Thursday, 4 July 2013

Aasptek – The Journey of Anand Vijapur, 1574/VIJ


  1. Inspiring.....Ajeet Anand Vijapur's approcah to life and death is truly inspiring. Thanks, Puneet for putting it together so lucidly and with so much feeling. Ajeet Anand Vijapur....truly Ajeet Hain, Abheet Hain!!!!

  2. We read books on great people for inspiration. Its wonderful that you personally knew such a determined, hard working person. Nice write up.

  3. Puneet, TRULY INSPIRING! I did hear about Anand Vijapur and his sickness long ago but never managed to meet him. My failure indeed. He is indeed an inspiration as much as the famed Generals our school has produced.
    Keep these coming, Please!
    Basu,Ajeet Hain Abheet Hain!

  4. Puneet Very well written. Thanks for posting it . Anand will always
    be a inspiration to every one. Nawale 673

  5. Puneet, Very well written! Very inspiring life .
    Nawale 673

  6. VIJAPUR was my classmate and great thing about him was he never was in fear. I met him in Bangalore December 2012. He looked healthy and told me that his doctor is surprised to see him standing. I called him just to say Hi during his final days when pneumonia hit him. Even then he had no fear in him. I read so much philosophy on daily basis and still not have been able to comprehend the fear and insecurity of life. Guy was a gem.

  7. Puneet...Nicely Written... in our heart and will remain in our hearts for ever...

    Most of the above incidents.... were just the moments which I have personally shared with Anand

    Love You Ani... and We are missing you...


  8. inspiring story about an ajeet sir , very well written

  9. He was a fighter ever since he started working for Maini Materials, Banglore. He kept aside all his individual Desires for the sake of his Family. I was present at his wedding in Banglore. Humble,soft spoken and ever smiling person. He had visions to play Roles in different ventures. At the end the Role remained Unfinished.

    Miss You Anand.

    Vinod Patil

  10. Puneeth

    excellent piece of work. AD or Viji to most of us was a dear friend who inspired my batch. Thanks a lot for bringing this piece of work. We miss you AD.

    Prakash Koti

  11. Ramachandra - 158216 July 2013 at 20:38

    Annya was nicknamed as the jat at school. Always smiling.

    In December 2010, Four of us including Annya drove in my car, from Bangalore to Pune for attending OBA. In OBA we met and went to the residence of another class mate Ajeet Daulat Kungare. Those memories would remain for ever.
    The fateful month Jan 2013 saw the loss of two of our Batchmates, Ajeet Daulat Kungare on 16th Jan and Annya on 31st Jan

    I had called Annya on 24th Jan on which he said he had some water in liver and will get well soon. Never did I realise that he had reached metastasis of the liver. His smile was there always. Perhaps the reminder of the Cheshire Cat of Alice in Wonderland, grinning from ear to ear and whose grin remained some time after the rest of it had gone.

    May God give courage and solace to his family, father , mother, wife and son.
    Ajeet Hai Abheet Hai.

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