Thursday, 1 August 2013

Flexitron - The Story of SSBJ's WhizKid Raju Hiremath - 618/WOD


  1. Its really encouraging to know that, such creative poeple exist, who work for enhancing the quality of life for poor and feels proud when an Ajeets does it.
    Hope that some of his work will also be visible in Karnataka.

    Thank you Puneet for getting to know the success stories of Ajeets.


  2. The biography of Rajashekhar S Hiremath, who happens to be my colleague's son and also was a student of mine for a short period, makes for a fantastic reading. We are proud of him. Thanks for Puneet for this amazing article.

  3. RS
    I am speechless after reading your achievements, its heart touching and I am very proud of you. It is out of imagination for me personally. I need to read this again and again to understand your hard efforts, innovative ideas and meeting legendary people and getting recognition & Awards from the topmost persons of the country and abroad.
    I am very eager to meet you and see your setup. Whatever I am writing is nothing for whatever you have achieved so far and going to achieve many more. Though we met in Bajapur we could not discuss about your achievements however after reading the above matter I felt very great about and could understand as to why you were telling that you don't have time to meet me even for 15 minutes.

    I wish you Good Luck & Grand Success in all your future career.

    Best Regards
    Anil Kanbur

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  6. Wow not that is what I call a story!! I'm seriously speechless !
    And on top of that he is a wonderful man to talk to! I attended one of his speeches in IIT

  7. Hello sir,
    If you remember I had worked with you on an event for Earth Hour where we showcased your products to common people as the brightest solutions for the future. I would like to visit your office and see what new wonders you have created after my last visit. Please email me your address and contact number. My contact number is 9845175680,my name is krishnaprasad Balakrishnan.

  8. Thank you for the prompt reply sir.
    I will call you soon.
    Best wishes.
    Krishnaprasad Balakrishnan

  9. dear raju... it is really great. it was fine to discuss with u on facebook. hope to meet you soon.
    possibly for your support for a new renewable energy programe that i am planning to develop.