lead to disastrous situations. Here's the story of Armaan who chose to ignore, not one but many, warning signs.

Engineering colleges are also places, in fact its true about all colleges, where love blossoms. The kids have just turned into adults, experiencing a new found freedom, looking at the new world, most entering hostels for the first time, most getting ready to explore opportunities, and it all appears like they have taken a new life altogether. When a girl passes in front of a boy and their eyes meet, the heart beats and the brains start working on various permutations and combinations of how the relationship can be taken forward. In most cases, they don't even know one another's name but the plans go on.

Armaan was a happy boy who entered the MRP College of Engineering at Hyderabad. He was not exactly new to the city considering that the would visit the place often to meet his grand parents. His father, a software engineer, worked in Bangalore. His parents too married after being in love for a long time. His father is from Ludhiana and mother a native of Bangalore. Armaan knows about how his father met her at a cultural event and love blossomed. Armaan was more than sure that either he will find love at Hyderabad or love will find him.

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